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    • Mutant Football League Football seeks revival via Kickstarter

      5 years ago


      Editor's Note: I love these games! Make this happen and maybe we'll finally be able to convince Craig to let us riff over the old cartoon. This cartoon!

      Michael Mendheim, creator of the classic Genesis games, Mutant League Football & Mutant League Hockey, hopes to revive the classic gridiron series via Kickstarter.

      If it successfully reaches it's $750,000 goal before October 16th, the game can begin being developed on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android.

      You can find the Kickstarter here...

    • Cryamore Kickstarter Update

      5 years ago


      Last October, I wrote about Cryamore, a classic inspired, dungeon crawler indie game.

      According to Cryamore's development blog, the game's kickstarter will begin on January 25.

      If successful, the developers could possibly accept enemy and character designs from fans, and contributors to the kickstarter could receive the following gifts...

      • A copy of the full game
      • Over 20 HiRes exclusive wallpapers
      • A digital 40 song soundtrack by the game's composer, Aivi Tran
      • A Kickstarter backer-only printed world map of Nokia Island
      • A signed physical 2 disc, 40+ Soundtrack by Aivi Tran with exclusive art
      • A signed Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover art book with exclusive concept and promotional art, including guest artwork printed by UDON
      • 9-inch, resin-casted figures of main characters, Esmyrelda Maximus or Bliss Barson
      • A hand-drawn illustration by Cryamore designer and artist, Robert Porter, of the main characters

      So if you want to support this indie game in the making, be sure to donate. For more information on the game you can check out the development blog here.

    • Indie Game Cryamore Prepping for Kickstarter

      6 years ago


      Since earlier this year, artists and designers Robert Porter and Alan Wansom have been developing their indie game project "Cryamore", and are preparing to commence a Kickstarter to fund the game within the next few months.

      Cryamore is an action-adventure/RPG/Castleroid hybrid, inspired in art style and gameplay by  games like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Megaman, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana and several other classic titles.

      The game's story revolves around the main character Esmyrelda Maximus, who is tasked with restoring the Cryamore energy source to her dying home town of Ghilcrest. Doing so will defeat monsters throughout the land who have become aggressive due to the dwindling of the mysterious energy source. As she progresses through the game she gains a variety of elemental powers to explore more complex caves and dungeons.

      You can check out more of the game's concept art here.

      The game is set for release on Mac and PC computers and developers have stated that they will be pushing for release on Steam and Ouya as well at an estimated price of $15.

      If you wish to follow the Cryamore's development, you can follow their Tumblr here and if you like the designers' art style you can check out their previous work here and here.

    • Capcom panel shows pitch video for Darkstalkers 4

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: The panel revealed a "pitch video", so it doesn't mean Darkstalkers 4 is a sure thing. Ono says that purchasing Resurrection will help our chances though. Also, I've added the gallery Capcom sent over.

      Capcom's panel at New York Comic Con revealed a teaser for the next instalment in the Darkstalkers series featuring Lord Raptor and Demitri.

      In addition, they also announced the re-release of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 in the HD Collection, Darkstalkers Resurrection. Like Street Fighter Third Strike Online and Marvel Vs Capcom Origins before it, it features Online modes, YouTube Replay Sharing, Trial Modes, and Unlockable Galleries. The collection is set to release early 2013, priced at 1600 MSP on Xbox Live and $14.99 on Playstation Network. Check out the trailer here or enjoy the gallery below.


      So after a year of build up, Capcom is finally ready to deliver on another classic series.

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