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    • I'm selling a lot of my games!

      4 years ago


      Yep, you it read right G1's I'm selling a good chunk of what I own, I"m not giving up gaming completely. I just feel that I don't play a lot of what I own anymore. So come checkout my amazon page and see what I have to offer, all though I have very little, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.  Who knows maybe I'll add more to my inventory in the near future ;)

      If you want to haggle with me, contact me via amazon messaging and we'll talk.  


      This is no trick, i just can't afford to keep them anymore. 



      LInk: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/main/ref=olp_merch_name_1?ie=UTF8&asin=B00005K1Z5&isAmazonFulfilled=0&seller=ARJU7JG7CCDMN




    • An Idea For a Different Format For Video Games

      6 years ago


      About a week ago I was reminiscing about the consoles of old and how they could out live the consoles of today twice over.    Then I also thought,  why is that?   Minutes later the awnser came to me.   It's because of the moving parts in game consoles and cheap assembly.   One of The CD based consoles main weaknesses  is stress from moving machinery causing it to work harder and then poof it's done with in  a few years.  Of course the cd based consoles from the 90's still work maybe because it was new and companies wanted to make sure that quality over quanity was their goal and make sure that customers wern't banging down there doors.   I have read many forums and articles  about how their nes is still going strong  or that the toughest conosle ever built was the Nintendo Gamecube.  But's thats just there opinion.  I think it's time to change the physical format or at the very least save it from turning into dust.

      Now another thing is that we are moving into the digital age very quickly.  Well maybe a little too quickly I might say .  There are tons of people, including myself,  who have the consoles but don't really have the luxery of bandwith to really experience this new format to the fullest or at all for that matter.  I"m not bashing on this new age but like I said there are still people out there who prefer to go out and buy their games instead of the alternative. 

      Like a heat flash inside my head, it came to me.  What if we sort of went back to cartridge based gaming or preferebly a sd card format?    Hell there are a few products made by pirates that shows that it can work.  Pirates for god sakes!   Just take a look at this video here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dv-ESFSDd8.    Most would say that it could work in theory but I thnk it could definetly work now.    I know i'm going on a long stretch with this post but i'm speaking my mind about this very clearly because  here's the thing.  As soon as I thouhgt of this idea.   I drew it all out on pencil and paper.   Elminate the problem with disk based consoles and physical copies of games might  still have relevency in the market.    I'm not saying they don't right now but a change would be good with in the next few years.  The Nintendo 3DS does it and the PSVita does it.  Why not the big boys?

      This sounds all great but it would have to face the number one enemy of games, piracy.   It would be a big issue so we to find ways to bypass that problem.   Create anti piracy measures with in a game that would make it unplayable or something clever to encourage the player to go out and buy the game.  Take a look at this example:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e91q5BtlxK0.  This one is pretty famous and it's very clever.   I could go on and on about ways to stop priracy but that would take forever. 

      The point is this idea could work.   I hope you guys see where i'm coming from this post.   Talk about it more in detail in the comments I would like to see your ideas  about this whole thing.

      Deadite out

    • Do any of you still play Anarchy Online? Well here is something you should know

      6 years ago


      On Sept 9, game director of Anarchy Online Fia Tjernberg has revealed some disheartening news for AO fans. They said that have delayed the development of the new engine for the AO and forcing to lay off half of it's staff. Fia said that the delay was a result of the "poor reception of it's newly released mmo secret world."

      " Tjernberg expressed sorrow due to the developments, saying, “It is with sadness that I write to you this month, as many good developers, and dear friends will be leaving this fall. A sad time for otherwise very happy family.”  They will be missed.   Fia also said that "While certain features have been pushed back, the engine upgrade is still a priority, Tjernberg explained, “Our Dreamworld engine upgrade is still one of our top priorities. We believe this is an important step in evolving AO and building for the future, and as this work is done in parallel to the rest of our commitments, we do not have to delay any other content because of this!”

      Well that sucks I was looking forward to the new upgrade. I actually enjoyed Anarchy Online for a while.

      Here is the full  a video of what it was going to look like

    • Pics from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2012

      6 years ago


      IMG_0075.JPG    IMG_0077.JPG

      Here are a few booths with pixel art I especially liked the one with fox


      This was one of their pieces that was going on auction. I thinks it either FFII/4 or III/6 i don't remember. It was their largest piece.
      This is testament that you can make a game console out of anything. But does it still make coffee?
      Here is some more random shots I took:
      I came to this booth because I was curious. Then a Man asked me "what do you want to know about Cheetahmen?" So he told me.  He told about the history of how the game came to be and what happened in the end.  Then he told me that they were doing a Kickstarter to re-release Cheetahmen II the lost levels.  All fixed up and ready to play.  I think I met the owner of the Cheetahmen games. Pretty cool.
      Can you guess what this? I'll give you a hint it starts with the letters cd and S.
      This is a rare sight.  These are development consoles.  The one on the right is a Gamecube/dolphin and the one on the left is a Playstation 2.  These were also up for auction.
      This is something that stroke me as very interesting. This is called the Pandora. This is a portable computer running on a Linux operating system. You can play games on it like emulators and roms. Who knew this expo was rom friendly.
      Well I think that's it. Sorry no cosplay pics.  I did see some but didn't get a chance to ask if I could take their picture. I have videos that you can view on my YouTube channel here of me exploring more of the expo: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvK6VvRs192u1wlruGZ0mow?feature=mhee
    • DayZ to become a full game

      6 years ago


      "In an interview with Digital Spy at the PC gaming expo, Rezzed, Project Lead on DayZ, Dean Hall, has mentioned that DayZ aims to be it’s own standalone game “by September” and will adopt a “Minecraft-like model” where it will release in alpha for a reduced price and have free updates from then on."

      Read the full article here: http://stickskills.com/2012/07/10/dayz-to-become-a-standalone-game-by-september/

      I'm for one might be getting this if this happens.

    • Strange video game occurences in real life

      6 years ago


      Once in a while you experience things that are related to popular video games . Here are two. Nothing special. I just thought they were interesting

      This shot was made by me at kutch archery in Oregon on accident.  and i'm not very good =P

      Here is the second:

      So thats how they started out. lol

      Deadite out

    • Wing Commander Saga Review

      6 years ago


      I pretty new to the series of wing commander.   I have only heard about them in "The "Spoony Experiment" reviews. So I thought I would check this game out.   I"m glad I waited for the download.   Let me first say  that this game is an excellent addition to the series(unofficially). 

      Wing Commander Saga is a fan game that uses the Freespace 2 engine from 1999.  It sets itself between wing commander 2 and 3's story to my knowledge .  You are a pilot named sand man who is put aboard the TCS Hermes , a battle frigate of sorts.  You fight the enemy known as the Kilrathi.  A cat like race with "similarities to old imperial army japan" They never give  up honor even at the face of death.  I haven't  played the other games or read the books to really understand whats going on.  I know enough to know that Kilrathi are evil and Terran are the good guys.  

      WCS is an amazing game. I'm surprised the freespace 2 engine still holds up to this day. And will run on most current systems, depending on what you have.  Every bit of detail goes into this game from the ship designs, to vast reaches of space, and story.  All ships and characters are respectfully put in the game, and kept to their original integrity. If your a veteran you will recognize a lot of characters and ships.   The sounds and music are pretty basic, but what do you expect from a fan game

      Now for game play, this is sort of tough to explain.  Remember way back when most games like this required a joystick.  That is optional now but highly recommended for  space shooter veterans.  There an option to use the mouse which I use. Another thing . Wing commanders button layout was very confusing  at first.   I didn't know how to fly the ship or I didn't know how to set my ship in "autopilot".   To me , this a whole new experience for me.  I have gotten the gist of it though.     Some bad things about it. There are some glitches, and lag hick ups, at least for me.  and lack of multiplayer and customization  will be a little discouraging  for most. Don't worry they will  keep adding  stuff later down the road. You just have to keep tabs on their main website. I hope that they will.

      I found a very interesting feature while playing.  I was doing a mission not to long ago. One of my ships that I was supposed to protect blew up.  The strange thing is that game didn't reset or go to a screen.  The game bases off real life scenarios in a real battle. In wars like these, they are going to be losses,   there are going to be wins and sacrifices going to be made.  I think that changes how the game plays down the line. Which I find pretty awesome.   The  Game is separated into  two campaigns, Prologue and the main campaign it's self. The prologue consist of tutorial missions to help you  learn how to play the game, this is generally short.  The main campaign is a lot larger. I haven't even beaten it yet.  If your going to play this game be prepared to read alot. Cutscenes consist mostly of mission briefings  and things that tie in with the story. On a side note voice acting is not great but not horrible, probably intentional

      This game is a true master piece.  If your a big fan of space  sim shooters, play it.   If you like wing  commander in general you will love this.  I quote angry joe  Wing commander saga: the darkest dawn gets "my bad ass  seal of approval".  8.5 out of 10 for the initial release. I will probably review more of it,  once  content  comes to this game.   Please check this out.  It deserves all the credit it can get. 

      Deadite out, here's the link  www.wcsaga.com

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