forgive the typo's the spell check dosent want to work.

#10- Fallout 3

While Fallout 3 is one of the biggest games that took me weeks to beat even after hitting level 30. It may be a beautiful "Open World" game with lots to do and a good alignment system, but there is no character devlopment and the main story is rather short with no real story progression. besides, finding you father, watching him die, then taking revenge with the enclave. And While traveling is something all RPG's are known for, Fallout 3 takes it to the extreme. Too much traveling makes one loose intrest.


#9-Phantasy Star 4

Phantasy Star was one of the first few Genre's coming out around the same time as DragonWarrior/Quest and Final Fantasy in the late 80's. While All three are still series that are still playing today, What makes Phantasy Star #9 is the 4th game, while I have played this game only a few times, The ability of Charaters coming and going from the party make you think about stragity and how to build your team as the game progresses. PS4 has a well made story and nice character building but does lack as the battle system is set to whoever finishes the round  gets teh start the next. (Team, Enemy, Enemy, Team, Team, etc etc)


#8- Shining Force

Some will ask me why I choose Shining Force on this list for the reason of "It wasnt a good game and it's sales were so low that no one bought it." Let me explane why this game is on my list. #1. The game is never the same twice. meaning You can have your team different each time with the random level up stats. One game you have have 3 healers, 2 mages, 3 rangers, 3 fighters, and your hero, and another game you might have 6 fighters, 1 healer, 2 rangerss, etc etc. #2. The story line is set in chapters so its very liner, but with the turnbase stargity system makes the game different each time you play.


#7- Valkyrie Profile

VP is a game that is hard to find but fun to play, this is also a game that chances each time you play it. Lenneth Valkyrie is the Chooser of the Slain and its her job to watch long cutsenes to and makes the person who die's A member of her team. What makes me place this at #7 is the fact that If you dont know how to get teh perfect ending, The game is bland, the story is boreing. But if you know how to get the perfect ending, The game is great. Good character delevopment, the story takes a great turn of events. The Battle system is unique that uses the ABXY buttons and not just picking from lists..


#6-Chrono Trigger

The Idea of time travel isnt something Im a fan of, but somehow the lack of paradoxes makes this one feel right. Now what happens after the battle during the era of 1999 makes me wonder if there should be a paradox right after it. But the creators much have some reason for that idea. The battle system is unqiue where the characters and enemies can be close to each other and allowing one to do double or triple hits with one attack. The character Development is somethign that could have been better. I wont give spoliers but They seem very bland. A love intreast, A best friend, and a few pick up's. But The story does work in its own way.


#5-Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect is one of those games that implaments the alignment systems but there is no middle ground. It's either Good or Bad (Paragon / Renegade). Out of all three games, I liked Mass Effect 2 the best. ME1 seems more like Halo and it is the shortest of the games. ME3 is beautiful but with everyone complaning about an ending that I enjoyed and understood. But the Idea of the Reapers making it hard to search. ME2 has the best storyline of the 3 games, you hunting down your team, then you do a mission for EACH member making the game twice as long. The alignment system helps you get your teammates to like you or hate you. And with having 10 teammates (Including DLC) makes your team of 3 change with the mission, yet its not higher because everyone on your team levels up together ans it makes the game easy.


#4-Super Mario RPG

Everything we know about Mario is this. He's a plumber who goes to the Mushroom kingdom to save the ruler of the kingdom from a giant dinosaur. Now What if they all had to team up to take on a new threat. The only way to do this is make it an RPG. Seeing Mario, Bowser, and Peach teaming up with some unknowns makes this game a fan favorate. not to mention its a "MARIO" game. Everyone loves mario games. But Why it dosent make my top 3 it because its a solo game and not a series. There are WAY TOO MANY bosses. The movement controls are confusing at first since your using  up down left and right while looking at a Diamond Map. Other then the early confusing controls and mass of bosses. its a great game.


#3- Pokemon Red&Blue

I know I said only one game per series, but when you have mirror games its hard to choose one. So I say 1st generation Pokemon, Why? Well It came out before the Show and If it wasnt for these games, in my opinion,  is there would be no Pocket Monsters. No pokemon in SSBB, No Blanka vs Pikachu Deathbattle, and Im sure the Gameboy would have died. Pokemon was the cash crop of Nintendo's handled. It wasnt until LoZ made it to the gameboy pocket/color followed by the Mario game on the GBA. While gameboy maynot have been in jepordy, It did help sell more systems. The Game will always be different with each play, yet the lack of character devlepoment dosent put it higher on the list.


#2- Final Fantasy

Now, This one is going to get me hate mail because its not Final Fantasy 7. No offence, I never really enjoyed FF7, I was a FF8 fan. But I'm not saying 7 is a bad game, it was long as hell and the graphics, even for the time, were crap, Crash/Spyro/ and even the racing games has better graphics. But this isnt a rant on 7. Its why I say FF1 for the NES the best of the series. It's one simple reason. If Final Fantasy 1 didnt make it, Final Fantasy would have died.

Though often attributed to the company allegedly facing bankruptcy, Sakaguchi explained that the game was his personal last-ditch effort in the game industry and that its title, Final Fantasy, stemmed from his feelings at the time; had the game not sold well, he would have quit the business and gone back to university. -

So dont send me a message saying Im a lier and im wrong but again This is my List not yours.

#1- Dragon Warrior

Now this isnt a bias list because of my name and my #1. Its because DW was the first RPG that america saw back in 1986. Final Fantasy series maybe called the Father of RPG's but if that is true, DW is the GrandFather of RPG's. While DW1 wasnt the best of the series and yes there was a few RPG's before it,  It is the game that gave the US RPG's. It was a rather easy game, but no one should doubt that If it wasnt for Dragonwarrior AND Final Fantasy. There would be no RPG's in America, Because it came a year before Final Fantasy, It made the Top 1 spot. Both games are great, but I feel Dragon Warrior 1 was just a little better then Final Fantasy. While there is no Character delevopment in either game, DW's game had a plan and an ending. FF just said you vanished.



Now I will allow you all to give me comments, but I will not change my list for its my list and my reasons. If you want to do a fact check go for it. again MY OPINIONS! I hope you all like the list. Make sure you comment.