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    • Jesla's drawings part V

      5 years ago


      Here I am again after many silent months. School is singing its final tune, and that is the main reason I have been gone for so long. I also had to do a project for art class in case i had an exam. Sadly, I did not. My hard work was kinda for nothing, and that's why I decided to share it with you guys instead. I also bring to you something that isn't an drawing. It's a costume. I made it for my last school day along with my dear mother. For many years, I wanted to make a Jawa costume, and, after a lot of work, i finally did it. Wee. 

      For those who made requests a long time ago, don't worry. I haven't forgotten. Hopefully with my school being over in a week, I'll get my lazy ass to finish those. ^^

      I want to shortly explain the thought behind my project. We were asked to make whatever really as long as it had some kind of meaning behind it. I decided to make three comic book covers that would represent our potential future. One was centered around the concept of robots vs. humans, the second one was about a world war 3, and the last one was about cloning people and abuse of science concerning genetics. 

      This is the one about robots vs. humans -- or well... zombie dude. The thought behind the zombie was that technology starts to take over so many things, it renders us humans incapable of thinking for ourselves. Therefore he's a zombie. The Ninja and samurai parts were just to make it cooler. xD

      This is the world war 3 one. And as you see, it's heavily based on Fallout. I guess this one speaks for itself. 

      Now for the last one. This one is about genetic abuse. The concept behind this one was that we grow people and just treat them as objects. The key to this picture is the thrown out lady/project in the back. 

      Now last but not least: my Jawa costume. Wee.

      All of it is homemade. My mom made the hood and robe, my brother helped me make the eyes and I dealt with all the props. A real family project!

      I just felt like sharing these things with you guys and showing what I've been up to these months. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you have any lovely ideas, then add them. I will try not to neglect them, but i can't promise it.

      Thank you for taking the time to look at my stuff!

      - Jesia ♥ 

    • Drawings! II

      6 years ago


        Well hello again. This time i have three drawings, you heard right THREE! Meaning i've made one more than last time haha. One small step at a time.

      First off i have a small drawing of Godot. I've actually never played the Ace attorney games... so i'm not really sure why i chose to draw him... Must be 'cause he's awesome. tee hee. i'll definitely pick them up when i can though.

      Next up is a request from Stickman. Apparently he thought that my other pikachu girl was too cute? So he wanted me to spice her up a bit by adding demon eyes and melting skin... haha, anyhow it was fun making, and i hope it satisfies you hah.

      And as last time i'm ending with a mass effect drawing, and this time it's Mordin. (you might have guessed that i've played Mass effect recently teehee.) I'm kinda thinking about making the whole crew... but i'm not really sure.

      And umm actually, that was about it. I'd wish i could write more, but i'm not really creative with words haha. If anyone has some requests or cool ideas feel free to write them in the comments, as i said earlier i love a good challenge. questions are also more than welcome.

      Hope you enjoyed my few drawings.

    • Drawings!

      6 years ago


       Hey Guys and Gals. I, like so many others here, love to draw, and so i have decided to share some of my drawings with you. I draw most digically using the  program Easy Paint Tool SAI.

      This time i don't really have much to share, but hopefully i'll make more in the future, if you guys feel like seeing more.

      First of is a Pikachu girl. I've creeped out some people with my sig. So i decided to make a cuter version. (Crazy pikachu was designed together with CM and Chikumo, one hell of a crazy day)

      Next up is a drawing of Thane from Mass Effect. I've used a picture for reference and for colors (using a palet is soooo nice! xD) I've been working a lot on making more drawings that look like paintings, and think i managed well, what you think?

      Basically that was it... It wasn't much, but it's a start. If you guys have some ideas for some awesome drawings, feel free to post them. I love taking up a good challenge. Also if you for some reason should have some questions, do not hesitate to ask. 

      Cya next time i pick up my tablet. - Jesia

    • Drawings! Part IV

      6 years ago


      First off I wanna apologize for being away for such a long time. I've been working on a lot of other stuff, and never really got to make some drawings that I thought were relevant for you guys. But finally I have collected a few. 'Cause, well, I thought it was about time I started posting again. xD

      First drawing is just some random doodle I made. I often feel my doodles look a lot better than my  "serious drawings." Maybe 'cause I think too much when drawing them haha.

      Second is an odd request ScrewAttackSam made a long time ago. Sorry about the wait >.<

      The request sounded like this:

      "How about Mario and Luigi as Sherlock & Watson solving the Grassy Knoll mystery of JFK shooting and it turns out that instead of it being a shooter on the grassy knoll it's just a gnoll thats very grassy..... incase you don't know what a gnoll is http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/gnoll_med.jpg" - ScrewAttackSam

      Then as some of you might already know, Cm, Vellu and I are planning on doing some podcasts and other weirdness. You can read more here. 


      The seal is Cm, the owl is Vellu and the hamster is me.  

      And last but not least a Mass Effect portrait. This time it is Tali. ^^

      As always thank you for watching my drawings. If you have some requests or questions don't hesitate to write them in the comments. ^^

      - Jesia

    • Jesia's Drawings! part III

      6 years ago


       So... Here we go again. This time there are FOUR drawings... Meaning i've increased the amount once again, wee for that. 

      First off i have a Jigglypuff poster to match the Pikachu one I did. DarkhyruleLord mentioned that the Pikachu poster looked like something from a restaurant,  so that gave me and idea to make more Pokemon girl commercial thingies. So here you have a concert poster featuring  Jigglypuff, don't ask me how it got sold out... Haha xD.

      Next up we have a completely random drawing of a tribe girl... not having anything to do with gaming what so ever haha, but i thought it was nice... So here ya go! 

      Kay so Screwattack Sam demanded a drawing of a monkey... in a sundress... cayrying a basket... with sloths in it... xD. Anyway i wasn't really sure what kinda monkey, or style you wanted it in... so I just went with what first came to me. If you got any other ideas, then shot! 'cause drawing this was fun!

      And last, but not least. I present you, Legion from Mass effect. wuhuu. That's 3 now. Damn I have to make many blogs if I intend to make the whole crew.... >.>

      So that was about it. Just a bunch of drawings I've done the last couple of days. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm open for requests if you got any. Oh and apop99!! I haven't forgotten your idea about the pokemon battle, I'm working on it. Teehee. 

      Also, I'm kinda going on vacation for 3 WEEKS! So there won't be any new blogs then. On the other hand, I can hopefully present you with something really cool for once, considering all the time I have to draw in.

      Cya soon guys! <3

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