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    • SEGA Bass Fishing of the Dead

      6 years ago


      As silly as this is I'de buy SEGA Bass Fishing of the Dead .

    • Xenoblade Chronicles nearly outsells Kid Icarus: Uprising in its first week!

      6 years ago


      Xenoblade Chronicles is the RPG that took a fan campaign to have the game published in the US and it is selling pretty good. It sold 141,593 copies in the US its first week, almost out selling Kid Icarus: Uprisings total of 169,677 during its third week. That’s a crap load of pre-orders! Xenoblade Chronicles was a GameStop exclusive and for the few parts of the US that don't have a GameStop every 10 feet, it was also available from Nintendo’s online store.

      If you are wondering why your pre-order through Nintendo is back ordered, it’s because they didn't see it coming. It seems like they have forgotten that selling "games not intended for five year olds” can sell too. With a market flooded with kids titles it's hard to find games for Wii. It's too soon to say after the first week if sales could slow down, but hopefully Nintendo will learn a thing of two from this.

      Don't flood your market with party games for kids, and listen to your fans. If the Wii U has stacks of party games featuring Justin Bieber, they will scare away the market of people who tossed away their Wii mote in favor of a real game. Let's hope the Xenoblade Chronicles keeps selling and The Last Story does well. Then we can hope for Pandora's Tower and look at Nintendo with pride again.

    • Crush 3D on sale as a GameStop exclusive

      6 years ago


      I've been waiting for this game for awhile. Little did I know that it was pushed out and made a GameStop exclusive. I might not be the only one, but for anyone interested it's already on sale for just $19.99. If you're looking for a great game for your 3DS or you love puzzle games that make your head implode, do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

    • The clock is ticking !! Sega,Capcom & Namco Bandi secret 3DS project

      6 years ago


      The japanese  teaser site for the  Sega,Capcom & Namco Bandi secret 3DS project now has a timer ticking  looks like we will soon see what the project could be.

      Its only a matter of time but I still think it will be a fighter cross over Tekken vs Street Fighter vs  Virtua fighter. Thats the logical most likely case,if it is the case my first thought is how much is the DLC?

         Capcom =DLC whores/  Nintendo= overpriced downloadable games

      It could be somthing totally differant? maybe a cross over to rival smash brothers ?

      No facts  yet but one thing is for sure I can't wait & I hope whatever it is , it makes its way to US.

        see it for your self---->>>>>>>                                  pxz.channel.or.jp/

    • Because Pro Jared and Namco had dream

      6 years ago


      Hope at least some one who voice acts in the game can say "Saiyan"

      A game that will most  likely suck,but will be hard to say no to,ever have an idea for a game and one day its made.Pro Jared had this idea Namco made it happen

    • A look X-Men Destiny

      7 years ago


      This is a review of X-Men Destiny more of a look at the game play then a full review,I pretty much go over some of the game play elements

      On a score base I would give this a 8 out of 10 I really love it but  its lack of content leaves me wanting more .Though it  replay value , there could have been alot more to do(DLC please)

      Overall game play is a mix of beat um up and RPG , if Fable 3 and X-Men origins had a baby this is what it would look like.

      There is no multi player , I wish  there was  co-op mission on Xbox live : ( because the overall value of the game would be alot better and just think of  how nuts it would be to go around  killing hordes of enemys

      I really love this game , its alot better then I expected , If you enjoy good old fasion beat um ups /hack and slashing  you will too

      (X-Men fans) though you can't play as any of them you can use alot of there powers ,Some great voice acting if you like Wolverine and the X-Men you might recognise a few

      Story really sucked me in, its nothing  too complex  and  pretty much the same  more or less depending  on who you pick /your actions, but interacting  with X-Men / brotherhood ect was great all voice acted no reading text and thats always a +

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