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    • THQ has Filed for Bankruptcy, but isn't Totally Dead yet

      6 years ago


      Some of you may now that THQ hasn't been doing amazing lately. As of yesterday, they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A statement was then released this morning, saying that THQ has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Clearlake Capital Group's (an investment firm) affiliates.

      However, the company had this to say:

      “ We will continue operating its business without interruption during the sale period” and that all studios will remain open with all development teams continuing to work. THQ also notes that “the company’s foreign operations, including Canada, are not included in the filings.”

      THQ will be going through a Section 363 sale process, which lets other interested parties come forward with competing bids.

      Thankfully, all its existing in-development games, like Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light, and South Park: The Stick of Truth are all reportedly on schedule during the sale process. Also (thankfully), remember that bankruptcy does not always mean "going out of business". THQ is still alive, but it will be going through changes.

      The CEO of THQ, Brian Farrell, reassured us that the company is not dead with this:

      “The sale and filing are necessary next steps to complete THQ’s transformation and position the company for the future, as we remain confident in our existing pipeline of games, the strength of our studios and THQ’s deep bench of talent. We are grateful to our outstanding team of employees, partners and suppliers who have worked with us through this transition. We are pleased to have attracted a strong financial partner for our business, and we hope to complete the sale swiftly to make the process as seamless as possible... We have incredible, creative talent here at THQ. We look forward to partnering with experienced investors for a new start as we will continue to use our intellectual property assets to develop high-quality core games, create new franchise titles, and drive demand through both traditional and digital channels.”

      So now that we know that THQ isn't going out of business, what was your favorite game or moment from THQ? What was your least favorite game? Post your opinions in the comments below.

    • Why Halo 4 And COD: Black Ops 2 Are Both Good (So Stop Complaining)

      6 years ago


           So I've been playing both Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 over the past month or so, and I have to admit, they're both really good. But then I watch a YouTube video related to either of these games, and it's an all-out war zone. So I've decided to put an end to this, and show everyone what's good, and what's not so good about both of these games.

      Halo 4
           Everyone started freaking out after it was announced that 343 Industries was making Halo 4. Some cried it was the end, others said it could be good. Was it good? Hell yes. Here's why;
      Graphics: Holy crap, are these graphics good. From the environments to the weapons to Master Chief's Mjolnir Armor, this game looks freaking amazing. 343 clearly put a ton of effort into making this game look great, and boy, did they succeed.
      Story: Still pretty good, but slightly less so. There's a lot of "go push these switches" segments, and it gets a little tedious after a while. However, the changing environments and story are what really makes the campaign great, and if you're looking for a challenge, Legendary (or Mythic, for you sadomasochists) will make you the game's bitch.
      Multiplayer: After the campaign, you'd imagine everyone would be flocking to the multiplayer part of Halo 4, and yes, it's awesome. Every map in this game (to me, at least) is actually pretty great, and I don't end up exiting a match because I hate the map (Downturn in MW3, anyone?). There's a wide variety of modes, from traditonal Slayer, to Regicide, to Grifball. Yes, Grifball is now an official gametype, but it can only be accessed from Custom Game. The graphics are still amazing, and lag is rarely a problem. Speaking of which, the only problem I have (so far) is how File Share is incredibly annoying to do.
      Spartan Ops: In place of Firefight, we have Spartan Ops, an episodic (5 missions per episode) campaign where a new episode is released weekly for free (however, they're on hiatus until January, and the "free" part is only for the first 10 episodes). But does it match Firefight in terms of fun. In some aspects, yes. Each episode has a cutscene with it, and there is a story, but it's not as good as the Campaign. They also recycle maps, which kind of pisses me off, but they make each mission different by changing the objective. And it works really well, too. I barely notice the maps being recycled. The challenge here is plenty, too. Even on Normal when I'm alone, I still die around 5 times at least, and Legendary pretty much requires you play with others, unless you're a gaming god or something.
      Call of Duty: Black Ops II
          Activision's flagship franchise (sorry, Guitar Hero) returns with Black Ops II, and despite all the haters this series is notorious for, it succeeds in being a remarkble entry in the COD series.
      Graphics: The graphics are definitely an improvement over the last game, but it's not Halo 4. The setpieces are great, and the guns are well detailed, but I wish they would detail the enviroment a bit more.
      Story: This is where Black Ops II sets itself apart from the rest of the COD franchise. The story is actually pretty damn great, with some levels in the 1980's (I think) and others in 2025. They split this apart pretty well, and they give the villain, Raul Menendez, a motive and backstory (there's even a level where you play as him). Another thing that BO2 has over Halo: choice. You can choose what you do in the levels, and it affects the ending. Especially of note are the Strike Force levels, which adds an RTS element to the game.
      Multiplayer: Treyach took a major step forward with the Pick 10 system, where you can put 10 items into a class. Want a traditonal 2-weapon, 3 perk class with grenades? Sure. Want a Ballistic Knife with 6 perks? Also fine. Customization is big in BO2's multiplayer, and it has something that Halo 4 doesn't; gun diversity. Before you try to shoot me, let me explain. Halo 4 has weapon diversity (UNSC, Covenant, and Promethean), but BO2 does it better. It has more weapons and attachments, something the latter is nonexistant in Halo 4, mostly becuase attachments don't really fit well in that game, so I'll give it a free pass. Anyways, Scorestreaks are also improved, with it being achiveed through scoring, which makes it better to achieve the objective (suck it, campers). The gametypes aren't as inventive as Halo 4, however. The maps are good, but not amazing (for me, Haven in Halo 4).
      Zombies: Treyarch included Zomibes in BO2, and it's a triumphant return. You still have the traditional Survival Mode, but there are 2 new modes; TranZit and Grief. Tranzit is where you have a bus take you to various locations, where there are parts for you to find and build into stuff (ex. a mobile urbine made out of a fan, a switch, and a mannequin's torso). TranZit also has a story, with Rictofen (yeah, he's back) guiding you along the way. There's also Grief, which is 2v2 with zombies. Basically, you're trying to outlive the other team, which results with you working with and against each other. They also ramped up the difficulty; It's a challenge just to get to wave 10. All of the modes are fun, but I wish there would be some more map diversity.
      So there you have it, the good and the bad of both of these games. If you like one over the other, that's fine, but you shouldn't be a huge dick about it. What do you think ? Post your opinions in the comments below, but don't be a douchebag.
    • Dark Souls II announced along with VGA trailer

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Updated post to include the trailer. Courtesy of Namco Bandai Games.

      During the 10th annual VGAs, Jessica Alba confirmed Dark Souls II is coming. A trailer accompanied the announcement, and it has been confirmed the game will feature server-based multiplayer. The press release noted this;

      "Dark Souls II will continue a legacy of goading its passionate fan base with unrelenting challenge and suffering that are considered a hallmark of the series; while presenting new devilishly devised obstacles for players to overcome."

      The game will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC. Nothing has been announced for the Wii U. And since the question must be asked: With this announcement, are you willing to die repeatedly again?

    • IGN's Game of The Year Winners Released!

      6 years ago


      I'm hoping everyone's having a fine gaming-related holiday season. As a (I think) gift, IGN has announced their Game of The Year Winners. There are WAY too many to count, so I'll just list the overall winners. It'll first list the site winner, than the People's Choice in parentheses.

      Best Action Game: Dishonored (Dishonored)

      Best Adventure Game: The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead)

      Best Fighting Game: Persona 4 Arena (Playstation All Stars Battle Royale)

      Best Platforming Game: New Super Mario Bros. U (New Super Mario Bros. U)

      Best Puzzle Game: Crashmo (Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask)

      Best Racing Game: Trials Evolution (Need for Speed: Most Wanted)

      Best RPG: Mass Effect 3 (Mass Effect 3)

      Best Shooter: Far Cry 3 (Borderlands 2)

      Best Sports Game: FIFA 13 (FIFA 13)

      Best Strategy Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

      Best Multiplayer: Halo 4 (Borderlands 2)

      Best Graphics: Halo 4 (Halo 4)

      Best Music: Journey (Mass Effect 3)

      Best Sound: Halo 4 (Halo 4)

      Best Story: The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead)

      Game Of The Year: Journey (Borderlands 2)

      If you want, check out the other system-specific (or TV/Comic/Movie/Tech) awards. What's your opinion? Do you prefer the Editor's Choice, People's Choice, or your own personal choice? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

    • Here are GameInformer's GOTY Winners!

      6 years ago


      GameInformer has released their December issue, which means that their GOTY winners have been announced. And here they are:

      Game of the Year: Mass Effect 3

      Best RPG: Mass Effect 3

      Best DLC: Mass Effect 3

      Best PS3 Exclusive: Journey

      Best Villain: Raul Menendez (Call of Duty: Black Ops II)

      Best Wii Exclusive: Xenoblade Chronicles

      Best Puzzle Game: Fez

      Best Mobile Exclusive: 1000000

      Best Hero: Lee Everett (The Walking Dead: The Game)

      Best MMO: Guild Wars 2

      Best Downloadable Game: Mark of the Ninja

      Best Fighting Game: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

      Best Moment: The Very Model (Mordin's Death, Mass Effect 3)

      Best Cooperative Multiplayer: Borderlands 2

      Best Sports Game: FIFA 13

      Best PC Exclusive: Torchlight II

      Best Dork: Mog (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

      Best Action Game: Dishonored

      Best Strategy Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

      Best Rhythm/Music Game: Just Dance 4

      Best Headline: Marquee Developers Move On (BioWare's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, Epic Game's Cliff Blezinski)

      Best Racing Game: Need For Speed: Most Wanted

      Best Handheld Exclusive: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

      Best Xbox 360 Exclusive: Halo 4

      Best Competitive Multiplayer: Halo 4

      Best Shooter: Halo 4

      Best Success: The Alternative Funding Revolution (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.)

      Worst Disappointment: The Creativity Gap (too many sequels)

      Best Publisher: Take-Two (XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Max Payne 3, Borderlands 2, NBA 2K13)

      Best Developer: Firaxis Games (XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

      So, is GameInformer spot on with their decisions, or did they totally miss the mark? Sound off your opinions in the comments below.

    • Valve Launches Steam Community Market Beta

      6 years ago


      So Valve, being the awesome company they are, has launched a beta for a community market. The market is currently compatible with TF2, though other games will be compatible later. So how does this work? You select an item, pick a selling price, put in the market, and wait for Steam Funds to roll in.

      Steam, of course, receives a cut of the pay, but you set your own selling price, which is awesome. It's still in the beta, but it's available to anyone right now. Unfortunately, you can't trade items you got before this (except for Mann Co. Crates). So, what do you think? Is this a smart move like Valve, or will this be like Diablo III's auction house? Post your opinions in the comments below.

    • Rockstar wants to bring all the GTA cities into one world

      6 years ago


      If all the GTA V hype wasn't enough, during an interview with Rockstar North head Leslie Benzies, he has this to say:

      “Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas,” Benzies said. “In that context re-imagining Vice City would be very interesting.”

      When Vice City possibly returning as a future setting was mentioned, he said this:

      “It is always a possibility. There are a few references to the city in our current-gen GTAs so it is part of that HD universe, and it is certainly somewhere we would love to revisit. However Vice City, perhaps more than any other GTA game, was as much about the era as the setting. Miami in the 1980’s is so iconic it would feel strange to revisit the city in a different time period.”

      So, what's your opinion? Is the concept of merging past GTA locations together a great concept, or should we let old cities stay old?

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