Recently I heard that Syndicate Wars was getting a sequel. This completely caught me off guard as I had long since assumed that this franchise had died in the late nineties. This is however good news for me as I loved Syndicate Wars and it gives me hope that some games that I also love may get sequels or remakes. So IamRizer is here to list off his top ten games that need a comeback of any sort.

10.Project Eden-     This PlayStation 2 exclusive in the early days was a classic in my opinion, and in many others. I mean it had many features that other console games at the time didn't have. In depth squad command with squad members that where capable of different tasks and feats. It also had something that was rarity back then but common now in cooperative play with a second player. This is one game that needs a sequel.

9. Destroy all Humans- Admittedly it hasn't been that long since the last DAH game, but THQ has been enjoying burying some of there popular franchises as of late (I'll miss you Red Faction) so it does have me concerned. There where not many things more fun than leveling an entire city in a flying saucer. DAH2 is amongst my favorite all time PS2 games, and I personally want to see a bit more from our space invading Friend.

8. Kessen- This game was considered by many to be ground breaking on the PlayStation 2 and its sequel Kessesn 2 is a game I wasted an entire summer on playing. It had an engrossing Story and unique game-play seemingly giving you control of large scale cinematic battles. I would very much so appreciate another retelling of the three kingdoms through these games on the PlayStation 3. (Or Xbox 360 if you that instead.)

7.Impossible Creatures- Question: RTS games are awesome, right? Yes. Customization is awesome, correct? Also yes. Then how could you go wrong with an RTS game that allows  you to create your entire arsenal? (That question is rhetorical) Allowing you to combine any two animals together to create a unit of destruction ranging from flying sharks to Gorilla's with crocodile heads, this game had endless possibilities. A sequel to this game could bring in a new generation of RTS gaming, so come on Microsoft Do it.

6.Rainbow Six- I know what your thinking: "Rainbow Six isn't technically gone". The Rainbow Six I loved did in the transition to PlayStation 2 and Xbox. So if this game where to come back I'd want it old-school: I'd want the leader telling us our mission, then arming three burly Europeans with deadly weapons and shooting the hell out of Colombian militants. Oh and maybe save the hostages too.

5.Warpath Jurassic Park- One of my all time favorite fighting games was the one off Jurassic Park tie-in on the PlayStation. It had all the favorites Tyrannosaurus, Giganautasaurus and Mega Raptor. It was a surprisingly solid and balanced fighter for a quick project. It also had the feature to eat innocent bystanders for a quick health boost.

4.Star Wars Battlefront- I'm not big into on-line gaming, what with all the annoying children with headsets, tea-bagging and bad connections, but Star Wars Battlefront 2 was an exception. In my opinion the best Star Wars game to date gave on-line gaming a chance for me one of my favorite games with randoms from the US, Canada, Luxembourg and many other places. On top of that Darth Vader is always fun to play as. So why no Battlefront 3? You can't tell me that PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners would not love this games on-line mode. We need more of me and my Battle-droids kicking some wookie ass. ( Disclaimer: We mean Me.)

3. Army Men- One of the series that really made my childhood was the Army Men series. Recently I played all these games again thinking they'd all suck now. To my surprise however some of them are still pretty solid games. Sarges Heroes and Army Men RTS are the notable mentions in the series but the Air Attack games are also awesome. With all the third and first person shooters nowadays you don't expect me to believe no one would like a shooter where you play as plastic soldiers.

2. Dino Crisis- I love Dino Crisis. The first and third games are just completely outstanding games. If there is any combination that goes together better than Dinosaurs and shooting and running, I haven't played it. (Unless you count Capcom and Marvel) The First Dino Crisis was another exemplary Survival Horror game by the gaming Gods, and the Third was my favorite Xbox exclusive. A remake of the original for the seventh generation would be nice and there certainly is a demand for it. I think I speak for everyone when I say More Dino Crisis please. (and can Regina be DLC for UMVC3?)

1. Future Cop LA-PD- A game that I played near nonstop on the PlayStation and one of my all time favorite games is Future Cop. The Crime War was everything I wanted it was a collection of cases that you and a Friend could take down with a arsenal of futuristic weaponry. If that wasn't enough the Precinct Assault mode was groundbreaking. Never before, and never again have I seen third person shooting and Real time strategy blended together so seamlessly. If you where to take this game polish up the crime war a bit, add more units to the precinct assault and add on-line multiplayer this game would be a hit.

So what does the people think? Do you agree, is there something else you would like to see return to action? Leave a comment in the designated Comment area and have a pleasant day.