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      5 years ago


      Hello denizens of ScrewAttack! It’s been far too long, I know. I’ve been very busy since December, and frankly, rather uninspired to write anything. I didn’t have Halo 4 and all the games I was getting hyped about were coming out in the spring of this year. So I patiently bided my time and did school work (to some extent) until now that school is reaching a close and my worries are starting to decrease in measure. I’m graduating toward the end of June from high school. I was apprehensive to tell people how old I was (ever since my very first blog anyway; haven’t mentioned my age since and people never paid attention to that part) because I was afraid I’d be ridiculed or demeaned, either in comments or even more likely in people’s minds. But I’ve gotten over that self-conscious and insecure dribble and there’s no point hiding that anymore. I’m going to be showing more of my true self here and there, starting with my voice if I do livestreams or if we play together.

      In addition I’ve gotten a new Xbox 360 for myself, and Xbox Live! My Gamertag is LagiacrusHunt3r if you’d like to add me. Please tell me who you are when you do so I don’t assume you’re some random person and ignore you. I’ve had the honour of playing with some of you g1s out there already and I’d love to game with some more of you in the future. All I play online so far is Halo (3, ODST, Reach and 4, take your pick) and I have next to no progress for anything on my profile because I could not transfer my previous profile onto my new Xbox. So that’s another thing I’ve been doing: replaying a bunch of my games. It’s been great, actually, as I’ve been revisiting a lot of incredible games that were left to collect dust. I’ll be getting Minecraft for Xbox soon, although I’ve played it lots before on PC, so if people want to screw around or troll me on Minecraft you’ll have the opportunity soon enough. Can’t exactly play everyday, especially until school is done with, but I can try and fit you into my schedule whenever possible.

      Completely disregarding my “fall update blog,” I’ve devised a new set of ideas to rant and bore you guys with. My Pokémon “Revisited” series blogs are cancelled due to technical difficulties (i.e. restarting the games 3 times due to corrupt .sav files halfway through the game) and lack of topics to go on about that haven’t already been said. I never really thought that set of blogs were all that great anyway. So I’ve compiled a hypothetical or possible list of topics to write about or post here, and I’m not promising shit this time in case I can’t deliver.

      • Halo 4 and the Halo universe
      • Pokémon X & Y
      • Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate
      • Multiplayer
      • Livestreams of XBL footage…?
      • Deus Ex and Halo

      I hope to get these underway as soon as I can because frankly I feel inspired now that I’ve been away for so long and played through everything again. It’s been hard staying away from ScrewAttack for so long and I can tell I missed a lot (only had 837 notifications when I got back on). Well I’ll see you guys around and I’ll be back with something more topical for next time.

    • Halo 4 Reflections

      5 years ago


      I got Halo 4 for Christmas this year (as in Christmas 2012). I didn’t have the cash to buy it on its release date like I did with ODST and Reach. Instead I was forced to wait and continue to avoid spoilers as people played through it and more information was revealed. I can’t say my expectations were sky-high, which was a good thing, as it’s a new developer for the series. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from 343 which was why I made my “What I Hope To See In Halo 4” blog.

      Going in I was optimistic and ready for whatever they threw at me. I heard a bit about redesigns, which I expected for weapons and vehicles to make them look better and sound more realistic. The very first thing they show you is a video of Halsey being questioned about the Spartan program which I thought was quite interesting. Not only did it bring more back story-type aspects of the series like Halsey’s love for her subjects like children and particular fondness of Master Chief, but it gave a bit more insight into how she thinks of them. The part that gets me every time was when she mentioned the anonymous questioner’s mistake was viewing Spartans “as military hardware,” as she was very much that pragmatic in creating them to begin with.

      The very first level, aboard the Forward Unto Dawn, seemed to scream reminiscence of the Pillar of Autumn from Halo CE; I think that was done intentionally to bring about memories for association. Almost like 343 saying “Yeah it’s a new game but still the same series.” Maybe it was just me but from my primary analysis that’s what it seemed to indicate. The second level right after parallels the beginning of CE as well; you’ve crashed onto an unknown Forerunner structure and forced to search for options as for what to do. Except this time, the Chief has no backup at all. It’s much more isolated in that sense as you go through half the game before you encounter allies to assist you.

      I don’t like the Covenant redesigns, simple as that. Yes yes, I’m going to be a bitchy fanboy but it serves them right for doing that after relative design stability throughout the whole franchise. The Unggoy are barely recognizable and the Sangheili seem to have lost their previous gait of humanistic qualities (particularly the feel of intelligence) that made me love them so much. They seem far more animalistic than ever before and it saddens me as I truly enjoy the Sangheili as a species in the universe; they’re the closest to us in a lot of ways and just so bad-ass. And last but not least the Kig-Yar don’t look agile like they’re supposed to be; their heads more resemble sharks (oddly enough) if you ask me. It was rather silly how they included the Storm Covenant in Halo 4, albeit understandable I suppose. The Sangheili were in chaos after the Human-Covenant War (with some help from Kilo-Five) and uniting the other races under their old religion just would seem to be natural to them after thousands of years being the ruling class united under the religion of the Covenant. But seriously, the whole plot point of the Covenant coming back, even to that smaller degree, is just ridiculous and a pretty silly choice for the direction in the universe overall.

      So ignoring the re-emergence of the Covenant, the game drops pretty huge mindfucks on us about halfway through the game and beyond. The Prometheans, not to be mistaken with the Warrior-Servant Promethean Forerunners, are fairly interesting AI “creatures,” if you will. They emerge pretty radically in the game as unknown enemies that later turn out to be ancient humans converted to a demented AI form by the Composer. Not only does this shed light on the very vague and mysterious past of the Forerunners, but it shows humanity was a major rival to their empire. After reading a bunch of the Forerunner Saga, humans were even MORE advanced than the Forerunners in some ways. Until, that is, they lost a war to the Forerunners and were conveniently devolved into stupider humans with none of their technological legacy. But humans played a major part during the time of the Forerunners which shocked me; I always thought of the Forerunners as an uncontendable mighty alien race that was practically alone in sentience until they vanished. I find the Prometheans themselves as fairly annoying to combat, especially with Watchers supplying hardlight shields and reviving dead Knights, but I get by. They’re quite interesting as enemies and battles against Knights are usually a challenge. And the biggest mindfuck of all in the whole game was dropped before then: some Forerunners still exist (or at least one). The Didact, who for some reason was sealed away in (possibly) a Cryptum of some sort, was still alive. And he conveniently hates humans from being at war with them millennia ago and for killing his children. And he doesn’t like the idea of human Ascendancy to the Mantle, even though it was planned just before the Forerunners were wiped out. No, it’s not the Didact from the messages in the terminals in Halo 3 although it is close (read the Forerunner Saga to learn about that). A LIVING Forerunner though! I never saw that one coming, I can tell you that. That has such major implications for the series it’s simply staggering. It brings about so many questions, like “Are there more?” “What else is going to emerge from the past?” “How was the Didact sealed away?” just to name a few. I have yet to finish Primordium so I don’t know some things still, nor do I expect to. The Didact displays Forerunner technological prowess quite well in Halo 4. But a Forerunner come back from the dead and almost destroying humanity… quite unnerving and possibly foreshadowing. Then again, no other Forerunner held such a grudge against humans as the Didact (to my knowledge) and I’m sure no other Forerunner was lucky enough to be so forsaken they were sealed away. So in a way Halo 4 exceeded my hope for revealing Forerunner back story in some ways, but the books made in unison with the game (Kilo-Five trilogy and Forerunner Saga) did so even more than the game. Same goes for the Flood. There was very little mentioned about the Flood in Halo 4 (if at all), but the Forerunner Saga talks about it in great detail. I won’t go into detail lest I ruin the series for you but it’s quite the doozy.

      And then we arrive at what I hoped for Cortana. 343 sure did not disappoint on that front, I’ll give them that. Not only did they give her quite the character development through Rampancy, but the ending gets me every time (real men don’t cry, don’t forget that). She didn’t take quite the dive as I expected which is surprising given all the factors she’s been exposed to (Gravemind, four years of solitude, MASSIVE amount of information, etc.). I thought it was interesting how long she held it off and kept it at bay; really shows her true strength, even if it’s not quite the same as Master Chief’s raw physical strength. Cortana and the Chief have always had interesting parallels further strengthened by the ending of the game. I thought her demise in Halo 4 was the best way to end her life, and props to 343 for that.

      Now let’s move on to the ever-popular multiplayer. I know this is why Halo is as big as it is and unfortunately that won’t seem to change. I really don’t like the multiplayer as much this time around. I’ll still play it but it’s quite different to say the least. It seems very Call of Duty inspired for Infinity Slayer and I don’t like that. It’s still much more balanced than Call of Duty and has Halo qwerks in it but the simple fact that it’s quite similar to Call of Duty is discerning to me. I’m quite sure that was implemented to draw a larger audience to a more familiar gameplay style. Flood mode is very interesting; I love playing as something actually horrifying instead of a pale-green coloured Spartan. However, the lunge distance is a bit concerning as it’s vastly expanded since Reach. This can be overcome but it makes things a bit too overpowered if not taken into account. Everything else is fine so far to me, but I don’t do too much on Halo 4 multiplayer anyway.

      What I really would rather do is Spartan Ops. Contrary to its name, it’s not like Spec Ops from Call of Duty. Instead it is missions, sometimes taking place at locations from the campaign but often not, with their own distinct storyline rather than holdout missions cut from the campaign. It’s quite interesting to explore the relationships between these Spartan IVs as not much is revealed about them other than they began training as adults after the Human-Covenant War. I knew from the moment Sarah Palmer made that wise-crack to Master Chief in the campaign I wanted to see more of them. In that way I was slightly disappointed by the campaign, but Spartan Ops more than made up for it. I find Miller especially amusing in combination with Sarah Palmer. I also have yet to complete every episode but this shall be rectified soon enough.

      Overall Halo 4 was a very solid game story-wise and in other ways. It didn’t disappoint me really and did more than I expected from it. My only complaints, as I mentioned before, are the Covenant redesigns and Infinity Slayer but that’s fairly minor fanboy bullshit and I realize that. It certainly has made a massive impact upon the Halo universe, which has yet to be determined if it’s good or bad (if you ask me). It all depends on how far 343 takes all this in the end but they’re certainly foreshadowing from the discussion with the Librarian during the campaign. Who knows what she’s stored inside humanity as of yet? I have a feeling it will cause some sort of climax in the end as 343 continues their “Reclaimer” trilogy (as it’s been called). They’ve surprised me so far and I wonder what they’ll hit us with next time… Either way I’m all set for the ride and eager to see what will happen next.


      Until then, “wake me when you need me.”

    • Top 10 First & Second Generation Pokémon Themes Collaboration

      6 years ago


      Let me explain how this all started. So a while back I joined a Pokémon clan called MinistryOfDarkness21 and I began frequenting their chat on xat. So one night I chatted up with this user named "Adolescent_Politoed" (a.k.a. "AP_")  who is a moderator there and we hit it off pretty well. I soon battled him to test a few Pokémon I was training (and  was promptly destroyed...) and we chatted some more until I mentioned my blogging here on ScrewAttack. I asked him if he had an account, and it turns out he did. He was never really active and he had never blogged before, so we talked about what I do on SA. Within a day he was blogging (O.o) ! This collab is to help get his name out and just to do a cool Top 10 of something Pokémon. He's a cool guy with a love of playing random and kind of bad games as well as Pokémon and Sonic and likes the PS2 and Genesis. So without further ado, my collabortation partner is...











      10. Route 1 (R/B/Y)

      "Remember that first time you played Pokémon? Well the first Route you encounter is Route 1. The music is very memorable, and catchy! To tell you the truth… sometimes when I’m walking I hum this song in my head! This deserves a spot for being both memorable and nostalgic."


      9. Team Rocket Encounter (G/S/C)

      "The Team Rocket Encounter Theme has got to be my favorite encounter themes in the entire Pokémon series. To me it seems a bit cartoony, but that’s what I like about this theme because it fits Team Rocket. It sounds a bit sleazy and classy, which is how Team Rocket is. This theme plays when Team Rocket takes over the Goldenrod Radio Tower and when you encounter a Rocket Grunt."


      8. Lavender Town (R/B/Y)

      "I loved Lavender Town’s theme in Generation I. It sounded really different from the other towns’ themes. Although it did sound a bit creepy, it was definitely original. The theme certainly fit the town’s creepy mood. There have also been many stories about Lavender Town’s theme, which are all very interesting and add a bit more to this creepy yet delightful theme."


      7. Route 26 (G/S/C)

      "Route 26… One of the most memorable musical pieces in Generation II. This theme plays right after you make your first step into Kanto! Don’t believe me? Check the video and hear for yourself!"


      6. SS Aqua (G/S/C)

      "S.S. Aqua’s music is just amazing! The music here is so great. Sometimes I’d even go on the boat for the purpose to hear this theme. The anticipation of making your first trip into Kanto was agonizing for me when I first played Pokémon Gold, but this music just made waiting a whole lot more bearable!"


      5. Gym Music (R/B/Y)

      "One thing I really enjoy about Pokémon games are the gyms themes. No...Not because of the gym leader theme! It’s the Gym’s theme! This theme really pumps you up for a good Pokémon battle! Also! I really loved reading “Yo! Champ in making!”. This theme has been remade throughout every generation, but as they say, the original is usually better!"


      4. Ecruteak City/ Cianwood City

      "This theme is amazing! The mood of the whole city just fits with the music, especially when it’s night time. This theme is also interesting as it’s actually a remake of the Blue Field theme in Pokémon Pinball, which sounds a bit different than G/S/C’s version. This theme is really peaceful and calm just like Ecruteak City is supposed to be."


      3. Champion Music (G/S/C)

      "This happens to be my favorite Champion theme of all time in the Pokémon Games. It’s just really beautiful. It creates a tense atmosphere in the battle between the player and Red/Lance. The battle with Red was really one of the hardest battles in the entire series and this music really intensified the battle. This theme really brings back memories of battling Red. This theme is probably one of the most memorable themes in the entire series of Pokémon."


      2. G/S/C Credits

      "On most games I’ve played, I’ve usually just skipped the credits, because really… who wants to see names you don’t care about slowly pass by? Well, I actually stayed for the credits in Pokémon Gold because of this awesome music! This plays after you beat the Elite Four and after you beat Red in Mt. Silver. It is truly amazing and brings back so many memories of playing Pokémon Gold on my GBC. It is truly one of the most amazing credit themes in the Pokémon series."


      1. National Park (G/S/C)

      "National Park… the location of all those Bug Catching Contests. National Park is more than that to me. To me…National Park is unique to the Pokémon Games. Its theme really stands out from the crowd. It doesn’t really sound like music from a Pokémon Game, it’s calm, peaceful, and most of all, soothing to the ears. I close my eyes and I think about all the wonderful times catching those Scyther, Caterpie, and Metapod. National Park’s theme is definitely the best theme in the first two generations of Pokémon."



      My List (InAmberClad)

      10.  Celadon City (R/B/Y)


      A nice calm melody that I often get stuck in my head after being in Celadon for too long; there's just so much to do there! Possibly one of the best cities of the Pokémon franchise.


      9. Route 26/27 (G/S/C)


      Just a hopeful melody nicely suited for the routes just before Victory Road and the Elite Four. Gets me in the mood to battle and overcome all obstacles... including  the ton of trainers just before Victory Road. -_-


      8. Title Screen (R/B/Y)


      The famed original Pokémon theme. One of the most recognizable songs out of all the Pokémon games, every game of the franchise has had some version of this theme (albeit altered enough to be distinct). I still remember firing up the old GBC and hearing this theme play as a kid, and hearing it play on the very first episode of the Pokémon anime made it that much more awesome.


      7. Ecruteak City/Cianwood City (G/S/C)


      Gives me an ancient yet calm and collected feel, perfectly suited for Ecruteak City and it's rich history with legendary Pokémon.


      6. Dark Cave/Slowpoke Well/Ice Path (G/S/C)


      A dark and mysterious theme that I've found is great to listen to when searching the caves listed above. It is very well suited for wandering around the pitch-black, mysterious and eerie Dark Cave.


      5. Route 38/39 (G/S/C)


      This theme always gets me pumped and in the mood to play Pokémon! I often hum it to myself when I'm not doing anything and nobody's around. I always associate this theme with wandering legendaries because Route 38 was where I encountered Entei for the first time ever; it blew my mind and got me all excited. It's just something I'll never forget.


      4. National Park (G/S/C)


      A very calming theme that reminds me of all the experiences I've had in the Johto in general and my time with my Quilava. I often go back to National Park just to hear this theme.


      3. Vs. Red/Johto Champion (G/S/C)


      Brings back chilling memories of fighting all those Dragonites... Was quite difficult my first play through when I only trained my Typhlosion. But it brings back even more haunting memories of... RED! Damn him and his Blastoise and Snorlax! I will beat him someday in the 2nd Gen!


      2. Vs. Kanto Champion (R/B/Y)


      A final boss theme I like better than Lance's/Red's theme. Blue sure was a tough dude to take down with his over-powered multi-type team.


      1. Gym Leader Battle (R/B/Y)


      One of the most epic songs of the entire first generation. Really gave you the sense of gym leaders as epic bosses/challenges. Of course, this feeling has diminished for me over time with experience and knowledge, but this song brings it all back. It's a lot more hectic than the Champion's theme which I like more.



      So those are our lists. Please feel free to check out SilentlySlow's blogs; he's done a bunch of reviews so far (including of games I never heard of). He's a great guy, honestly. And of course subscriptions to me are greatly appreciated as well.

      Also, please consider our clan. None of this would have happened if it weren't for the clan! They're really some good people over there, and the clan has over 1000 members.  Please subscribe to their YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/MinistryofDarkness21?feature=plcp ) and like their Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/MinistryofDarkness2012 ) and voila, you're a member! Let me know if you join guys.

      In other news, me and SilentlySlow aso have our own chat you could visit it you want to talk to us (right here: http://xat.com/risingdragonshrine ). I not sure when SilentlySlow is on, but I am always onThursday and Friday nights as well as Sunday mornings, as well as various other times when I can get on (and I am in the Eastern time zone). It's just a small chat with basically him and myself for Pokémon stuff or just chatting with friends.


      So thanks for reading! Until next time, this is InAmberClad signing off.

    • Digimon First Season Review (Digimon Adventure)

      6 years ago


      The full theme song of the English dubbed first season. Enjoy!

      So, Digimon. Just hearing that brings back many memories from my childhood and now of recent events. I first heard of Digimon as a young kid when my friends began watching it. At the time, I was getting hardcore into Pokémon so I never paid much attention to it in the first place. I watched a few episodes and even the movie at my friend's house, but that was it. As I got older, I began dismissing it as a Pokémon clone and that was that; I didn't watch another episode since the first season for years.

      Tentomon, Izzy`s Digimon partner

      A few years back I remember waking up early often and searching through the TV channels for something to do, and the latest season of Digimon (in North America) caught my eye. I watched a few episodes and decided the series was worth a shot. Recently (as in over the past week) I watched the entire first season. I can tell you one thing: I deeply regret not watching this series as a kid. Maybe if I had I would understand some of my friends`fascination and maybe even have had a better and more varied childhood.

      Palmon, Mimi`s Digimon partner

      Let`s start with a plot overview:


      Plot Overview

      The story begins with seven kids (from left to right in the Header image: Izzy, Joe, Sora, Tai, Matt, T.K. and Mimi) attending summer camp and then being sucked into a vortex or dimensional rift. They are transported to a parallel world called the Digital World and are greeted by seven Digimon corresponding to each person.  Each of these Digimon partners can talk and has a unique personality, and have been waiting for their human partners their whole lives.  Upon their arrival, the characters are put into danger and discover their Digimon can digivolve when danger is present into more powerful Digimon through the power of their Digivices, strange apparatuses given to the human characters when they entered the Digital World. Contrary to Pokémon, after the fight the Digimon revert back to their previous evolution and sometimes even farther back than they originally were before the fight if enough energy is lost. The overall goal of the characters is to defeat the evil Digimon of the Digital World causing harm and destruction and return to the real world. Of course there are plot twists and different story arcs within the 54 episodes of Digimon Adventure, but I will not discuss these. Along the way, the children mature and understand their place and emotions better through their experiences with their Digimon and seek to improve their Digimons` power.

      Gomamon, Joe`s Digimon partner

      I recommend you at least check out the first episode right here:

      This user has also uploaded the entire first season onto their account: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8E142206FA74CB45&feature=plcp You should check it out before it gets removed. I watched most of the season there and they are good quality videos and English dubbed. There`s also the Japanese version (with english subtitles) in the 2nd Mirror on this site: http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/digimon-online


      Patamon, T.K.`s Digimon partner


      My Thoughts & Opinion

      Here we go, my opinion: I think this was a great season to watch. I really enjoyed it and I wished I experienced far more of it as a kid.

      I often find it hard to describe my feelings or emotions, but as I watched this I felt very nostalgic, happy, excited and sad. I rejoiced in the characters`personal triumphs and even had a few tears coming to my eyes during  events in some episodes (but don`t tell anyone that!). I really connected with the characters, Matt and Joe in particular. I felt their personal struggles to maturity are ones I`ve experienced and am experiencing now.  I don`t exactly know why, but I enjoyed the first season of Digimon very much and connected deeply to it.

      Gabumon, Matt`s Digimon partner.

      As for the characters, I thought they were all well done and interesting. My favourite character would be... well, I can`t choose! I liked all the children, but the ones I enjoyed most were Matt, Tai and Joe. My least favourite of the main characters would definitely be Mimi; she sometimes irritated me with her immature personality and what could be described as tantrums where she broke down a few times. She wasn`t that bad, but it did get annoying especially during tense times where she had to be focused but gave up fighting briefly.

      Biyomon, Sora`s Digimon partner

      For the Digimon, my favourite would be Gabumon. He is shy and quiet (like myself) and also very understanding and caring. If I had to go upon appearances, I would choose Augumon and his digivolutions because I think they looked the coolest. My leat favourite Digimon in the whole season is without a doubt Etemon. Just look at him:

      He`s basically an obnoxious Rock n`Roll Elvis impersonating monkey who keeps showing up for a while before he gets defeated by Tai. He`s very bizzare, narcissistic, and above all annoying. He matches the theme of strange within the Digital World but he just pisses me off. Watch the season and you`ll know what I mean. Seeing him destroyed was oh-so-satisfying.

      Agumon, Tai`s Digimon partner

       For some reason I liked the voice acting behind the characters. Particularily I liked the voice of Biyomon, Sora, Koromon, and Metalseadramon. I don`t know why; just love hearing those voices!


      So anyways  that`s what I think of Digimon Adventure. It was a great ride and I`m very glad I took the time to watch it. Hopefully I may have inspired you to watch it all over again or even watch it for the first time! Now if you excuse me I have season 2 to view. This is InAmberClad, signing off.

    • Pokémon Blue Revisited

      6 years ago


      So in case you didn’t know, I now have emulated versions of Pokémon Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Fire Red. So of course I immediately started playing Blue Version, the oldest of that list. I finished it very recently so I’m doing a blog about it. Here was my team in this play through:

      Mewtwo (Venusaur)


      • Razor Leaf
      • Toxic
      • Leech Seed
      • Double Edge


      Beast (Gyarados)


      • Ice Beam
      • Hyper Beam
      • Dragon Rage
      • Surf


      Insomniac (Hypno)


      • Psychic
      • Dream Eater
      • Hypnosis
      • Mega Kick


      Pyro (Flareon)


      • Fire Blast
      • Fire Spin
      • Body Slam
      • Quick Attack


      Insectoid (Kabutops)


      • Skull Bash
      • Submission
      • Bubblebeam
      • Slash

      I began the game with Bulbasaur, being probably the most useful starter in the game. I nicknamed it Mewtwo in honour of the Chronicles of Assface, a Pokémon parody that was once on YouTube that I enjoyed (you’ll understand it’s nickname if you remember it). Then I bought the Magikarp off of the salesman at Mt. Moon and named it Beast. It was pretty ironic at the time, considering how Magikarp is one of the weakest Pokémon in existence, but it later became appropriate after its evolution. After I beat the second gym and was in Vermillion City, I caught a Drowzee and named it Insomniac because of its sleep powers and because it looked kinda shifty, like it doesn’t sleep. I added Eevee to my team, and nicknamed it Pyro because I already knew I was going to evolve it into Flareon, which I did (and because “Pyrotechnic” wouldn’t fit by one character...). Lastly, I added Kabuto to my team after reviving it on Cinnabar Island before I beat the 6th and 7th gyms and named it Insectoid because, well, it looks like an insect. I was trying to be creative and original in the nicknames, which in my opinion I succeeded for the most part.

      This time around I used lots of TM’s as you can see by their move sets. I’ve always found the first generation TM’s as strange and random because they are either extremely powerful (like Skull Bash and Double Edge) or random and unexpected (like Bubblebeam and Submission). Either way, I put them to good use on my team which enabled me to defeat the Elite Four with them only being in the 40 level range. I typically arranged it so they had one decent move with about 10 or 15 PP or more and one powerful move. The rest of their moves I arranged based upon their specialties and possible moves. I think it all turned out well, besides Flareon having Fire Spin but I couldn’t find another move to teach it before I decided to challenge the Elite Four.

      A couple notable things I did this play through are some glitches I never attempted before. I successfully performed the Mew glitch and caught level 7 Mew, a level 7 Hitmonchan, and a level 7 Dragonite. I DID NOT use any of those Pokémon, I just caught them to test it out and catch Mew. That glitch was a little tricky, but it was awesome and worked nicely. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just Google it. Also, I successfully performed the Missingno glitch and caught a couple Missingnos and a Clefable level 142. If you don’t know this glitch, you either are not familiar with the oldest generations of Pokémon or have been living under a rock. In either case, look it up. It is definitely one of the greatest glitches ever! Again, I DID NOT use these Pokémon, I merely did it for laughs; after all, who doesn’t like using a glitchy box as a Pokémon? And yes, I did duplicate my Master Ball in the Missingno glitch, but I assure you, all my team was caught without glitches/extortions or cheats. I don’t use cheats; they’re unfair and stupid (unless it’s one where you have no Pokémon or something, which are funny). That’s pretty much it for the new things I tried, aside from formally training a Kabutops for the first time as part of my team.

      All nostalgia aside, Pokémon Blue is still a good game. Of course it doesn’t remotely compare to the graphics of Black and White Versions, but they’re not bad. The gameplay is much simpler than Black and White as well, but that should be expected from the ancestor of the latest generation. These were the good old days without Abilities, EV’s, IV’s, hold items or even Special Defense. The only stats are Attack, Defense, and Special (which I believe includes Special Attack and Special Defense) which makes for much easier/simpler gameplay for those not used to the rather complicated newer system. As mentioned above, the TM’s are strange or awesome, but all have their uses. The main problem I have with the first generation is the movesets or possible moves. Some Pokémon can learn completely random moves (like Gyarados can learn Thunderbolt and Thunder, but I guess that’s the same as today) and others can’t learn any moves they should be able to (like Dragonite can’t learn Fly). It’s always the move sets that screw me up when choosing my team; for example I was counting on Kabutops on being able to learn Rock Slide from my TM only to be disappointed. Also, the type match-ups can screw me over as well, as there are differences from the rest of the generations. How in the hell are Ice-type moves super-effective against a Charizard?! That almost ruined me a while ago when playing against Lorelei in Yellow Version on my GBC. But I digress. An interesting thing to note is that Red, Blue and Yellow Versions are the only versions of the franchise in which Bug-type moves are super-effective against Poison-type Pokémon. I never knew that until I trained a Nidoqueen in Yellow Version. My final complaint here is this: the Elite Four and gym leaders are just too easy. I know this was the first generation and was the introduction for much of the present hardcore Pokémon audience, but with enough experience to know what you’re doing it’s just too easy. There aren’t very many great moves or strategies they use, aside from Koga and (kind of) Erika, who both use lots of status attacks. Just the fact that I swept through the Elite Four with level 40 Pokémon compared to their level 50 and later 60 Pokémon not once, but twice (first on Yellow, then this play through on Blue) testifies to that. With all the great TM’s you have by the end of the game, the Elite Four really aren’t too difficult with a few Hyper Potions and Revives. It may just be my experience/knowledge but that’s what I’ve found.

      In all, I say Pokémon Blue is still worth a shot. Yes it’s old, and yes, it’s not nearly as complex as the latest Pokémon games, but it is one of its first installments and is full of nostalgia for those returning to it. It still has the core mechanics that founded Pokémon as it is today, and aside from stats and hold items its gameplay is pretty well the same. And after all, where else could you do lulzin’ glitches like Missingno without a Game Shark or Action Replay? Also, who doesn’t enjoy not going to school and traveling alone to capture animals?


      Well, thanks for reading. I may do this with a couple more of my emulated games, Gold or Silver and Fire Red. My other blogs may or may not be made, but I won’t have any time until next week to get going on them anyway. Also, I may have something for my supporters and subscribers for my upcoming ScrewAttack birthday (the day I made my account) in December to celebrate the awesomeness of this site and how great it’s been. I won’t tell you what it is until it gets closer to the date so stay tuned. Any subs are greatly appreciated, but don’t feel the need to subscribe to me if I’ve subscribed to you; I won’t be offended. Until next time, I’m signing off.

    • Pokémon- My Journeys & Experiences Part 2: GBA

      6 years ago


      By the time I was done with Crystal, my interest in Pokémon was only growing. I was what some would say “obsessed;” I played the games, talked about them, and collected all the merchandise I could constantly. My parents never really supported me in this. In fact, they often tried to discourage me from all this and the more I came to love the series, the more they came to despise it. Nevertheless, I was still able to get the third generation of games when they came out.

      I started with Ruby Version. I was ecstatic at its release and got it as soon as possible. It was a brand new adventure in a brand new world; no more connections to the Kanto aside from a few commonly shared Pokémon (including goddamn Zubat and his Supersonic/Confuse Ray moves DX). I got it on a Friday, and stayed up as late as I could adventuring with my brand new Torchic (my second favourite starter). AGAIN, I only trained my Torchic, and it became way overpowered. However, this was the LAST Pokémon game I only trained one Pokémon (namely my starters); after my first play through I began training teams of them (the non-noobish and standard way).

      The Hoenn was a great region; it contained the greatest variety of environments and unusual Pokémon I had seen up to that point (I remember learning that Trapinch evolved into Vibrava; I was quite shocked and didn’t even believe my friends until I confirmed it). Once again, the graphics were a huge leap (even more so than R/B/Y to G/S/C) with the GBA’s “incredible” graphical horsepower (compared to the GBC). R/S/E also had some of my favourite music from any Pokémon games.

      By Saturday morning, I had beaten Roxanne, the first gym leader. I remember feeling so proud of myself and proclaiming my victory to my parents and siblings. Later that day, I defeated Brawly (the second gym leader) and had gotten to Slateport City. I was soon stuck because of that line of Team Magma Grunts in front of the museum (for those of you that have played through the game, you know exactly what I’m talking about) and that had me frustrated for a while. However, the part that I was stuck at for the longest time was when you had to find Seafloor Cavern and stop Team Magma; I ended up wandering around for days (in real life time intervals) just trying to figure out what to do and then searching for the cavern for several hours!

      The gym leader that gave me the most trouble in this game was Winona, the 6th Flying-type gym leader. That Altaria was brutal with its combination of Earthquake and Aerial Ace, and worst of all my overpowered Blaziken’s moves were not very effective (before this, I had just powered through everything with either Double Kick or Blaze Kick XD).

      *Note: I originally started off with Treecko, but restarted Ruby within several minutes after choosing it. There was nothing wrong with it (in fact I like Treecko very much; my second favourite Grass-type starter besides... well I’ll get to that in the future blog!), I just wanted Torchic more. In fact, I have no idea why exactly I briefly chose Treecko over Torchic; I generally like the Fire-type starters better (with the exception on the 4th & 5th generations).

      My team on my first play thorough on Ruby:
      • Blaziken
      • Groudon


      During my next birthday (a couple months after I got Ruby), I received Sapphire Version as well. However, I cannot remember what my original team on it was; I have simply restarted it too many times. I would restart, then play and obtain powerful or rare Pokémon, then trade them over to Ruby (and later Emerald) and repeat the process. I do remember that my original starter was Treecko and I ended up with a Sceptile (I believe it is now on my Platinum Version; not quite sure though). I wish I could recount all the details of my team, but unfortunately, those memories have been long forgotten.

      My team on my first play thorough on Sapphire:
      • Sceptile?
      • Kyogre


      A couple years later, Emerald Version was released. I also got this too (that’s right, I have all three of the third gen games). Emerald was a more refined and well done experience. All my favourite memories were unaltered, and new ones were added. The gym leaders were much tougher now, but luckily I had a TEAM of well-trained Pokémon to help me out. My team was nothing too special; it consisted of Blaziken (again), Mightyena, and Gardevoir. This “triumvirate,” if you will, was quite enough to get me through the entire game without the chronic problems I have now (mostly undertraining because of my 5-6 Pokémon teams).

      I enjoyed Emerald the most out of the three; the challenges were tougher and I knew exactly what to do (no more endlessly wandering for hours on end, although, maybe that’s what made me appreciate beating the game and the game itself so much...). I also really appreciated the fact that you could get a lvl 70 Rayquaza before you beat the game, which I promptly added to my team before I challenged the Elite Four (Drake, probably the toughest and coolest Elite Four ever, was no longer a problem because of it).

      The Battle Frontier was like a whole new world to explore. It was a great addition to the game and really gave me something to do after I beat the game. Experimenting with all new challenges and ways to battle was both exciting and frustrating (goddamn Battle Palace... *grumble grumble*). I quickly fell in love with the Battle Dome because of its rather straight-forward style (and possibly because I could check my opponent’s Pokémon... XD ). However, I never achieved a single Symbol until recently. Before now, I could only reach the Pike Queen and would quickly be destroyed by her Shuckle and/or Milotic. Milotic remains one of the most infamous Pokémon to me; I always have a tough time taking them down and they always seem to frustrate me to no end.

      *Note: After I beat the game, I began training random Pokémon and added a couple to my team. Although there were a few, I can only remember Walrein. However, I do not consider these Pokémon as part of my team because they were added after I beat the Champion.

      My team on my first play through on Emerald:
      • Blaziken
      • Gardevoir
      • Mightyena
      • Rayquaza


      In addition to the 3rd Generation, I also got both Fire Red and Leaf Green. Although they are remakes, I feel they are worth mentioning. Like Emerald, they were a more refined experience that I enjoyed (although nothing could compare to the nostalgia of Yellow). And like Sapphire, I cannot remember my teams. On Leaf Green I ended up with a Venusaur and Fire Red a Charizard. I did train teams, but those have been long ago forgotten and/or deleted; I traded many to Emerald and later drained the games of all their Pokémon in migrations to Pearl and restarted like with Sapphire. I didn’t mind the addition of the Sevii Islands; they gave you extra training for the Elite Four and afterward, Johto Pokémon. I never got into the Team Rocket storyline after with all the stones and stuff, perhaps I’ll look into it in the future (but I wouldn’t mind if any of you g1s point me in the right direction). In all, they were pretty much the same as R/B/Y with better graphics.

      Alright, now its time for those remixes (all from the Hoenn of course):

      Another PokeRemixStudio song; I really love his work! This is the Rival battle music.

      By PokeRemixStudio. The Elite Four theme.

      And lastly, the Legendary battle theme (by PokeRemixStudio). Enjoy!


      Hope you guys enjoyed my blog, and like I said, don't be afraid to drop me a comment below. Coming soon(ish): Pokémon- My Journeys & Experiences Part 3: D/P/P!

    • Fall Update Blog

      6 years ago


      So, let’s get down to business. Why haven’t I been on ScrewAttack lately? There are several reasons, but primarily:


      1. School’s back and this year marks are more important then ever so I’ll have to focus more of my attention on school work.


      2. I got a job over the summer and get at least one shift a week, particularly on weekends.


      3. I finally bought a PSP and have been playing it non-stop lately. I know it sounds silly, but it’s been using up a lot of my free time lately so I am not writing blogs when I could.


      4. I used to log onto ScrewAttack a lot at school which was where I posted almost all my previous blogs. Now my school board has perma-blocked ScrewAttack for being related to games and I have yet to find a proxy that isn’t blocked so I can return here during school.



      So there you go. I hope you guys appreciate my honesty and my circumstances. I’m not sure how many of you miss me so I’m just letting you know what’s going on.


      Now, here are a few blogs/projects I have planned that I hope to put together soon:


      • My Pokémon FireRed blog
      • Top 5 Favourite Legendary Pokémon Collaboration (*still open for people to join*)
      • A blog about my new PSP (likely about 2 games that I am currently playing)
      • Perhaps a blog about Black & White 2 after I beat the game (continuation of my Pokémon Experiences series)
      • A blog about Halo 4 when I get the game and beat it (still avoiding spoilers so don’t mention anything!)
      • A contest to celebrate my ScrewAttack birthday coming up in December


      Side Notes:

      -I lost my flash drive with the emulators on it (fml) so I can’t finish Gold Version yet until I find it; therefore my Pokémon Gold blog is suspended/in hiatus until further notice.

      -Also due to this I cannot record and post any more MegaMan Battle Network 3 (and I was almost at the next boss) or any Battle Network stuff.


      I will see you guys around and hopefully I’ll have some of these blogs done soon! Probably the thing I’ll miss most about visiting here often is reading all the great blogs and ideas from you guys of the community. It saddens me to think of how much I’ve missed already, let alone will miss over the coming months. You guys just keep rocking and hopefully I’ll be around.
    • My Top 10 Favourite Pokémon

      6 years ago

      10. Sneasel

      I have no clue why I like Sneasel so much. I usually like Dark-types, but there’s something about Sneasel that I just like it above all the rest. Perhaps because of its cool appearance and great Speed and Attack (for an unevolved Pokémon); but I just don’t know. Anyway, its rather unusual type combination and great stats make it a great addition to a team. And yes, I know Weavile is better than Sneasel, but I like Sneasel more...


      9. Skarmory

      Skarmory is a sweet Steel-type that looks cool and was rare back in the days of the second and even the third generation. It was quite difficult for me to find it, so I’ve really come to appreciate it, especially after training a couple. Although it doesn’t evolve, it packs enough Defense and Attack to get the job done, along with Steel-type resistances.


      8. Metagross

      Ah, Metagross! I remember the first time I saw Metagross; it was when I was battling Steven on Ruby and he sent out this hulking beast! O.O It was quite tough to take down, but my Blaziken (just) got the job done. Metagross is one of the two non-Dragon-type pseudo legendaries (the other being Tyranitar), and has very high Attack and Defense stats (with the rest being decent). I really wanted one after battling Steven, but when I first got Beldum (its first form), I was too lazy to train it all the way. Now I have several Metagross, including a shiny one on Black. The only problem I have with them is that Beldum only knows Take Down until it evolves into Metang, so you pretty much have to give it an EXP Share or switch it out to train it.


      7. Gardevoir

      Gardevoir is one of my favourite Psychic-type Pokémon . You can get its first form, Ralts very early in the third generation and Gardevoir itself is quite useful throughout the game. It has very good Special Attack (as is the case with most Psychic-types) and a pretty good movepool (although not as good as Alakazam) that can be used in a variety of ways. Typically, I train them with high-power Special Attack moves, but they can be good supporters as well. They don’t look to bad either, although having a male Gardevoir is a little awkward because of their feminine appearance. However, like Metagross, Gardevoir’s first form isn’t the best. When you catch Ralts, it only knows Growl until lvl 10 or so when it learns Confusion. Until then, they are quite cumbersome to train, especially at the beginning of the game.


      6. Empoleon

      I usually bond strongly with my favoured starters because they are awesome and powerful, and Empoleon is no exception. I was very eager to begin my game with the awesome and adorable Piplup, but I had no idea what the end result would be. Empoleon both looks cool and has good and pretty balanced stats. It makes a good mixed attacker, which is the way I train them. Also it is a Steel-type, which was a pleasant surprise, which gives it good resistances and different weaknesses. Empoleon is the only Pokémon I have trained myself to lvl 100 (on Pearl) so far.


      5. Blaziken

      Blaziken is my second-favourite starter. I began the third generation for the first time with it, and several times after. It is a supremely awesome Pokémon with very good Attack and Special Attack. It is also the original Fire/Fighting starter, a type combination which has been used too much now for starters in my opinion. It learns a variety of intense (and some reckless) moves, including Blaze Kick, Hi Jump Kick, and Brave Bird. Blaziken is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.


      4. Scizor

      Scizor is one of the coolest Pokémon ever in my opinion. Its sleek red appearance and great Attack, Defense, and Speed make it awesome to have. I loved Scyther before the second generation, and was always trying to catch one. It is so rare that I never found one once on Yellow, and never managed to catch one on Crystal. Scizor was like a cooler and better version of Scyther, so I immediately wanted one. I never did get a Scizor until I beat LeafGreen, and I still have it to this day along with several others. With its Swords Dance and Agility and its Steel-types resistances, Scizor can be a real threat to many opponents.


      3. Salamence

      Salamence is a very cool Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon. It is also a pseudo legendary and has exceptional Attack, Speed, and Special Attack. After battling Drake (the coolest and toughest Elite Four ever) on Emerald, I immediately sought out Bagon’s location. After a few hours of frustratingly wandering around outside and inside Meteor Falls, I finally found them and caught one. I trained and evolved my Bagon and used my new Salamence in the Battle Frontier. I, of course, still have that Salamence to this day; I migrated it onto Platinum along with my other valued Pokémon from Emerald before I restarted. Salamence has great stats and makes a good “glass canon” and mixed attacker; exactly my kind of Pokémon.


      2. Typhlosion

      Typhlosion is my favourite starter of all time (not Charizard, although Charizard is damn awesome as well). It looks really badass (except in Black & White and D/P/P because of its derpish face) and has stats to back it up. It’s a solid Fire-type with great Special Attack and Speed, and even Attack if you train it with the right Nature. Like Salamence, it makes a good “glass canon” and mixed attacker. It also is able to learn the two most powerful Fire-type moves, Eruption and Blast Burn. I have many fond memories with Typhlosion. It is the first starter Pokémon I actually got to choose, because before I had Crystal I only had Yellow. I wandered around my most beloved region, the Johto, with it. I guess it was just the right starter at the right time.


      And now, the number 1 spot goes to...
      1. Dragonite

      Dragonite! That’s right. Not Pikachu or Charizard or Mudkipz. Dragonite is undeniably my favourite Pokémon ever. It’s the only pseudo legendary from the first generation and one of the most formidable Pokémon that isn’t a legendary. It is a walking powerhouse with excellent Attack and decent Special Attack and Defenses (unlike Salamence). It looks pretty cool with a somewhat gentle appearance that masks its true power. Who could ever forget how tough Lance was/is for many people (but not all I guess) with all his Dragonites? Dratini was very rare in the first and second generations (although not as much so in the second) and I considered catching one an accomplishment. Dragonite and its previous evolutions were the first Dragon-types I ever saw and introduced me to the powerful (and my favourite) type of Pokémon known as Dragon. I have trained several Dragonites, and they were definitely worth my time. One of the most powerful Pokémon I’ve trained is a lvl 82 Dragonite currently on Platinum.

      (Note: I don’t have very many extremely high level Pokémon because I train all of them together at the same time; i.e. I have about 20 Pokémon on Platinum all lvl 77 and I train them one at a time and rotate them AND add to that number of Pokémon.)


      Anyway, that is my Top 10 list. Keep in mind that I found it difficult to choose all of them over others (besides Typhlosion and Dragonite). I would like to thank all you who have read my blogs up to this point. Now that I think I’ve gotten a lot of Pokémon stuff outa my system, I will move onto the subject of Halo or Monster Hunter soon. Don't be afraid to drop me your Black/White Friend Code so we can do stuff over wifi sometime.

    • Calling All Monster Hunters!

      6 years ago


      In case you didn't know, I really love Monster Hunter Tri. Now because I beat it a long time ago I frequently play online with random people I meet, I would like nothing more than to organize a clan of fellow hunters and enjoy my time with people I actually somewhat know. And since I have seen several g1s attempting to make specific game days/times for our community, I felt it would be worth a shot advertising here on ScrewAttack.

      For all those who still play Monster Hunter Tri, send me a message if you are interested in joining up with me. I am about HR83 or so (for now) and will help with just about everything (*sigh* Even the Deviljho...), including beginners just trying to HR grind. I have no ideas for names, but it doesn’t really matter to me. If even one person responds to this, I will be satisfied. Perhaps our members or myself could even record some of our hunts and post them on YouTube (with permission and notice of course).

      As for play times/days, my schedule is pretty open, especially on the weekend. The best time would be Saturday nights, but it depends on your schedule really. I really want to make this work.

      I think doing this will really help me to get to know the community better and to enjoy time with people I kind of know on an awesome game. To quote Henry Ford,

      “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”   (Henry Ford)


    • Pokémon- My Journeys & Experiences Part 4: Fifth Generation (DS)

      6 years ago


      I was really hyped for Black & White. I heard about its release about a year before it was actually released in Japan and saw the starters and stuff. Again, like with Diamond/Pearl, me and my brothers predetermined our starters and this time even our games (I chose Black because of my Reshiram preference). The difference this time is that my youngest brother, Ethan, was now playing Pokémon and bought the game as well. Devon and Ethan got White Version and chose Oshawott and Tepig respectively, and me and Ben got Black Version (and Ben chose Tepig). We all got the game on its release date, March 6th. Actually, now that I think about it, the games are over a year old now! Hard to believe an entire year has gone by since their NA release.

      Immediately after we bought them and went back to the car, we opened them and started playing them. I began the game with my now-favourite Grass-type starter, Snivy. I thought Snivy looked the coolest out of the three, so I chose it right away. The graphics in Black were much better than the 4th Gen, as was the music. The only complaint I have about the visuals is regarding the people; they have stick-arms and very skinny bodies that don’t look quite right to me. But anyways, I digress. I really liked the animations in Black, especially the extremely brief anime ones of N. They should definetly make more of them and make them longer for Black & White 2!

      My large team (actually, my largest first play through team ever) consisted of Snivy, Purrloin, Panpour, Sawk (I replaced it after the 5th gym), Darumaka, Gothita, and Joltik (which replaced Sawk). I had actually planned on training Snivy, Joltik and Purrloin well in advance, but I had wanted to train a Solosis instead of Gothita. Unfortunately for me, I found out you could only get Solosis in White. I had also wanted to train a Frillish instead of Panpour, but I got Panpour early in the game and stuck with it instead. My final team when I beat the game was Serperior, Liepard, Simipour, Darmanitan, Gothitelle, Galvantula, and Reshiram.

      The toughest gym for me was definetly the fourth gym with Elsa. My team was severely underleveled after the third gym up until the sixth, so Elsa and Clay were difficult for me. Elsa was worse because I had no super-effective types and she had two VERY annoying Emolga with damn Volt Switch and Acrobatics.

      By the time I reached the sixth gym, I was becoming disheartened. My team was so weak, it could barely handle the wild Pokémon of the area! Nevertheless, I pulled it together and trained all of them up to lvl 40, during which the not fully evolved Pokémon of my team (all of them besides Gothitelle and Liepard) evolved (except for Panpour; I kept it as Panpour until Victory Road). After that, I destroyed the 6th and 7th gyms.

      Black and White easily have the greatest version differences out of any first-released games of a generation. Besides different legendaries, cutscenes and entire areas were different in each game. The most obvious examples are Opelucid City and Black City/White Forest. Opelucid City is futuristic and high-tech in Black, but ancient and mellow in White. Black City enabled you to battle trainers and buy very overpriced but sometimes rare items (you can buy regular Pokéballs for 10,000 dollars each (or whatever the currency is in the game)!!!).White Forest enabled you to catch Pokémon from previous generations. Of course, as I own the older generations, White Forest is useless to me so I am glad I have Black City, but I do recommend White Forest for those who don’t have older generations or at least don’t own the Third Generation.

      The wireless options are also very good. You can have infrared battles with those around you or use infrared to register friends in your Pal Pad; no more entering very long Friend Codes for people in the same room as you! The wifi options are better too, especially with GTS Negotiations; that was like a fucking godsend! For those who don’t know, the way the old/regular GTS worked was that you would post a Pokémon and ask for something, and wait/hope someone will trade you your desired Pokémon and check later. You could also search up and trade for any Pokémon you wanted as long as it has been seen and is on your Pokédex. The problem is that retarded people or total noobs would post really random or shitty Pokémon and ask for really rare or strong Pokémon, particularly lvl 100s or event legendaries! Negotiations, however, is real-time trading with any Pokémon from your PC (except event or hacked/cheated Pokémon) with other people on Negotiations as well. You can offer up three Pokémon at a time, and there are buttons like a smiley or frowney face that are used to indicate your thoughts or opinions on what the person offered up. Now you can actually perform or achieve trades, and if you run into some jackass that wants lvl 100s or very rare Pokémon, you can leave the trade and find someone else.

      Because of Negotiations, I now have about 28 shinies on Black. I am collecting them, so anyone who has any shinies they would like to offer me (fingers crossed lol) drop me a message with your Friend Code. I am currently trying to collect a team of shiny Dragon-types (my favourite type). If any of you could provide me a shiny Bagon, Horsea, Axew, or Dratini, I would be eternally grateful. I already have a shiny Garchomp and Hydreigon, and I want the FIRST forms of those listed above; I like to train them myself. I don’t mean to sound desperate or sleazy with this, just lettin’ you know what I’m up to and how you could help me. Drop me your Friend Code anyway if you wanna trade or battle sometime (not lvl 100 battles and no legendaries of course); I’ll probably lose the battle so you could get lots of wins! XD

      I got Black on its Sunday release date, and beat it on the Friday night of the same week! It took a lot of time to do all that in the week like I did. Of course, I beat it well before all my brothers (who all beat it between three weeks and a month after its release), and I helped my youngest bro a lot because he’s new to the series and the world of gaming itself. I felt quite satisfied with the ending, but to me it just felt like something was missing from the game... not physically, but emotionally. Anyway, they did leave several loose ends and possibilities, like with N & Ghetsis and the “League of Champions,” so hopefully these will be in Black & White 2. What are you guys hoping for for Black & White 2?

      My team on my first play through on Black:
      • Serperior
      • Simipour
      • Liepard
      • Darmanitan
      • Gothitelle
      • Galvantula
      • Sawk (although it was dropped)
      • Reshiram

      Alright, I feel this blog has run long enough. Like I said before, thanks to all those who have been reading this series and leaving comments (or not) and supporting me! Drop me your Friend Code in a message so we can have fun on Black & White over ‘dem internetz!

      And here are a couple remixes. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

      By pokeremixstudio.

      By draze4blaze.

      I believe I shall do a couple Top 10 style blogs next, even though I’m a little late to that party! Until next time!

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