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    • Death Battle: Starscream vs Rainbow Dash fan art

      6 years ago


      About time i drew this

      Took a while because firstly, i wasn't in a mood on one of them, then i said "f it, i'll finish this" i finished it, and it somehow looked like another fanart i drew.

      Here it is anyway, 2 of them! :D

      Named that "Maximum Rainbow" ala Maximum Spider


    • Death Battle Fanart: Pikachu vs Blanka

      6 years ago


       Better get this done as soon as possible before the Death Battle.

      Ah haaha...decided to do another fanart, wouldn't want people thinking that i left.

      Here it is!

      Also am playing around with my new tablet, lol XD loving it so far


    • Death Battle Sketch: Haggar vs Zangief

      6 years ago


       Some people do ask me to draw Haggar vs Zangief, well to say i did draw it back months ago. I dropped it later because i felt it wasn't me, but then i thought of it and resumed. This is what i come up with.

      Yeah the "Wasn't me" part is that when it comes to Death Battle art, i like to have them duke it out. But err.. i guess this is good enough

      Also, i might as well post something on the new site. Currently to be honest, i am trying to think of something new to draw and make. So give me some time, i wanna think of something.

      just in case, here is the battle between those 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkIFe3ZfF4k (PS yeah yeah.. you want that man to win, why can't you just enjoy a fight...)

      Enjoy it!!

    • Chad and Jared's Nightmare

      6 years ago


       I've returned! Still job hunting though but returned! Been a while since that long break.
      If you don't know what i was up to, the previous post tells what was going on.

      Lets go, the new art!

      I just started thinking of drawing again when I saw Chad and Jared going through hell with that Teletubbies game, it seriously got me laughing my sides to pain. Especially when that periscope comes out.

      for those who never watched that, you have to, its an hour long but one of the most hilarious Screwin' Around ever!

      Enjoy it!

    • Check out my Keith Apicary fanart

      6 years ago


      Hi guys, I'm back!

      Well really I was here the whole time, hahaha, I'm just busy doing other things as well as... Well I couldn't think of a blog post, so I kept it stale for quite a while.

      Moving on, If you've seen the latest sidescrollers, it features me as well as a fanart I've done for the Birthday Challenge.

      I was thinking that giving ScrewAttack a picture for the Birthday Challenge isn't like me. I felt that it's not Destructorv2-like, LOL. So i thought about it, and drew a fanart for Keith. (BTW, those are Chad's legs, hahah! Damn my perspective. Keith couldn't drive when his legs are out like that. XD)


      There was another failed pic I aborted, because I was sucking somehow. I can't really show it, but I did post it on twitter. Still, it looks so bad I stopped and deleted all the video capture I attempted to do while drawing it. Maybe that was the reason... I felt putting a video camera next to me while I rush for work makes me feel uncomfy, but soon i'll grow into it and you might see a video process in the future! :)

      Enough talk, enjoy the pic! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

    • What the heck happen to me?

      6 years ago


      Hi all, Destructorv2 here. Yeah i know i am not posting anything new recently, and wonder what happen to me.

      Firstly, to get things out of the way, no i'm not hanging my boots, no i am not leaving, i was just out because of a problem going on now. See i am currently working now, but, time goes by and i told myself that its time for me to find a new one, as currently my position has turned quiet after 2 of the big guys in my company left, this sort of got me worried and made me not do anything until i find a new job.

      So currently finding a new one, but then i told myself that maybe i should get back to what i'm missing out. So last thursday on my way to do something new! and then ...what the hell.. i fell sick with a fever, the whole week later i couldn't talk, guh..

      Fast forward to now, i sorta recovered, a little cough left but i recovered, i'll start doing something, but give me time, i'm still trying to find the new job while doing this, so.. just stay tuned, i'll be back.

      Thank you all for being patient, i'll be back with a vengence! :)

    • Death Battle: Peach vs Zelda fanart

      6 years ago



      Time for another Death Battle fanart! This time, its for the most epic Death Battle ever made.

      Its Princess Peach vs Zelda

      Yeah i know... "Why do you always draw them chicks looking like psychos"

      I don't know, maybe its something i love to draw XD

      Yeah i know this is a week late, but ya, another upcoming fanart i'm trying to work on is Starscream vs Rainbow Dash, i

      just need to train up drawing ponies and robots, lol.


    • Bejamin Savings

      7 years ago


      A quick sketch of Benjamin Savings from the Clip of the Week

      For those who missed the Clip of the Week, here it is

      Benjamin Savings

    • [Community Showcase]- DEATH BATTLE!: Eggman vs Wily Fanart

      7 years ago


      Fanart for the upcoming death battle between Dr Eggman and Dr Wily.

      Eggman... or Robotnik... i dunno, just enjoy the fanart! :D

      Dr Robotnik vs Dr Wily

    • Street Fighter 40k: Ryu

      7 years ago


      Street Fighter 40k Ryu

      Based on the tabletop game Warhammer 40k. I thought of the idea of adding Street Fighter characters in it

      It was previously with a helm, but i unmask Ryu as i felt no one would notice, it could be just a Marine doing a Hadouken pose D:

      Oh and i had to add Orks in it too, felt it was a little too empty with Ryu just striking a pose.

      More to come!


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