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    • Link vs Sora (Part 1)

      1 year ago



      ·         Arsenal taken form respective fighting franchises

      ·         Said arsenal’s attributes & specs taken from all canon sources

      ·         Best possible armor taken from all canon sources

      ·         No outside help (summons, fairies etc.)


      Link (assessed in Link vs Coud episode)

      ·         Background

      o   Age: Around 17

      o   Height: Around 5’7”

      o   Bears the Spirit of the Hero

      o   Left-handed

      o   Skilled in boxing & sumo wrestling

      o   Multi-incarnate

      o   Humble and brave


      Master Sword aka Goddess Sword

      o   Crafted by the Goddess Hylia

      o   Repels evil

      o   Indestructible

      o   Sword Beam/Skyward Strike

      o   Deflects light energy magic

      o   Medallions d

           §  Bombos – Launches fire

           §  Ether – Freezes foes

           §  Quake – Makes earthquakes



      o   Boomerang

           §  Attacks up to 5 targets

           §  Always returns

      o   Bombs

           §  5 second fuse

           §  Water Bombs

           §  Bomchus

      o   Hero’s Bow

           §  Fire Arrows

           §  Ice Arrows

           §  Light Arrows

           §  Silver Arrows

           §  Bomb arrows

      o   Hookshot/Clawshot

      o   Most of his arsenal is suited for exploration than combat



      o   Red Ring

           §  Defense +75%

      o   Chain Mail Shirt

           §  Riveted

      o   Golden Gauntlets

           §  Bracers can withstand over 1000 tons

      o   Boots

           §  Iron Boots

           §  Hover Boots

           §  Pegasus Boots & Roc’s Feather

      o   Hylian Shield

           §  Completely indestructible



      o   Bears the Triforce of Courage – embodies abilities to beat overwhelming odds

      o   Puzzle-solver

      o   Has singe-handedly beaten armies

      o   Fought a huge variety of foes

      o   Z-Targeting = very fast reactions

      o   Strong enough to throw armored Gorgons



      o   Puzzle solver, analyzing and exploiting his enemies’ weaknesses, even when there’s one possible way of winning

      o   But while Link has the necessary tools to take on any opponent, his over-reliance on inventory over pure skill leaves him vulnerable

      o   Totally not a fairy

      Sora (as of Kingdom Hearts 2 because don’t own a 3ds, and might not be able to afford a PS4 in the future)

      Sources:  Mostly KH1 and KH2 gameplay and official strategy guides, and partially from wikias to find the the stats in Final Mix games

      Assessing Level 100 Sora, Choosing the Sword but leaving the Staff.



      o   Keyblade

           §  Inherent abilities

           ·         Bonded to its wielder

           ·         Interchangeable keychains for different keyblades

           ·         Can instantaneously appears and reappear in wielder’s hand

           ·         Strike Raid – Throws keyblade multiple times, can instantaneously reappear in wielder’s hand or comes back like a boomerang

                     o   Has been used outside of limit form in reaction command and in cinematic. Using it to full potential requires MP

           ·         Doubles as a ukulele?

           §  Two sides

           ·         Flat side for striking

                     o   Most keyblades seem blunt, but still cuts like a blade. Otherwise, he couldn't have done feats like slicing through those buildings in The World that Never Was.

                     o   note: I’m often bothered when I see art that show people striking things with the opposite side. Logically, the flat side is more practical in combat because the key tooth could get stuck if it hits someone in the head.

           ·         A keyblade with the key tooth side facing down is often seen doing enchantments, magic, and locking and unlocking doors and chests

           §  Kingdom Key

           ·         Locks and Unlocks magical doors and free hearts from darkness

           ·         “The key chain attached draws out the Keyblade's true form and power.”

           ·         Strength +3, Magic +1

           ·         Length stat - 100, might require scaling to measure its actual length

           ·         Abilities

                     o   Defender – Increases user’s Defense when HP is Critical

                     o   Damage Control – Take half the usual damage when HP is Critical



      o   Can be done without a keyblade

           §  Can channel magic into a keyblade to enhance and alter attacks

           §  KH1 magic cost interpreted as percentage cost of total 10 MP

           ·         Ex. 1 KH1 MP = 10 KH2 MP

           §  Once MP is depleted, requires time to recharge

           §  MP Rage – restores MP relative to the amount damage taken

           §  MP Haste – increases MP restoration by 25% after MP is fully consumed

           §  Magic Lock-on – automatically locks onto target when casting Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Magnet magic

      o   Firaga – Fire rotates around user and damages nearby enemies (10-12 MP)

           §  Fire Boost – increase damage done with fire-based attacks by 20%

      o   Blizzaga – Projectile ice attack (10-12 MP)

           §  Blizzard Boost – increase damage done with blizzard-based attacks by 20%

      o   Thundaga – Calls lightning down on target, damaging all nearby enemies  (15-18 MP)

           §  Thunder Boost – Increases damage done with thunder-based attacks by 20%

      o   Curaga – Fully restores HP to user and surrounding party members (all remaining MP)

           §  Leaf Bracer – casts cure even when attacked

      o   Reflega – Briefly protects user in a sphere that blocks attacks, then counterattacks (10 MP), can be activated in combo

      o   Magnega – Draws in enemies while damaging them (30 MP)

      o   Aeroga – Temporarily surrounds user in a barrier, halving damage and damaging enemies on contact and deflecting some attacks (20 MP)

      o   Graviga – Flattens opponents and brings aerial enemies to the ground (10 MP)

      o   Stopga – Temporarily freezes enemy in time (20 MP), resisted by stronger opponents



      o   Grand Ribbon

           §  “Highly increases all resistances and extremely increases defense.”

           §  Defense +4, 20% Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Dark Resistance

           §  Complete the “Sunset” Puzzle

      o   Buster Band

           §  Defense +5


      o   Cosmic Arts

           §  Maximum AP +7, Strength +2, Magic +2

           §  Synthesized



      o   Areal Recovery – quickly regains balance when knocked down

           §  Retaliating slash – when knocked down- quickly regains balance and counterattacks

      o   Scan – inspects target’s current HP

      o   Combo Master – unleashes a combo whether or not your hit lands

      o   Air Combo Plus – Increases maximum combo by 1 when in midair (equip more to enable more combos.)

      o   Combo Plus – Increases Maximum combo by 1 when on the ground (equip more to enable more combos)

      o   Combo Boost – Increases the damage of the finishing move on the ground relative to the number of hits on the ground

      o   Air Combo Boost – Increases the damage from finishing move in the air relative o the number of hits on the ground

      o   Reaction Boost – Increases damage dealt using Reaction command by 50% (equip more to increase the effect

      o   Damage Drive – Restore the Drive Gauge every time damage is taken (amount restored to Drive Gauge is relative to the damage received)

      o   Drive Boost – Allows greater restoration of the Drive Gauge during MP charge (equip more to increase the effect)

      o   Form Boost – increase the duration of each Drive Form

      o   Combination Boost – Increases the amount of time spent in Limits


      Defensive Skill/Abilities

      o   Defender – Increases defense by 3 in a pinch (equip more to increase the effect)

      o   Damage control – Halves damage taken in critical moments (equip two to accelerate the effect)

      o   Second Chance – Ensures 1 HP remaining after taking massive damage

      o   Once More – ensures 1 HP remaining after taking damage from a combo

      o   Guard – blocks and shoots back enemy attacks using a parrying action

           §  Reflects projectiles

           §  Parries physical attacks

           §  Counterguard – counterattacks nearby enemies with attack while performing guard


      Action Abilities

      o   Upper Slash – knocks target into air

      o   Horizontal Slash – unleashes powerful attack that hits target from left to right during a midair combo

      o   Finishing leap – unleashes a powerful guard-piercing attack at the end of a combo

      o   Slapshot – rapidly attacks a nearby target without getting flung back

      o   Dodge Slash – unleashes an attack that deals damage to nearby enemies

      o   Flash Step – unleashes a guard-piercing attack on a slightly distant target while keeping up your own guard

      o   Slide Dash – instantly closes in on and attacks a far target

      o   Vicinity break – unleashes a powerful attack that surrounds

      o   Guard Break – unleashes a powerful finishing combo move that pierces through a target’s guard

      o   Explosion – unleashes a finishing combo move that knocks down several enemies (damage dealt relative to magic skill)

      o   Aerial Sweep – unleashes a powerful leaping attack that targets in midair

      o   Aerial Dive – unleashes a powerful aerial attack on distant targets

      o   Aerial Spiral – closes in on far targets in midair and unleashes spinning attacks

      o   Aerial Finish – unleashes a powerful finishing combo move to a single target in midair

      o   Magnet Burst – draws enemies in to unleash a finishing combo move (damage dealt is relative to magic skill)


      Growth Abilities

      o   High Jump LV 3 – jumps high

      o   Quick Run LV3 –sprint rapidly

      o   Dodge Roll LV3 – rolls in one direction, useful for dodging attacks

      o   Glide LV3 – rides the wind at great speed

      o   Aerial dodge – quickly maneuvers in the air by spinning. Useful for dodging enemy attacks


      Trinity Limit – A Limit Command that uses teamwork to unleash a powerful trinity attack

      o   Can perform "Break" combo on his own.


      Limit Form (4 drive gauges)

      o   Can be done without allies

      o   Standard jump is higher

      o   Magic disabled

      o   Action Abilities

           §  Zantetsuken – Unleashes a finishing combo move on a single target, instantly eliminates weaker enemies

           §  Ripple Drive – Unleashes a finishing move when surrounded (damage dealt is relative to magic skill)

           §  Hurricane Period – Unleashes a powerful finishing combo move onsisting of an aerial barrage

           §  Slapshot – rapidly attacks a nearby target without getting flung back

           §  Sliding Dash – instantly closes in on and attacks a far target

           §  Aerial Sweep – Unleashes a powerful leaping attack on targets in midair

           §  Guard

           ·         Zantetsu counter – Unleashes Zanetsuken by selecting attack while guarding

           ·         Reflect Combo – blocks enemy attacks in guard during combo

      o   Dodge Roll Max

      o   Support Abilities

           §  HP Gain – Restores HP when a limit command lands

           §  MP Rage – Restores MP relative to the amount of damage taken

           §  MP Haste – Increases MP restoration speed by 25% after MP is fully consumed

      o   Limits

           §  Sonic Rave – Unleashes an attack on an enemy as you pass by (60 MP)

           ·         Sonic Blade in KH1 English

           ·         Name is Japanese attack’s literal translation

           ·         Learned after first fighting Cloud Strife in KH1, inspired by his Braver attack

           §  Last Arcanum – unleashes a powerful combo attack (75 MP)

           ·         Ars Arcanum in KH1 English

           ·         Name is Japanese attack’s literal translation

           ·         Learned after fighting Captain Hook in KH1, inspired by his swordplay

           §  Strike Raid (limit) – repeatedly throws keyblade at that the target in combo (65 MP)

           §  Infinity – Aerial Combo that finishes with firing spiraling projectiles (80 MP)

           ·         Ragnarok in KH1 English

           ·         Name is Japanese attack’s literal translation

           §  Besides Sonic Rave, limits have frame of invincibility


      Reaction Command – What does it mean?

      o   Testament of his instincts, quick thinking, and versatility

      o   Expert in using his surrounding environment

      o   Unpredictable and unorthodox, but very effective

      o   Things he’s done:

           §  Adapting to situation

           §  Block, avoid, or redirect oncoming attacks

           §  Anticipate opponent’s next move

           §  Capitalizing on enemies' vulnerabilities

           §  Several occasions, disarming and using opponent’s weapons and against them

           §  Exploiting their weaknesses

           §  Etc.



      o   Traveled to several worlds, sealing the keyholes

      o   Fought various Disney villains

      o   Defeated Ansem Seeker of Darkness

      o   Defeated the Rock and Ice Titan

      o   Took down Organization XIII

      o   With Riku and Party, Defeated Xemnas and saved Kingdom Hearts

      o   Over reliance on team support is minor flaw

           §  Arguable merit of gameplay’s support from his team (i.e. Donald Duck’s cure)

           §  Various victories came with help from allies

      o   Still an incredible fighter on his own

      o   Defeated a 1000 heartless army single-handedly

      o   Won various gladiatorial tournaments

           §  In KH2, Sora still holds the title of winning the tournaments in KH1. So, it’s within reason that side-missions like these are cannon to KH2.

           §  Hades Paradox Cup Final Round

           ·         Defeated Cloud, Tifa, Squal, and Yuffie simultaneously, single-handedly with no drives or summons

      o   Defeated Sephiroth twice

      o   Excellent Skateboarder

      o   Can survive free-falling at vast heights and land perfectly fine

    • Link Vs Sora (Part 2)

      1 year ago


      Main Weapons


      o   Left-handed Sword and Shield

      o   Z-Targeting


      o   Keyblade

      o   Reaction Command



      Iron Boots

      o   Good counter against Magnega

      o   Leaves him vulnerable with lack of mobility when worn

      Pegasus Boots & Roc’s Feather

      o   Note: in games, he’s only been able to dash in a single direction when using the boots to run, and could barely steer

      o   If Link jumps in air, vulnerable to well placed Graviga


      Growth Abilities – more overall mobility in air and on ground

      o   Dodge Roll, Quick Run, High Jump –  avoid attacks on the ground

      o   Aerial Dodge –  evade attacks in the air

      o   Glide – overall mobility around the battlefield


      o   Arrows

      ·        Bomb and Fire Arrows

      ·        Ice Arrows

      o   Boomerang

      ·        Can be thrown directly or indirectly at opponent

      ·        Stuns upon successful hit


      o   Guard – block and deflect projectiles back to opponent

      o   Reflega – protection from stronger arrows

      o   Broke out of ice easily (“Break” reaction command)

      o   Not a stranger to boomerangs


      o   Bombs

      o   Bomchu


      o   Reflega – protection from heavy damage

      o   Magnega – redirect the bomchu, and possibly suck Link in with them


      Hylian Shield – indestructible and superior defense

      o   Protection from projectile magic

      o   Protection from oncoming Strike Raid


      o   Sora’s fought shielded enemies by attacking their blindspots (i.e. “Reversal” reaction command)

      o   Strike Raid can come back like a boomerang


      o   “Second Chance” and “Once More” were life-savers

      o   Curaga helped Sora outlast Link

      o   Scan - able to read opponent's health, useful to make a plan of attack


      Ocarina of Time, when Link removed the Master Sword, his spirit was sealed away for 7 years in the Temple of Time

      o   Link's spirit, the same Spirit of the Hero present in all his incarnations, was frozen in time until his body had developed to be worthy of Master Sword

      o   This means Link is susceptible to time-stopping magic, like Stopga


      o   Stopga – temporarily freezes an opponent in time. Total damage inflicted after time wears off.

      o   Makes opponent vulnerable for attack

      I specifically chose to use KH2 Sora to established a point that he can beat him in this state and later installments of KH giving him more abilities and improvements would be mute if he can beat Link whose feats are measured by the general accomplishments and commonalities among his incarnations. I’m sure there are other factors I couldn’t explain that involve math and science, and I might have made a few typos here and there, but here’s my overall assessment. They’re both experts at analyzing and exploiting enemy weaknesses in combat, but Link’s analytical approach to combat can only do so much against someone who’s as unpredictable as Sora.



      One thing I am curious is Screwattack’s integrity to be objective in this. >https://youtu.be/cSGpusXXngE?t=1m52s

      It may be the opinion of one person. But if you think about it, they don’t really talk much about Kingdom Hearts on the site. It’s also strange that during their coverage of E3 2013, they didn’t say much of the KH3 reveal trailer. Sure, there’s a lot to cover and you can’t cover everything, but that trailer was a big deal to Square Enix fans. Maybe Nervous Nick’s sarcastic mention of the first kingdom hearts in another video might not mean much either. If he was to write this death battle, he’d probably undermined a lot of the merit in the story like he undermined the concept of multi-verse theory explaining in Blaze Blue’s plot. It’s hard to say whether the Screwattack crew really likes or dislikes the franchise. Then there’s Torrian, the 3D animator. There was a glimpse of a Keyblade in the Iron Man vs Lex Luthor episode of Death Battle. Plus, I think he’d have a field day with animating Sora’s acrobatic abilities.


      Where does Screwattack stand on Kingdom Hearts? Do they like, dislike, or have no feeling for the games? How much would this affect a potential Death Battle with Link and Sora? For a long time, I’ve been wondering what their stance was on Kingdom Hearts.

      Update (1/6/2017): As of Death Battle cast, it seems that the only Screwattack crew member that has knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is Torrian. So it’s safe to assume that Ben, Chad, and Sam may not have played the game much.

    • Why a Jotaro Kujo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) vs Yu Narukami (Persona 4) Death Battle might not happen?

      1 year ago


      We’ve seen an episode of One Minute Melee and DBX featuring the battle of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vs Persona. With that said, I’ve seen a lot of comments in the videos requesting a Death Battle between Jotaro Kujo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) and Yu Narukami (Persona 4). The idea of a Death Battle between a stand user and a persona user would seem interesting on paper, but with the specific facts how these two fighters work may say otherwise.

      1. What is a persona?

      In the game Persona 4, the main protagonist, who is known as Yu Narukami in Persona 4: The Animation and Persona 4: Dance all Night, investigates the rumors behind the “Midnight Channel” and discovers a realm found within the TV. It was during his first encounter in the TV world that he discovered a hidden power within, the power of persona. This power gives him the ability to summon beings that are inspired by various folklore. Each persona has its own unique attacks and abilities, but his go-to persona is Izanagi, a large being armed with a blade and lightning based abilities inspired by the Shinto god. To simplify things within cannon, I would assume Death Battle would allow Yu to only access to personas he’s used in the anime and the manga. Armed with a katana and an arsenal of personas, Yu Narukami fights alongside his friends and track down the serial killer in the town of Inaba, a plot that’s oddly similar to Diamond is Unbreakable.

      The animated fights from One Minute Melee and DBX seem to take place in a real world setting. However, this is not an accurate setting for such a fight because Yu has ONLY been able to summon his persona settings connected to the TV world. The persona users in Persona 4 never actually summoned their personas in the real world. In fact, places like the TV world are covered in a thick fog and an atmosphere that takes a toll on the body of someone who’s not used to it, They would succumbing to fatigue and disorientation, and possibly encounter enemy shadows that would viciously attack them. Therefore, in order to depict an actual Death Battle featuring someone from Persona 4, it would need to take place in somewhere like the TV world. In a way, this does give an initial bias towards Yu Narukami.

      2. What is a stand?

      Sometimes you’re born with it, sometimes you get it from the reawakening of a body-snatching vampire, and sometimes you get it by getting shot with a magic golden arrow. The stipulations behind acquiring a stand and the variety of stands broaden along a vast spectrum, but I’ll focus on Jotaro Kujo’s stand.

      Jotaro first interpreted his stand as an “evil spirit” that haunted him and made a voluntary prison sentence leisurely. But after meeting his grandfather Joseph Joestar, he learns that his spirit is a manifestation of his fighting spirit. It’s often defined as a form of ESP. Jotaro’s Stand “Star Platinum” takes the form of a large muscular brute that oddly resembles a pillarman from Battle Tendency, though that avenue is never really explored. It has incredible strength and durability, inherently extremely fast, very precise senses, and can stretch its finger for a long distance poke for some reason. It often attacks with close quarter rapid-fire attacks, but the most valuable aspect of this stand is its ability to temporarily stop time, an ability he somehow got from fighting against Dio. Adding time-stopping to its already high speed and raw strength creates a very power combatant. The only downside is that it can’t move past 2 meters away from Jotaro and whatever injuries placed on Star Platinum are placed directly on Jotaro, kinda like a voodoo doll.

      In the episode of DBX where Jotaro fought Yu Narukami, Yu was somehow able to see Star Platinum and able to hold his own against it. This would not be the case in an accurate fight because only stand users are able to see Jotaro’s stand. In an actual fight, Yu wouldn’t typically be able to see Star Platinum, unlike personas which are visible to anyone in places like the TV world or the Midnight Stage regardless of having a persona or not. However, there is a work around. In Persona 4, you’re eventually teamed with Rise Kujikawa and her persona Himiko, who has two very useful abilities: Full Analysis, which reveals the enemy’s status, weak points, and skills, and Third Eye, which reveals the effectiveness of an attack on an enemy. These abilities are not limited to just analyzing shadows in the TV world, they can also sense the location and condition of people. With these abilities, Yu could arguably analyze Jotaro and his abilities despite stands being something different than personas and shadows. However, this would require outside help from Rise, which would also be considered another bias towards Yu and a possible handicap, and it is not guaranteed since stands still work on a different level than shadows.

      3. Could Jotaro fight in the TV world?

      The atmosphere of the TV world does present a heavy toll on the body of someone not used to the environment, but people have been able to remain in there at from days to weeks. If a fight was to occur in a setting such as this, I would think Jotaro can hold his own ground with little inconvenience to the atmosphere. Considering Jotaro’s strong physique, high pain tolerance, he has survived things like falls from several stories to continued fighting Dio, getting crushed under a steamroller being pile-drived on top of him, and withstanding an explosion just to get up and beat Kira Yoshikage. I’m sure he could withstand a couple of minutes to fight in the TV world. Jotaro seems to have a very keen sense of sight and is very perceptive. So the thickness of its fog would not be much of an issue, especially if it’s in a close quarters fight. Yu didn’t even need his glasses to see through the fog enough to fight in his first encounter with the shadows. Overall, I don’t think being in a place like the TV world would be a problem for someone like Jotaro.

      It seems that whenever someone enters a place like the TV world, they would encounter vicious shadows that would attack them, even encountering their shadow selves. However, in Chie and Yosuke didn’t face their shadow until their second encounter in the TV world. Therefore, there’s no saying that Jotaro whether would instantly face his own shadow when in the TV world.

      As much as I love seeing sprite fights between these two characters, I would think that a researched battle between these two wouldn’t be written as an interesting fight. The technicalities either make it one-sided for Jotaro or require a vast amount of handicaps for Yu. If the battle took place outside the TV world, Yu couldn’t even summon his persona. If we give Yu the benefit of the doubt of fighting in the TV world, he still wouldn’t be able to assess Star Platinum’s abilities, let alone its presence. The only way he could be able to see Jotaro’s capabilities like he would see those of shadows in the game would be with the assistance of Rise, and that would be adding another person into the fight. If Yu is allowed to fight with the help of another persona user, would Jotaro be able to fight with the help of another stand user? It’s only then I’d be able to see it as a somewhat fair fight, and this isn’t going into each fighters’ respective feats. There’s a lot more to each of these characters I didn’t cover, including the specifics of Star Platinum and Yu’s arsenal of several personas, but I don’t see a Death Battle happening without these technicalities that would make it difficult to write an elaborate and accurate fight.

    • Coming soon, I'll be attempting to write my own assessment of a potential Death Battle. Link (LoZ) vs Sora (Kingdom Hearts).

      2 years ago


      Because there's going to be new games for these two coming up, I'll be assessing Link as described in the previous Death Battle episode and KH2 Sora. I'm new to posting things on roosterteeth.com, so I don't know how to properly write articles and use pictures on this site. Any links, tips, or input on how to do so will help in the comments. Please, help.

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