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    • Farewell to Alpha Unit

      5 years ago



      As you can guess from the title, this is a blog dedicated to g1 Alpha Unit, a  g1 who has written a number of great blogs and inspired many other g1s.
      He is leaving because the community is stagnating and he alone can't make much of a difference with his blogs, so he is going to move on and do other things with his life. There is a chance that he will make a return to his blogging, but if it happens it probably won't be for quite some time.
      I'll admit, I'm one of those who haven't been very active and so am responsible for this decline in community content, but Alpha Unit's announcement of his leave has inspired me to carry on in his place and start posting more original blogs on the site more frequently. 
      I will also be working with g1 FrankHaggar972 to make content, and I'll try and be more active on Screwattack in general, commenting on blogs and such, and perhaps I'll collaborate wityh other g1s at some point.
      Good luck in the future Alpha, you'll always be my g1 of the year.


    • A Tribute To The Stickman

      5 years ago


      As you can see from the title, this blog is dedicated to  beloved (I think) g1, film fanatic, and sexy lizard gimp,  The Stickman.


      If for some convoluted reason you've never heard of this g1 before, he's a rather talented blogger who is (probably, maybe) most well known within the community for his Space Penguin series of webcomics. He also does reviews of movies and video games, a series of blogs called "ask omegle", and he even has his own annual awards show blog (better than any BAFTAS or Oscars ceremony if you ask me).



    • My Thoughts on The Expendables 2

      6 years ago


      This is my first attempt at a movie review so it won't be very good, but i've liked the idea of writing some blogs about my opinions on stuff so I'm going to start with my thoughts on The Expendables 2 which I saw today. I figured I would just talk about what I liked about it then  weigh up the good and bad things  and come to a conclusion of wether or not it's worth seeing then rate it out of 10, 1 being terrible, 5 being average and 10 being incredible.  I'll keep it quite short as I don't want to make this overly long and bore you.

      The Expendables 2 is the sequel to the 2010 ensemble action  movie "The Expendables" which pays tribute to the glorious action movies of the 80s and early 90s. It follows the mercenary group known as The Expendables as they set out to do an easy job which soon turns into a revenge story as they attempt to hunt down a rival mercenary who killed one of their own guys (what a dick). 

      Good things.

      The cast is good as it features all the big names that appeared in the first movie and brings in a few new actors to add some variety,  Arnold Schwarznegger and Bruce Willis get more screen time than they did in the first one and you get to see them fight bad guys as well as make cheesy one-liners like they used to do. Chuck Norris lives up to the internet jokes and kicks ass as an unstoppable Lone Wolf kind of character.

      As expected, there's a shit ton of over the top action scenes with explosions, shoot-outs and  fist fights,with quite a large amount of blood spurting and spraying everywhere. 

      Bad things

      It could have expanded upon the story more and made it more interesting, kind of like how Metal Gear Solid starts out with  simple set up and then more to the story is gradually revealed, but all they really do is give the good guys a reason to go after the bad guy while he tries to fulfill his plans, and they could have done more than just throw in a deus ex machina whenever they get stuck in a tight spot, but it sill works I guess.

      Some of the characers this time around don't get so much screen time or dialogue, such as Jet Li, whos character is only present in the opening sequence, and Terry Crews, who is great and could have done so much more than provide a few humourous lines of dialogue and spend the rest of his screen time just shooting the fuck out of bad guys. There was a whole lot of potential with these actors and I think that quite a lot of it was wasted.


       To sum it all up, The Expendables 2 is a fun, over the top action adventure with some awesome action scenes, but it could've been done better by expanding on the story and doing more with the characters. It's not a serious film and it doesn't really try to be the best action movie ever, but it is enjoyable and provides entertainment, so if you just want to watch something that doesn't require much thinking  and see lots of explosions and shit, this is the movie for you.  

      7/10, go and see it.

      Thanks for reading this and I hope you liked it, constructive criticism is appreciated.

    • Episode 3 has a release date

      6 years ago


       So today I was on Penny Arcade and I was reading through Tycho's latest blog post and in it he said that Precipice Of Darkness will be released on June 25th on steam and Xbox live arcade. That's pretty much it.  

      It would've been funny if Gabe made that post instead of Tycho then I could make the title of this post "Gabe reveals release date for Episode 3"

    • My Top 6 Games of 2011

      7 years ago


        Hi there g1s, how'sit?
      This is ExplodingLobster, how's 2011 been for you? It's been quite a year, full of ups and downs! Good things and bad things, Betrayal! Lies! Depression for months on end, with suicide looking like the only way out! Going back to college! Making new friends! Deciding that life is worth living again! But best of all, video games! and all of these beloved franchises coming back to us with sequels that bring smiles to our faces and take money from our wallets! Not to mention a bunch of new IP's too! And so i've decided to close this year looking back on my 6 favourite games! So kick back, relax, imagine sitting around a table with me in a tavern whilst I talk to you in whatever voice you like!

      Honourable Mention

      Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

      This is only an honourable mention because it was originally released on PC and Xbox 360 last year, but it was released this year on PS3. This has to be one of my favourite RPG's ever, 'cause it like Biowares own version of Star Wars, and I love all things Science Fiction, especially Star Wars. Exploring the galaxy, fighting the reapers, building relationships with characters, being the ultimate space marine badass, it's all the kind of stuff you'd expect to see in a sci-fi RPG action adventure. Bitches.

      Number 6

      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

      Yeah, that's right, MW3 is on this list. I know it's gotten a lot of hate, and it's also been very highly overrates, but I found this game to be quite enjoyable. It definitely didn't live up to MW2, the single player story felt really rushed, and pretty much every level was some sort of rehash of a level from the previous 2. There were some fun memorbale moments, like shooting down HINDS in a helicopter, and chasing down some terrorist guy in a jeep through the streets of Paris, and in the very last level (I won't spoil the ending) they did something that they hadn't done in any of the previous games, which was nice to see, it's just too bad that they only brought something new in at the very end, but it was still enjoyable so tit gets a spot on my list.

      Number 5


      Wow. Just wow. First of all, this game was hilarious, not serious at all, and the dialogue was just full of creative curse words and insults and I loved all of it. The gameplay was pretty awesome too, it went for a new approach to FPS games in which you had to be creative with your kills and use a laser whiplash thing and your surrounding environments to your advantage, as well of ridiulous gun of course, to rack up points and use those points to survive because the only way to get more weaponry was to buy it at certain points.. It was all about being fun, and I think that it was damn good fun! The presentation is worth mentioning too, with bright colourful environments and enemies and overall the game was a very nice change to all the serious, realistic, dull, grey and brown war shooters that we've all been seeing recently.

      Number 4

      Mortal Kombat

      An excellent return to the gore filled fighting series we all know and love. With the dissappointing MK vs DCU lowering the bar, this game went and raised the bar back up again, brining back classic 2D gameplay and tons more gore, along with shiny high definition graphics.For me the gameplay was a bit slow and deliberate compared to the likes of street fighter and it took a while to get used to this style, and I do have a few minor gripes with this game , such as annoying rubber band AI that have a frustrating habit of spamming like a 12 year old that's just learmed how to do a projectile attack, AND NOT BEING ABLE TO SKIP THE DAMN CUTSCENES WHEN I WANT TO but apart from that the game is excellent fun and any fan of the MK series or fighting games in general should try it if they haven't already.

      Number 3

      Marvel Vs Capcom 3

      Although Retherrealm are a much nicer company to their fans, and less greedy than Capcom, I found MvC3 to be a better game than MK, mostly because I preferred the slick, fast paced gameplay style and all the Marvel characters (I'm a big fan of Marvel Comics) of the long awaited sequel to Marvel vs Capcom 2 over Mortal Kombat's and it's characters. Although it had barely any content I still managed to get the most out of it with playing the hell out of the single player and online multiplayer, 'cause I found it pretty damn addicting, and kept me occupied for a good couple of months.

      Number 2

      Portal 2

      This was obviously going to be here because Portal 2 is a great game and everybody loves it! But seriously it is most certainly a worthy sequel as it expands upon what made the first one good and made it better. The gameplay was pretty much the same, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and it was the same with the graphics too, not really much to improve upon as a lot of it was pretty simplistic much like the first one, although it works. The story was about twice as long as in the first one, with a couple of new characters introduced (and one of them is voiced by Stephen Merchant who is absolutely hilarious) and a seperate co-op story was thrown in too adding even more to the game, and being able to play with a friend is an amazing addition.

      Number 1

      Dead Space 2

      And this one is my favourite game of this year because it's one of the few survival horrors around that I actually really like. I've only ever gotten into Resident Evil and Dead space, and there aren't all that many other survival horror franchises that I know of, and right now Dead Space is what's keeping the genre going. Although a lot of it is very action oriented, they set the right atmosphere and the tension really works. Plus blood and gore and violence and dismembering necromorphs and all that good stuff.
      So that's my favourite games of 2011, here's to 2012 being a better year than this year! Hope you enjoyed this list, I'll start blogging more, but I won't be doing them very often as I'm busy with college and stuff most of the time.
      Thanks for reading, constructive criticism is very much appreciated.
      Last of all a shout out to Alpha Unit and frankhaggar972, thanks for inspiring me to start blogging and contributing more to the site.

      Until next time!

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