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    • 5 Games with Great Memories Attached

      6 years ago


      Straight to the List!

      • 5. Super Mario
      • What can I say, they're all great games. Everyone should remember the feeling when you grab that game, stick it in your Nintendo, then sit cross legged on the floor while the title screen comes up, and it was awesome. Even though you had to wait for your brother to die as Mario before you played.

      • 4. Crash Bandicoot 2
      • If you owned a Playstation you had this game, if you were lucky you had all three. Spinning past evil seals, mysterious jungle ruins, and epic space battles, they just feel good. I bet you still remember jumping on the polar bear just because.

      • 3. Super Smash Brothers
      • Who doesn't remember this game? You even remember the commercials for this game. Nintendo gave us our favorite characters and said "FREE FOR ALL", and we responded, with giant open eyes and twitching thumbs.

      • 2. Battletoads
      • You've hit your friends, had your rope cut in the zipline section, and you have(naturally) slammed the speeder bike against a wall. And I still remember yelling at my brother to get to the leg of the robot I just destroyed, or to get lower so I wouldn't wrecking ball slam into him.

      • 1. Metal Gear Solid
      • This game holds a special place in my heart. I was playing this game after staying up late at night getting through all the final fights. I was sweating trying to get through the final chase scene, and right when my health was low, and right when I thought the next bullet would get me, it was over.

        I will never forget having my widow open at 6 in the morning, the sun rising and watching the final cutscene play out. I was tired, hungry, but I just did it, and it's one of my best memories of a video game.

        The things about the games on this list that I love, is that I have such good memories attached to each. Tell me about what games you love, and what you think of every time you see the case on a shelf.

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