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    There's not alot you need to know about me, i'm just a gamer who loves old and new games. ~I currently own a ps3, a retro-duo, a N64, and a "broken" gamecube (Messed up power cord) ~My top 3 games are: 3: Mark echo's Getting up 2: Jet Set Radio 1: Metal Gear Solid ~My favorite series are Metal gear (including the msx ones), GTA (including 1 and 2), anything by konami, valve, and rockstar ~My ps3 account name is Hunt3r_pwns_43 (feel free to send me a friend request any time) ~I can't pick a favorite show on screwattack, i like the whole site ~TEAM YOSHI/CHAD/BOOM-STICK/DENVER/GREEN

    That's about it, so....... Bye?

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