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    • TeeFury Shirt of the day is... Goku Vs Superman!

      5 years ago


      TeeFury Always puts out cool shirt designs and they do a new one each day. There have been shirts in the past that have featured Mario and TMNT, Halo, Okami, Dr. Who, Breaking Bad, you name it and they've probably done it! Today's shirt, though, will remind g1s of the latest DEATH BATTLE!. The best part about this shirt is? it's only ten bucks! Here's a preview of the shirt:

      BA DU DA DUUUH!  so if you want to buy the shirt go to http://www.teefury.com and pick up this sick shirt that is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ONE DAY!


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    • Hypercombo's Top 20 pokemon (#20-#11)

      5 years ago

      #20 : Mudkip

      This bundle of joy was the first starter pokemon I chose for Pokemon Sapphire. I love water pokemon and this guy you can't help but be happy when you look at him!


      #19 : Wooper

      I'm a fan of wooper cuz he's a dam cute pokemon (see the trend here they are all going to start off cute). anyway. This guy when he's evolved can pack quite the punch but I would also like to think that he is sort of like the "original mudkip" even if the woopers were everywere.


      #18 : Houndoom

      What do you get when you  mix a dog with fire and awesomeness, this guy right here. This pokemon is so badass that team rocket has to use them as well. and who wouldnt want a fire breathing dog?

      #17 : Absol

      I think this is one of the coolest looking pokemon in pokemon ruby and sapphire. I remember the moment that I knew this pokemon existed I fell in love with it, caught it, and trained it to be one of the best pokemon on my team at the time.

      #16 : Garchomp

      What is that weird looking pokemon? one badass mother fucker if you ask me. Now I have never owned a garchomp but I just like how they look, and in soul silver the eliet for have a garchomp and the first time i went up against it, it kicked the shit outta my pokemon (NOOB) but anyway Garchomp's are cool looking pokemon and can be pretty powerful.


      #15 : Groudon

      LOOK AT HIM! doesnt Groudon just look awesome, that and he's pretty powerful to. Have this pokemon on your team and i bet you can beat anyone, except water pokemon...

      #14 : Cyndaquill

      Another starter pokemon that was my first choice when I first put in Pokemon Silver. You know how some pokemon have that "akward" almost teenage year like look with the middle pokemon, Quilava looks so awesome, so much so that when I was a kid I used to not evolve it into Typhlosion, even tho Typhlosion is epic. Every time I have started a new file of pokemon silver or even when I got soul silver, this pokemon was the first one in my party.


      #13 : Entei

      One of the legendary dog pokemon that came in on the 2nd gen of pokemon, this  one I thought was amazing. Pokemon 3 : the movie, really gave me my first impressions of Entei. Seeing him take care of this little girl in the movie and how brave he was (and lets not forget how powerful he is to) made this pokemon seem godlike in my eyes. I love everything about Entei, how he looks, his moves, and even the voice that they used for him in the movie.

      # 12 : Articuno

      Out of the 3 original legendary bird pokemon this one is by far my favourite. It's a beautiful looking pokemon with freezing powers (yes it's an ice type ha. ha.)  To this day tho... the only game that i have caught atricuno in was my original copy of Pokemon Red. I'm trying to catch Articuno in Soul Silver but i tell you she's kinda a bitch to catch... one day you will be mine again!


      #11 : Lucario

      I'll be completely honest with you one of the main reasons why i like Lucario is that i LOVE to use him in Brawl. Aside from that tho I like how he looks, and his moves and that he's a fighting and steel pokemon = badassery


      Well there you have it, #20-11 of my top 20 pokemon. Stay tuned for the last half number 10-1 of my top 20 list coming soon! 

      Also feel free to tell me about some of your favourite pokemon or how you feel about the ones on this list. 

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    • Hypercombos Top 20 Pokemon (#10-#1)!!!

      5 years ago

      #10 : Blastoise
      Blastoise is one of the most epic pokemon ever, who wouldnt want a turtle with cannons to shoot huge blasts of water our of their shell. not to mention he's huge. and comes from one of the cutest pokemon out there Squirtle. I believe the second time I played through pokemon red I had blastoise in my party and man oh man was he awesome. I dont think i ever put him the the boxes... he was alwasy in my party
      #9 : Charizard
      A feirce fire breathing dragon, who is hard to tame and in the show has quite the personality. Charizard has also been a part of my first pokemon adventures in Pokemon Red. If I were to have a pokemon guarding my castle, I would for sure want a Charizard flying outside.
      #8 : Suicune
      Suicune being one of the first legendary pokemon I ever caught, this magestic creature has a special place in my heart. As a kid playing pokemon and having to consistantly chase after this beautiful pokemon across the Johto reigon and finally, finally catching it what a sigh of releif that was, and I felt like I was on top of the world! thus giving Suicune my #8 spot.
      #7 : Lugia
      Back to the pokemon movies with this one. Lugia I first fell in love with when I watched Pokemon The Movie : 2000. knowing the power of Lugia and that he could destory the world just by changing the currents in the water was pretty intimidating. That and correct me if I am wrong but Lugia restores the balance between the 3 legendary Bird pokemon after that nasty pokemon theif caprutes 2 of them. I love Lugia, the first time I caught Lugia in game I felt so acomplished.
      #6 : Gengar
      The pain that this pokemon put me through while playing pokemon Silver/Crystal... Fighting Morty in Ecruteak city for the first time and... well lets just say being less than prepared, made that battle quite the challenge. That set the tone on how badly I felt the need to have Gengar in my party. His shadow ball attach would wipe out my pokemon no problem. Once I claimed victory and won the Fog Badge I knew i needed a Gengar in my party.
      #5  : Dragonite
      BITCHES LOVE DRAGONITE... nuff said
      #4 : Ninetails
      I always loved brocks Vilpix the cuteness and I do love my fire type pokemon, Ninetails adds a whole nother level to awesomeness from Vulpix. I can tell you that in every game of pokemon I have played I ALWAYS make sure to evolve a vulpix and get this beautiful pokeon.
      #3 : Dewgong
      I had a really hard time with organizing the last 3 pokemon in my top ten... but I HAD to have Dewgong on the list simply because Dewgong is probably one of the best pokemon for the Eliet Four. Being able to Ice Beam your way through all the dragon pokemon felt amazing. Of course Dragons weakness is ice pokemon, this one tho I always find myself putting in my party. I think I still have my Pokemon Red cart with the level 89 Dewgong on it...
      #2 : Eevee and all the Evolutions
      Seriously... I can't choose just one of them... in my Soul silver Game I am working on getting all the eevee evolutions and i only have jolteon and flareon left. The fact that Eevee has 7 different evolutions is amazing to me. Of all types as well. but seriously dont make me choose just one... I can't.
      #1 : Raichu
      Coming from one of the best pokemon out there (in my opinion) Raichu is my all time favourite pokemon. I feel that not enough people love Raichu enough and give all their attention to Pikachu, why wouldnt you wanna evolve your pikachu into this awesome mouse? 
      Well there you have it, my top 20 pokemon. Please feel free to comment and tell me what some of your favourite pokemon are. I would love to hear what they are!
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    • Hypercombo's top 5 games of 2012! ... REVISED!

      5 years ago


      #5 : Diablo 3 (PC/Mac)


      Oh the hours I have put into Diablo 3 throughout 2012. Let's be honest, probably not as many as others but I still got a decent amount of gameplay out of it. This game just drew me in one day. One day I just decided hey, I wanna play a game on my Mac... well have fun with that! Originally I wanted to play SWTOR but it's not Mac compatible so I said "Diablo? Let's check this out!" And by golly I loved it. I just got lost in destroying enemies and collecting better equipment they would drop. The cutscenes in the game look amazing. Having multiple characters to play through the game really changes it up as well. I put this game down for a little but I played it again the other day and I really enjoyed it still. Oh and yes making money off of random items that have dropped in the game = WIN.

      #4: New Super Mario Bro's U (WiiU)

      Along comes a new Nintendo console and along comes another "new" Mario game. I LOVE IT! For a Mario game they really kicked it up a notch with this one compared to Mario on the Wii. The levels have challenge to them; graphically this game looks amazing on the TV and even better on the game pad. Also being able to play this game while ScottBox64 is playing another game on the Xbox is awesome. This game truly satisfies with the content that they include from all the mini challenges to the trolling of the person who holds the game pad as the others play with Wii remotes.

      #3: Mass Effect 3 (Xbox360)

      I'm a little late to the Mass Effect series as I have recently played through 1 and 2 and am still finishing off 3. This game still gets my vote for one of the best games of 2012. They tightened up the gameplay from Mass Effect 2 plus I feel that you can see more emotion in Shepard’s face in comparison to 1 and 2. Oh yeah and Shepard can actually kinda dance in this one. DO THE SHEPARD!!

      Editor's Note: You should really beat this game before you judge it. The ending is notoriously divisive.

      #2: Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360)

      I HAD to add this game to my list, seeing as I originally left it out. This game was so good; the story kept bringing me in for more, and I wanted to know what would happen in the life of Wei Shen. Not to mention you play as a badass undercover cop who will kick the shit out of people. There were also moments in the game were you realize how attached to the characters in the game. Totally underrated game but so AWESOME.

      Now... The moment of truth, the moment you have all been waiting for!


      Drumroll please


      -beats drums-


      #1: XCom Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360)

      This game... THIS GAME FUCKING GAME BLEW MY MIND! Before the game came out I watched some streamers play this game and it looked amazing. So much so that I bought it the day it came out and didn’t sleep... for almost 3 days. Funny story about that though, the first night I had this game I stayed up till about 3 in the morning but the auto save wasn’t on... I turn on the Xbox the next day to discover that all my hard work was gone, in that moment I said "well... at least I really love this game!" and got right back into it. This game really gives you the feeling of I just need to play one more turn. As many times as you may lose at the game, it will ALWAYS bring you back in to play more. I put this game down for a little and started playing it again and I am still just as sad when one of my squad members gets squished by a Berserker and feel just as victorious when beating a Sectopod. 

      Well there you have it folks, my top 5 games of 2012. There are some games that I wish I could put on this list, one of them being Far Cry 3 'cause it looks amazing! I just haven’t had a chance to play it yet. 

      Feel free to tell me what your top 5 games of the year are I would love to hear what they are!


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    • To The Land of PC Gaming

      6 years ago


      What's that? Friday? PAYDAY! I managed to haul in a bit of extra money with this pay so I decided to treat myself to a game. Onward to EB Games I went. I looked around the store for a little bit and talked to my old co-workers, indesicive of what game I wanted to buy, I asked my friend who was working, David, what game I should get. He suggested Diablo 3.

      Now I had been debating on if I should buy this game or not. I'm no "PC Gamer" and the last time I attempted to play World of Warcraft... well lets say it didnt go so well. That and when I bought SWTOR I come home and realize that I can't run it on my Mac, unless I installed windows, and I really didn't feel like having all of those programs running at once. luckly I didn't open up the box so I got my money back for it. Anyway back on track. I went out on a limb and convinced myself to give Diablo 3 a shot.

      Once the game is installed I start up the game and choose my character. The Barbarian didn't really appeal to. Which doctor, a summoner? that could be kinda cool. Wizard? I always loved playing as a Wizard/Mage in D&D.  Monk, this class caught my eye. I don't really know why but I figured hey why not give it a try! Then I seen the Demon Hunter. Probably the most badass looking character in the game, in my opinion. I was torn between the Monk and Demon Hunter.  In the end I Chose the Monk and name her Hyper. To start.

      I start to play and right off the bat you fight the undead. (No i'm not going to be super specific with the names in this blog either, sorry guys) Fighting this easy enemy was a great way to introduce the controls to the game. The controls of the game was what worried me the m ost when it came to this game, I didn't know if I was going to like them or not. I quickly got used to how the game plays. With this character at least. I really liked how the monk is close combat, however this came to bite me in the ass sometimes, for instance if i am fighting a large group of enemies and I use up all my "spirit" . Spirit is gained from doing melee attacks to enemies and then you can do special moves. Anyway moving on. After playing as a  Monk and taking the lives of all the undead in the first half of Act I, I decided to take a little break from the game.

      Once I finished whatever it was I was doing, I came back to the game. However this time when I started up the game I had a look at some of the other classes that you could play as again. Now the whole time as I was playing as the Monk, I couldn't help but think about what it would be like to play as the ranged weapon Demon Hunter. What do I do? I make a new character in the same day. This time being a Demon Hunter named Raven.

      I begin to do all the same stuff that I had just done with Hyper, except with this new character. Now I found the Demon Hunter to be much more fun to play as, so I have mildly stopped playing as my monk after I started to use this new character. I tend to use my Monk when my pinky is tired of holding the shift key to shoot arrows with Raven. Thus talking about combat again. I'm also not playing this game with a mouse, I'm using my mac track pad which is a pain in the ass sometimes... but I have worked my way around it and found it was not that bad. I do find that aiming at emenies is rather difficult. Which caused a small problem when I first started to play as the Demon Hunter. That is until the game told me I could hold down shift to shoot without moving. INGENIOUS I tell you. This made playing the game so much easier. So I do all the same Quests and more with this new character. I found I even like her "special" moves a little more as well. How you have Hatred and Disapline that you can use for the different type of moves, and the moves that you get are awesome.

      The boss fights I found in this game are rather fun, I feel there is a small lack of challenge when it comes to them sometimes tho. For instance My favourite boss fight so far in the game that I have come across so far is The Butcher.

      This is the Boss that you fight right before you go into Act II of the game. This boss had a small challenge to it that the floor would set fire at certian times of the fight. Overall tho as I said, this boss isn't that hard to beat. Especially if you have another person in your party as you are doing so. The first go round I had with this boss I beat in no longer than a few minutes. With the Templar on my side and my ranged weapons and smooth moves of being able to dodge around and evade attacks made this fight easy. However I did have fun with this boss.


      Now, why do I enjoy this game so much? Well, I have always been a fan of RPG's that and I have played D&D with friends and such, so the fact that whenever enemies die they drop items which gives you a chance to get more awesome items I rather enjoy. That and slaughtering a crowd of enemies around you can be fun to right guys? 

      How about you guys? If you play D3 tell me why you like it, or why you didn't if that's the case. 

      Keep it classy!


    • To The Land Of Pc Gaming : Hours Of Gameplay.. and ponies

      6 years ago


      Alright so I have played quite a bit of this game since I put up my last blog. I've beat the game on normal and am currently working on Nightmare. I gotta say I enjoyed every moment of the game. Sure the runthrough of normal is easy, but now in nightmare it's giving me more of a challenge. To be honest I'm really excited for the hell and inferno difficulties in the game to see how crazy all of the enemies are going to get while attacking you. But anyway. I did experince some new things in the game. This "new thing" is called... WHIMSHIRE!

      So I'm not much for My Little Pony, but this world is so cool! I came across it while playing online and joining a random party. I had heard stuff about this magical place before but when I had my first experience playing it... I GOT FUCKIN DESTROYED! who knew ponies could be so strong... that and teddy bears and flowers!!! After figuring out the best way to defeat the enemies tho it got slightly easier. I gotta say how wonderful it is to shoot an arrow into the ponies head then see it split in two... about a million attacks later when it finally dies!

      They will haunt me for forever. but not really... I WILL KILL ALL THE PONIES!

      And as a character/time update. My Demon Hunter named Raven is now level 46 and i think i have... 50 some odd hours. But till next time!

      Keep it classy


      ps: if you have any experiences in Whimshire you would like to share feel free to comment! I love reading other peoples stories with games

    • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

      6 years ago


       What do you get when you combine a rhythm game with Final Fantasy and 25 years of the series making games? You get Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The simplicity of the game is what makes it fun. Now I have not played very many Final Fantasy games... I've actually only really played the worst of the bunch. Slowly going back and playing the older ones, thats getting off topic tho. Back on track, even tho I have not played many Final Fantasy games I still know the music from the games. Every song that they put in sounds wonderful. From the 8-bit soundtrack bleeps and bloops to the orchastrated sound of the newer Final Fantasy games. There's a sound for everyone. Among the various soundtrack in the game there are plenty of characters to choose to put in your party. There's at least one person from every Final Fantasy game plus there are characters that you can unlock as well. There are also 3 differnt game modes that you can play as.

      When you first pop the game into your 3DS, you are only givin the Series mode to play. The series mode makes you play 3 concecutive songs from a single Final Fantasy Series. Plus there is the Intro to the game and the Ending song to the games that you can choose to play or skip. The intro and ending really are nothing to special considering there is no challenge to "beating" them. All you have to do is tap the screne when the notes hit the crystal in the middle of the screne. However the other 3 songs you have to play all have different way's of playing them. In each of the songs there are 3 differnt notes you have to watch for while playing the song. The red notes mean to simply tap the screne, the green notes require you to hold the stylus down on the screne till the next green note passes by, and if there is an arrow at the end of the green note then you need to swipe it which ever direction it's telling you,  and finally the arrow's that pass by you need to swipe the stylus either up down left right or in diagonal directions. In every song there are also silver notes that come up that allow you to have the chance to either summon, get into the chocobo run, or hear an extended version of the song. Depending on what type of song  you are playing  determines what you get.  There is the Battle Mode Sequence (BMS), Event Mode Sequence (EMS) and Feild Mode Sequence (FMS). All mode's play differntly. 

      Field Sequence Mode (FMS)

      In the FMS mode the unique thing about this is that whenever the green notes pass you by you need to either move the styus up or down on your screne, whichever way the game is telling you to move. While playing this mode you can also activate the chocobo run if you hit all the silver notes that pass you by. This helps you get exta points in the game.

      Event Mode Squence (EMS)

      I'm not going to lie, this is probably my least favourite mode in the game... or maybe I just suck at this one. In the EMS mode in the picture showing, the gold ring will move aroun don the screne and when it passes over a note you need to tap on that note. The gold ring moving around is what sets this apart from the other 2 modes. The silver notes that will pop up in this mode will give you the Extended Version of the song. If you miss those silver notes, to bad so sad you cant hear the extended ending in that playthrough. I also find this mode the most distracing because it has cut scenes from the game series that you chose the song from that play in the background as the song is playing. 

      Battle Mode Sequence (BMS)

      Now for the most epic parts of the game! the BMS mode. You have all four characters on your party fighting the enemies as you play the song. The notes will go in any one of the four rows on the screne. Once you deafeat one enemy another one will show up, there will be an enemy on the screne till the end of the song. In the BMS mode when the silver notes come up, if you hit enough of them you will cause a summon, again adding extra points to you're score. The summon also just add's an extra cool battle sequence thats rather short.

      Once you have completed a series it then unlocks all of the songs played in the series in the challenge mode. The Challenge mode is were you can perfect the songs you had previously played. You're goal in the challenge mode is to get the highest score which is achieved by getting the most criticals in a song. Every time that you tap a note on the screne depending on your timing it will either give you a miss, bad, good, great or critical. There are several differnt rankings after you have completed a song in challenge (or a song in general) as well. Ranging from F(if you failed m iserably) up to A, the only higher rank you can get is an S rank. There are 3 differnt difficulties in the challenge mode, baisic, expert and ultimate. in order to unlock the ultimate difficulty. In the challenge mode you need to beat both baisic and expert with at least an A rank or higher.

      Chaos Shrine

      The final mode in the game that you can play is the Chaos Shrine mode. In this mode you only play the FMS and BMS song (at least to my knowledge, I have not come across any EMS songs in this mode yet) in which at the end of a song you have a chance to unlock special items that help you unlock mroe characters, or help your characters through battle. There are 3 differnt bosses for each "level"  in the Chaos Shrine. The songs are mixed and matched from different games in the series which leads to fun combinations. Also at the end of the level that you are doing there is a boss that you are to defeat. There are 3 different bosses in each chaos shrine level, PLUS on top of that they all drop 3 differnt items, which means multiple playthoughs. Might I add as well that they are on the expert difficulty, so if your having trouble on baisic I'd stay away from this mode.

      All things aside from the gameplay there is so much stuff to unlock. There's unlockable characters, songs in chaos shrine mode, cutscenes, songs you can just play on your 3DS, there's even a card collecting book in the game with different enemies and characters with a front side of the card and a back side. Another extra thing in the game is the player card. On the player card you can customize what it looks like, the background, the character, the color of the card and a few other things. There are also some RPG elements in the game... but they really dont have that much of an effect in the game. You can have a level 40 characters in your party or all level 1 characters and you can only miss one or 2 more notes. So it doesnt seem to have that huge of an impact on the game.

      All in all I think this is a great game for fans on the final fantasy series. The Music is phenominal and brings back rushing memories of playing the games. Visually this game is very pretty as well. as are most final fantasy games. This game is also extremely addicting. As ProJared said in his review the term "just one more song" comes into play though my mind many times. Till next time g1's.

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    • g1 Hypercombo64 really likes ScrewAttack and now everyone will know it.

      6 years ago


      I've been debating on getting this tattoo for some time now but I finally had the chance to go out and get it. The man who did my tattoo was super chill. He LOVED the joker, and was really into DC comics it seemed and just a  nice guy in general.
      Now it's nothing to complicated, or big, or extravigant but it's something small and something that I think will always make me smile.

      It's on my right wrist. Went into the tattoo shop repin' screwattack as well.

      I might add stuff onto it as well I just havent decided what I would add to it. But yeah that's pretty much it. I have a fellow g1 friend (Scottbox64) that is also going to get the same thing at a later date.

      Well g1's that was my adventure for the day.  I gotta say I love it.  There are also other video game tattoo's that I would like to get, however I wont reveal what they are until I get em done. How about you g1's? Do any of you have a Video game related tattoo? Or just cool tattoo's in general? I'd love to hear/see what you guys have! Till next time

      Keep it classy


    • Top Zelda Bosses

      6 years ago


      The Legend of Zelda is known for their fun intense boss battle. What makes them memorable is the usage of the item that you collected in that dungeon, the Challenge of the boss fight, and Usage of the Area you are givin for the boss. 

      The Legend Of Zelda


      Dont get to close to this two (or three) headed dragon. For a kid, that can be pretty intimidating!  Sure it can go down in one easy blow... apparently they are like dodongo's and are not a fan of the bombs. I always felt Rather victorious from beating a Gleeok. 

      Adventure Of Link

      Dark Link

      The fear, the horror, the terror! Okay maybe its not that bad but dark link is not the easiest boss in the world. How horrifying would it be going into a fight knowing that the enemy knows your every move! confused yet? probably not. After all those hours of gameplay to level link to get him to this point, the fight and victory is sweet.

      Ocarina of Time


      By far my the most fun boss in OoT.  I love how the 2 sisters Kotake and Koume work together for the first part, and how the form together to become Twinrova. The usage of the Mirror shield for this fight is aweomse. How you are able to Throw back that energy at the enemy to knock her down and finish her off. One last thing, who could forget the banter that they do at the end of the boss battle?

      Twilight Princess


      A huge Skeleton beast coming out of the ground able to shoot fireballs at you?! It sounds like a fun time if you ask me. I especially like how you use the Spinner in this battle. Jumping from wall to wall spiraling up and down a huge cylinder.  The reward of seeing this monster fall is worth the simple battle. 

      Skyward Sword


      This boss was just fun. The use of the whip and using the sword to break apart Kolokots was fun. With the motion controls in there as well it really was an energetic fight. That and  the boss just looks cool.


      So I have played many other zelda games, but it has been quite some time since I last played them, or I have just not had the chance to beat the game all the way through. If you want share some of your favourite bosses in the comments,. I would love to hear what some of your favourite Zelda bosses are, from any zelda game!

      Keep it classy!


    • EVO Championship Series Results

      6 years ago


      Soul Calibur V

      1. Shining Decopon (Tira)

      2.Shen Chan ( Cervantes)

      3.Something-Unique (Pyrrha)

      4.Woyhhzz (Patroklos)

      5.CRNA | Ruka (Patroklos)

      5. Zephu Kai ( Astaroth, Patroklos)

      7. Kamage (Misurugi)

      7. CafelD |  Kura ( Patroklos)

      Now I didn't manage to watch alot of the Soul Calibur V Finals, I'm not going to lie i'm not the biggest Soul Calibur fan but if you guys wanna watch it go ahead.

      Mortal Kombat 9

      1. EMP | Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)

      2. vVv | CD Jr. (Kabal, Jax, Rain

      3. Pig of the Hut (Kenshi, Mileena)

      4. IGL | Mit (Johnny Cage, Reptile, Scorpion)

      5. CoCo | 4EverKing (Sonya, Kung Lao, Kenshi, Stryker)

      5. EGP | XBlades (Lui Kang)

      7. EGP | Tyrant (Jax)

      7. CoCo | M2Dave ( Freddy)

      Such an awesome match up, some people find MK9 not a great tournament game but I think these people prove it wrong, they all have amazing skill at the game and can move very quickly. Very Entertaining to watch

      King of Fighters XIII

      1. CafelD | MadKOF (Duo Lon, Chin, Kim)

      2. IGL | Bala (Billy, Taakuma, Shen | Others)

      3. CafelD | Verna (Duo Lon, Shen, Kim | Others)

      4. CafelD | Guts (EX Lori, Saiki, Shen | Others)

      5. vVv | Romance (King, Benimaru, Yuri | Others)

      5. CafelD | Lacid (Kyo, Ash, Kim)

      7. AS | Reynald (Mr. Karate, Benimaru, Kim)

      7. Yang Yao Ren (Mr. Karate, Hwa, Mature

      One of the best fights at EVO I'd say, It goes back and forth so much and they both play amazing KOF, considering this is one of the tougher fighters to learn. Well Earned by MadKOF.

      Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition

      1. WW | Infaltration (Akuma)

      2. AVM | Gamer Bee (Adon)

      3. CVPR | PR Balrog (Balrog)

      4. Ehive | Xiaohai (Cammy)

      5. MCZ | Daigo (Ryu)

      5. Human Bomb (Sakura)

      7. BT | Dieminion (Guile)

      7. TH | Poongko (Seth)

      Sadly I Actually didn't watch the AE Finals. It was much to late and I fell asleep, I will be going back to watch it tho for sure.

      Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

      1. coL.cc | Filipino Champ (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Dormammu | Others)

      2. LGX | Infrit (Spencer, Nova Sentinel  | Others)

      3. FC | NYChris G (Akuma, Dr. Doom, Morrigan | Others)

      4. coL.cc | ComboFiend (Nova, Spencer, Hawkeye | Others)

      5. TA | Frutsy (M.O.D.O.K, Captian America, Taskmaster)

      5. Flocker (Zero, Hawkeye, Vergil | Others)

      7. EG | Justin Wong (Wolverine, Storm, Magneto | Others)

      7. Y2J (Wolverine, Spencer, Magneto | Others)

      Another amazing fight, and what a fight F Champ had to get there, Infrit beat him in the bracet before and then F Champ had to fight Chris G which was insaine, I Highly advise anyone look up the archive for the UMvC3 top 8 matches, There are so many good fights. My heart was racing the whole time.

      I also have some Honorable Mentions for UMvC3 only cause I watched it all day on Saturday and seen some sick fights.

      1. Mame Spider - He dressed up in a Spider Man costume and had an ontorage of Spidy's with him. Not to mention he used Spiderman on his team, I believe he made it into the top 32 players.

      2. PZ Boy - He took out some big names in the tournament. First off he took out Viscant the winner of Vanilla last year, and the second big name he took out was Yipes, which was crazy, sadly then he got taken out. But man did PZ Boy put up a fight.

      If you seen any crazy fights feel free to share them with me, or any people you were impressed by. I love hearing your opinion. 

      Keep It Classy


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