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    • I finished it...

      12 years ago


      I finished HBP, best book yet. Replaced my favorite which used to be Prisoner of Azkaban.


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    • ... I got sick of spoilers.

      12 years ago


      I downloaded Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I am reading it now... There are alot of typos.

    • Wet Dream!

      12 years ago


      I went to Joeys house on Saturday and he showed me Fatal Frame, which scares the shit out of me and we watched Empire Records, it was a good movie! I liked it. I played about 1-2 hours everyday of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and I beat it yesterday... unlocked Drizzt. woot! I'm power leveling my Dwarf now. YAY! I'm so happy that I completed it.

      Joeys girlfriend, Rachel... she is a cool girl, she let me drive her car to the store... I don't even have my permit. smiley0.gif I went to Petco with her while Joey was in driving school to get crickets for Joeys frog and watched a cheesy driving movie when we got back. She swam and Joey did as well while I watched (nothing to swim in)... they splashed me. smiley4.gif

      I was in driving class for the full thing the next day and it was fun! I went across the street to get the teachers lunch and she bought me a pepsi and let me keep the change, yay! smiley12.gif I finally got to play Counter Strike on XBL again, god... I love that game. I haven't talked to Debbie for four days, I signed on AIM breifly while at Joeys and she was on but she had to leave as soon as I got on... smiley2.gif (concidence?) OH yeah! I played the God of War demo that BLaz sent me and it was awesome! smiley11.gif


    • I got the new Halo 2 maps...

      12 years ago


      and my mom got in another car accident and a convenience store clerk groped my mom...

      Check out an easter egg (no one agrees with me though) I found... carnage.bungie.org/haloforum/halo.forum.pl?read=626954 !!!

      I'm messing around in Relic right now, woot.

    • I beat it...

      12 years ago


      I beat Advent Rising on Normal and it had a great ending. It was a fun game and I defnitely would recommend it to anyone. I checked out all the easter eggs, like the Mario Pipes... haha, those were great but even better was the tiny people room. smiley7.gif

      I've started it on hard now and will play it untill I need to return it to Blockbuster on Saturday. Even though I've beaten it, I plan to buy it because I would be honored to have it in my collection. I'm watching the introduction of the seekers cutscene then I'm going to go to bed.

      Go and play Advent Rising! smiley12.gif

    • Wacking...

      12 years ago


      I went to Billys house at noon and we just sat around for an hour and swam for about 20 minutes and then Billy started mowing his neighbors lawn, randomly and then towards the end his neighbor asked if I knew how to wacks weed and of course... I didn't but Billy backed me up and said I could learn quickly.

      We then went to Billys yard and for 5 hours, I wacked weeds, Billy mowed the grass and his neighbor picked up all the trash and put the fireplace together with cinderblocks and damn... that shit was SMOKING. We had to dig a deep, wide hole to get rid of all the leftover cinderblocks and after we were all done. Billys neighbor (Rob) gave his two lovely looking steaks and we cooked them on the fire and damn... were they ever so good. Billy gave me 10 bucks too... smiley0.gif

      About weed wacking... It took me like 45 minutes before I could actually start the thing for myself but I got the hang of it and it was alot of fun wacking those weeds, it killed my back but after awhile I started standing the right way and I was fine... wacking those weeds. Wack, wack, wack. Did you know it's just a string? I had no idea...

      My dad wanted me to go over his house to watch the fireworks and I said I would come over at night after I hung out with my friend some and he said he only could have a car untill 3 so I would have my mom bring me over if she came back... She has been missing for about 6 hours now.

      We've just finished doing the lawn, we're cooking steaks and I call my dad at 6 PM, telling him she is still missing (12 hours) and that I can't get a ride, luckily he still has the car so I ask if my friend can come and he says yes and we wait for him to come pick us up. We go to an old friend of my Dads and me and sit there for about 15 minutes and we go to the park with all the other youngins, playing some basketball with like 8 year olds and this big kid rides his bike over, asking if he can play and we let him...

      While we're playing, he keeps asking all sorts of questions... one of them being "Can I have 5 dollars" and both Billy and I lied and said we had no cash and when he leaves, we decide it's best if we weren't there incase he decides to come back and we start walking out of the park. One of Sams daughter (Dads old friend) stops us and runs up and tells Billy that she thought he was cute... Just like that and he said... Thanks.

      I gave him shit for it all night and then my dad started cracking jokes as well. smiley0.gif When we get back to the house that everyone is at, my dad, me and Billy all walk to my dads house to watch the fireworks and get money. My dad was flirting with some hot russian chick he's friends with and she was loving it... it was hilarious. My dad and Billy got along great... alot of... sex jokes... Yeah...

      After the fireworks, we walk back to Sams house and the girl that flirted with Billy tells my dad... "Go get his number, don't say anything." but my dad would rather have Billy ask Sam for it (Billy was loving it all except this next part...) but Billy doesn't want to so my dad makes a scene about asking Sam for him and such and Sam said... Nope.

      Then we're getting ready to leave and then the girl "drops" her chapstick right underneath Billy... we all know she was checking his shit out... nice and close and asks for a hug before we leave and when we're driving away, she was messing with her bra, right in front of Billy... haha... On the way home, it's decided that Billy will write his number on a piece of paper and my dad will give it to the girl without telling anyone.

      My dad drops us off and then like 45 minutes later... she calls. Billy wasn't so smooth. smiley4.gif It didn't end well, haha. Who knows if she'll call back? Haha... she's with a crazy family anyways, whatcha gonna do? Billy went to work and his stepdad dropped me off and... my mom was home. Yay! I guess? Whatever.

      Oh yeah! After we got home from the park, she changed to a skirt and "dropped" her mirror on the porch, and picked it up... giving a little show for Billy.


      and just now... I send my sister to the store with 6 dollars and I tell her to spend ONE DOLLAR on herself and she comes back and gives me... SEVENTY FIVE CENTS change and I say... "How much is that?" (Referring to what she bought for herself) and she says... 2 dollars and 30 cents. I remind her about how much I told her to spend on herself and she replies with... "I didn't want anything there that was for a dollar." WHAT THE FUCK? ...She didn't even get the correct size of gatorade or flavor that I asked for... smiley3.gif

    • From Majesco forums by ME.

      12 years ago


      I started seeing commercials for this game like 4 days before it came out and was reading on forums how it had all this hype... How did it have hype if I am just finding out about it four days before it releases and... through a commercial?

      That's how I found out about Advent Rising.

      The commercials didn't look to good and I was "Meh..." and I read all these people complaining about glitches and such but I also read alot of people saying it was extremly fun and the glitches don't really affect the game to much.

      I go to Blockbuster with my friend and he rents Riddick (which I've been dying to play) and I see Advent Rising there and was trying to convince him to rent it for me... I failed. Then comes the next saturday, I ask my mom if she'll bring me to rent a game and we have late fees at two different places, one of them where it was only 5 dollars but we lost our membership card and she lost her license so we couldn't rent there...

      We owe 20 at Blockbuster and she was being nice and decided to pay it off and I rent Advent Rising...

      At first, it kind of hurt my eyes and I was all confused... so many enemies, going so... fast and the flick targeting was freaking me out but I kept playing, drawn in by the music/voiceovers and cinematics and then I just get my first power and the flick targeting system... just becomes natural and I'm owning everything in sight, I've adjusted to it being fast, I've gotten used to everything now and...


      Even if I beat it before I need to return it to Blockbuster, I am buying this game, I want it in my collection.


    • Update...

      12 years ago


      I figure I mine as well update this thing normally, for kicks and giggles. smiley0.gif I rented Advent Rising for XBox last night and so far... it's alot of fun but somewhat confusing. I do notice the glitches people were going on about but so far, it hasn't affected me drastically. I'm loving the music and voiceovers and the cinematics. The gameplay is really fast and I'm still getting used to it but it is fun. One thing that irritates me is the transition from game to cinematic... it's so sudden.

      I hope Ray gets Conker soon because I haven't nearly put enough time into it... it's loads of fun but he is my posse... Yo? Haha, ok then. I haven't gone to bed yet, I'm going to stay up for a few more hours and take a short nap and try to fix my sleeping schedule... again, will I succeed? Doubt it. I'm cleaning my room right now, yipee! I dropped chips all over the floor an hour ago and am waiting untill I can use the vaccum and get them off my floor, ugh!

      I've been talking alot about Psychonauts in the past hour with chaosrecon, I should really go back and master it. I beat it, redid some of the levels for fun but I still need to collect everything and such, it's such a great game too. Baldur's Gate, I have about 3 more hours of the game left but it is feeling a bit redundant and I still need to spend another 8-10 more hours unlocking Drizzt for the single player... *sigh*.

      I'm going to stop writing now, hopefully Debbie comes on today. That'll be fun! Figures, the time we get alot closer is when she is on vacation in CALIFORNIA. Damn, that sucks. smiley11.gif Bye! (to the one person watching me. smiley1.gif )

    • Well...

      12 years ago


      I saw Star Wars: Episode 3 and it was great! I went with my dad who I haven't seen in months on fathers day, it was fun. smiley0.gif

      Great movie. (Sith = suck, Jedi = rock)

    • Long time...

      12 years ago


      3.5 is awesome, it makes me even more active... I don't know why, it is just nifty. I've been listening to alot of Dane Cook these past two days, he is hilarious. smiley0.gif These smileys are awesome. I bought an PS One with a old grey dualshock controler with Tenchu 2 and Final Fantasy 7. I still need to get FF7, it is at another friends house. I still have a few of my old PS games including FF: Chronichles and the first Tenchu.

      Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga with Tales of the Sword Coast came in the mail yesterday, I haven't played much of it because I want to wait for Ghost. I made an Elven Fighter, I'm going to use Bows and Scimatars... It will be good. I'm almost done with Act II in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on XBox and 2 chapters left in Demon Stone.

      I started Halo 2 on Heroic with my new medal system ( carnage.bungie.org/haloforum/halo.forum.pl?read=612714 ) and I'm on Qurantine Zone. I finished Halo: Combat Evolved on Heroic 3 days ago as well...

      That's all for now. smiley7.gif I am on page 93 of the drivers manual, I'm a year late... haha! I haven't read my Drizzt book for a week and a half... Damn!

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      izzy what's up dude...

      it's my birthday today!

      don't know if u check this site anymore but ehh..

    • takedown_200

      12 years ago

      hey this could end up becomin a headache if i like get people to post this throughout the whole site and i wanna see if i can get the whole site with this on it

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    • SaintEntreri

      13 years ago

      OWNAGE in the first bunch of interests. Drizzt is awesome. If you are obsessed with forgotten realms, like me, you can go to http://www.armsofvalour.com/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=AOVL&Product_Code=1103&Category_Code=F and buy Icingdeath and Twinkle. Right now, me and a friend who is a bowyer are working on a working replica of taulmaril, and Khazid'hea

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