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    I like coffee, and I like gaming. What more needs to be said?.....Alright alright, you talked me in to it! I'm a 20 something year old Mr that resides on the sunny island of Albion, or England as its better known as. :D It is my dream to one day rule the world from my giant planet sized space station, with my army of genetically mutated bunnies and kittens, and you all bow at my feet and pledge your eternal loyalty to me your lord and master! MWAHAHahahahah...-cough-... But until the day my dreams are realised I'll just sit in my comfy chair, with its soft caution, my vat of coffee, and play some games. Yay games!

    Maybe I'll post some blogs up here, maybe I wont, or you could all just go to my tumblr, I'll link ya all there below. And if ya feel like gaming sometime then feel free to add me to your console of your choice :p

    Now, with introductions out of the way, back to developing doomsday devic.....umm, I mean, coffee machines, yes, coffee machines...

    TOOO THE TUMBLR! = http://i2xi.tumblr.com/

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