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    • Are all G1s ready for the most insignificant thing ever!!

      6 years ago


      Now lets try to describe what the hell is what i plan to do, (while committing as many grammatical errors as i can, not native language FTW).

      since the new additions to Screwattack make it so easy to upload your videos and shows, i am going Loco because my friends and i always have crazy ideas to make videos that don't make any sense and are kind of funny, i decided to share our insaness (if that's a word) whit all the G1. we are starting low.. low on videos, on shows, on budget and on time to make the videos, so at first it will take a while to upload some videos and stuff.

      what is ARG1 productions (name its not that brilliant, ARG is for Argentina and the 1 its kinda obvious) its some guys doing crazy stuff for your amusement. what "shows" ( i am not prepared to say shows officially yet) we have planned at first:
      ARG1 craziness: some videos about us doing crazy stuff including :

      - "what **** (insert game here ) teaches us ", "make us" or "*** (insert adjective here) us" : we take any game, in preference the ones that the staff played at screwing around, and show you how those games changed us. i have "what predator for the NES make us" written, and i am almost done whit "what Beetlejuice for the NES teaches us" (probably part 1, since in they may play it again on terrible Thursdays).

      expect stuff like this... or something that makes less or more sence

      expect stuff like this

      -G1 challenges :now this is where the Fun Begins, what i want is to all G1s to challenge us to make anything you want ,all legal stuff of course, but crazy, ridiculous or embarrassing stuff... we take on the ones that we can do and try to fulfill your desires. start submitting your challenges and :

      if i go to jail because of this... my inmate boyfriend  Carlos will find you  

      Random ongoing series to be decided: we also are planning on an ongoing show but we are not sure what will it be about, they are some ideas floating around but nothing concrete, also i would love some suggestions when we have a selected the format, so contribute to that too. if you want.

      i am working on the randomness, but its too much!

      so basically that's it lots of plans and nothing concrete. in an ideal world the "what beetlejuice for the NES teaches us part 1" would be ready for next week but i cant make any promises (lots of college stuff).
      so i hope that you enjoy our stuff and support us, if you don't.. its all good , and send your suggestions or challenges by pvt message at Jackal08.
      PD: if you are offended by the use of the English language in this post this is for you:
      si te quejas mucho le voy a decir a mi amigo carlos que sale del penal en un par de dias que te vaya a buscar asi no te quejas mas ok?
      jokes aside. i know i make a full of mistakes and i am working on it, but man up and deal whit it.


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