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    • Limited Edition Wii U Bundle announced for Europe

      6 years ago


      The live stream of the European Nintedo Direct - Wii U preview uploaded today on their YouTube account and stated a limited Wii U ZombiU bundle pack will be available launch day.

      “We are preparing a limited edition ZombiU Premium Pack.  Including the black Wii U console and Black Wii U Pro controller to be available *starting* launch day.”

      No word on whether the Wii U console will be the 32GB edition or just the standard 8GB version but black. Since there will be no Wii U tablet available to buy separately initially, one has to assume that the Wii U tablet is also included.  No price was stated for this Wii U bundle, but it's safe to assume it will cost more than the Wii U Deluxe.  

      How interested are you g1s in getting the limited edition ZombiU Premium Pack or the Wii U Deluxe?

    • Genndy Tartakovsky does fan Q&A

      6 years ago


      Genndy Tartakovsky, producer / writer / director and animator is best known for TV series such as DEXTER’S LABORATORY, SAMURAI JACK, STAR WARS: CLONE WARS, and SYM-BIONIC TITAN. His first feature film, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, is now in theaters and to celebrate he took some time to answer questions from fans on Reddit. Below is the TL;DR of that Reddit post.  The whole post is located at the bottom listed as 'source'. 


      Q: Heard a rumor that The Powerpuff girls is getting rebooted...is this true?

      A: "I have no inside information.  But yes."


      Q: I heard about the Samurai Jack movie coming out. Should we expect it to wrap up the story nicely?

      A: "Not coming out yet! Trying to make it happen. It would be a beginning and an end all in one story."


      Q: What's currently standing in the way of it happening?

      A: "Money, distribution. It's hard to sell a 2D action oriented stylized movie in this marketplace."


      Q: Any tips to help become a successful animator?

      A: "Draw and make stuff. There's no better way to learn than to make stuff."


      Q: Would you have preferred samurai jack to not have the restrictions of being a show suitable for children?

      A: "No, I totally didn't mind making it for children. I think that's what made it what it was."


      Q: Are there any ideas you had for episodes that you never were able to do (especially for Sym-Bionic Titan, as it only lasted one season)?

      A: "YES!! We wrote 10 more episodes for SYM-BIONIC TITAN that were better than the first 20. It was tragic for me to not have a chance to do that."


      Q: What was it about Hotel Transylvania that made you join the team?

      A: "The opportunity to do Dracula as a father, and as a comedy."


      Q: I  heard that Hotel Transylvania is the first picture in a multi-picture deal with Sony Pictures Animation and that there is potentially an animated Popeye feature in the works?!

      A: "YES, I have committed to making a couple more with Sony Pictures Animation and POPEYE is one of them! Toot toot!"


      Q: What project you've done that's your favorite/holds a special place in your heart?

      A: "Dexter's Lab for creating a character that's still relevant right now, Samurai Jack for the artistry on a TV budget and schedule."


      Q: What is your favorite scene from any of your TV projects?

      A: "When Samurai Jack fights Aku on horseback in 'The Birth of Evil'."


      Q: When writing, how do you know it's time to stop revising?

      A: "If you get a laugh, stop and move on!"


      Q: How is working on your first feature HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA different than working on TV?

      A:"It's good, it's very challenging in some ways and easier in others.  I feel like I did more hands-on work on the TV shows and with features I feel like there's somebody to do everything.  Also the pressures are different. You have multiple episodes to get a TV show right and one shot for a movie."

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