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    • Rock Band Update: It's not dead Jim!

      3 years ago


      Yes, after almost two years the DLC for Rock Band comes back with a bang, Foo Fighters one of the most prolific Rock Band artists bring one song from their latest album, "Sonic Highways" to the platform, accompanied by the debut of fan-requested Arctic Monkeys with a single from their 2013 album: "AM", and finally a song from the always beloved by the community Avenged Sevenfold, with a single from "Hail to the King"

      Available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 13th, 2015 (Euro PS3 on Jan 21st)

      • Arctic Monkeys - "R U Mine?"
      • Avenged Sevenfold - "Sheperd of FIre"
      • Foo FIghters - "Something From Nothing"

      Songs will available for $1.99 USD, €1.49 EU, £0.99 UK, respectively.


      Awesome huh? What could this mean? More DLC down the line? A new Rock Band game for current gen? Will the Stage Kit still be supported? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



    • spotlight: legend of the lost colony

      5 years ago


      HELLO g1's!!! It's me, the music-game lover Foxdark22! And I'm here to get laid and write the Spotlight and I'm all out of laids...

      This time the great Smoke108 joins me in the effort of showcasing the best damn content on the site.


      But first, we have to congratulate, celebrate and something-late Tom The Iron Man who is      g1 OF THE YEAR 2012!!! The announcement was made in MAGFest (That game got a convention???) and it was different from pàst years since it was decided by the SA staff, but anyway... ALL HAIL THE g1 OF THE YEAR!



      deadite 1288 has a nice remix of Metroid Prime songs.

      <iframe width="560" height="50" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


      And JamesRonald has more Epic Game Music, this time with Snowboard Kids 2.

      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

      LousyTactician has some nice "artwork" (hehe) for all of us including some Miiverse pics of the Dafoe Community on Wii U which are awesome. Go around and take a look, I DARE YOU!





      I vote for ET on the Atari 2600

      Darkseid2 wants YOU to tell him the 5 games every gamer should play, for him to make a big ultimate list with the 20 games that gather the most votes so that we can add them to our backlog (AKA stack of shame).


      Want to choose the Top g1's of 2012?

      Since some people were mad (or butthurt) about the lack of voting for g1OTY, the guys over at g1 Features are making the greatest community list: The Top Ten g1's of 2012. Go ahead and vote in the comments (Hint: vote for the g1 Spotlight)



      The usual weird stuff from the forums happens this week (kidding guys) as we have lots of fun things happening.


      Are you South Korean?

      Because NemesisTrestkon is looking for fellow g1's to make a community to play the StarCraft II HOTS beta with normal people. 


      Insert Canada joke here

      The NHL is back! I didn't know is was out! Because I don't care about the lame sports of  the North of America. But if you wanna talk about it go here.


      All things SGC 2013!

      Yes, go talk about roommates and travellers and fellow g1's that like the same stuff as you in the SGC section of the forums!








      Finally we will know who is the best last son of an exploding home planet that arrived to Earth and started saving it from evil guys! It's Goku VS Superman!!!

      Also watch Craig play with his balls... in Out of The Box for NBA Baller Beats! The weird basketball-rhythm-kinect game.

      And finally go see the Day One of APEX 2013 with the Smash Bros Tournaments and see Ben and Nick suck at videogames (mostly).





      A good Virtual Boy game??? THAT'S CRAZY!

      And it's not Mario??? THAT'S CRAZY! Yeah, because it's Wario in his only true 3D adventure: Wario Land. Come and check the review by MegaSilverX1 who's still trying to recover his sight after playing.


      At least you can play as the Dtoid crew...

      But besides being a GTA type of game in 8-bit. Is Restro City Rampage a good game? Or is just a collection of references from all over? Check BygJuce's review-opinion-thing!


      It's cheap on the 3DS eShop so...

      TheWaddleDeeKing (I always thought that Waddle Doo's were leaders... heh) is making a review on a GameGear gem (?) Dragon Crystal. The game is not aging that well though.


      Now that we have to wait for the new games...

      This review applies! DarkHyruleLord shows us the good, the bad and the ugly (wait, that's him) and the evil of the game Pokémon Black Version 2. I say it's prety damn good, but those medals man... UGH


      I like the ones in Call of Duty

      Wait... oh... RPG's as game genre... Noble Team 1 has a very diverse list of the Top Ten RPG's of all time forever and ever. and if you don't agree then you are a poopy head.


      Everyone's list is different

      That's why we check the Top Ten NES games by Dark Magician. Does it have Predator, Stack Up and Bibl Buffet? Watch the video to find out.



      It's pronounced NINJA GAI-DEN! HA!

      KwingReviews has review in the brand-new-ish game Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. Could it be that they fixed the awful PS360 version? Could it? Watch the Wii U review to find out.


      All of my wat

      Really... Madhog Thy Master plays Lesbian Spiders Queens of Mars, I have little to say here... WATWATWAT


      New show by former g1oty!

      Fellow latin HybridRain has a new show called The Viewer Community where he checks stuff from the site and talks about it and it just the first episode... and he chose to talk about DakrHyruleLord's list of ScrewAttack moments of 2012.


      Backlog, backlog, backlog

      The curse of all of us, well IkiFoo made a nice video about the games he finished in 2012... I still have about half of my physical games unfinished and probably it's 3/4 of the digital ones. Hoping that being very poor this year helps!


      It is fiction because these guys could only be experts in a novel!!!

      TROLOLOLOL. The new edition of Ask the Experts has a very pirate-ish theme, maybe, with the biggest question of all: What's the meaning of life?


      I'm looking forward to Pokémon X and Y now

      Are the guys over at GameOverNation Podcast agreeing with me? Well, you need to listen-watch to find out. Also we may or may not hear about Last of Us being Uncharted with less brown people.


      You all fail the Hippocratic Oath!

      Wait, what? Ohhh Hypocrisy... in gamers? HOW PREPOSTEROUS! So Pandsu gives a fair amount of reasoning in how some games get the hate and others like Super Mario 64 here get all of the love.


      Metroid Other M isn't that bad

      If you turn off the TV... That's why Samus Aran (!!!!!) has this blog on how to fix that game. But honestly, for me, just press mute on the cutscenes and it's mostly fixed.


      Why can't we be friends?

      Maybe not friends but actually not ignore each other. I don't use the forums because I don't have that much time and I assume a lot feel like that too. So McKnackus I is here with why the forums are important and shouldn't be ignored.




      Woodyman (that jerk) organized his now usual g1 Holiday Party and along with some other participants now brings the recap. Was it a success? A failure? It needed more Foxdark22? Check it and find out most of the answers.


      Why don't you love them?

      Because they are underappreciated, that's why... HARHARHAR. DrCoolGuy and Thunderplant have a very comprehensive list of Pokémon that are underused by the guys that play with EV's and IV's and OU's and all that stuff.


      What do you call a Smash Bros on Sony?

      A Playstation Battle Royale... with cheese!!! LOLOLOLOL. Bad jokes aside Elmo 3000 has a new feature in which he only has an hour to write about any subject, this week is PSASBR. I have to admit that the stages look nice.


      Oh, that's where Zerg Rush came from...

      Now I know it because NemesisTreatkon aka The MasterWhooves (DUUUUDE) has started a StarCraft Retrospective with the origins of the first game. Also South Korea.




      This thing is old... OOOOLLLLLDDDDD I tell ya. (Maybe not that old) but it's a great read from EliteKill, it's about bad things in good games. I really hated the Assassin's Creed II thing where there was "missing sequences due to a bug in the Animus" because when I played it I had no internet on my Xbox to donwload the campaign DLC. UGH.

      You know, the little things that makes us hate our favorite games.




      The g1's (Remember guys: lower case g for g1 of ScrewAttack, upper case g for G1 of Transformers) got into a little controversy this week over the meaning of the concept and if you are more or less g1 if you go to the forums or not. I feel that entiltement is never good, but I guess we are all guilty of that sometimes.

      So, our mod Debaser has a great blog of Why we are g1's and how it applies today. Thing is: Stop being idiots, everyone if you go to the main site, the forums, facebook or twitter.



      That's it for the week! Sorry it was a little late but I was changing tabs and then my computer derped for a second and I accidentally pressed the X and I lost a lot of progress... it happens.


      Remember to be nice to each other, study a lot, play your games and read the newspaper.

      Thanks again Smoke for your help

      And this is Foxdark22 saying goodbye till next Spotlight or maybe before (?) BYE!!!!


    • Spotlight XXX

      5 years ago


      You say goodbye and I say hello... hello, hello!!!!

      It's me again! The best fox in the site: Foxdark22!!! *applause* This week my personal slave is mister Bygjuce and we are going to rock you like if we were back in the USSR.

      LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      For music we have the always awesome Kenshiro3 with a "Double 8Bit Remix: Shin Getter Robo OP2 - Heats" (Had to copy that because it gave me a headache just to read it... hehe


      akalink, in an appropriate manner brings a nice arrangement of Farewell Hyrule King, and you can even download the score and parts for you to ruin in your home. YAY MUSIC TALENT!



      You can do great drawings with freaking anything (Except poop, God I hope not poop), anyway here you have a sample of some Metal Gear Solid 2 artwork by LiamGhX, make sure to check the rest because it's great.


      How do you put a comic here without spoiling the punchline?

      I don't put the full thing! DUH! ChildishHero with a very simple idea gets the joke of the Big Reveals that every gaming company makes... maybe... I dunno... or do I?




      It's the Mafia round ex-ex-ex-viiii

      g1 Waluigi (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) Invites evryone to sign up for the new seson of ScrewAttack Mafia right on the forums. But this is a blog post not a forum post. (?)


      We need you in the Spotlight army*

      *May not be army. Yes! We are always looking for more people to write and/or research with us! You can contact Woodyman via PM or Twitter to sign up.










      Best game with Mario on the 3DS.

      That's what I think about Super Mario 3D Land, the levels are cool and it's difficult but playable. But what does Nathan DiYorio think? He mainly agrees so check out his review!


      Infinite Shocks of the Bio kind

      Multirandomable reviews one of the games of the most popular games of the year, that is loved by almost everyone and hated by a few, does he love or hate? Read a lot of words to know!


      Number 3 is the same category as Number 10

      Actually all of them will be number 10 if he makes them... WHo? The Great Lord of Dorkness, Darkhyrulelord brings a very nifty list of the games he wishes to make someday.


      No Guile's Theme... UGH

      Though everybody loves it, so I understand... I'm watching you Noble Team 1, you and your list of your favorite Street Fighter Themes ever released.  Also as a random comment Dan sucks.


      Na na na na na na na na na na na na...

      BATMAAAAANNNNN! g1 dbzfanboy-presshereformuffins94 *gasp* damn that's a long name, ordering a pizza must be hard for you... Whatever, Batman guys! Check out the 10 most WTFOMGBBQLOLBUTTFBI ever, here you have TV and games to end up like O_o


      Number 4 is not enough!

      For the best console ever: The SNES!  But it's not my list that matters now, ThePortlandian keeps checking his ongoing series of the best old consoles ever. Check the video to hate him for putting the SNES so low...


      Vladimir Putin is a badass

      And can kick every ass in the world. And while we talk about Russia, why don't you check ten facts about Metro Last Light you may not know by Zatchara.


      The most important question of the year

      Will be answered by maxsterling in his show Straight Edge Gamer. FarCry 3 Blood Dragon or Bioshock Infinite? Over the top action or compelling story and lovable sidekicks?



      The guys from On The Rocks talk this week about Resident Evil 6 one of the most hated games of 2012 and try to find the perfect drink for it... I guess poison would be ok...


      One of the big news this week was about Nintendo and their new approach to Youtube copyrights, they would be adding ads of their own to videos made by pretty much anyone and obviously here the g1's have started to express their opinions being directly affected by the policy or not, so here you have all the material posted by now.

      Nathan DiYorio


      Anonymous Yoshi




      For some reason Flapperdoodle brings the blog-off everyone wanted. It's Woodyman VS Bigjoe91!!!! GAAAHHH OMG Who will win? It's about games that they love but everyone else hates, go to the page to read the entries and cast your vote.



      No, it's not why Goku should've won the battle against Superman, it's actually a cool Death Battle by Geno and a Black Mage by Kazoto Skytear. Who wins? Will Geno appear in another game? Will the Black Mage use a basketball? Find out HERE.




      So, this Nintendo/Youtube thing were the news of the week... at least in gaming... probably...

      And with the big lot of opinions in the matter, there was one, one that really resonated in me for some reason, maybe it was the simple and honest video or the fact that he lives in a place very similar to mine with the gaming stuff being the highlight, but mostly the things he said, I'm not THAT shallow. 

      So please check out Gaijin Goomba's video of how he feels about the whole situation and what he's going to do, also check the other blogs and videos about the situation so we can all form our own opinion and decide if we still love Nintendo or if we love them a little less...



      UGGGGHHHHHHH Angelina Jolie removed her boobs, so the hopes for the Tomb Raider movie reboot with her are zero... :( (Irony? Maybe) 

      Also David Beckham retired from professional football (real football) and that makes me so sad because he is one of my favorite players ever, the first guy I bought on Fifa, heck I developed my free kick kicking (?) inspired in him... :(

      But in good news E3 is closer and closer and next week we h

      ave the Xbox reveal and I can't wait to see it to make memes out of it.

      And this is the end of the Spotlight! HUGE thanks to Bygjuce who made a great job in finding some great content and to me for being so awesome. Remember to subscribe to g1 Spotlight account and to follow us on Twitter @g1Spotlight


    • spotelight super samurai

      5 years ago



      Yes! It's me, your favorite Spotlight writer! No, not Woodyman, I'm way more handsome... I'm Foxdark22! And this week I'm accompanied by A Zero 2 Hero who is helping me find the damn content in this damn, God-forsaken site (j/k... maybe).

      I'm very thrilled about the month of October because Pokémon and Assassin's Creed and Batman and Deus Ex HR DC which finally got a release date, I'm less excited about the boring stuff in college but we all hate that, right?

      Anyway, LET'S MAKE THIS SHOWY! *poses*



      It's a Ducktale! Woop woop!

      It's not THAT song but hey... gimme a break. Fond3ll has a new Remix Dat Retro with the super well-known and super great Moon Theme and it is gewd.


      Gotta remix'em all

      TTUdrummer has posted agreat dubstep remix of the Pokémon theme, that even has a kickass video to go with!



      As extra news I would like to say that you can download Spotlight regular Epic Game Music's album right now! It's NYOP, but if you are a cheapstake like... well, me, you can do it for free! Yeah, free!







      You like fighting?

      Lagunacloud wants to host tournaments of different fighting games on 360 and PS3 (What? No TVC? Whatever) but he needs more participants and suggestions. Go and show interest here.


      The TMOFG is in its final stages

      And the battle rages on! With the last 6 contestants the competition is on fire! Of course it would have been better with me, but I forgot to sign up... Like Koopa in my Mario Party, my prediction is that DRQ will win


      The top 50 PS2 games list is still accepting entries

      And you should totally nominate Megaman X8 because is such a fine game. I would vote but I never liked the PS2 and playing pirated games doesn't count. Go help Darkside make the biggest, baddest, better-est list ever! But read the rules!





      Stuff happened! And people yelled and ran away while I was shooting at them... wait, that was me playing GTA the other day... where was I? Oh, right SCREWATTACK! This week Brentalfloss has a new with lyrics video with one of the few entertaining american football games: Tecmo Bowl

      Also since it's Pokémon month, Ben, Nick, Chad, Caig and that other guy sit to play some Pokémon games on Screwin' around and they have some EPIC battles in Stadium. And in more Pokéstuff we have a new GameOverdrinker with Sam.




      What kind of name is YS?

      I hope it means something... anyway, BigJoe91 reviews the game Ys 1 Chronicles for the PSP, it's an action RPG where you ram into people to attack... all righty then.


      If the game was about hats it would be Fedora's Tower

      Lightningandice has a very interesting review of one of the last Wii games out there: Pandora's Tower, the last Operation Rainfall games, and it turns out it is pretty good, I guess I know what to look for in torrent sites now... lololol


      100 V5 blogs? Someone has lots of free time...

      HUEHUEHUEHUE. Stickman celebrates his/her/its 100th blog with a countdown of his/her/its favorite 10 blogs, which is missing a certain Ask Omegle that was really funny but I can't remember exactly. It has more than the Top 10 so check it out.



      *congratulates himself on the clever title* Noble Team 1 has a new list about the Mario games he doesn't like... and he put Mario Party?! OMG KILL HIM ASDASDASD!!!!


      I don't need firends!!!

      Kazman2007 has a nice Top 10 about games that ruin friendships, so if you have a friend yu hate and don't wanna see more just invite him/her to play all the games on the list and tadá! Friendship is no more.


      This lists need more boobs

      BenNIGeLIng's list has some ideas for the BEST not WORST 10 characters that could come to the Smash Bros series... Despite the lacks of breasts some ideas are stupid enough to actually work, my favorite is number 5.


      Nope, this list needs more boobs

      Yep, Quizzy1025 counts the 10 TV Manwhores (if it was about something else Woodyman would be #1) It's an entertaining read, even more if you know them all, and has good knowledge about them all to justify the whoreness.


      Where are the click and point games?

      Well, for the time being let's check a review from IkiFoo of the game Deponia, where you point to something, then click on it and stuff happens! It's amazing! No, really Point and Click games are really great, so go get some on GOG.


      Man, collecting old games is awesome

      This a very interesting video about. old Infocom games by Metal Jesus Rocks (awesome name btw) these are text adventures from the 80's like ZORK. (that reminds me, I need to finish that game)


      Big Theft Auto?

      A review of the game GTA V, pretty standard but with special guests! Yeah, psyguy brings other internet celebrities to help him with the Cartridge Blowers review: Xthedarkone and Little Kuriboh (insert YGOTAS joke)


      I'll do a kickstarter because I need money for videogames

      Of course to buy some, not make them. That's why Gaijin Goombah sits (I hope, would be weird to be standing for that long) with a bunch of devs to talk about kickstarter... mmmm Shovel Knight... *drools*


      Tiny Theft Auto?

      KingSigy has a great blog this week about the game of last month: GTA FAIVU and how sometimes we can feel that a game is good but something feels off. Is something wrong with the game or is something worng with ourselves? DUN DUN DUNNNN


      False Advertisement

      Yeah, because it didn't take me an hour to read Elmo 3000's Elmo's hour about the NES classic Metroid where he talks about the overall experience and gives some nice viewpoints.



      This is the month of Pokémon because X and Y are releasing very soon

      That's why TTUdrummer has gone to the internetz and is interviewing famous Pokémon celebrities (actual people, not monsters) and now is the turn of  Tamashii Hiroka, famous youtuber.


      When the winds blows, I see a bunch of fools

      That's the start of my poem, it sucks compared to Emessal's poem about The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, but I was never good at the class about words. I have to say that because I don't like to lose.




      Here's the pick pick pick of the week...

      I must say that I like this blog because it talks about Cliff Blezsczscszcsinsczcszki and how he is a big jerk who needs to get over himself, here the goddamn batman talks about him and also about Mr. Emotions himself: David Cage, finally he tackles Hideo Koyima and Masahiro Sakurai. 

      It is a short feature but I feel that sometimes going straight to point is the best option, why have an ocean of words where you get lost when you can have a nice lake with everything in reach?




      Is it me or the letters in the site are getting smaller everyday?

      Maybe I need new glasses or a better computer screen, but my money needs to be spent in video games because those are my priorities.

      I would like to give HUUUUUGE thanks to A Zero 2 Hero for his amazing work as researcher and for following my orders exactly as I told him and as a control freak that is something that I appreciate a lot. 

      Now the question for the ages. Why do moms like those tiny teacups that can't hold shit?

      I don't think we will be able to solve that in a long time and with that I say Sayonara!!!

    • spotlight day of crisis

      5 years ago


      Hello, hello, hello, it's me again! Who? Me, Foxdark22, you know... that guy... well, someone will remember me... Noble Team 1 joins me today in the quest to find the best content of the week.



      blakerobinson has a nice orchestrated remix-remake of a song from Full Metal Alchemist


      Kenshi wins!

      And several other too! Because LiamGhX has some great art from Mortal Kombat kharacters in many different styles, dude is talented.


      This looks like a David Cage kind of game (No offense)

      Fandango has some nice art IIIINNNN THREEEEE DEEEEE!!!! It really makes you wonder why God gave some people such cool abilities...



      Insert g1 Community Events here.

      Insert forum events and threads here and sigs.


      NO MONEYYYYYYY!!! Craig fell for that trick of the Nigerian Prince and invested in the mines, that turned out not so great, but somehow I suspected about Sean's whoriness. Besides there's no such thing as a Nigerian Prince, the real one it's from New Guinea, I know because I sent him money...

      Remember that PS4 announcement? Me neither... But fuck that! Because ScrewAttack has the exclusive reveal of the Xbox 720!!! WHOAAAAAA!!!! MOAR HALOZ!!!!! AND... MOAR HALOZ!!!!!




      The 3DS eShop is great

      OR IS IT? Maybe, it all depends on the opinion of every individual. I like it most of the time. Some good (maybe) games have appeared, like Crimson Shroud which is reviewed in detail by our friend CaztheGamerGuy


      Damn Virtua Fighter is hard

      It really is, every single game... and I'm willing to bet that Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, the final revision of the game is the hardest f them all... But if you are interested in suffering and pain and regret go check the review by Jennero Rossi.


      Why don't you love me?!

      Or them? ... Them underappreciated games... Dammit I'm so clever... JxL has a nice list of 10 old school games that deserve more love and attention and some chocolate too.


      Yeah, I had a joke here but it was really lame

      So, Aliens Colonial Marines is awful. What's going to happen with the Aliens games? I wonder if someone has ideas on how to make them good again... OHAI Stickman and your ideas on how to save the Aliens franchise, didn't see you there!


      Up, up and away!!!

      Because he put "Up" on the list, God... so much cleverness in one man. Whitly continues with his list of favorite animated movies, doing a lot of spoiler talk (watch out) and analysis, give it a read.


      3 Mothers?!

      Oh wait... I read it wrong. The guys from Hard4Games have the part 2 of the review of Mother 3 and the scraps of Earthbound 64, a series of games that everyone seems to love, I only know Ness form Smash Bros.


      Genesis did!

      At least sometimes... Paradise and Fairies brings a new episode of Shoryuken! where he reviews fighting games, this time with some Genesis games that may or may not be better on SNES (more buttons).


      One day I will co-host... One day...

      Randumb, the most random and most dumb podcast in the entire... site of ScrewAttack (I`ve heard more dumb, not random though) BobboHead13 and the rest of the crew talk Death Battle and more this week.


      The PlayStation Quadruple

      Yeah, it doesn't sound that good... But does Cyrax think of it? Does he like it? (Spoiler: Probably not) Check his opinion on The Reset Button.



      BOOM! SamuraiSpartan7000 has a very interesting BOOM! blog about Michael Bay BOOOOOMMMM! and how we should be less invested in his work BOOM! and instead watch better movies, BOOM! but I say that I like me some popcorn movies. BOOM!


      CliffyB is an idiot

      Not because of what he says about the subject of EA and microtransactions, he was an idiot WAY before that, and on the subject of EA, DarkSeid2 brings his opinions about the little argument between the asshole and Jim Sterling.


      Pot and whores amirite?

      Because MadHero15 is from Holland? STEREOTYPES ARE FUN... Okay, dammit. This month is pretty damn busy with a lot of big releases for all consoles and MadHero15 with Gear12 bring the newest edition of G1 Previews.



      I feel like I did this before... hmmm... Deja Vu...  Regardless of that, the g1 community has spoken and we have the g1-chosen g1oty: Mister Flapperdoodle!!! Congratulations to you, pal! Check the list to see the Top 10 not including me, because I'm above stuff like that... :(


      I need to play both games

      I like western games, well I liked Red Dead Redemption and don't remember playing another... hehe... anyway, Elmo 3000 has a new Game Wars between Gun and Red Dead Revolver, it's super interesting and makes you wanna play them.


      The only perfect thing here is this amazing Spotlight written by me!

      Yet, Flapperdoodle tries to fool everyone talking about "The Perfect Platformer", huh, in this episode he talks about physics based games like the awesome WWW (HA! I put 3 W's instead of 6 V's)


      It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

      If someone made that joke already. SCREW YOU! BogJoe91 continues his ABC of gaming with the letter E for Excitebike, the original, not 64 and not the 3D remake and let's not even metion the Mario one...




      October can't come fast enough. I mean we just saw the leaked trailer of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and it has boobs so it must be good!

      So, DrCoolGuy, ThunderPlant and SpoonMan Abrams X made a great list about what they want in the new Pokémon games, X and Y, coming this October, including better use of HM's which is a thing everyone wants because Cut sucks.

      Nobody said make a better new Zubat than Woobat was.


      It is now march... UGGGGHHHHHHH one the crappiest months of the year where I start the new semester and, you know, turn on my brain from the summer vacation energy save mode. But I did accomplish some stuff, I watched the 3 past seasons of Community and all 9 of Scrubs, but I'm still behind in my movies, I really need to see Black Night RIses among other hits from last year, but I digress, thing is MARCH SUCKS!

      Thank you Noble Team 1 for being such an amazing researcher and I look forward to do more Spotlights in the future, or the past... YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!






    • Rock Band DLC is ending after 5 years and 4,000 songs

      5 years ago


      Yeah, you read that correctly. The DLC for Rock Band is stopping on April 2nd. After more than five years where we had songs from some of the most popular artists in the world like AC/DC, Lady Gaga, The Who, The Beatles, Green Day and Aerosmith.

      There are many reasons for this like the decline of plastic-instrument-based games after 2010 and that Harmonix is working in several new non-Rock-Band-games that must make the work in the DLC for Rock Band harder, but hey we should all remember the happy moments of happiness that some DLC releases brought us.

      Anyway, not to be worried people. You still have your games to enjoy! And you still have the sale on all the pre-RB3 songs. The server will be up for the foreseeable future, RBN releases will continue as usual on the Xbox 360, and since they still have the technical capabilities, we can never rule out any special DLC in the future.

      You can see the rest of the official announcement here.

      That is all for now.

      And Rock On g1s!

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