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    • Thoughts on College Ending

      1 week ago


      I got back into Tallahassee today after a week in New York. I should be building out a brand strategy guide and some new executions for a capstone class I'm in, but instead I'm wrapped up in my old Grifball hoodie, listening to Vance Joy, and writing this thing. A lot of things were put in perspective for me during this trip, one of which being just how close I am to being done with college. I'm graduating in almost exactly a month, and while that's exciting there's some serious anxiety associated with it. I'm a young graduate who only spent 2 and a half years doing the college thing. Florida State has truly been awesome, I've found a group of friends here that support me and my decisions more than some people I've known my whole life. There's something so awesome about that. There's a natural fear to leaving what has only just become familiar, but at the same time I'm getting the itch to move on and keep growing.

      As a 20 year old there's another level of stress added to the whole "graduating in December" thing. There's no breaking the ice over drinks or sounding uber qualified. All I have under my belt is some internships and a hell of a lot of passion for marketing. 

      I have to go be a "real" adult now, and that's not something that college teaches you. I think it's something you just kind of stumble into along the way. I'm expecting to fall and stumble a lot, but I'm also pumped to learn too. I guess what I'm getting at is the next few months are definitely going to be interesting. 

    • Why can't I post pictures?

      4 months ago


      Well, this is embarrassing.

      No my internet didn't stop working, and no there will be no running dinosaur game to accompany the failure. For some reason I can't upload pictures to the site. I've tried a few times and it just has refused to work.


      Anyways you'll just have to imagine the beautiful views or you can follow me on Instagram @Abnormalstarr

      Dope. Have a good day guys!

    • Colorado Views

      4 months ago


      I've been in Colorado for a few weeks now, and honestly I'm falling in love with this state more and more. It's not a place I could call my forever home, but I could see myself spending a few years out here if it came down to it. 

      I've been hiking a few times and honestly I can't get over how beautiful the views are here. It does still get pretty hot out here, but anywhere with shade is always a good like hide away. I'm going to a post a few of my favorites here just to make everyone jealous.

    • It's Been A While

      10 months ago


      I used to be a pretty active user on the site, but then I went to college. I would definitely like to start posting here again, so here we go. 


    • I hate high school

      3 years ago


      I'm entering my senior year of high school, and I have been taking college level classes since I was in the 9th grade. Let that sink in. There weren't very many opportunities for me to take a whole lot of them until I was supposed to be going into my junior year. I had been excited by the prospect of graduating with my AA, and the idea that I could immediately jump on my career path (which is going to be a long and winding one at that) without worrying about general education. When I went to my counselors to ask about taking classes through the local community college, Valencia, they told me to stick primarily to classes at the school.
      Now see, I went three years without getting any assistance in the department of scheduling in a way that would actually be beneficial to my future. I struggled, and had no idea what I was doing. I finally asked my friends who were taking classes and my wonderful boyfriend who did graduate with his AA, what I was supposed to do. For the first time in my high school career I was getting help, but not rom the people's who's job it is to help me. And what I discovered really pissed me off.
      At the end of my first semester of my senior year I will only need 17 credit hours to get my AA. While this may not seem like a big deal to some people it is a big deal to me. I can only take 12 hours a semester through dual enrollment (the high school program) and that means there are 5 credit hours that I don't know what the hell to do about.
      I could have fucking graduated with my AA degree.
      Been accepted to almost any college I wanted.
      I could have been set.
      I could have walked the stage at high school graduation with two degrees. One High School and one college.
      But no.
      The counselors avoided talking about Valencia, always jumping from topic to topic to evade my questions and they were absolutely no help to me at all, persuading me that it made more sense to stay at the school rather than take a balance of both classes.
      This is what pisses me off about high school.
      They never help you out or tell you where you can get help with your questions.
      And when I finally find out how to do all these things and get the help I need to make sure I'm on track, I discover that if they hadn't been so concerned with their goddamned school score of an A and all the damn AP scores that it would have made sense for me to take more Valencia last year when they told me not to. When they told me to focus on AP classes. To take the math here because it will be 'better' for me. Bull. You know what would have been better? Having counselors that actually did what was right for the students instead of what was right for themselves. Because the best thing would be for me to graduate with my AA so I didn't have to do all the general education stuff in college and could actually focus on my career path that I am already pretty much guaranteed to not be able to really follow!
      I'm fucking upset, and I really really really hate high school. smiley4.gif

    • 3 years ago


      AJHFAJKlajdhgajdgkaiutj I literally didn't sleep at all last night and the night before and now I can't stomach anything and I am so tired I am delirious and I could only consume a smoothie without feeling like I was going to be sick, Awesome smiley8.gif

    • Change

      3 years ago


      Holy fucking shit, I'm going to be a senior in less than a month and after nearly four years of residing in the sunshine state I finally decided to make some changes. The first came in the form of my room. I spent a week deep cleaning... or should I say excavating... my room and ended up getting rid of five massive fucking trash bags full of junk. I learned that I had a serious organization problem as well as a minor hoarding issue that came to light as I emptied out every drawer imaginable. I had an accent wall that was olive green that I painted to match the rest of my walls (a light silvery color) and reorganized the space. I got a drawing desk which is lovely, now it's all coming together. Last steps are to put the RT prints and posters back on my wall as well as a calendar and a dry erase board and then huzzah it will be complete. The room clean out has made me feel refreshed, and makes me feel motivated to keep it clean and organized because I really fucking love the feeling of rolling over in the morning and being able to see my floor.

      The next step in my hectic life was to get a laptop. I know right, what seventeen year old doesn't have a fucking laptop. Well you're reading her journal entry! That is until today! That's right, I ordered a macbook so I could work on editing as well as all of the online college courses I decided to take my senior year. I am really excited to bust into the package (which is sitting beside me as I write this) and inevitably cover it in decals. My first being a Banksy one but here is not the place to let my inner art nerd shine... at least not today.

      These two things have been huge but awesome changes in my life, and I am so looking forward to seeing what else I alter to fit my ever growing needs and wants. It's looking good so far... is this what growing up feels like?

      Hope you guys are having a wonderful whatever time of the day it is where you are and I will talk to you cockbites later. Love you! smiley12.gif
      Starr smiley9.gif

    • I'M HOME

      3 years ago


      Two weeks later I have emerged VICTORIOUS! smiley7.gif

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        Thanks for accepting! :D

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