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    • The Photoshop Dump, October 2012: ScrewAttack Logo Designing

      1 year ago


      Disclaimer: All ScrewAttack logos, including the title, website link, and the bolt, are all property of ScrewAttack Entertainment LLC. While I may have designed my own versions of them by myself, they are strictly for personal use. I DO NOT SHARE ANY OF THESE IN EITHER VECTORED OR PNG FORM (except the bolt, which is a 500 px png). This is not only to evade people to use it on their own stuff (to evade confusion), but also to evade people to use them for malicious reasons. In short: I play it safe, so I don’t go around sharing clean logos to everyone. You’re free to use the wallpapers and designs dumped in this blog, however (except personal ones like the AcA and anything Jetman related for obvious reasons. ;) ).

      Okay, much like some g1s out here, I thought about doing some kind of blog series in which once every month or so, I dump my Photoshop folder into a blog of sorts so you guys can see what I’ve been doing lately. Not only that, but I can also snatch a couple of stuff I’ve done in the past for your viewing pleasure. So let’s get started with the easiest ones – the ones done in October.

      OCTOBER 2012

      AcA “Remember The Fallen” logo: Long ago (about 5 years ago, to be exact) I joined a little group of mischievous members who excelled in roleplaying and were unique in their very own way. This group was known as the Anicardios Crew Alliance. During my time with them, I designed a logo (which its original version can be found below) which to this day some of my friends still wear it proudly. This redesigned logo was in memory of two of its key members – HolyChaos and B.Q.V., or simply Veronica – as they tragically died on October 11th, 2012.

      Click images above for higher resolution

      Social Buttons: I had a hard time designing social buttons to check my social networks (which you can simply check my sidebar for a quick shortcut to each of them), but before settling with the generic ones from each site’s branding pages, I managed to design unique ones for Twitter, Raptr, and even ScrewAttack. The latter one had a few iterations, with the last one being the most simplistic. I do request some feedback from these if you can.

      1IJLuScm.jpgg1 Features Banner Want Midna Back

      Facebook Page Banners: Speaking of social, I have a Facebook. (Sadly, it's not open to the public. Yeah, you *could* add me, but unless you're someone I really trust I won't be accepting your friend request.) Anyway, I made a couple of banners for my own profile and also the two pages I have control over. I can say I'm pretty proud of them. By the way, click on the banners (the page ones, not the black-n-white, personal one :P ) and you'll be sent to their respective Facebook pages. Neat ;) (Update 09/13/2016: fixed broken links for banners)

      Trilogy Trial banner, logo: Obviously a reference to the Ace Attorney design, Trilogy Trial’s banner and logo were conceived when I was brainstorming a name for a new livestreaming series for this November. While the series has nothing to do with Ace Attorney itself (for now), I simply liked the sound of “Trilogy Trial”, and since it was easy to connect it to “Turnabout Trial” (which is the name of the series in Japan), I decided to go with it. By the way, I disclaim knowing actual Japanese, but I do know that the kanji behind this logo roughly translates to this title.

      The banner is, obviously, hinting at what trilogies I’ll be covering. I’ll definitely start with Mario and end with Metroid, so to speak.

      Click images above to see the full image

      Lots of Random Appearance crap: Since September, I’ve moved away from my old ACX logo and focused on making “Jetman” as the key word of myself. (There’s a weird philosophy behind it connecting Windows 8 and myself, but I’ll let you guys figure that one out. I’ll explain it next month) Since then, I’ve managed to make all sorts of crap with this thing, from a new intro (seen on livestreams) and some really cool backgrounds for my shows. This will all end up being used on a future tutorial as examples, so you might want to subscribe to me so that you can keep yourself updated (SHAMELESS PLUG!!).

      (Update 09/13/2016: There was a list of thumbnails for g1 Digital Forecast that I decided to remove due to their links being broken - they were removed. Sorry!)


      ScrewAttack Banner

      1920x1080 Background, you're free to use it as you please

      If you read the disclaimer, you knew you would expect me to talk about how I managed to make my own ScrewAttack logo vector and went on to design an awesome wallpaper for my computer. Anyway, it’s quite simple how I managed to make the logo after finding the font (Gotham Black). Now, I know Craig would be sending me a cease-n-desist email faster than what it would take Viacom to take down their YouTube videos if I ever shared these to the public, so the only thing I can share you for now is the wallpaper itself. Vectors and shit like that are kept under my control for personal use for random stuff…so who knows?

      ScrewAttack Bolt

      The bolt is another thing I designed (more like re-made), however I can share this one at the very least as a .png file because it has been a symbol of many g1s and there hasn’t been a true V5 bolt out there. It’s the same design used on the g1 Features logo and it was loosely based on the ScrewAttack bolt found on the Advantage Program page. Use it wisely.


      AcA Logo: Done in 2009, I went with a minimalistic approach with the design. The very first logo was a sketch I made in 2007 and it was already showing its age, so we had to find a new one to try a revival.

      Fi Banner: I dunno, I felt pretty awesome after designing this. It’s simple yet eye-catching. You’ll see this banner on my analysis on Fi’s character. Update 09/13/2016: I will have to make a new blog on Fi's character at my website for archival purposes.)

      My Little Digital Forecast: Probably the first and only time I’ll do anything pony-related, this April Fool’s joke logo was simple to make: grab the “My Little” from the Friendship is Magic logo and paste it, then change the colors around for a more cutesy feel and in tone with the show’s “once-so-girly” background (cuz you know, if I said ‘flat-out’ girly, *they* will come and refute it. *cough*). Who knows, we might revisit this again someday, if not on an official episode.

      That’s pretty much it for this month. Next month should be a bit chunkier, as I will be hard at work on some other graphics stuff and most likely will be working on getting new avatar/sig combinations for the forums…provided they come back soon. *sad face*

      Anyway, JETZ.acx signing off! Remember to subscribe and follow me on any of the social links below my bio!

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    • Top 10 Teaser Draft

      3 years ago


      Welcome back to g1 Features, and I must thank everyone for both contributing and reading the blog I’ve prepared for all of you. As per the video says, the new list has been decided. The results? Well, here they are:

      I think it’s pretty safe to say that amidst the TLC partnership and the desire to show the love towards our greatest presidents in history, a huge amount of you simply want a furrier list this month.

      No. The OTHER kind of fur. essence, if I have a lamp which looks like a human, then it's an anthropomorph? Wow, this list just got a LOT more confusing...can't we all stick to furs? No? Alright! Alright...


      Write a list of characters you believe they’re worthy to be in our Top 10 list. You can write as many entries as you want, for a maximum of 10 entries. After that, you’ll have multiple ways to send it in – but the best way would be via the Classic Comments. If you post via Facebook Comments, be sure to include your g1 name so I can properly credit your contribution.

      Additionally, you can send a PM to me (JETZ.acx), an email to g1features {AT} Gmail {DOT} c0m, or share it via FacebookTwitter or Google+, provided you follow the same guidelines. DO NOT SEND PMS TO g1 FEATURES. NO ONE WILL READ THEM. I APOLOGIZE.

      Your list will be ranked via our point system, in which your #1 pick will have the highest amount (10 Points) and will progressively lower as your list grows (up to #10, which is only 1 Point). Remember, you can make your list as long as you want (Top 3, Top 5…), but you must nominate at least one entry to participate and cannot nominate more than 10 (meaning NO HONORABLE MENTIONS).

      Some tips beforehand:

      • Describe your character. What franchise, what game, what year he/she debuted…do your research. It’s not necessary, but it’ll help in the process.
      • Explain the reason why it’s on the list – why would you consider it a Top 10 worthy character?
      • Images and videos are allowed (check below on guidelines about your own videos)
      • Proofread, proofread, and PROOFREAD. I’m more hesitant to include entries with poorly capitalized words and less-than-stellar grammar.
      • Hit enter twice whenever you are splitting up paragraphs or lists. The comment section tends to lump it up into a wall of text if you don’t do so, making my job far tougher than it should be.
      • Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions about how to handle this. Shoot a PM to me (JETZ.acx) or ask us via FacebookTwitter, or Google+. Once again, DO NOT SEND PMS TO g1 FEATURES.


      Additional rules for this specific list:

      • I will include only one character per franchise in this list, in order to give more characters a fair chance. If more than one character from a particular franchise makes the top 10 during the tally of scores, the highest-scored game will stay.
      • Stick to anthropomorphic characters. By definition, it must be a type of entity that has human properties, but isn’t human. There’s a lot to fit in here by this definition, but to make sure we’re making a proper list, stick to this rule: if it has a human face, or has a mostly human body, then it probably shouldn’t be here. Got it?
      • Unlike previous lists, the Honorable Mention segment will be a little different this time, including a list of “Contenders” in which I’ll list the games that were nominated along with their score. If any of the games have a quote from one of the g1s that may be worth mentioning, I’ll post it here. This will make sure that the list is focused on the 10 entries only.


      Guidelines for g1s submitting Videos:

      • Submit your video through your channel and send your link with your g1 name so we can credit you properly.
      • I’ll be free to download and snip a clip from said video for a specific segment. I’ll link the full video at the end so people can check your full list.
      • If you are branding the video with g1 Features, use this intro OR you can use the ScrewAttack Network intro. DO NOT USE THE OFFICIAL SCREWATTACK INTRO. WE DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE IT. THANK YOU.
      • If you want to help us and send us snippets of each entry, it would be MUCH better for me, but it’s optional.


      SPREAD THE WORD! Share this blog to your friends on FacebookTwitter, or Google+. The more, the merrier! By the way, I have a question: what other lists would you want to see in Community Lists? Drop a comment below!


    • A New Coat of Fresh Paint

      4 years ago


      Suddenly, a new website emerges, and the community goes wild. Somehow ScrewAttack managed to get a much-needed facelift to their website to bring some changes to the overall package. Is it really V6? We can’t say for sure, though I do admit that most of the site is pretty much the same, just rearranged. Then again, this site looks more like Windows 8 to me than iOS 7 – while having a new look to make things simpler, some compromises have to be dropped, and not for the better.

      Let’s just discuss about the pros and cons of the site, shall we?

      Things I love:

      1. Much faster and reliable – the website looks beautiful, but it’s also faster to load, making it a breeze when looking up for stuff on the site. The simple, minimalistic approach that many websites and apps are using is in full power here, bringing focus on ScrewAttack’s content.
      2. Mobile-friendly – We finally have a website that can adapt to a mobile environment thanks to the fancy HTML5 setup it has. It’s all integrated – the site simply rearranges the content to fit better in smaller spaces depending on the screen you’re using. It’s awesome.
      3. It’s still V5…for the most part – Craig isn’t lying when he said that the site hasn’t made any major leaps in terms of site improvements. Blog content, videos and g1 accounts have transitioned with the new design, so nothing was lost in the process. You still write and post blogs and comments the same way as before, so apart from seeing everything a lot whiter than before, everything should be easy to follow. That said…
      4. There are minor improvements – What makes this site a bigger leap are the small things. For instance, you log in at main page – no need to jump to a login page to get into your profile. Also, the search bar is a HUGE improvement. You simply write down something, it automatically shows the results. I love it.
      5. There are new image dimension standards – This means more work to do. We’ve got a new design for your profile, the thumbnails are larger, and the banners are wider…I’ll be sharing some templates for ya as well as some tips.


      Things to improve:

      1. Bring back focus to the site’s community - I understand how people are complaining about how the community content is no longer in the front page right after you open it, but let’s be real: ScrewAttack needs to promote their content first before promoting the community’s. And if something is REALLY good, they will just load it up in the main page above – just like Craig said. That said, once in a week focus on a g1 blog or video would be cool, and while having a community section is cool and all, the featured blogs needs a bit more exposure. I dunno, you’ll figure it out.
      2. Forums need a facelift, too – Just give me a new theme with the new look. Just sayin’. Not too hard. We can make it, right? RIGHT?
      3. Give me back my old blog editor! – The one we have right now is a huge downgrade from what we had previously. Captions and quotes are no longer present, forcing us to be creative with the different styles and header fonts the blog editor has, and there is no way we can adjust the alignment of the text on the fly. Also, we need an option to add embed code without having to dive into the HTML coding.


      Something special for g1s:

      I’ve got some cool stuff to share with you all. The first thing is a small image gallery containing all of the small, 25px social button links I have in my small profile bar to my right. These can be easily added into your blog at the end or you can add them to your profile so that people can check your Facebook and/or Twitter pages out there. I’m posting the album right here for your delight:

      Also, I’ve got a new template for you to use to make backgrounds for your pages. This is based on a 1920x1080 resolution but it’ll work great for most resolutions. I highly recommend making banners with transparency behind it so that it’ll blend perfectly with the background and it’ll not look wonky if viewed on a small monitor or when having ScrewAttack Advantage (it elevates the page just enough to hide the ad space). Free to use, free to make stuff. Have fun.

      Anyway, I’m out of here. I haven’t finished the first chapter of Singularity, and I need to keep up with that. Anyway, if you need any help with blog editing, I can still give you pointers if you ask politely. I’m all around the web – just check me out! Now if you excuse me, I’m off to shooting monsters in space.

      JETZ.acx signing off!

    • Singular Comeback

      4 years ago


      ScrewAttack has moved on to bigger and better things, transforming into a network back in May and bringing bigger focus on livestreaming with the community – they even started their own Let’s Play series, something they once said they were not interested in doing in the first place. Not to mention, the g1s have gone on their own with their own stuff and kept trucking by writing their own articles and debates with others within the community. After me leaving g1 Features and ScrewAttack altogether silently back in 2013, I’ve tried my best to return back as usual. Alas, nothing seem to work. The Digital Forecast was closed, my livestreams were painfully dull (mostly in part because of my lack of a second party and terrible upload speeds), and my issues with life and family hindered whatever momentum I could’ve gather. Anyone remember my attempts at g1 Jeopardy? Awesome, I admit, but I could never get support or time to continue these.


      Back in 2011, there was a game I actually won via a contest ScrewAttack was running during the early days of V5 (a.k.a. The New ScrewAttack). The first game, My Baby’s First Steps, was given away to charity back in 2013 for a quick cut out of the line at Puerto Rico Comic-Con. The second one, Singularity, was the one I kept. I told Sean that I was planning to buy a PS3 that year, so I didn’t mind getting a PS3 title from the swag bag he was planning to send me. So yeah, I got a game for a console I didn’t own at the moment. But here’s the issue…


      My computer went kaput the very same day Chad announced me as the winner. So, all of my funds had to go elsewhere. The PS3 had to wait.


      I also took this as an opportunity to shine through the community. I was well known for my knack of understanding the in-and-out of the blog system, even so impressing the crew members aboard. I also had a bit of knowledge of video editing and as such, I decided it was a good idea to bring my talents into the masses. That’s how g1 Features became true, but of course, that also sidelined my eventual PS3 get, because all of my energies were placed squarely on the community. Couple that with the fact that I was a few months ahead to a major convention, and the fact that my family continued to nag me with the issue of helping around the house with chores and my lack of a job, and you would understand why 2012 was one of my most stressful years in my life.


      Which leads me to 2014, about a year and a half after I moved on from ScrewAttack. I mostly left the website amidst some controversy – one that I won’t discuss here – and decided to keep myself behind the scenes, mostly due to my interest in just wanting to have fun for a change. MineAttack became a huge hobby for me, but that was no longer part of the long-term future due to its glitches. But getting a rather stable job to keep my bills on check and to finally buy all the stuff I have missed out these years got me to finally buy that PS3 I was hoping to get. And now, we come back full circle.


      Still wrapped, still with sticky note left by an undisclosed crew member.


      I’ll most likely be Let’s Playing this game, as livestreaming is a no-go as I explained above, so I would like you guys to pay attention to my major feeds in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for updates. This won’t happen every day – it’ll likely be a weekly update and I’ll be sure to upload them all as often as possible, hopefully along with its ScrewAttack blog so g1s can follow. In the meantime, consider me going back into the shadows. Until next time – JETZ.acx signing out!

    • g1 Forum Jeopardy Reminder!

      4 years ago


      I was hoping to make a full board and show all the clues with the answers from last game, but it'll have to wait. For now, I'm just going to recap some of the best moments from last game, as well as announce that the next game will be tomorrow April 1st, 2014 at 7:00 PM EST (6:00 PM CST)As for what I'm going to bring...suffice to say, the answer lies within the past; anyone who has been following me in the last few years know that a day like tomorrow is a day where everything is turned around and nothing is to be believed.

      Though I do think a lot of g1s will get pissed off with me all over again. XD




         - SMOKE108 ( $3200 )

         - A ZERO 2 HERO ( $600 )

         - KAILOLI ( $600 )


      Noteworthy moments worth talking about:

      I know a lot of people are wondering why I penalized Smoke on this one when he got it right, thing is if you don't respond it correctly (as in, question form) you will still get penalized. It doesn't matter if it's only one board or it's a first round board - you don't question, in comes substraction.

      People can try as many times as they want, just to let you know - as long as you get the question first. Though one detail I will penalize is if you write multiple questions in one post - that's something I won't tolerate.

      Misspelling (and any wrong answer) will penalize you, regardless of when you post it.

      Could have you added there, and thinking back I would've allowed your answer anyway. Next time, I will put priority to first answers rather than how well the question is written. Also, this.

      Quite literally the funniest moment in the game, as we watched Wildman sucker punched into the deadly Daily Double clue. Lesson learned: if you're winning, don't risk it all so you can stay ahead in the game if you don't know the correct response.


      Alrighty folks, time for a break. Tomorrow, we shine. Will be making the thread today, and we'll start the shenanigans tomorrow at 7PM (6 CST). Until then, this is JETZ.acx signing off!

    • g1 Forum Jeopardy is Back!

      4 years ago


      Hello. I've been in hibernation since...whew. Forever. I've been away since early 2013 and have popped up here and there from time to time, but I've decided that the best way to keep playing with the g1s is to return to that one project that seemed to work for some reason when I tried it out last time - Forum Jeopardy. A novel concept, but fell short since I couldn't manage to make a compelling Final Jeopardy. So now I'm throwing that out of the window and we're making the whole thing more focused.

      Anyway, I'll be making new announcements of the game here in my blog, but the whole game will be played at the forums. Reason? Easier for both me and the g1s to keep up and play. Anyway, I've got a new clueboard set up and we're playing at around 6-7PM EST so be sure to head over there and play along. We'll be waiting.

      JETZ.acx out!

      PS: BTW, I've just got myself a 3DS and I'm hoping to net a few people aboard my friend list, so be sure to share your friend codes if needed! Mine is 3282-3836-9584 (my Nintendo ID is JETZ.acx, of course). Thanks!

    • NEXT LIST: Top 10 April Fools Jokes of 2013 (Suggestions Needed!)

      5 years ago


      Okay, I'm going back to blogging.

      It's been a long time since I wrote one, and the reason behind it is because I wanted the next blog to be about g1 Features...but at this point I just went "FUCK THIS" and decided to make a call-out to make my next Top 10 list, which will be about all those fabulous jokes found yesterday thanks to April Fools Day.

      I want suggestions...but also, I don't want them all to be from ScrewAttack. At most, there will be a blog or two mentioned on the list, but every entry will have to be OUTSIDE ScrewAttack. Jokes made by Google, Netflix, Facebook...stuff like this. Just give me some really good suggestions that you guys have seen or heard and wanted to share so we can make this list meatier.

      I don't know if I'm going to make it into a video, but it's most likely to be written into a blog. You've got until Friday to send me any suggestions on the comments below (either a single entry or a list, I don't mind), and then I'll gauge them as my subjective opinion allows me (though people's opinions may count). If you have stuff to say about them, do write them down too because I might quote you later in the list.

      I think that's about it. Let's see if April Fools was funny this year...cuz last year was pretty epic. JETZ.acx signing off!

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