Note: This is not a good review, but just some of my opinions on an excellent series like this.

Just two words to sum up my opinion of this special series: Mapo Tofu.

A lot of friends of mine recommended this series to me and I eventually gave it a shot one day. They were like, “Angel Beats is so amazing,” and, “You should watch Angel Beats,” and I was all like, “M’Kay.” I started to procrastinated on my schoolwork one day, so I went on animeseason just to look it up and watch it. The first episode caught me off guard because I, along with the protagonist, were pulled in to a world of weapon-toting schoolkids, a vague battle against God, and an all-girl band (named Girls Dead Monster). No, I’m not making this up.

"Yep. She just propelled someone to the roof with a touch of a button!"

But guess what? I couldn’t stop watching the series after two or three episodes in. Well, for me it wasn’t the unique premise, the comedy, the really moe moe Tenshi, or the awesome music that GirlDeMo showcased in their concerts. It was the gripping character development that took place once they focused time on a certain character. They did an incredible job creating unique characters through flashbacks, using the lighting and music to portray the mood of the scene, and focusing primarily on one or more characters to make them stand out to the audience.

"I swear this isn't suggestive. (Really sad scene btw T_T)"

Though the series is not without its flaws in my opinion. A lot of the characters were hard to relate since there was little done with them. Everyone except Tenshi, Otonashi, Yurippe, Hinata, Iwasawa, Yui, and Naoi were not used in a meaningful way. Characters like TK, Shiina, and Matsushida had their cool quirks, but I wanted more focus on them instead having them in the background. Also, the story itself was more about the characters themselves than fighting for a cause. It ultimately comes down to this: I wanted more episodes and not to have the end of the series rushed as it was by the directors.

"I wanted to see more of this btw. =)"

"I wanted to see more of this btw =)"

The ending, however, was pretty satisfying for me and it pulled on your heartstrings once… well, I’ll just stop there. This is a series I can favorably recommend and if you’re a true fan, get the music cd, figurines, plushies, dvd, dakimakura, etc.

Thanks for the memories, Angel Beats!