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    • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel Review

      5 years ago




      So Superman had his 75th birthday this year and what better way to celebrate it than to review one of his best stories? Well, one his greatest villains best stories. Lex Luthor was always the human with a genius level intellect that dared to stand up to the god like Kryptonian Kal-El with a variety of gadgets, robots, and other elaborate plans. He has often been portrayed as a selfish madman who would destroy whole continents to create expensive real estate, and an egotistical master criminal who believes that he is superior and deserves all forty cakes. That’s as many as four tens, and that’s terrible. This story looks at a different side of Luthor and attempts to explain his unconditional hate for Superman.  Lex Luthor: Man of Steel is a 2005 miniseries, collected as a hardcover named LUTHOR, written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Lee Bermejo showcasing Luthor’s own struggles against the man of steel.


      The story starts off as a day in the life of Lex Luthor, as he deals with Lexcorp’s problems as well as a few of his own. Lexcorp is busy producing a new building, called the Science Spire, while also creating a superhuman like android named Hope. These things later tie into a plot for Luthor to attempt to take down the "Man of Steel’s" public image. When something goes wrong with his plans he usually calls upon his henchman Orr to deal with it. Luthor voices his views of the "Man of Steel" quite often in this comic. You can’t really argue with him, he has some great points, and it all seems justified. He also gets Bruce Wayne on his side after meeting with him in Gotham City about how the Wayne foundation could help with Lexcorp’s project Hope. I always enjoy the Lexcorp/ Wayne Enterprises meetings. It makes me think that Batman keeps his eye on Luthor while Luthor keeps his eye on Batman. He explains to Bruce that he could turn on us at any time and it has happened quite a few times in different continuities, the most recent being Injustice: Gods Among Us.  


      What Luthor sees when looking at the man of steel.

      When Hope is finished production, she starts doing heroic acts and winning the People of Metropolis’ hearts while also having a romantic relationship with Luthor. Nobody can resist that shiny bald head of his, not even robots. The relationship does feel a tad bit strange considering what happens later on, but it somehow works. I guess when you are extremely proud of your achievement; you just have to have sex with it. This relationship makes Luthor’s assistant Mona jealous, causing a bit of drama between them, which wasn’t needed but Luthor’s backlash is what makes it fun to read. With Hope being shown to the public, the topic of “selling a hero” comes up but doesn’t get fully explored. The Toyman is also a part of this story, as much as Orr and Mona, which is pretty neat seeing as how he is a bit underused nowadays. He is used to further Luthor’s plot by blowing something up. Everyone likes explosions.

      So with Luthor putting his so called plan into action it ties together all of the events leading up to it. The end of this comic really shows how far Luthor will go and how much he is willing to give up trying to take down Superman. What really gets to me about it are a few things that Luthor says directly to Superman.


      Green Arrow’s chili was let loose upon Metropolis


      Lex Luthor, the main character of this comic, is the owner of Lexcorp and an egotistical genius. He often does things that look good on the surface, but have an ulterior motive for personal gain. He only really cares about getting things done, but does seem to genuinely care about Hope even though she is just another of his creations. Hope is a bit like Pinocchio, she thinks she is a real human, but is artificial. She doesn’t have the nose that grows with lies or a best friend cricket though. Her happiness comes from Luthor’s kindness and support for her, and she loves him for that. If only he would feel the same for Mona. You can’t help but sympathize with Mona. She spends all day looking pretty for Luthor as his assistant, but he doesn’t even care and treats her like an obedient dog. She truly cares for Luthor, but hates that he pushes her away to the point where she becomes fed up with it.

      Even though Orr is just a henchman, he feels like a great addition to the story. He goes around doing all the dirty work for Luthor, who pays him quite a bit for it. He is pretty sarcastic and just doesn’t really give a shit about much more than getting paid and himself. So I guess he is sort of a dick. His ridiculing of Toyman throughout their meet ups really shows it. Toyman, also known as Winslow Schott, is a criminal who uses his knowledge of mechanics to create deadly toys to carry out villainous plots. He is antisocial and loves children, maybe a bit too much. In this comic he is in the process of being rehabilitated when Luthor hires him to carry out part of his plan.

      If you’re wondering about Superman in this story, he only speaks a few lines, but makes them count. He serves as Luthor’s motivation to do what he planned to do. He also goes around serving Truth, Justice, and The American Way to some criminals. His encounter with Batman is pretty interesting, as it shows him putting Batman in his place. Superman flies to Gotham to confiscate a gift that Luthor gave to Bruce. I bet you can all guess what that gift is. So Bruce Wayne, Batman, is in this, and apparently has not met Superman yet. He is the young eccentric billionaire Bruce Wayne by day, justice bringing Batman by night. His first encounter with Superman in this comic makes him untrustworthy of the "Man of Steel" and ends up agreeing with Luthor’s views of him, so much for World’s Finest.   


      Why date women when you can make women?


      This comic collected as a hardcover is 144 pages of bald shenanigans. The story spans across five issues and the hardcover throws in an additional ten pages of story. The art is beautifully done by Lee Bermejo; it does a great job of showing emotion through facial expressions and has a great style to it. The color also does a great job of setting the mood for the panels, whose layout is nicely done as well with no confusion on which panel to jump to next or which speech bubble to read first. The writing and story is great and takes you for a pretty interesting ride that hardly ever has a dull moment. The pacing of the story can be a tad bit slow at times, mostly when Luthor is thinking to himself, but this is done to go more in depth with Luthor’s life. It usually speeds up whenever another part of the plan is put into action or whenever Superman decides to come in. The comic gives readers a good bit of content and has something in it to please almost everyone. There are a couple different references to other characters in the DC universe. Poison Ivy is seen at the restaurant where Bruce and Luthor meet, and Joker can be seen in a Gotham newspaper. This gives the readers a feeling that the story is much larger in scale and not just Batman/Superman dealing with Lex while everyone else in the DC universe is either locked up or hiding in their secret lair. I always thought that was kind of lame when stories get that linear and only involve hero and villain, so that was a nice not to have that.

      There are a few things this comic seems to be lacking. One would be action scenes, although I understand that this series is more focused on the story than other things, which is not a bad thing by any means, I would just have preferred a bit more. Another would be Bizarro, he was the first failed clone of Superman and deserves to be in this because it would be a good fit for this story about a super powered Luthor creation going up against Superman, and of course Bizarro am hero #1. In fact, they could have shown a bit more Luthor creations instead of just Hope like his many different power suits.


      Luthor sporting his signature green and purple for DC Universe Online


      Lex Luthor: Man of Steel is a great comic that any fan of Superman or Lex Luthor should check out. It even has some things for Batman fans as well, especially fans of the comic Joker, which was written and illustrated by the same people who worked on this one. The writing by Brian Azzarello is great; it really gives readers a better insight on the man Lex Luthor. The art by Lee Bermejo is beautiful; it displays the story very well and is also very nice to look at. Together these things make a great comic.

      Verdict: 9/10 
    • An Ocarina of Time Link Costume With Biggoron Sword I made last Halloween

      6 years ago



      This pic is missing the gloves i had and doesnt show the boots but thats ok


      its almost as tall as me!

      Epic Link duckface and cheap ocarina right?;p

    • That's a lot of custom characters in Soul Calibur 4!

      6 years ago


      Super Mario Bros. also with Peach and Bowser

      Legend of Zelda Characters


      Street Fighter

      Mortal Kombat


      Ninja Gaiden/ Dead or Alive


      Batman and Robin

      various anime/manga chracters

      Various games

      Custom Characters created by me

      Etc characters

    • A research paper i did for my english class on the issue of DLC

      6 years ago


      Research Paper

      From Super Mario Bros. to Call of Duty, video games have captured the imagination of children and adults alike. Although with the great success of the video game industry there also comes many problems. One problem that has been plaguing online gamers ever since the start of online gaming has been downloadable content. This concept of adding to the game even after it has been released is a very good concept, but some gaming companies have taken it a bit too far. With all of these different types of special editions and different versions of games gamers often have to choose to live with or without the extra downloadable content and or collectibles. Sure the downloadable content that comes with the special edition will often come out a few months after the release of the game, but it is often priced more than if you would have purchased the special edition. Sometimes the gaming industry also goes as far as releasing the game and having the content already stored on the disk waiting for the purchase of the downloadable content to unlock it. This is just unfair to the gamers to have to buy extra content that was already there. So was it ever really extra content? Although They say downloadable content is good for games, I say companies take advantage of this opportunity for money because they release downloadable content the day the game is released, content that is already coded on the disk, and they now are including passes you need to play online.

      A lot of people would argue that the downloadable content is helping the gaming industry thrive. An article writer for IGN Peter Eykemans explains “To alleviate sales lost to the second-hand market and rentals, publishers use Online Passes.” (Eykemans) He states that with more people buying used games to save money, the gaming company must keep up by adding online passes to get their money back. This online pass system may help the gaming company, but is has been hurting the gaming community. With the introduction of the pass the gaming community can no longer bring a copy of their game over to a friend’s house and play online unless they have their online profile on their friend’s gaming system. The online pass also makes gamers wary of buying used games since the online pass is usually an extra ten dollars while buying a used game is usually only five dollars off, making for a five dollar loss. Most gamers are already paying subscription fee to play online already, with Xbox Live, Playstation Plus, and online subscription based games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. IGN editor Daemon Hatfield states “Market analysis firm Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) has released the results of a study showing (unsurprisingly) downloadable content means higher sales for publishers. DLC can almost double the revenue seen from a single title.” (Hatfield) This means that they can get twice the cash they would normally get from a single game by releasing downloadable content for it.

      One controversy concerns the downloadable content that is released the day the game comes out, or “day one downloadable content.” This has become more and more relevant with the special or premium editions of the game that are becoming more common to be released. These editions are usually ten dollars or more extra for collectibles and access to the day one downloadable content when it comes out. People who don’t buy these special editions must pay extra from the online store and don’t get the collectibles included in the special edition. This isn’t subjected only to special editions, Phil Kollar states “. While the game itself will cost a mere $15, it will apparently feature a shocking amount of downloadable content right from the start. Prior to the XBLA launch, 105 pieces of DLC have showed up on the Xbox product page for Gotham City Imposters.” (Kollar) This is just an example of how day one downloadable content is getting out of control. The reason this is a bit controversial is because they are releasing the content the day it comes out, this makes most gamers agree that they should have just included the content in the game instead of making people pay extra for it. It also puts gamers in a hard position having to choose between shelling out the extra cash for the special edition or buying the regular edition of the game and not having the content or paying online for the content. Some other games have gamers decide whether they want to customize their online character or profile.

      With most day one downloadable content gamers wonder, “was it already on the disk?” which brings me to the next topic, downloadable content released that is already on the disk. Many gaming companies have been doing this, but Capcom is the one gaming company that has become famous for this, with games like Dead Rising 2 and Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3 releasing with extra costumes and characters already coded on the disk. These extra costumes and characters are released later on and cost the gamers money for what is on the disk. There is no reason to make people pay more money for extra things that are already in the game because it is making gamers more wary of if they want to buy the game or not. Then why do gaming companies do this? Most likely the reason is to get more money. When companies do this their view changes to make them look more money hungry and may hurt the sales of their games. So what can gamers do about it? Senior editor for Gamespot Brendan Sinclair says, “Even if gamers stop buying titles with on-disc DLC, publishers will just keep it off the disc in the future, and the fundamental problem will remain the same.” (Sinclair) So if refusing to buy games with on disk downloadable content won’t change the problem what will? Sinclair explains, “The solution to the problem is to let publishers know that they've already blown past the pain point and to tell them we've had our fill.” (Sinclair) So what he is saying is if gamers have a problem with on disk downloadable content then they should communicate with the publishers by sending them emails to show them that they have had enough. With any good company the customer is always right.

      One more problem that has come to surface concerns online passes. These passes forbid playing online multiplayer on a game unless you have the pass. All new copies of games will have these passes included in them and some used game sellers give out online pass codes as well. IGN article writer Peter Eykemans states, “While not a brand-new innovation, Online Passes are spreading. Next month's Twisted Metal requires one. Battlefield 3 uses the Pass, Assassin's Creed: Revelations requires one, and Mass Effect 3 will include it.” (Eykemans) Peter shows how many games are using the trend of online passes. They were created as a way to obtain lost money from used game sales and rentals. These passes prevent the old way of bringing a game over to a friend’s house or letting them borrow it unless they have your gamer profile on their gaming system. These restrictions can hurt many different companies including the ones that make the games. People will stop renting the games with the passes because they would have to pay an extra ten dollars to play online, and same thing goes for used game dealers. With used games being only about five dollars less than new games, paying ten dollars to play online means a loss of about five dollars for the gamer. Gamers already have to worry about paying for online service subscription fees such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus. What will be next, having to pay for the story mode of a game as well? In some cases, gamers do have to pay for story mode, with story based downloadable content. Final Fantasy Thirteen creator Square Enix told fans that the actual ending to the story would be released later on as downloadable content which stirred up a lot of angry gamers.

      With all of these new ideas to further games, it has stirred up so much controversy in the gaming community that they should just go back to releasing full games that can do without downloadable content. But if they do decide to put downloadable content in it better not be on the disk or released the day the game comes out, and it also should be a good size add on instead of just different costumes and weapon skins. Also, if a gamer feels cheated out of his money they should not protest by not buying games from the company, instead, they should send the company an email and tell them how they are wronging people who buy their games. This way there is more communication between consumer and producer, and the customer is always right. Overall gaming companies have just gotten out of control with their downloadable content and should take more time developing games instead of releasing it early and releasing the rest of it later. Gamers are getting tired of this and want it to stop while the companies still keep doing it. They say downloadable content is good for games, I say companies take advantage of this opportunity for money because they release downloadable content the day the game is released, content is already coded on the disk, and they now are including passes you need to play online.


      Works Cited

      Cheong, Ian M. “Capcom Sells Cheat Codes as DLC.” Gameranx. Gameranx November 9, 2011. Web. November 9, 2011. Darity, Ed. William A. Jr. "Video Games." International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 2nd ed. Vol. 8. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 22 Feb. 2012. Eykemans, Peter. “Online Passes, DLC, And Your Money.” IGN. IGN. 23 Jan, 2012. Web. 23 Jan, 2012. Hatfield, Daemon. “Downloadable Content Wars.” IGN. IGN. 14 Nov, 2007. Web. 14 Nov, 2007. Hile, Kevin. "A New, Virtual Society." Video Games. Detroit: Lucent Books, 2010. Technology 360. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 22 Feb. 2012. Kollar, Phil. “Gotham City Imposters Launching With $220 Worth of DLC.” 12-13 Game informer. Game informer. 7 Feb, 2012. Print. Sanford, Kathy. “Video Game Play” Boy Culture: An Encyclopedia. Greenwood. June 2010. Print. Sinclair, Brendan, “On-Disc DLC Outrage Is Off the Mark.” Gamespot. Gamespot. March 15, 2012. Web. March 15, 2012.

    • Is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawngaurd expansion truly worth it?

      6 years ago


      Let me start off by saying Dawngaurd is not a bad expansion at all, it is quite good actually. It made me feel like Skyrim as a game was finally complete. It added Horseback combat with melee weapons and bow and arrow, ability to create arrows at forges, DRAGONBONE WEAPONS... finally, werewolf and vampire skill trees, the ability to turn into a vampire lord, and much more. The quests were also pretty good as you choose to be a member of the Dawngaurd and help kill the vampire threat, or you can choose to become a vampire and aid them in their quest to destroy the sun. There are also a few sidequests as well, which always brings new goodies to store in your house.


      Vampire Lord!!!

      Now onto why i think this expansion should be cheaper. First of all, the new areas added are only expanding Skyrim, no love for the other regions :(. Now this isn't truly a bad thing, the areas are quite big, but they feel a bit barren. It almost feels like I have no incentive to explore these new areas other than to look at the landscape.


      probably my favorite new area in the expansion "The Soul Cairn"

      Secondly, the main story line for the expansion is a bit short, only taking me a few hours to beat (and that's with doing a bit of dawngaurd sidequests). I almost felt cheated, like there should be more to it than that.


      A horse named Arvak that you obtain through a sidequest

      Thirdly, The stuff that was added, such as crafting arrows, mounted combat, and dragonbone weapons, should have just been put in through an update rather than having them expansion only.


      mounted combat with full dawngaurd armor

      Fourthlee, this is just my opinion so don't take it too seriously. But I HATE how nobody in the expansion knows that you are the dragonborn except an NPC dragon.... I know the expansion only requires level 10 to start it but still, I would like my character to be seen for his achievements!


      finally someone who knows who I am!

      But overall, we have seen what Bethesda can release for just 10$ with the Fallout 3/ New Vegas expansions, most of these expansions such as Point Lookout and Lonesome Road opened up whole new areas to explore with caves and goodies all around. And this feels like it should have only been that 10$ pricetag that they stuck with for the Fallout expansions. There are also full games more expansive than this DLC for only 20$.... Oblivion GOTY Edition. So please Bethesda, with future Skyrim expansions, think about the ratio between content added and price of content.

      and to end this blog, I would like to say again that this is not a bad expansion, I just feel they shouldve added more to make it worth 20$.

    • A couple of WoW screen shots I took

      6 years ago



      My character Ziggs on Garrosh's throne

      Photobucket Photobucket

      A glitch i found one day where I was able to fly underwater


      TMNT Easter egg!!!!


      strange how they made the kids in this game exactly this tall...

    • Birthday Challenge for August 3(My Birthday)

      6 years ago


      Combat Pose!

      Ready Pose!


    • My Top Ten Fighting Game Characters

      6 years ago


       Honorable Mentions


      A crazy cat lady in a fighting game(Felicia isnt as crazy), what more could you ask for?


      Wrestling bears makes this guy awesome.

      10. Goh Hinogami

      Goh has always seemed to me as one of the more original characters from the Virtua Fighter series. His father was an olympian that mastered in Judo , but got killed by a jeoulous friend. So Goh got orphaned and the J6 organization trained him to be an assassin and later told him to infiltrate the world fighting tournament ending him up in Virtua Fighter.

      9.  Ayane

      Ayane is a kickass ninja chick and my favorite character from the Dead or Alive series. She also makes appearences in the Ninja Gaiden games and also Dynasty Warriors. She is the half sister to the protagonist of the DOA series and feels like she is the anti hero of the series aswell.

      8. Greg The Gorilla

      Bloody Roar was one of the first fighting games I have ever played. It was awesome turning into beasts mid fight. And this beast is the beastliest of all beasts. Greg the Gorilla is just an amazing character. What other fighting games have a gorilla in a top hat and spandex? none that i know of.

      7. Mai Shuranui

      Oh lord. She is the one who started it all. Jiggle Physics. She deserves to be on this list just for that. Oh and she kicks butt too.

      6. Donovan Baine

      Best Darkstalkers character ever. Got a badass sword and is a half vampire monk that devoted his life to defeating every darkstalker in the world. Nuff said.

      5. Yoshimitsu

      Yoshimitsu is an alien samurai ninja that beats up both Tekken and Soul Calibur characters. He is also the only Tekken Character to use a primary weapon. The Rivalry between him and Bryan Fury make some of the most awesome cutscenes in the Tekken series.

      4. Raphael

      Raphael wasn't my first character I played as in the Soul Calibur series, but since Soul Calibur 4 he has become my favorite. His fighting style is so smooth and precise, and he can also teleport from being part vampire.

      3. Kung Lao

      Hat throwing, Teleporting action. Best friend to Liu Kang and descendant of the great Kung Lao. He was my main character ever since I started playing Mortal Kombat and hasnt let me down since.

      2. Hwoarang

      Hwoarang will always be my best Tekken Character no matter what. The reason for this is because I took Tae Kwon Do all through middle school till I got my black belt and i feel a connection with his moves and style since Hwoarang also uses Tae Kwon Do. He is also a cool dude who always tries to one up Jin, even if he turns into Devil Jin. He just never gives up. He also has a master named Baek that adds some humor always telling him he shouldnt be joining the tournaments.

      1. Vega

      Vega is a Spanish bullfighting assassin who would like to rid the world of all the ugly. He has a claw and with throw it up and beat you with his fists if he truly wants to. He also likes to jump off the walls and slice your face up. He takes my number one spot on here because he is just an all around well made original and awesome character and also my favorite street fighter and fighting game in general character.

      That concludes my first top 10 list. I hope you enjoyed it. I will try to get better at them. Feel free to comment and stuff.

    • Are Western RPGs the new primary video game genre?

      6 years ago


      These past couple of weeks I've been seeing more and more developers trying to make their own western style RPG and can't help but wonder to my self if this will become the new primary genre for gamers these next few years. I know most of us can agree that shooters dominated the game market the last couple of years with big name titles like Call of Duty and Gears of War, but more and more gamers like myself seem to be getting tired of the same Call of Duty released every year with a few changes. With the rise of big name titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Diablo III those gamers that have become tired of shooting things with guns have found fun and adventure roaming the fantasy worlds and killing dragons and other mythical creatures.



      The game Dragon's Dogma is a prime example of a developer that is trying to make their own western style RPG seeing how Capcom is a Japanese created company. There are also some other notable mentions like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning from EA's 38 Studios and Orcs Must Die from Robot Entertainment. There are alot more to come within the next couple of years like Torchlight 2 and Of Orcs And Men. There is one thing that may hold these games back from being a primary genre though, a thing called competitive multiplayer. Most of these games are just single player or may have a co-op feature built in. This brings me to the inclusion of MMORPGs with Guild Wars 2 stepping it up for PvP play and Elder Scrolls Online with its 3 faction system should make for some interesting PvP battles. There is also a growing PvP MOBA scene with lots of different tournaments for games such as League of Legends and DoTA 2 that have aspects and inspiration from lots of Western RPGs. With all of these different games that are either out or will be coming out soon, The Western RPG genre seems to be growing pretty quickly. So does it have the potential to take over the shooter scene? leave your thoughts and comments below!

    • A few Custom Soul Calibur 4 Costumes

      6 years ago



      Ryu Hayabusa




      Grim Reaper(Death)


      Robin Hood


      My SC4 rendition of the Pokemon Scizor

      I had alot more custom characters on the game but unfortunately I traded it in and these were the only pics i had left

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