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    • 2 years ago


      I joined the site a few years ago and just managed to set up my profile now... so that means by 2020 I will finally get around to start being an active member of the community... cant wait!

    • Bungie to possibly charge fees for Destiny online multiplayer...?

      5 years ago


      This morning I was poking around on, mostly to see if any new footage came up from various games, but ended up watching their show "Pach-Attack" and became a little upset. During the show, host Michael Pachter dives into game pricing and its inevitable evolution. He stated how Bungie will be this leader into this new age of paying for online multiplayer formats and Destiny will be the subject of it. Without getting too much into it, go watch it in the show. It gets covered at about the 4:15 mark. Here is the video for the show: 

      Now, Bungie turning EA and going the route of charging for a season pass gets me really heated and I’m hoping that this is just a rumor... PLEASE LET IT BE A RUMOR! I have been waiting a long time for this game and I don’t need anything negative about it. What that guy is talking about goes pretty much against everything that I see the awesome people at Bungie standing for. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that they are a company in the business of making money, but that usually takes a back seat (in the eyes of their public audience) and they are all about putting out great games that we all love and enjoy. They are going to be successful with this game because of their history with their other great franchises (yes OTHER than Halo) so I do not see the purpose of this especially when it has the chance to alienate a lot of members from the vast community.

      What are your thoughts on this? Do you hope this is a rumor? Will you pay money to be able to play online multiplayer? Or will you bow out in a fit or rage? This has already been a successful format for other genre of games, but nothing really in the FPS genre (we all know Destiny has been confirmed as an FPS). "Season Passes," as they are so called, are the reason I do not play any of those types of games. I already pay for online access to XBL, why would I pay even more just to have access to online multiplayer?


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