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    • G1's Thoughts "Cartoon or realistic graphic's?"

      6 years ago


       Hey G1's, now that E3 stuff is starting to go away now I think it's time for another post, this topic is about cartoon or realistic graphic's. You can tell me which of the two you like more in the comments below, but first, here's what I think and why I prefer it one the other. 

      To me, I prefer cartoon graphic's over realistic graphic because cartoon graphic's are much more colourful and much nicer to look at. Realistic graphic's and always really dark, bland and flat out unappealing to look at for me. Where as cartoon graphic's  are bright and colourful and give off a certain charm that is much more appealing to look at. 

      Cartoon graphics have something realistic graphic's don't have, humor.  Characters can  have  a much more detailed faceal expressions on their face where realistic graphic's don't. Take Wind Waker for example (My favorite zelda game by the way) Link is trapped in a barrel about to be thrown into a fortress by pirates, and what do you do? Make it sound like he is masterbating inside said barrel (Really, I think that's what he was doing.) Now you won't find that kind of thing in a game like battle feild or something likt that.

      Finally Cartoon graphic's don't take themself seriously like realistic graphic's do. Games with realistic graphics take themself way to seriously, take Twilight Princess for example, ya sure there was a few funny moments to it but really the game it self was just to serious and it lost that charm Wind Waker gave me. It works for other game as well like Skyrim. The game was great sure, but when were you really having fun with the game in a humor kind of way and not in a " i'm killing stuff and this is fun" way (Well unless you didn't have a glitch happen then really, when was it?) There are exeption's to this, take halo 3, remember the part in the game where the soilder wanted in to get ammo and the other soilder wouldn't let him in and they keep have a conversation that a brute was holding him hostage? Ya that was funny and one of the few exeptions to this.


      There you have it G1's, I prefer cartoon graphic's over realistic graphic's. Now Let me know what you guys prefer more in the comments and i'll post it in a later article in about 1-2 days time. Also remember, I will take in suggestion's for a future topic, all you need to do is send me a PM and it will be a future article.

      I may be able to make another G1's Thoughs this month but I am not sure, I have a lot going on this month and something really specail on June 22 - 25th. Anyways, until next time.

    • Majora's Mask is coming to the Wii U

      6 years ago


       On the zelda informer site, it is saying "Majora's Mask Wii U would be ultimate fan service" here is what the article says 

      Operation Moonfall followers are well aware of the work that has been done so far to try and convince Nintendo that it’s worthwhile to remake Majora’s Mask, with the main focus being on a 3DS version to compliment Ocarina of Time 3D. What hasn’t been discussed is how amazing it would be if Nintendo one upped it and simply made it for the Wii U.

      Outside of how well the mask system, time system, and save system would work in conjunction with the tablet controller, it’s more about about how the entire theme of the game just feels like it works better on the big screen. Obviously, we here at Zelda Informer adore Majora’s Mask – we practically worship the ground it walks on. From giving one of it’s songs the number one spot on our best Zelda Music list, to the entire BEN fiasco.... we sure love to keep it in the family if you know what I mean.

      However, just something about a Zelda game in which the entire world can be destroyed before your eyes just feels better on a HD console, no? It sure does to me, and I don’t care that it would take up a lot more resources to do so.

      Back when Majora’s Mask came out, it was so different from Ocarina of Time it scared a lot of gamers away. The thing is, over time, it has become wildly considered one of the best games in the series. At a time when Nintendo wants to truly win back the “hardcore gamers”, a Majora’s Mask revival for them in full HD, even using the psuedo graphics we saw in the Wii U tech demo, would be extremely enticing.

      Imagine the possibilities, especially if released as a $20 digital only download to help promote the new online system? It would be something I would gladly shell out 20$ for – hell I’d pay the full $60 in earnest. But it’s about attracting more gamers to your console. Is Majora’s Mask capable of that? I don’t know, but I’d like to think so. It’s definitely the dark tone sort of Zelda game non-Zelda gamers always say they want. It’s just too old, and too forgotten, to be given a chance.

      Now I don't know about you guys, but I don't think we need another console Majora's Mask game, I think we need one on the handheld now. What about you guys, what are you opinions on this? Would you get Majora's mask on the 3DS, Wii U or neither of the systems? Let me know in the comments below 

    • G1's thoughts "Motion Controls, like them or hate them?"

      6 years ago



      I don't mind motion controls as long as you're using a controller like the Wii or PS move. Racing games like Mario Kart Wii and platformers seem to get it right the most. Given the choice though, I would still prefer to just sit on a couch, hold a controller and play a game.


      More often than not complaints about "bad motion control" usually means the player just isn't doing it right. Sonic Free Riders is the easiest example I can think of of this. But the next console from the big motion control company (Nintendo and the Wii U) is focusing more on buttons and a touch screen with considerably less motion control. With the terrible reception PS Move has received I think it's safe to say it's dead. Kinect has more potential to stay but even that doesn't seem to be using motion controls as much as it's launch year (which was 1 year ago. That, is sad). Motion Controls are just fine when implemented right. But since there are a lot of people who can't figure them out they are likely going to die soon.


      They can work in for example Super Mario Galaxy but if they`re just in to have them it`s just annoying. Then there`s the games like Donkey Kong Country Returns that have motion controls that can be awsome and not so awsome. The roll move DK and Diddy have feels great to do ( shake the controler) but sometimes it just wants to go random and it`s often near a hole....


      I've always been a big Zelda fan and have played through all the console games multiple times but I can't play more than 20 minutes of "Skyward Sword" without getting bored. I think it's because the motion aspect distracts me from the rest of the game.


      I think psb123 is right in that it seems like they are going away. Which is kind of sad to me because I think they had/have a ton of potential that wasn't realized. Just think back to how excited we were in 2006 when the Wii was new. The possibilities were endless. It's just sad that so few wanted to put forth the effort into turning motion controls into what they really could be.

      I don't see why people dislike them so much, or at least against controller-based motion controls like Wii and PSMove (I've never played Kinect so I can't comment.) When done well, you get an immersive experience that lets you control your character by doing what you want. It brings you that much closer to fighting a real giant monster or racing a real go kart. When not done well, you're what, flicking your wrist? Is that such a big deal?

      Okay, so sometimes they can be unresponsive or hard to figure out, but that is much less common than people think. Most of the time, "bad" motion controls are just going to fall into the wrist-flicking category.

       King Meatlball 1

      I liked motion controls especially when a game made them work or made it felt like it really enhanced the gameplay. Hated when it was just quickly slapped on or developers thinking motion controls is just waggling the mote all over the place.

      Combat was great in Skyward Sword because of the motion controls while rail shooters managed to have a mini-rebirth because of the pointer controls.

        Alpha Unit 

      Only when implemented in the right game do I want them. (WarioWare Smooth Moves! OH YEAH)


      I like motion controls when they are convenient. In super paper Mario its easy to get enemy information by pointing to the screen


      Thanks for the feedback and be sure to check on my wall for the next topic in about a week, I'm not going to put it on thie response article's. As always if you want to send me a PM for a topic you would like to see feel free. Also if you didn't post before but you want to post your thoughts in the comments. Until Next Time...

    • G1's Thoughts "Remakes, keep them or leave them?"

      6 years ago


      Oh Remakes, I know so  many people like them and so many that hate them. I for one like remakes if done to a certain extent. Take Ocarina of time, a great game but when you make a remake that has new dungenon design, harder bosses or a filpped world. Count me in, it's the same game we all love but with a new experiance.

      However if a Remake is noting but a port that has updated graphcis I could care less and my money is saved for something else. I think the only upside to these types of remakes are they can bring in new gamer's to experiance what we did when we were young.

      As for me that's all, commnet below telling me your thoughts on remake, until next time.

    • Top 10 zelda bosses

      6 years ago


       #10. Scaldera (skyward sword)

    • G1's Thoughts "Motion controls, like them or hate them?"

      6 years ago


      Hey G1's, now I think I know what you are all thinking, you probably hate them right? Well I do as well, to a certain extent. 

      I find motion controls to be fun if done right and only if the motion controlled game has a sword. And if it uses some form of a FPS with a add on such as the wii zapper or PS gun (I don't know the name of it).  If it doens's have a sword (Or something that is like a sword) or a FPS with something that makes it as if you are holding a gun, I find it very pointless and boring. So far the Nintendo  has it right with skyward sword, Ubisoft with read steel 2/No More Hero's. I haven't really found any other game(s) that use a sword as well as those games do. I find swinging a sword (or a controller in this case) to be fun if done correctly. I find it really satisfiyng when I kill an enemy when I make a swing that goes through a enemy. It feels good.

      As for the FPS, I haven't really found any game that has worked well with it from a FPS game I like (Which isn't very many so that may be the case) but I did like it when playing Golden eye and some of the on rail shooters I played at a friends house, such as that Resident Evil game. But nothing really else has made it work for me, but I don't really play FPS so that could be the case

       That's it, any other form of motion controlls I hate (Well I don't mind little flicks of the wrist like you have to do in Mario galaxy and Twilight princess, those are fine, I wouldn't call those motion controls). To be honest though I could live without them but it's nice that they are there for people who like them.

      As always leave a comment below or put it on my profile page and leave future suggestions for a topic you want, just send me a PM. As I mentioned spider-man, who's seen it? I liked it. Until next time

    • Dark_Link_Killer's Top 10 zelda bosses

      6 years ago


      Hey there G1's here is my first list for screwattack about my 10 favortie zelda bosses. I hope you like it. So without any other delays, let's get started.

      # 10 Scaldera (Skyward Sword)


      This boss is just like the king  dodongo fight in ocarian of time. Unlike king dodongo I find Scaldera a little more challengeing than him. But why I like Scaldera is because you can't just go and attack him once you put the bomb in his mouth, you have to wait until his eye isn't hiding behind his rock. Also you had an indian jones scene right before you fight him, so it atomaticly makes him better

      #9 Molgera (Wind Waker)


      There is a few bosses in the zelda sereis that are just like Molgera, but I find this one to be my favorite. I don't really know why, maybe it's because I liked the dungeon, maybe its because the other bosses like this are too easy, maybe it's because I just like him better. No, it's because unlike the other bosses that are like this I find this one the most challenging. The Molgera boss like boss in ocarina of time was really easy especially if you trap the eye in the corner. And the one in Twilight Princess was more or less the same but after you grabed the eye and smacked it a few time you had to swim around which I didn't care for.

      #8 Volvagia (Ocarina of Time)


      I find this boss to be very funny when ever I fight him. And it's all because of one  simple reason, wack-a-mole. You need to fight him wack-a-mole style the entire fight and when you hit him you just need to round around, but it's because he's just like wack-a-mole I really like this boss, it's just really funny to me

      #7 Odolwa (Majora's Mask)


      This boss is one of the most challenging bosses in any zelda game I have played. The first time I played Majora's Mask I remember I spent weeks trying to beat him because when I was  a kid I only went in the dungeon with 3 hearts and had no clue what to do. That's the reason I seemed to like him so much, because he was challenging, but now I can go back and fight him without a sweat since I know how to beat him. I also like to go back and fight him different way than just using my bow to stun him and fight, I try to use all the transforming mask, I try to used just bombs and sometimes I try to use the spam the B button style for the entire fight. 

      #6 Twinrova (Ocarina of Time)


      I alway found this boss really fun to fight. The main reason I like this boss is because I love the temple so much and find it the best temple in almost any zelda game. I also love how the mirrow sheild was used in this fight, it was the main use it got the entire the game. I also really like when you kill them, the argument the twins had was another funny moment in the zelda series I will never forget.

      #5 Helmaroc King (Wind Waker)


      Probobly the only reason I like this boss is because of revenge. At the start of Wind Waker he kidnaps your sister, tosses you out in the middle of the ocean and got bird slim on your tunic (ok that's not a real reason). So when you get to fight him it's really rewarding to kill him with a hammer that is as big as you are.

      # 4 Ghirahim (Skyward Sword)


      I'm putting all his forms on here because he is a really fun boss. He's not hard but fighting him with the motion controlls are really fun. I don't really know why I like him other than the fact I like using the motion controlls. I guess I could say he deflects your sword attacks with his fingers but that's not really a point I could make. I think I'm talking to myself at this point so next enrty

      # 3 Koloktos (Skyward Sword))


      What can I say about Koloktos? I don't even know what I can say, he's basically an iron knuckle but in a boss fight with a bunch of arms. Or maybe it's because he is the goresist boss in the game? You guys I don't even know I just like him as a boss, he's really fun and I like him. So if you have  a problem with it then you will have to deal with it because you can't change my mind

      # 2 Phantom Ganon (Ocarina of Time)


      When I first go to this boss as a kid I felt proud I deleted my saved game and copyed my older brothers file onto mine and say I got past the forest temple. But when I steped in the boss room and went to fight him I was shocked no one was there, so I decided to leave until the gate closed and Link turned around and bam, Ganondorf with his horse is right there going to kill me, but no, he wanted to go look at paintings instead. So whenever he jumped out of the painting I always said as a kid "Oh, so now you want to fight let's...........Fine go back in the painting I don't even want to fight you". It wasn't until my dad said "Cam, shoot him with the arrows". So when I finished him off he then wanted to play tennis with me and I always said as a kid "So you want to look ar paintings and now you want to play tennis? Well ok, not sure how this is a boss fight but oh well fun for the both of us..................... Why are you on the ground? Were suppose to be playing" And it wasn't until later my dad told me again I had to use my sword and kill when he was on the ground. So the reason he is number 2 on my list is because of how much he didn't want to fight me but wanted to play with me as a kid, I will always remember the good times I had playing tennis with you, old friend <Sniff>

      # 1  Argorok (Twilight Princess)


      Unlike all of Twilight Princess Argorok was the only thing in the game that gave me a tough time. It's the fact that I got really nervous when fighting him I could get my clawshot onto the meatl cage thing in time and he always attacked me and I fell to the gorund. But when I finally did make it to the top and started going in cicles trying to get to his back he always seemed to have went it the same pace as I did when I tryed to reach him and it made me think Nintendo programed him to say "you're never going to get to my back Cam, I'm just going to keep going in circles just like you" it wasn't until I had a master plan to finish him off, go in circles in the other direction. And before I knew it I finally killed him.



      Well there you have it, my first top 10 list for Screwattack. If you like it let me know and maybe i'll make another one. Have anything you saw that I could inprove one? let me know. Want to tell me your favorite zelda boss, go ahead. Want to tell me I suck? Well go do that somewhere else, anyways, thanks for reading my list, Dark_Link_Killer out hope you enjoyed my list


    • Why doesn't Nintendo Localize ALL the games from Japan to North America? Well I have the answer

      6 years ago


      My Letter

      Dear Nintendo:

      I know you probably get lots of E-mails about this, but, why don't you localize a lot of the Japanese game(s) that they get over at Japan? Those games can easily get all of Nintendo to gain a huge profit on their games. I feel as if the reason people don't like the Wii (and Nintendo in general) was because you don't have many good games, but you did.......In Japan. (please don't take this part the wrong way) I feel like you don't want get the money from the fans by keeping all the games you have by only keeping them in Japan.

      You will get lots of money if you decided to release the mother series/Fire Emblem series here, along with a lot of other games such as fatal frame 4, disaster day of crisis, etc. If you did decide to release those games before the Wii ended or as a port for the Wii U, I am almost 100% sure that you will be getting more money than ever before. So why are you not localizing these games? People in North America and Europe need petition to get these games and rarely do they work, it didn't work with the current one (Operation rainfall), now wait, we are getting 2 of the 3 games, but we were told the petition didn't help in localizing the game(s) (from what I heard). So please localize these games, I want Nintendo to stay around years and years when I die (currently 15) but I don't see that happening if you only limit the great RPG's and other genre's as Nintendo exclusive's for Japan only. You must have a reason for keeping them to Japan only, I really want to know why. You won't be able to keep the company for North America and Europe going by only giving us Zelda,Mario,Metroid,and other Nintendo IP's you give everyone

      I'm sorry if I offended you, I do think this came off as a little aggressive, but it's the only nice way I can put it. I do mean all that I wrote. I am concerned for the future of the company, I really do want it to live on for decades to come.

      Nintendo's Response

      Thank you for taking the time to share your comments about the localization of Japanese games. At this time, we haven't announced any plans to release the games you've mentioned here in the Americas; however, I'm happy to forward your comments so your feedback will be heard. It's important to understand that there are many reasons that Nintendo or any other publisher may decide to release a game in one market, but not another. These can include difficulty or cost of localization, the size and financial strength of the publisher, the size of the distribution network, and (most often) the idea that the game will simply not be accepted or enjoyed in another market.

      I understand that there are (like you) real fans of these games and franchises in this market who would love nothing more than to see these titles on store shelves in the Americas. In fact, there are many of us here who share your interest in these titles. However, the number of interested fans may constitute too small a portion of the gaming public to justify the costs associated with bringing a game here. On the other hand, there have been times when decisions were made to bring certain titles to the Americas after having been released exclusively in another market.

      While I can't guarantee that these games will be released here in the Americas, we do take all feedback into consideration. Your comments help us to understand what is important to our gamers. As news comes available regarding future products, we post any announcements to our website (www.nintendo.com). Keep an eye on our site for all the latest information. "

      And now my response

      • First paragraph: It's good to hear my feedback will be heard, nothing much to say about that paragraph
      • Second Paragraph: I don't think cost can be an issue, if Nintendo releases some of their games to Europe, they don't have to get other Voice actors, just ship it to North America. Sure you may not get a hug profit on the games, but they are there for us to pick up and give a try. It's better than not even having the game in stores in general.
      • Third Paragraph: If some NINTENDO employee’s want them, why the hell don't you ship them over? Maybe it's only one or two but it's the employees nonetheless. It doesn't have to be in all video game stores, just one like EB games/GameStop. Nintendo employees and fans will both be happy with that. But all in all, it's almost the same as paragraph 2.
      • Final: It's good to hear again that feedback from the fans are important, it's why so many people like _____company, because they like to hear what the fans want
      • Conclusion: If you guys are like me, you should email NOA (or NOE if you live outside North America) to let them know you want these games as well. If I could I would make an ad campaign, but I can't, as I only know a hand full of people who do want these games (And I don't know how to run a campaign).

      I am sure there are so of you who want these games, so if you are one of them, let me know in the comments. As well let me know your thoughts on Nintendo’s response and my email. Or if you are just going to say I suck, well that would mean you’re a mean person, and no one like's people who are mean.

      Thanks for reading and until next time

    • G1's thoughts "Cartoon or realistic graphics?"

      6 years ago


       Hello again, If you didn't catch the first post just comment below so people can hear what you have to say. It's all opinion so don't hate on anyone. Let's get started.


      LIvely and animated cartoon styles work best with everything except sports games which I have no interest in.


      I think it depends on what style the game has and what your doing. I love Rayman Orgins for it`s great cartoon style but i have to say, realistic-looking games can look just as great. Uncharted 3 is a good example of realistic grafics that are FAR from bland. In the end i chose cartoon grafics simply because you can do more things with it and aren`t limited by the "realism" Good post!


      It depends on the game. Not to mention certain series like Zelda can work with both.


      To be honest, I thought I would have more people this time around. Or the problem could of been I posted the first article at 11:30 pm. Reguardless i'm glad people are commenting on my post and I still have a bunch more ideas for this. As said before I may not be able to post another G1's thoughts this month due to personal life problems/health and more.  Until next time.

    • A custom Zelda-style Xbox 360 is fantastic

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Updated with full-size pictures in a gallery.

      You know, if I had this, I would freak out in excitement. The fact that this guy took his Xbox and made it better is fantastic. Admit it Zelda fans, even if you dislike the Xbox, you still want this. I know if I had this, playing Red Dead Redemption would be way more enjoyable.


      But never ask for Zelda on Xbox, say that and you should be burned, or sent to the Twilight Realm, either the T.V shows or Twilight Princess's, either one works

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