I have been reading for the longest time a fantastic Manga series by the name of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, a series that has gone through 8 parts of awesomeness personified. So when i found out Cyber Connect 2 (makers of damn near every game i buy now) is making a new game based on the series i was extremely excited, but i was unhappy about how there seems to be nobody posting news on this game, so as such i thought for a first blog spreading some news about the upcoming game would be good for everyone.


First i will explain that despite popular belief, this is in no way a remake of the awesome fighting game based off Part 3 of the Manga although they do share some similarities. For instance some characters featured in the arcade game (which i will henceforth be referring to asJojo's Venture) such as Hol Horse, Mohammed Abdul, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jean Pierre Polnareff (the greatest Frenchmen who ever lived), Jotaro Kujo and of course the Memetic Badass Dio, however this is because Jojo's Venture isbased off part 3 of the Manga as i said earlier.


Besides that there are a few mechanics that are somewhat similar for instance, All Star Battle has a style button for all characters which defines how the character fights, which is essentially the stand button from Jojo's Venture but with a more universal name since not everyone uses a stand. There is also a Heart Heat gauge which is essentially the Super Meter from any fighting game. However that is almost where the similarities to Jojo's Venture end.


I'm going to rapid fire a bunch of the game's mechanics at you so feel free to skip to the videos if you don't really want to know specific game mechanics:

  • The gauges are health, guard (depletes while guarding attacks, causing guard crush when it's empty), and Heart Heat as mentioned before. Some characters also have unique gauges over the Heart Heat one: Joseph's makes his consecutive Ripple attacks stronger, (similar to Akihiko from Persona 4: Arena) and Mista got a gauge that shows the amount of bullets he has at the moment.
  • One stock of Heart Heat gauge can be used to perform a "Heart Heat Attack" (equivalent to a super from Street Fighter 4), while two can be used to perform a "Great Heat Attack" (equivalent to an Ultra from Street Fighter 4).
  • You can perform a Stylish Move: the character strikes one of their poses and dodges the attack completely. It costs some Guard Gauge, but gives you a great chance to counter-attack.
  • Taunting the opponent depletes about 1/8th of the enemy's Heart Heat gauge, and has some very flashy animations, especially after you win the round
  • The game has chain combos with Weak, Medium and Strong attacks, but there is also the "Easy Beat" option. Just press the Weak attack button with proper timing, and you will perform a combo with a HHA at the end.
  • The game's RC mechanic is "Puttsun Cancel". By spending some of the Heart Heat gauge after performing a special move, you can freeze your opponent for a while, either giving you time to continue the combo or make your moves less punishable.
  • Tandem Attacks are still in for the characters who have the Stand style. It also still consumes some of the Heart Heat gauge.
  • There are easily avoidable stage gimmicks, though it's not clear whether you can turn them off or not.
  • There are 2 modes that characters have been shown to go into when they are low on health "Rumbling" Mode which just increases attack power and the rate at witch the gauges fill up, and Preparedness Mode which basically gives you super armor. Only 4 characters so far can activate "Preparedness Mode": Giorno, Bruno, Mista, and Hermes.
  • There is something called a "Situation Finish" which basically is a special animation that happens when a specific 2 characters are fighting at a specific stage and a specific one of them wins. Probably won't happen often but it's nice to see.

Did you read through all that? No, i don't blame you.


My favorite thing about the game so far is the ridiculous amounts of fan service in the game...no i don't mean nudity. I mean that the game has an amazing roster of 30+ people from all over the Jojo's Timeline with more to still be revealed.


The game will be releasing August 29th this year in Japan. No news has been brought out weather or not it will be brought to America/Europe, however Namco Bandai did put in a trademark for "All Star Battle" not that long ago.


Here are the trailers that have been shown so far subbed in English by a Mr. CaptinSaltyPete on YouTube:

The Jump Fiesta Trailer

PV 4

PV 5

and here is a raw gameplay video shown recently that is 2 CPUs fighting

*whew* With all that out of the way, what do you guys think about the game? Who do you guys plan on playing as once it comes out? Do you guys want this to be brought to America/Europe?