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    • Wheres the Resident Evil Fans at HQ

      6 years ago


      For a while now i have been wondering where the Resident evil fans are at HQ i barely even here a reference . Hopefully they could play a Resident evil Game for Screwin Around it doesn't even have to be one of the older ones it could Be Resident Evil 4 for all i care. If anyone has Read my Post give me YOUR opinion on what Resident evil game they could play maybe we all could convince everyone at HQ to play it ?

    • Why i hate CoD

      6 years ago


      The reason why i hate call of duty isnt because it sucks its just that its the same thing over and over plus most people who play it and only it call them self gamers in which they arent they are Gramers they are either Douches or Jocks maybe both on a full moon.

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