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    • Top 10 Games of 2015 including the Game of the year

      3 years ago


      photo XboxGamesOf2015_1280-1419264674892_zpscevlzm4a.jpg

      As always game of the years are hard each and every year with new games and new IP's suprising us with their brillance year after year. I found myself overwhelmed with the number of games that i managed to play and also with the amount of time it took to play some of these games as well. These top 10 would have to be the highlights of the year for me that i had a chance to play and also the honorable mentions as well too. These games showed a unique twist and playthrough that would allow each of us to get a difference experience whenever we play these. 

      Enjoy the list now as we hit off the 2015 GAME OF THE YEAR! 

      Top 10 game of the year

      10. Batman Arkham Knight

      photo video-game-sequel-baman-arkham-knight_zpsusmgpz50.png

      Being the last game in the 4 part series ( 3 if you do not count the Orgin game ). It sure had alot of hype to the game that would have to go out with a bang. Saying that the game itself was amazing with its rain simulation and also the city scape taken from the Arkham city game. With added areas the game itself was a standout from the previous games as it involved alot more dialogue and story. As well as some brief history in the batman DC Universe with some historic and iconic scenes from various comic and pop culture refferences involved within the game. The one thing that stood out in this game that the other games did not have was the emotional rollarcoaster that this game provided which is similar to that of some of the DC Batman Animated movie titles. Those that know the lore of batman will find that the ending was lack luster but i assume that if this is your first rodeo into the batman saga then you will get alot of thrills unsolving the mystery behind who is the "Arkham knight"

      photo ARKHAMKNIGHT_zpsmz9arjym.jpeg photo the-next-batman-video-game-is-delayed-until-2015_zpsfffppo7p.jpg

      9. The legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes

      photo maxresdefault_zpsarngpz7h.jpg

      The legend of zelda saga grows more with this new edition to the franchise, Tri Foce Heroes takes multiplayer to the next level with customization and also the ability to play online with friends or whoever is online at the time. The game involves alot of puzzles that can be solved individually if you are playing solo or as a team if your playing with others. Sometimes the lack of communication to let the other players know where to go is something that should have been implemented into the game itself somehow. Overall it was one of the highlights from portable nintendo world, that i have to say stood out of the games that came out for Nintendo. Its a fun quirky little game and with 32 levels available for a whole lot of fun, it shows that there is alot more to come out for the Zelda Universe. 

      photo 2889943-interview_zelda3ds_06172015_site_zps3faxuvvc.jpg

      8. Life is Strange

      photo maxresdefault 1_zpsmgajfvik.jpg

      "Life is Strange" is a game that goes beyond the normal playing of any games that i have played in years. I feel that the game itself is how episodic kind of games should be done. The story was enriching and gets you involved with the story as if you are the character itself going through this world and solving the mystery behind it. To me the game itself feels like a Quantum Dream game of either Heavy Rain or Beyond Two souls but as an episodic game that you have to wait some time for each episode to come out throughout the year. This takes DLC out of the question and provides a nice story and compelling gameplay that can be played many times to unlock different viewpoints to the ending itself. 

      photo lifeisstrange_zpssbgm9l1f.jpg

      7. Rocket League

      photo rypq5r0ugulmrz794gft_zpsrfoafjry.jpg

      A sports game that is addictive, Rocket league is a take on micromachine cars in a football cage like style. The game is addictive and is fun to play as well. Leagues have grown and its now become a competitive game in the esports league. The game feels as though it was a robotic take on the game of football, such as the real life game but with less players and also less time on the clock as well. Teams are formed randomly from pros to newer players to get a chance to showcase your skills in the matches. Being a Sony game that came out free for Playstation + it shows that they were the first testers of the game which ended up as a success that got them both best indie game and also best sports/ racing game. Love it or hate it, its going to be something your going to see more of in the esports arena with players ranging from around the world competing for the rocket league cup. Lack of communication was the only thing that was its downfall but with simple dialogues used to annoy other players made it back to the top. 

      photo rocket-league-screenshot-010-ps4-us-7jul15_zpszm8ilho4.jpg

      6. Assassins Creed Syndicate

      photo 2944857-9297245780-syndi_zpsvkb93fnh.jpg

      Assassins Creed Syndicate is the latest installement in the AC universe and having had a chance to finish this before Christasmas i felt that the game was a huge improvement over the bug filled and broken game that Assassins Creed Unity was. The game itself provides an amazing story into the Victorian Era of the industrial revolution where Rich rule the country in both Crime and revoltion. You play as twin Assassins who have different takes on what they see as the right path for a clean system. The game goes back to its roots of having the chance recruit players on the run and have them fight enemies to distract them from spotting you while you complete missions and capture points of interest. There was more DLC as per AC games and they this time brought more myteries to the lives of Charles dickens and Darwin. Both provided great gameplay into the history that was England at the time. Visually the game brought a new take for the current Gen system and i can see that improvements were made so that the game was not like Unity. Story though did lack continuation into the series and i felt that was the only thing that dragged on a bit as the story focused more on the past than on the present itself. 

      photo acv-gi-bg1_zpsbgtv1ggf.jpg photo 2864167-assassins_creed_syndicate_combat-punch_zpsebmktfna.jpg

      5. Game of thrones Telltales

      photo game-of-thrones-button-logojpg-e14ea8_zps7aqydu3l.jpg

      Telltales Game of thrones brought us a glimpse into the what happened behind the scenes at some pinnacle moments in the game of thrones tv series. This helps us understand some detailed information that was not shown in the show and also other families that have ties with both the Lannistor familiy and the Stark Family. Though i do feel that the game came out a little too late in terms of its time line with the game of thrones tv series. This was due to that the events that had occured here was at the same time that season 2-3 and even glimpses of 4 i believe. Starting from the red wedding all the way to the conclusion of the purple wedding. The story itself is great with giving us some incite into the other clans that make up the 7 kingdoms and also places that we have not yet ventured into during the show and the books. I liked it and i felt that it does open more doors to other games to be made under the game of thrones line. Hope we get a season 2 next year of later on as Telltales now has alot of projects under their belt. 

      photo image_zpsr4pd4acs.jpg photo Iron From Ice Multiple Choice_zpsjugz715o.jpg

      4. Tales from Borderlands 

      photo tales-from-the-borderlands_logo-1920x1080_zpshimxkf4b.jpg

      Tales from borderlands gives us a new take to the series and how it came to light and provides us more information on new journeys that will happen in the near future for the borderlands games. The game dwells on the story behind the people who work at Hyperion. A certain few months or a year after the story of Borderlands 2 takes place. The game is an episodic type of game, like the other games that Tell Tales bring each and every year. I felt the game had a deep and rich storyline that takes you on a ride on which ever character your playing as. I found myself learning alot about the borderlands universe than i ever did from playing the original games. This made me want to play the game more and understand the story about how Hyperion got into power and what is their sole goal on the world of Pandora. The visuals are cel shaded lifestyle and provide a amazing point of view of the landscape and the locations that you have to visit in the game. The choices that you had to make also was crucial to the ending of the game where all the decisions you had to choose made a difference to who was going to be with you till the end and who was not going to be with you. This impacted very little for me though as i know most of the characters and their personas before getting into this game, but still its a game that alot of people should get their hands on if it comes out as a physical copy or maybe get the downloaded version if its easier for you. The atmosphere and colouring really made it feel like a gerbox borderlands game and i felt like it was not actually a telltales game in the first place when i first played it. So that is a good thing, different from the game of thrones game though and the walking dead where you feel mostly that your apart of the show now. 

      photo 2830461-boost1920x1080_zpsp5z08n1m.jpg photo tales from the borderlands 3 catch a ride 6_zps8uhorzp0.jpg

      3. Rise of the Tomb Raider

      photo Rise-of-the-Tomb-Raider-645x370_zps7mymgr9q.jpg

      A suprise play for me when i got into this one, as i didn't see myself getting a past gen game this year. However not owning a Xbone i would have to say i did miss out on a few exclusives that did not make the list ( Halo 5. Halo Masterchief collection). However i was happy that i was able to play Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360 as its been a year or 2 that i had to take out the controller and start the game up. The game started off pushing you to the limits and giving you a chance to understand the control scheme. I found it a lil hard to get use to since it was a 360 controller but over time though i got use to it and found myself how i did back in the days. The game played out well with a great story that links the other tomb raider with this one and showcases her fathers involvement in the story. The games weather simulation is out right amazing and seeing how it was done on the xbone showed that the use of these new engines really does pay off to make a game more realistic than ever. I mean the snow looked so cold that it chilled me at times while playing it.

      Story and gameplay was impressive and i still thankful that they brought it out on the 360, i do not know whos idea was to bring it out on the past gen, but thank you to whoever did bring it out cause if not, then ill be having to wait to play this game till the following year when it does get released on ps4. I hear some people felt it was like the last tomb raider that got released but i felt it was different in a way that it dwelled more into her personal life than it did with the story at hand. However it depends on the user in the end who is playing the game. 

      photo rise-tomb-raider-ps4_zps4v0tc07e.jpg

      photo 2809263-1424111573-4_zpswctocfzc.jpg

      2. Witcher 3

      photo the-_witcher_3-600x401_zpsryxb8ihv.jpg

      Seriously one of the harder decisions for me to get through was to place this game as 2nd. The first in the series for me to play and i found it amazing through and through, the boss battles, the normal battles and even speaking to people in the villages. i found myself in the world that skyrim wished it was. The developers also did give out a huge load of content to show that they did not want DLC to paid for the little things in the game. It was an amazing experience to hear about the tales of the witcher and get a chance to experience all of the missions and side missions that are involved in the game. When you think your at an end, something just comes up and your back into the action trying to save everyone from the evil at hand. Winning game of the year at the keighleys ( Video game awards)  i found that yes it did deserve it on a wide scale as an over all game of the year but for me personally i found myself torn between this and my chosen game of the year. The only difference for me was that one provided all the aspect that was to be game of the year and the other produced a rich gameplay unlike anything we have experienced with game mechanics that so far cannot be matched at all. 

      photo nyebillederfra_1188914b_zpszseaih5w.png

      photo eizzrcix9hkkmgkkema1_zpswjp809f3.jpg

      1. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

      photo metalgearsolidthephantompainpic7_zpsvpyhovzz.jpg

      My game of the year, Metal Gear Sold 5 The Phantom Pain. My choices on this game being number 1 was cause it provided an experience unlike any game i have played in years. Sure it did suffer a terrible story line and also the repetitive missions over and over again but we cannot blame Kojima for this. He gave us a game that was given restrictions in the development that caused the relationship between himself and Konami to have a falling out, which had caused the game itself to suffer alot. The gameplay as i said was great and the story was average but overall if you have played something like Mass Effect 3, you would know that a suffering story can never take away the aspect of a good game. As long as you are enjoying the game and learning from it throughout the course of your gameplay. Then your going to have fun. MGS5 may not be the best in the series but it did create a bridge for more MGS titles to be produced that would be as amazing as this, but hopefully with the help of Sony behind them, they could produce another possible game of the year. 

      photo maxresdefault-1-1-730x411_zpsgug2jxho.jpg

      Honroable mentions

      Mortal Kombat

      photo mortal_kombat_x_wallpaper_scorpion_vs_sub_zero_by_preslice-d7l48ep_zps2lctymvf.png

      Mortal Kombat proved to be the fighting game of the  year that was as intense as ever, but with lag in the online multiplayer i found myself not liking the game as much as i wished i had. Also story wise was complicated if you did not read the comics leading up to the game itself as well. 

      Titan Souls

      photo titan_souls_-_key_art_zpsctxwrx1n.jpg

      Titan souls was a fast paced game that could be literally completed in an hour or 2. Great for something to pass time by and also something to get your mind off the technical games out there. This mixture of both pixel and 2d landscape proves that the developers are ready to take it to the next level when they release their next game. 

      Lara Croft Go

      photo maxresdefault_zpsxuuufxfx.jpg

      A fun mobile game that got me hooked on it from day 1. I found the puzzles technically and required you to think alot through each and every step and planning your journey when your trying to not only get to the end of the stage but to also find a way to get all the treasure along the way to get you special items to help you along your quest. 

      Hotline Miami 2

      photo maxresdefault 1_zpsug60e1c5.jpg

      Banned in Australia, but through other means.. i managed to play this fun loving game. The feeling of the first game was in there but with added weaponery and some added music helped this game become a fun intereactive piece to play. Though violent i have to say "why did it get banned?" 

      Inazuma Eleven

      photo raimon-eleven-team-inazuma-eleven-36936501-900-523_zpsm8w3gfrb.jpg

      What can i say ? football and RPG mixed together and you get Inazuma Eleven. I loved the game, however though the lack of tutorials in the game to help those that do not know the concept of football is something that lacked alot. I mean they didn't provide any help what so ever if you were not able to get through a level that was at a basic level and if you had lost, then it would be game over. I felt it was a little too harsh to throw people right in the deep end without giving them a chance to understand the game more. 

      Destiny Taken King

      photo Destiny-The-Taken-King-Preview-700x350_zpsqzfjvayi.jpg

      Well It should have been part of the original game, the game itself felt it should have been less than the digital 60 AUD that you needed to play it. Not only that i still persist that there should be servers not just for North America has the game is played around the world and this caused alot of lag which would annoy alot of the players who playing with international players around the world. The story still left many with questions ?? and also the gameplay even though was a step up for first installment, i still feel that it was a waste to spend that much for added story and a small portion of a raide to be honest. The only thing i can take away from this expansion though is the added bonus of a Titan getting to the OP of the game and adding to itself the Hammer throw :)

      Pillars of Eternity

      photo pe-logo-915x585_zps1gfyox5m.jpg

      Nice RPG but sadly it did crash on me near the end of the game and i was not able to pick up from there as every time i was just about to finish it, it just kept crashing. Though a good gameplay and story i felt that the character models lacked alot of depth and did not have their own personality that you could be able to converse with them in the later parts of the game like how it was for Dragon Age, however this time i felt it was like every person you meet had the same feelings and dialog in the game. 


      photo maxresdefault 2_zpsd79w8xuy.jpg

      Nice indie game that is based off a board game like structure, kind of long to play just one session but for those with the time to kill will find it really appealing and something they may want to play it with friends to make the experience that much exciting. Though i played it against the 3 other AI, i still found it fun to play and see how the story revolves through till the end. It took 2hrs but yes i managed to finish one session till the end with one character. 

      Star Craft 2 Legacy of the void

      photo RK6L6EPE1K9T1415247033881_zpsckfefqr0.jpg

      I really really hoped this would be the game that would make my top 10 but sadly it lacked alot of content and felt really repetitive compared to the last two games. I believe that it was overwhelmed with alot of pressure from the games that it was releasing against that its sunlight was not shown out to the public as well. I still see limited edition box sets of this out in the stores and i feel kind of bad for it since it used to sell it out on release. The muliplayer aspect though is the improvement to the game, i still felt that there could have been more to this game that would have helped it conclude on a nice note instead it left us answering questions on why this and why that... ? 

      2016 game line up

      2016 line up is both bigger and much meatier than what this year had provided for the gamers out there. 

      We have games such as:

      Uncharted 4 

      photo NeoGAF-20-Most-Anticipated-Games-of-2015-900x506_zpsel5hq8pn.jpg


      photo Hitman-Gameplay-2_zps4v9vcvr4.jpg

      Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 

      photo header_zpsvspbdcue.jpg

      Fire Emblem collection

      photo Fire-Emblem-Fates_zps1xccppsw.jpg

      Legend of Zelda 

      photo 2558028-zelda_002_zps7xtpyjms.jpg

      No Mans Sky

      photo header 1_zpsa1jdq853.jpg

      Dishonored 2

      photo dishonored_2_e3_2015_2Emily_zpsmiirlxmn.jpg

      Street Fighter 5

      photo 12238037_10153823770437147_1812806822470937334_o_zpsup1uiruh.jpg

      Mass Effect Andromeda

      photo mass_effect_andromeda_e3_trailer_6_zpsopkpfk6b.jpg

      As always thank you for taking the time to read this and hope everyone has a great new years there. If you like this please share this with your friends and comment if you think there should be any improvements for next years game of the year. Have a great one there and see you in 2016!!


    • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Review

      3 years ago


      I recently completed the book "Ready player one" by Ernest Cline, it was an amazing trip through time of 80s movies, music, culture and off course video games. The book focuses on the character Wade who is a highschooler living in wasteland of world that we have created through the use of fossil fuels and the creation of green house gases. The creation of a 3D interactive device that allows him to escape to a virtual world Utopia called OASIS.


      The OASIS is everything that you would dream of, its a walking interactive internet to be exact. Everything you want to know is available at the touch of a button. The character uses a special headgear and glove that would allow you to interact with the virtual world. Much like how the Occulus rift works but more life like to the smell or an area to the pain pressure points that a player would be allowed to.


      The creator James Halliday, created a contest for which all the users are able to enter it, the contest consists of opening the three gates to Hallidays fortune and ownership of the OASIS itself since his passing death. Its been years since he had died and no one has been able to find the keys to unlock each gate to this riddle that he has given out to the users. Till a lone user Wade starts his journey on searching for the mythical keys and gates to fortune of everyone dreams.


      The book is fun and adventurous, I found myself not wanting to put the book down as it felt like at every chapter you just wanted to know what would happen next on his adventure, does he find it? Does he fail at a task ? Does another person find it before him? All these questions were pondering through my head after each and every section of the book that I read.


      The concept about a virtual world being created help yourself escape from reality is something that has already become a reality with video games these days and many MMO in the past decade or so. This is a look into the future nearly as now with the imminent release of the occulus rift and other virtual reality headsets we are going to see an increase in users wanting to escape to world were they now they can both feel and see with their eyes instead of having to stair at a computer screen. The idea can change the way we interact with the real world and I feel that a lot may somehow start to get hooked on it if it were to become a reality in the near future. The book dwells on this and it shows that there is a growing fear that people are getting too attached to technology and that soon it will drive us to stop being social in public while we remain connected to our technology devices.


      Ready player one is a fun read and the writer provides that fast paced enjoyment through each and every single chapter you read through. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good problem solving and adventure type of book. Even those that love retro video games would enjoy reading this book.


      Have a good one and take it easy and thanks for reading.

      Comment or post your thoughts please

      photo A1bCf-Xhe4L_zpsucqqq4ha.jpg





    • Game of the Year 2014

      4 years ago


      As the gaming year of 2014 comes to a close soon, i would like to put forth the games that i thought were a cut above the rest when it came to how they displayed themselves to the general public. The case that this year a lot of re releases came out and also HD remakes were produced, they would be not included in the top 10 as some of them had previously won games of the years in the past. 

      Well lets start the countdown to game of the year 2014 with some honorable mentions that had didn't make the top 10 first off, but still are recognised for their gameplay and story in the gaming calender. 

      Honourable mentions 

      Assassins Creed Unity 

      photo 2595163-assassins-creed-unity-walllpaper-790x444_zps7733fe08.jpg

      The games story had flowed with the great timeline of the French Revolution and also showed us iconic historical figures in history that had made the series reknowned for. However the game had many set backs due to alot of failed updates and bugs that had kept players uneasy and unsettled with the amount of glitches that had occured in the game. The game had a prospective future but in the end failed to deliver on its new engine that it was using for the game. Hopefully next year there will be improved made upon the series with the new Assassins Creed set in England. 

      photo acu-gi-01_147185_zpsdb9544c1.jpg

      Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call 

      photo Theatrhythm_Curtain_Call_Logo_zps7d5ec8f3.jpg

      The game was great and it was much better than the first game in the on going series. I felt that the lack of content initially installed on the cartridge was not enough that they required DLC to make the game better and keep the game ever flowing with songs and themes. The game was fun and became an honourable mention as this was one of Squares best releases for 2014, without adding that Final Fantasy X/X2 HD had also came out with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD remix as well. 

      photo theatrhythmcurtaincallscreenshot_zps227bbd75.jpg

      Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

      photo smashbros_3DS-646x519_zpsf3193208.jpg

      I believe this was a great addition to the 3DS family and is well regarded as one of the best multi player fighters out there right now. However the 3DS version lacked the continuity of being able to have continuous play. Once you have accomplished all the medals like in Mario Kart 7 for 3DS, it became all about online battles which at times was not the best feature of the game. LAN feature is still the best way to be able to play the game without any such problems arising at all. The game for the WII U version however is a much better concept of the series and shows everyone how Nintendo can take a simple concept and develop it into one of the biggest and well known fighting franchises in the business. 

      photo super-smash-bros-3ds-unlockable-characters-646x325_zpsd187228c.jpg

      Now the big TOP 10 OF 2014

      #10 Titan Fall 

      photo titanfall-2-to-come-to-ps4-steam_zps601ec4c1.jpg

      One of 2014's biggest releases for PC and Xbox One. It seemed that this would be the game that would be the PS4 killer to land the blow that would help boost sales and also show their mark on something different from the Halo and Gears of War Franchise. Initially the game came out a success but over time with problems with match making and the ever thought of being online at all times to play the game, had caused many players who do not have a great net connection to be left in the dark. The game itself presented a good concept for what games would play like on a story related multiplayer platform. Its the start of something big and with promise of the game coming to PS4 and Steam in the future, it seems that the game is going on a multi platform level of gaming. 

      photo 2588606-titanfallfrontiersedge_zps48e2c169.png

      #9 Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris

      photo 1418116801-9618-card_zpsadb9fff9.jpg

      Lara Croft never looked so good from a top view gaming, this was the series that helped our tomb raider to move into a new platform that would allow us to play multiplayer mode easily. The games story and bright atmosphere brings us back to how Lara went through her adventures in previous Tomb Raider games, however this time we are able to see it from a different perspective. Story wise the game plays well and adopts the same style of play through as "Lara Croft and the guardian of light". I like the flow of the game and it was well balanced, are extra DLC to come in January so hopefully it shall be good and allow for more gameplay. 

      photo 2555478-newcroft_zps8d0e4270.jpg

      #8 Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls 

      photo reaper-main_zpsa2df3d19.jpg

      The expansion to one of the best Dungeon crawlers out there currently, you take away what lagged Diablo 3 and just improve the style of leveling and also the ability to customize more. With the exclusion of the action house in the game, Diablo 3 became the game that was intended to be and made fans rejoice with the new found love for the game a year later after its release. The additional Character added to the game adds a mixture of both Monk and Barbarian to the mix to form a crusader class. They are strong and have the heavenly grace to help them through the battlefield. A great game and it actually feels like the Diablo we grew up playing in the past. 

      photo images_zpsc38aa153.jpg

      #7 Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor 

      photo middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor-2014-game-1415106925_zps8f9769fa.jpg

      Its one of the better titles that was created for the Lord of the Rings expanding Universe. I felt this was a breakthrough in their games to have something that branches out from the usual action game. This felt more like a Assassins creed game where stealth is your friend while going in all guns blazing is also another option. What shadows of mordor does for the game that is different from other titles, is that it brings out the strong points that a Lord of the rings title should be able to produce and that is the Story. The story of Shadows of Mordor is gripping and makes you want to play more and more of it till the end game. The action never seems to stop when you play this game. 

      photo 279771-M1_zps457be246.jpg

      #6 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 

      photo Metal_Gear_Solid_5_ground_zeroes_art_zps87f96363.jpg

      The game is a small concept of big lake of what was to come next year when Phantom Pain is released.. The game itself is intense which is more like a virtual missions add on that they had done in the previous games of the franchise. However getting the players ready for next year when the new one is released is really a good practise for newcomers to the series. The game itself though is a quick rescue mission that should take the average gamer about 25mins to complete. However lucky for the extra missions and trophies to unlock, that the game presented itself quite well. Hopefully there will be more from the main game to show why its a great Kojima series that has been out there for years in the gaming world.

      photo metal_gear_solid_5_ground_zeroes_la_04_zpsbfe8abfe.jpg

      #5 Walking Dead Season 2

      photo the-walking-dead-game-season-2-walkthrough_zpsd959d4ba.jpg

      A game that previously won the VGA for game of the year with its compelling story and life like choices to make you feel that you are part of the game as well. The game itself is something to marvel at with the same dynamic choices to make as well involved characters that make you feel like your part of the team. Though this game went into a different direction which did not favor the emotions of oneself. The first season of walking dead captured your emotions with the ending and it felt like you did not know what was going to happen after each and every chapter had been completed. It goes without saying that regardless of that missing in this season, this game still has a strong appeal to the crowds of fans out there as discussions on what is to happen in season 3 is still in talks on forums around the world of the fate of your main character Clementine. 

      photo 2_sides_clementine___the_walking_dead_season_2_by_super_eistee_74-d6sb0to_zps2b327f62.png

      #4 Destiny 

      photo destinyguardians-halo-5-vs-destiny-plot-multiplayer-or-shared-world-shooter_zpsaeae808b.jpeg

      A game that helped playstation sell more PS4 bundles than anything ever before because of a distinct ice white colour to the console and this game that got bundled with it .Destiny was the game that would help launch a new shooter to the genre with multiplayer capabilities to make it a ever lasting game and series to talk about. Led by the developers of the first trilogy of Halo, Bungie had envisioned a game that they never would have thought of creating when they did the halo series and that came to live with the next gen consoles to help them bring their dream to life.  The game played well until we were left with a story that felt unfinished at the conclusion. Alot of players wonder what is there to do with the story other than play the multiplayer to progress through the game and further develop your character. I believe this is a testing ground for the next game to be released to help them understand what was missing from the first game and that they would include it in the second one. We just hope they think like that though..... Other than that, the game looked amazing and the scenery of mars and venus was like nothing you would have ever imagined. Sometimes you have to just sit down and enjoy the view. 

      photo destiny-hp-fb-og-share-img_zps9ec54ff2.jpg

      #3 Assassins Creed Rogue

      photo Assassins-Creed-Rogue-Wallpaper_zpsa94bc35e.jpg

      Assassins Creed Rogue is the final installment for the current gen system for both PS3, Xbox360. This game ties in the missing gaps between Black Flags and Assassins Creed Unity. The story of being a Assassins and being betrayed by the very people you sworn to uphold comes down to your character becoming a templar and hunting down the brotherhood that had helped you become the man you are today. I felt it was a great setting for the game to be created for the current gen series and it helped get players a feel for some of the changes that would not be included in the next gen game. Great story and feel to the gameplay style, however though , USA and the caribbean feel very lonesome as not a lot of AI characters were present at some points in the game. It felt like a ghost town at times....

      photo acrogue-gi-02_161295_zpsdf89d95c.jpg

      #2 Child of Light

      photo 2309987-childoflight_zps6f0614e7.jpg

      Child of Light is a beautifully created game by a small studio within Ubisoft for creators who wanted a break from creating Assassins Creed or anything else related to the Ubisoft Franchise. This studio created two short games, one called Child of Light and the other called Valiant Hearts. i was not able to play Valiant Hearts but if it was like Child of light then i would suppose it would have made the list here. Child of light is a crafted game that tells the story of a young girl in search of a her father the king. The story is compelling and the gameplay is reminiscent of old japanese RPG's. Its a great short game and i feel that it could have made it number 1 on the list if was longer. 

      photo homepage_slide_child_of_light_screenshot_cave_127567_zpsa60001f3.jpg

      #1  The Wolf Among Us

      photo maxresdefault_zps3bf654c5.jpg

      The game of the year for me of 2014. The game had it all, a compelling story, great gameplay and a rich vibrant atmosphere that is different from any story being told before. The game is based off Fables graphic novel series and retold it through the great minds of TellTales. You play as the big bad wolf who is the sheriff of fabletown and your job is to keep the peace and make sure everyone is in check and not messing around. The game revolves around a murder into which you go through the game finding clues and answers to who was responsible and what are you able to do to stop this mass murder from continuing in your town. The story captures the players and puts them in the shoes of the Sheriff on what he will do to make the ones he cares about happy and safe from harm. This is a game of the year title for the purpose it felt the same how it was when i first played The walking Dead Season 1, it is sad that it did not continue to season 2 though. However I feel that The Wolf Among Us will be a big hit for this company in the long run with many possible stories to be made from this franchise. 

      photo TheWolfAmongUs-grendel-622x388_zpsc0ffc258.jpg

      photo bigby_snow_kitchen_zpsf1446361.jpg


      The gaming calendar finishes for 2014 but a new and brighter one opens for 2015 with many big titles coming to our screens:

      Batman Arkham Knight

      photo batman-arkham-knight-screenshot-04-ps4-us-04jun14_zps6536db60.jpg

      Uncharted 4 

      photo Uncharted_4_Reveal_Wallpaper_zpsb65a3419.jpg

      Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain 

      photo pic_z_003_zpse68f0086.jpg

      Tom Clancys: The Division 

      photo news_reveal_web_101398_zps3d91cc4d.jpg


      photo bloodborne_zps92f823a7.jpg

      Order 1886

      photo The-Order-1886-Game-Wallpaper_zpsaf7c1499.jpg

      Halo 5 Guardians 

      photo srozcgu-halo-5-can-master-chief-revive-cortana-in-guardians_zpsfa3564c4.png

      No mans Sky 

      photo No-Mans-Sky_zps01304364.jpg


      photo evolve-jan-first-look-screenshots-11_zps9fcb8a75.jpg

      Alot of these could be possible games of the year for 2015 but we shall see in a year time what happens. 

      Thank you for reading this post and i hope you all have a safe and happy new year there wherever you are in the world. Take care and comment on anything at all on what needs improvements to help make next years list even better than this year


      photo I9hvanK_zpskveq4glw.gif

    • Gaming Reviews- Hitman TrilogyHD collection

      5 years ago


      Hey there everyone, hope all is well in your side of the world where ever you are when reading this. This is my review on the game Hitman Trilogy HD collection, this is going to be a new blog where I'm going to be writing about the games that i complete all this  year and then near the end of the year create a Game of the Year of the games that i've completed throughout the year of 2013. Hope you all enjoy this piece. 

      photo Hitman_HD_Trilogy_feature_zps1c58b4d8.png

      Hitman first came out in 2000, however the first game did not make it out to console versions and people were left to wonder what the game was about if they didn't have a good pc at the time to run the game. However console gamers where able to get their first taste of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin in 2002 when it was released on both pc, Ps2 and xbox. This brought about a huge success for Studio IO that they had decided to continue the series on all platforms if possible. Two more games were released afterwards called Hitman Contracts and Hitman Blood Money which had been the last game to be made for long time frame before the 2012 accomplishment of Hitman Absolutions release. 

      Due to popular demand of console gamers wanting to get a HD version of the originals for those that were not aware of the previous installments to the series. Edios and Team IO as well as with collaboration from Square Enix went and announced a few months after the release of Hitman Absolution that they would be bringing out The Hitman Trilogy HD collection for both PS3 and the Xbox360 in 2013 for those players that have not played it before or for those that want to relive the game again in pure HD goodness. 

      Hitman HD trilogy is a marvel of a game that enhances everything about the hitman franchise to the current consoles. This made me feel like it was a nice recap of how we grown to know and love Agent 47 over the years leading up to Hitman Absolution. The controls and the different ways of being able to make stealth kills are different to that of Absolution and makes you do objectives more stealthier and more silent compared to that of its newer game. Some things i do remember though of the game elements still felt the same as the alarm signals to Agent 47's funny yet stealth fiber wire walk/ / dance to silent assassin a enemy target. 

      photo hitman_bloodmoney-01_zps21f47df1.jpg

      I started with playing Hitman Blood Money since it was my favorite of the trilogy at the time and i remember constantly playing it when i had a copy on the ps2. The game played out the same but better looking and more AI alertness. I felt while playing it that no matter what level of difficulty that was set in any of the 3 games, the AI would still sorter react differently and not the same as that of the previous version. When i use to play the game you could tell at what time and at what moment where a certain character is going to be and how much time you had before you would miss your chance to get them. That was the key of Hitman back in the day having to be able to time yourself perfectly to make every second of every minute count.

      photo hitman-blood-money-hero_jpg_718x405_crop_upscale_q85_zps0e0479ac.jpg

      The game brought back memories of how much you had to concentrate on the objectives and if your also going for those platinum trophies its a even bigger challenge to overcome this time around. It took some time to get use to how the game control scheme played out but lucky for the first mission being a tutorial mission it allowed for my hands to remember the combinations of how the games mechanics worked and i was set for a old adventure but with better quality of gaming this time around.  Blood Money may have been the shortest game of the hitman series to complete but it was a great to look at all the different options of taking out the hits that you have to take to get you to the end. 

      photo hitman-contracts-03_zps2bf90663.jpg

      Hitman Contracts i found had the best story in the trilogy because of its retelling of the events that lead up to why we see our Agent 47 in an apartment being wounded and such. Its this kind of event that makes us understand Agent 47 more so and how his life has changed over time because of the major plot twists that have occurred. Contracts missions lead you around the world from being in Europe and then traveling all the way to Asia for his missions. Along the way we meet a lot of colorful characters that either make his life hard to complete a mission or make his life a lot easier in trying give him tips about certain events that will happen at certain times within the game. Playing this game i found that again we are forced to get use to another control configuration change. Making the player get use to another control scheme for another game as right after they have mastered Agent 47 arsenal in the previous game.

      photo -silent-assassin-screenshot_zps297d5991.jpg

      Fans of the Hitman Series have all found that they liked Contracts more than the other Hitman games as well as the newest Hitman ( Absolution ) as it was staying true to the series and that it was full of missions that kept your blood pumping throughout the game as the adrenaline for each mission just kept you constantly on your toes. 

      photo computer-shooting-games-2_zps53ece8cb.jpg

      Hitman 2 Silent Assassins has to be my bane of the hitman series. It has to be the hardest one of the series. Some may say its not and have other opinions about it but i felt that this was the hardest as there was another controller configuration change as well that for my game there was a lot of bugs within the game that made it constantly a pain for me to play. However finishing the game i felt a sense of accomplishment to get through Professional level. What made this game distinctively different from other games in the series is that of its NPC behavior throughout the game. The NPC's are not following a set path provided to them by the programmers. They are usually doing a number of different things each time  you play it. There would be for example a solider standing where  you need to be in one game and when you reply the game the solider has been moved to make the mission slightly more easier for you to slip by to your objection. Its not about the level of difficulty change at all at this point. Its just how the characters are reacting differently in each game and i felt this was a good opportunity to show that they have a mind of their own sometimes. Which makes the game the most challenging of them all as the others in the series don't have this effect to a player. The games story is different and consists of a more personal vendetta to save someone close to you. You still follow a set number of missions but you are trying to in this game get to your main target that keeps eluding you all the time till the conclusion of the game. 

      All in all i believe this is the best HD trilogy of all the current HD re releases that have come out so far, its great story of the history about Agent 47 will get players ready for Hitman Absolution or have them learn a bit more about Agent 47 past if they have already played Hitman Absolution. You get your money worth with this game as there is a lot of replying involved if your a Trophy Hunter or Achievement Guru. The game shows it age in Silent Assassin, but contracts and blood money show why the Hitman series was a huge classic of games back in 2004 and 2006. 

      Thank you for reading my review i hope you enjoy it and please provide feedback on what you think needs improvement to help me improve my next review on another game. 

      Have a good day,


    • Injustice Gods Among Us Review

      5 years ago


      Injustice: Gods Among Us, is a game that is created by Nether Realms. They are the same company that created the Mortal Kombat Games series and also had a small stint with DC to make a DC vs Mortal Kombat game that came out in 2008. The game sold well but was criticised for its lack of violence compared to that of the Mortal Kombat games with its gore and extensive amount of blood use. 

      photo injustice-gods-among-us-for-ps3_zps8e77c25a.jpg

      Injustice is played out more differently than the regular fighting game as its story mode is driven solely on the DC universes comic book series New 52. There has also been a comic book series also named Injustice that leads up to the games release and is currently still an ongoing series being published. 

      The game was teased in 2012 at E3 and continued onto Gamescon where game play was shown of the games mechanics at work. Ed Boon the creator of the Mortal Kombat games and director of Injustice stated that he wanted this game to feel as though you are playing a Mortal Kombat game but having that sense of feel that you were playing as your favorite characters from the DC Universe. There was 24 characters that were chosen to represent in the game with a few more characters being available in the DLC that are later to come throughout the year. 

      Only  a few number of characters were chosen to be played in the story mode. However you were able to vs the other characters that were not available, which gives you a chance to understand and watch how their moves and combos differ compared arcade mode of the game. The story mode is driven so much that you get entangled into it to find out what happened and what events leaded up to this game. I can tell you that if you have been reading the comics you will be able to see the aftermath of what has occurred to make this game complete and more understanding to the player if they want to know more about the story. 

      Multiplayer mode is going to be one of the two elements of the game that players would be coming back to over and over again. There is a ranking system within the game that where players level up to unlock special achievements and special icons and backgrounds for their hero card. The main thing though about multiplayer is that there is many modes that can be played  within this category. One being the Seeded matches where you are pitted against players of your level of quality and then you rank up or rank down according to your level of wins and losses. There is also a 1v1 battle system where you play against random players to just either train or learn from their tactics to get you ready for seeded matches. 

      photo 793517-injustice-gods-among-us_zps0c972d81.jpg

      Arcade mode is a lot different were you choose your character and fight a number of players to get you learning and gaining experience as well. The level of difficulty can be changed to suit your playing style as well. With the game being builded up with 24 characters it is easily to classify them into three different groups of fighting styles. 

      1. The flyers: Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Black Adam, Green Lantern, Shazam, Sinestro and Green Lantern.  They are the ones that can take control of a battlefield from both afar and can make high jumps to deal damage from above to their opponent on the ground. 

      photo Injustice-Announce_zps825c054f.jpg

      2. Tanks: Bane, Ares, Cyborg, Doomsday, Solomon Grundy, Lex Luthor. These group of fighters are the heavy characters of the game that deal alot of damage up close. if your caught up in the middle of their combo there can no way out of their range of damage that they would pile on you. They can even take in alot of damage which builds up their super power limiter as well. 

      photo BaneInjustice_zpsee31e4cb.jpg

      3. Speedsters:Batman, Flash, Catwoman, Killer Frost, Joker, DeathStroke, Green Arrow, Raven, Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Nightwing. Its these characters that are fast paced and can deliver both damaging combos as well as exceptionally strong counter attacks to take back the edge over your opponent that you are vs at the time. 

      photo injustice_flash_alt_thumb_zpsf64d7584.jpg

      Testing each character is essential if your going to take up the multiplayer scene. Try and find your playing style and then try and see which of the characters plays to your liking. Its only then will you understand and know who you will take to the ranked matches to push up the ranks and hopefully get to rank 1 on the leader board. 

      I believe that if there is not another fighting game being released this year, i do have a feeling that it can easily win Game of the Year for this category. Its deep story and never ending multiplayer game play really makes this a worth while game to play whenever your up for a beat up with a friend or someone online who is trying to take your rank away from you. 

      Hope you enjoyed the review and hope you enjoy playing the game,


      photo injustice-gods-among-us-09-1_zps0043d759.jpg


    • Games completed throughout the year May 2012- Diablo 3

      5 years ago


      In the month it was another blizzard game the fans have been waiting for years for. This game was Diablo 3. 

    • Games completed throughout the year June 2012- Rayman:Origins

      5 years ago


      The game i played in the month of June was Rayman: Origins Vita Version. 

    • Injustice Gods Among Us Demo Review

      5 years ago


      photo InjusticeGodsAmongUsWiiUBatmanWonderWomen_zpsc4026289.jpg

      Injustice Gods Among Us demo was a game that brought me back to how fighting was simple and it all depended on the player to dish out button combinations to take out the person or computer that they are playing against. The demo gives us just a hint of what potential that this game has instal for us when it is released on the 17th of April. The visual and the character design of the game thus far is out of this world in fighting games and it does somewhat remind me of Mortal Kombat but without that killer instinct way of trying to be to gory. The game is created by Nether Realms studios who were the creators of Mortal Kombat so they know what they are doing when it comes to two dimensional Fighting genre. 

      The games level design is very sophisticated much like the Mortal Kombat series of having background animation doing allot of action and making the background part of the fighting scene as well. There are breakable objects like dumpsters and water manes in this demo that made the fight scene change allot. This causes allot of destruction making the game a whole lot different from when it started till the end of the fight where everything is a total mess after the whole smash and bash. The level that was available for the demo was Gotham Cities Police Department rooftop as well as Gotham City Crime Alley.

      The characters that you get to choose from in this demo was either Batman, Lex Luthor and Wonder woman. The only two options of game style that was available for the demo was Battle and Local Multiplayer. The battle is kind of like single player campaign but however it was only 4 battles that you get to fight in that mode. They consisted of  you fighting Lex, Wonder woman, Batman, your clone of which ever you choose and lastly Doomsday was the end battle. At the character selection screen you choose one of the three characters your going to fight as and then you get to choose a level of difficulty ranging from Easy to Very Hard. I choose normal to start of with before i get use to the other characters and then make my way to the Very Hard Option. 

      photo vlcsnap-2013-01-25-12h03m27s235_zps8a4a191e.jpg

      Lex Luthors character felt like the tank of the game for now because of his powerful moves and combos if you can pull them off as well as the amount of damage that can be dealt to him before he goes down for the count. His moves range from calling down a hail of missiles, to shooting a laser at you and also wielding a kryptonite axe straight at you. His super power though is kind of a let down as its something that can be blocked easily. However if your not fast enough to dodge it, then its going to be a world of pain for you when you get out alive after that move. It consists of him punching you while moving towards you to get you to be stunned while as well hailing down a giant Icarus style laser where he catches the laser and throws it straight at you causing a Brutal Attack to your health bar. Think of Akumas Raging demon attack but on a atomic level. 

      photo WONDER_WOMAN_zps8fed385a.png

      Wonder woman is the speed of the demo, where can have two different sorts of styles to her arsenal of fights which makes her pretty awesome to play as. She can function well on the ground where she uses her sword and shield for massive combos or she can take to flight and hit you like a punching bag in the air and do massive air combos before you hit the ground. She reminded me allot like Rouge from the Marvel games as she can alternate between Air attack and Ground attack at a button press. Her super power consists of being able to use her lasso to tie her opponent up before she lets her amazon sisters take care of him with their assault of punches and smacking across the face of the opponent with a piece of log. While finally wonder woman goes up and smashes her enemy to the ground with a thunderous force. 

      photo Batman-Injustice_zps250a5bd8.jpg

      Batman is a all round character that uses anything at his disposal to take out the enemy he can even attack from afar and still build up his energy to take unleash a super power that deals heaps of damage to his enemy. His super power consists of blinding the target with smoke gas then finally shocking them with tasers before the finishing touch to his arsenal. the batmobile running through the enemy itself. With the arts of both Kung Fu and Taekwondo, you know that hes not gonna need any super powers to take out even the strongest of super heroes. 

      I cannot wait for the full games release in a week or two, its going to bring a whole new multiplayer view of fighting against one another online and its also bringing in some new challenges that is going to bring in the votes for injustice to get Best Fighting game hopefully at the end of this year. 

      I hope you enjoyed the review and go right now if you have xboxlive or psn to download the demo for free and experience the game yourself. 

      As always have a good one where ever you are in the world. 


      photo Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-001_zpsba6bb0c1.jpeg


    • Good Bye Lucas Arts Productions

      5 years ago


      When we heard that last year Disney was buying Lucas Films we all thought that this could either be good for the franchise or be a sad end to what we once knew of Star Wars. Sadly on the 3/4/2013 Disney had started liquidating parts of what was once Lucas Arts. The developers and publishers of games such as Lego star wars, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Dark Forces series, The Knights of the Old Republic series. Everything you once knew of star wars games was now falling apart with the collapse of the studio. 

      photo Star-Wars-1313_zps332a0ad4.jpg

      The latest game that Lucas Arts was developing was Star Wars 1313, and currently this was going to be the game that would get all those star wars hopefully back to playing video games again with this new genre in the galaxy. However when news struck yesterday people around the net started asking the questions of what is going to happen to 1313? well for now the project is in Limbo.. The only major objective that could arise is if a third party publisher would take the reigns to get the game completed. However this is just a long shot as now as we know it, there wont be for a while be anymore star wars games being made effectively

      Not to mention its not just the games that are doomed as well, its the staff behind Lucas Arts that have to look for new jobs as well because of the Lay-offs that have occurred with this cutting off any sort of links to what was known as Lucas Films or any affiliation with the company. 

      A look back at some of the games that they had created over the  years and won many awards for as well. 

      1. Knights of the Old Republic Saga

      This series won it all, game of the year, best original Character in a game, 10/10 from many gaming websites and most of all it won a BAFTA for best Xbox game of the year. many other awards that made this game remembered in allot of star wars fans hearts. 

      photo Star-Wars-Knights-of-the-Old-Republic-20-1280x960_zps75faa35f.jpg

      2. Star Wars the force Unleashed.

      Going back at the time when Leia and Luke were growing up there was Darth Vader taking over the Galaxy with his empire of troops wiping out all of the existing Jedi's left. However we didn't know that Vader had an apprentice. This is the story of Starkiller and his path of becoming either a strong Sith or a Strong willed Jedi knight. Two games were made in the series Winning best video game writing for the script and story of the game. 

      photo star_wars__the_force_unleashed_by_thesumu_zps224ba24b.jpg

      3.The Lego Series

      Thinking of mash ups of studios, we did not see this one coming, and it was Lego that was able to make the ever popular Franchise even more popular with the way that they were able to make such a long great series of Lucas film movies into popular games that will be remembered by all. The games included: Indiana Jones Lego, Indiana Jones Lego 2, and Star wars Lego which was split up into many titles later becoming Lego Star Wars Complete Collection. 

      photo lego_indiana_jones_the_videogame_78551_zpsedc952d5.jpg

      4. Rouge Squadron Series

      Started with N64, the game developed a big cult following as they demanded more games where you can go through missions while flying all the popular aircrafts from the movie within the game. Even some as finding secrets within the game that unlocked special Aircrafts that were not from the episode 4-6 of the movie franchise. It was the first in the series to go 2nd behind Nintendo's Ocarina of Time in the holiday season with having sold 1 million copies In the US alone. 

      photo cover_large_zpsbcf7aa4d.jpg

      5. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

      A big multiplayer hit as players around the world got the taste of being able to flight at a better rate with a Lightsaber against their friends and peers in limit multiplayer maps and designs. The games story was the focal highlight bringing a strong feeling that you were actually in the star wars Universe battling the last remnants of the sith and trying to clean your name to head back into the Jedi order. 

      photo jedi_2_zpsc1acfba9.jpg

      6. Star wars Battlefront

      A favorite among all the star wars fan base. This game lets you control any member of the team and take on super missions around the galaxy. Even taking Control of vehicles as well that have appeared in the franchise. Rumors of Battlefront 3 surfaced many times but due to the lack of funding and equipment at the time there was an unlikeliness that the game will ever see the light of day. With this news now we know that we won't be able to see the game unless Disney does something of a miracle for the company. 

      photo 1600x1200_hoth_zps9f285342.jpg

      So its goodbye to a popular studio and hopefully someone will be able to pick up some of the staff that have been layed off from what Disney has done to the company. We also hope that a third party developer comes and takes the reign for Star wars 1313 to see the light of day some time next year or beyond.

      We will miss you Lucas Arts. 


      photo lego-star-wars-the-complete_zps21a71a6c.jpg

    • Game of the Year 2012 Top 10

      5 years ago


      photo BestOf2012_Bumper_zps313dd8d3.jpg

      Hey there everyone, its been a while since the last post but im starting fresh and will talk about the month of January in Gaming as well as keep a regular blog monthy for all the games ive completed along the way. This post is talking about the games of the year for 2012, there is a long line of games that could have made it here but ive chosen my top 10 as well as some honorable mentions that didn't make the cut for top 10. Lets start the list off with the top game that was my GOTY.

      1. Mass Effect 3

      photo ME3_FemShep-Wallpaper_zps290a1bde.jpg

      A pure heart of a game, from start to near the end of the game. As mentioned in my other post Mass Effect 3 had a solid start and kept pushing the boundaries of gaming to its fullest. Its tragic ending then suffered a setback as numerious people on the web asked for more from the ending. There was a updated ending that would give some more information about the game and its meaning behind what they tried to explain and that i have to say served as a good deed done by Bioware. It was a sad touch as it was the last time we will see Shepard dawn the N7 armour but that is why trilogies are made, they are made for people to remember it and to for others to try and make something more out of it later in time. There have been talks at PAX east 2013 where they are already started production on the next Mass Effect universe, its going to be big and i cannot wait to get my hands on the game for next generation consoles. 

      2. Transformers Fall of Cybertron

      photo transformers-fall-of-cybertron-metroplex-wallpaper_zps4e7ef135.jpg

      A game full of emotion as it started off with the gripping introduction with music by Puscifer - The Humbling River. It was a game full of action and thrilling storyline making you not wanting to put the controller down at all for a break. This game was a great sequal to the 2010 Transformers War for Cybertron, i believe that Highmoon studios have finally broke through the transformers gaming and have shown that they can produce one hell of a game series that will carry on for many more titles along the way. Optimus Primes struggle for peace and Megatrons Tyranny stretching as far as destroying the very planet they live on for his reign of terror makes this a must play game even if you are not a fan of the Transformers Series. 

      3. The Walking Dead

      photo TWD-game-the-walking-dead-game-31922820-1280-800_zps7e8ed9ab.jpg

      A winner of the VGA awards for 2012. Only being able to play this in late December after the awards since the game is banned in Australia i was able to still manage to play the PC version of the game. This game was something of an emotional rollarcoaster of a ride from having its ups and then going straight down to reality. Making you think hard and fast about the decisions you make to determine the storyline for your game. Each story is different in some ways depending on your actions that you deliver in the game itself. I felt the game was really good and really deserved the VGA award but however since the game didn't get alot of exposure here in Aus i was not aware of it until the game had won the award, leaving me to finish this game in the last days of 2012 to make this list.Telltale games really made a perfect game to show the world that story based driven point and click games are still in and will be for the next coming years as long as they continue to make compelling storylines and gameplay. 

      4. Halo 4 

      photo Halo4_zps033c3e5d.jpg

      Could the 343 industries handle the pressure of making a Halo game after the greatness that Bungie had done with the original Trilogy ? The answer is yes, they broke the expectations and created a great game with awesome cinematic to enrich players with new characters and emotional game play to make this one of the great Halo games made to date. Though it is still early years and we will wait for the next Halo 5 and 6 to come out later on next generation consoles. This is the answer that Microsoft was looking for in helping make the sales for Xbox 360 and they have their answer. The game is set 4 years after the events of Halo 3 and your drifting in space as suddenly you are awaken from your sleep and dropped into hell itself. A game worth waiting for since the announcement 2 years ago, it showed that Microsoft still have their cards to help them go up against both Sony and Nintendo for console greatness. 

      5. Hitman Absolution

      photo hitman-absolution-giga-gameplay_zpseaaaf994.jpg

      The hitman franchse got a major boost from Square Enix and they really made a great deal here to make this game one of the highlights of 2012. Its sereal environment and gameplay made it as if your actually Agent 47 taking out these hits to earn you credit and cash to spend on upgrades and new gadgets to help you throughout the game. The game though being short was the issue here as alot of time was put into making the game look physically pleasing as well as the multiplayer. Which is now becoming mainstream here with the AAA games coming out recently. A great story was the one that made all hitman fans around the world remember how it was that agent 47 delivered his kills and make all the money shots count when they needed. 

      6. Uncharted Golden Abyss

      photo UnchartedGoldenAbyss_Hero_zps09b57bf6.jpg

      One of the only Vita games to make the top 10, It was a strong detailed game that made you feel as if your playing a uncharted game on the go, but however with touch elements placed in the game, it kind of made things less like a uncharted game and more of a puzzler game. The puzzles were more challengeing than that of the Console version as you needed to use bright light to enable you to get through special locations and hidden areas as well. Using the back camera option you would have to place your camera in direct sunlight to view the map or path way to your next destination. However majority of players who play games tend to play at night time making it difficult to find a bright enough light source to aid them to solve the puzzle. With naughty dog leaving it to the Bend studios to create the game for vita they showed that they could take the reigns from Naughty Dog to produce a great portable game for the next generation of players. 

      7. Sine Mora

      photo sinemora_zps44e9ae88.jpg

      I believe this is one of those games that people will be going huh ? It was originally released for pc before making its debut for both XBL and PSN. This is a side scrolling shoot em up type of game where you fly a plane of the old times through futuristic created environments of the future. All inhabitants are animals and there doesn't seem to be any humans in here at all. All the story and characters are voiced by hungarian actors and subtitles are used to explain the game itself in English. However though, even myself and a view reviewers of the game have said that the game itself is great fun but the story was confusing and didn't get to the solution of what it was trying to tell in the first place. Overall its a great side scroller of this generation and i cannot wait to see what more games we get to see from Grasshopper Manufacturer and Digital Reality when they produce more great looking games for future consoles. 

      8. Diablo 3

      photo f9a8818bd6678489f09475d1e0ec974f_zps5d93441c.jpg

      Diablo 3 was a game in waiting for 12 years since the last release of Diablo 2 in 2000. This game blizzards next hit in their ever increasing catalouge of games. This was the one which would mark 2012 as one of the best games for PC. The dungeon Crawler was a hit with people going to midnight launches around the world getting their hands on copies and meeting developers. The game itself featured a better Battle Net, where you and friends would be able to travel through the game working in co op together to accomplish tasks and complete the chapters to complete the game in the end. There was alot of different media out for the release of Diablo 3, ranging from comics to short movies like the Diablo 3: Wrath animation that got it alot of attention before release date. 

      9. Borderlands 2

      photo borderlands-2-everyone_zps359c0b38.jpg

      A crazy game is all i could say about borderlands 2, winning a few VGA awards. It was such a chaotic game that half of the time you wonder what are the developers like when they had to think about the concept of how to create this game. The sequal to 2009s GOTY nominee and winner of xbox 2009 game of the  year and it became a runner up for the actual game of the year losing only to Demon Souls that year. The game is full of guns, brute force and alot of bullets. There was a report that there are actually 1000+ more guns in this game than there was in the original and alot more of missions as well to complete leaving players to really grind through this game to its fullest if you want to reap the rewards at the end. Amazing is all that i have to say about this gun tooting game. 

      10. Dishonored

      photo dishonored_game-wide_zps7fcb51fd.jpg

      Dihonored was the answer i have been waiting for in a Theif sort of game. Set in a alternate world where whale oil is used publically for everything it shows what the world would have been like if political power rose above all and took control of everything without having free speech at all. You take control of the character Corvo and go about the game through the many missions trying to reclaim your name for the corruption that has been put over you. You use special magic and spells and even stealth skills to complete missions and side missions throughout the game. There is alot of work to be done to ensure that no one is able to see you but its all worth it to get that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Experience. A first person stealth is what this game is all about and i really enjoyed this game as it is sort of like the game Theif. Thankfully in the next year or in the future Theif will be realised on next generation consoles. 

      Honorable Mentions:

      Not all games could make the top ten but if i had the chance i would have put them in here, but its a top ten for this reason. Some other games that i had played throughout the year were: 

      Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

      photo all-stars-lead-440x270_zps4d954eb6.jpg

      A smash brothers brawlers type of game with Sony characters from around the family of Sony Entertainment. 

      Wipeout 2048

      photo ps_vita_persp.jpg

      The next addition to the wipeout franchise based soley on Playstation VIta. A racing game based on futuristic Technology. 

      Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Vita Version

      photo ultimate_marvel_vs_capcom_3_cast_wallpaper_by_bxb_minamimoto-d4fkkpn_zps2b23d236.png

      A cross between two big players in both the gaming arena and the comic book and movie franchise, we see both Wolverine and his gang of Marvel Characters take on Ryu and his Capcom buddies for the epic battle. 

      Sleeping Dogs

      photo Sleeping-Dogs-2457_zps29d0c906.jpg

      A game based in Hong Kong where you are a under cover police officer trying to infiltrate the criminal organisation and find a lead to solve the crime at the end of the game. Open world GTA type of game set in Asia. Its a good mix of action and story driven game, however it was a bit short the actual game to complete and with the DLC available now it actually made the game better and more interesting to play after purchasing the extra content. 

      Thank you once again for reading and i hope you all enjoyed the post and as always see you in the next post, take care :)



      photo mass_effect_illustrations_by_facuam-d4qkra8_zpsb76e8483.jpg

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