As this is my first Blog post ever, I must ask that you forgive me for not adding any of the bells and whistles found in other such blogs on the site. What's writen below is my absolutly frustrating first encounter with Bestbuy and the totaly and complete failure of the Canadian Postal serive.

So, I've been following the KH series since day 1, and like so many others, I was already throwing my money towards the new 3D entry in the series. What I wanted was the special mark of mastery edition, but the game stores in town weren't going to get any of them, even for preorders. After asking on a forum what to do, someone linked me to the Bestbuy site with the MoM edition still for Preorder. The credit card came out and I ordered as quickly as I could. With basic ground shipping, tax and everything else it came to $56.49, an absolute steal.

A few weeks passed and on the 31st, I relieved an e-mail stating that my game is currently on it's way to me, and to expect it in 10-18 days. Fair enough, I could wait that long. Fast forward to August the 2nd and I decided to check my package status online. After looking it up, I found that it had been delivered to me on the 31st. I hadn't recieved it yet, so I checked my mailbox again, and nothing.

Thinking maybe it was at the post office, I called them up and ask if there was a package for me there, and after looking through the store room, they tell me it isn't there. I can't tell you how confused I was at this point. My package was delived to me, but I didn't get it. I explain to them, you know, the whole situation, and they hook me up with the post managed for my area.

He makes a couple phone calls and discovered that my game was left on my doorstep, no signature or notice or anything. Now, I don't exactly live in a safe neighbourhood , and the postal manager knew it. They have a rule not to drop things on doorsteps where I live, but some BRAIN DEAD postman had done it, and so my game was stolen right off my doorstep. Yeah, I was pissed. To top it off, I couldn't start an investgation myself, the sender had to, AKA Bestbuy.

So, phoning Bestbuy, get a person, and what does she tell me? "Sorry, you have to wait until August the 6th before you can request an investigation." Bull freaking crap. But I'm a decent enough person by nature, so i let it go the weekend. Monday comes, I phone back and they agree to start the investigation.

Skip to Friday the 10th and I havn't heard a peep from them. Phone Bestbuy again and ask what's happening. "The investigation is still ongoing. Once we complete it, we will send you a refund for the purchased price." I wondered if they would just send me another copy of the game. "Nope, we can just send a refund." Very helpful, aren't they? Now many "no"s have I gotten from them? Lot more than I should.

Sick of this entire situation, I go online to order my game again. When the refund came, I wouldn't have spent any more than I did in the first place, and at least then I'd have my game. What do I find when i visit the Bestbuy website? The MoM edition isn't listed anymore. Yeah, really FREAKING PISSED OFF at this point. On the phone again, wanting to know if I can order it over the phone or SOMETHING, I want my game. Guess what I get, just GUESS! "Sorry, if it isn't listed anymore, we can't order it for you."

So, this is where I am right now. Pissed off, $56.49 poorer, without my game and likly not going to be able to get my game at any point in time. This was my first expericne with Bestbuy, and I assure you, it will be my last. The Post office isn't going to get away easy either, I'm going after them next. All I wanted was a simple game, and through the screwing of 2 seperate orginizations, I'm not going to get it.