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    • Hey Johnny, whatcha do--BLOGGING!

      6 years ago


      So hey, people potentially reading this. I'm looking for something  to do on ScrewAttack to entertain you. Can't really think of anything. So here's what I'm asking from you, help me brainstorm ideas for what to do. I'll give you a nice cookie if you're creative.

      Here's my issue, I suck at video editing. So, unless one of you computer whizzes (Firefox says I spelt that right. Not convinced) wants to be my video-creating  slave, this entertainment will come in text form, which is fine because I can type words good.

      My ideas consist of :

      a) Reviews of games/movies/t.v. shows/any combination of those. More serious.

      b) Personal thoughts on games/movies/t.v. shows. Less serious, more of a discussion.

      c) articles similar to cracked.com where I talk about whatever catches my attention

      Finally, if I get no comments on this, it'll affirm what I've believed for a while: Nobody reads blogs. If this is the case this may be my first and last attempt.

    • Johnny Reviews! - Toonami! (mild spoilers)

      6 years ago


      ALL RIGHT! Toonami's on, I've got my snacks and my sodie-pop, I'm ready to be blown away like I was when I was 10.  BRING ON THE FIRST SHOW!

      1st show - Bleach  : Episode I have no idea. Really  interesting way to start the block. Not a new show, but the crown king of filler that we all know as bleach. What can I say? The episode is undoubtedly years ahead of where I stopped watching. I had no idea what was going on, but there was a decent enough fight scene happening. My issue: Ichigo took longer to figure out how to defeat the bad guy than I did, and when he finally got it, he felt the need to explain out loud to the man who was using the attack how his fucking attack worked. Then he proceeds to have some sort of epiphany and figures out how to defeat the guy without feeling the need to explain that part at all. WTF. The voices in his head then proceed to tell him to gtfo, and some other characters talk about the rain. Rough start Tom. Rough start.

      2nd Show - Deadman Wonderland: Episode 1. This show started off innocent. Three friends talking about going on a trip as a group to be together and love eachother and all that hippie crap. Then, literally out of nowhere, a humanoid creature comes from nowhere and slaughters the entire goddamn roomfull of kids while floating outside the third story window. Our main character wakes up in a hospital bed as a news programs reveals to us that he is the only survivor. He is then arrested, tried, and convicted of murdering his entire class, including his two close friends. This is all in the first five/ten minutes. If you can stand the gore of this show, it actually gets quite interesting and the animation is pretty good though there's nothing incredibly creative or impressive about it. It was better than bleach if that counts for anything. This show, more than any of the others, has convinced me to come back next week.

      3rd Show - Casshern Sins: Episode 1. Holy crap. First thing I noticed was Eric Vale voicing the main character (won't be the first or last time I hear him in this block). Next thing that jumped out at me was the animation. Somehow this show had me convinced a lot was happening in the action scenes, even though the Casshern himself was barely on screen when he attacked. The artwork kept me interested more than what was happening. It opened with a ridiculous fight between main character Casshern and a small army of robots that were chanting "Kill Casshern" or something similar. Several characters are introduced, but after a few lines of dialogue they barely get any more screen time and the time they have didn't seem to go anywhere. At about the halfway point, the show's saving grace came in the form of a young robot girl called Ringo. How to describe her....... SHE'S ADORABLE. Words cannot describe how cute this girl is. She just sort of wanders around and talks to Casshern, but every moment of it had me d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww-ing. Will watch again for those action scenes and that much adorable.

      4th Show - FMA: Brotherhood: Episode 32. Haven't seen episodes 1-31, so can't say much.Important things seemed to be happening, but I didn't understand. I had no problems with the episode, I was just ill-equipped to enjoy it. Moving on.

      5th Show - Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG: Episode ?. Is it weird that I remembered this episode specifically from when I was a 15 because I was a hormonal teenager and this episode is the closest the major gets to being naked in this particular series? Yes? SHUT UP! Anyways, there's not much to say about this show. If you call yourself an anime fan and you haven't at least seen the Ghost in the Shell movie, you need to get your priorities straight.

      Final Show - Cowboy Bebop: Faye's backstory episode. This remains one of my favorite, if not my favorite anime of all time. Everything about it makes me smile. The music, the characters, the repetitive artwork and the gritty futuristic world that seems all too real. That said, this was an interesting episode to play for the first Toonami broadcast. The 26 episode show has been airing over and over again since [as] started playing anime, so it's not like they couldn't have just started over. Plus, this episode in particular has one of the four main characters dominate most of the screen time, so anyone actually viewing the show for the first time may be turned off by Faye's attitude and not watch the rest of this amazing show. Still, the episode itself isn't bad, and it has its own ironic sense of humor, so I guess it's ok.

      Presentation and final thoughts.

      Nostalgia punched me directly across the face and stomped on my chest as Tom walked on screen. I personally remember the smaller one in the thumbnail for this blog more vividly, but I'm splitting hairs. Tom's voice was the same as I remembered, and it was a nice touch that they gave him new dialogue and I was pretty impressed with the unexpected Game review. My only complaint really is that the only shows that started on episode 1 were the brand new ones. I like the beginning of Bleach and I had a friend who was completely confused at Ghost in the Shell, but still, I'll probably be tuning in for the forseeable future for the entire block.

      But that's enough of what I think, what did the g1s think?

    • Johnny Reviews! - Toonami Followup!

      6 years ago


      Hey look! Toonami's still on. I've watched it, so I figured a follow up to last week's blog was necessary. I don't really plan on turning this into a regular review, but right now I'm having fun doing it SO READ IT. Also tune in to watch it if you can, great programs like these need our support. So, same deal as last time, I'll go through each show in order and tell you what I thought.

      Show #1: Bleach - Does this episode have anything to do with last week's? I vaguely remember Ichigo fighting some guy in a place with pillars. and water. Now, we're talking about "Sword beasts?" If the past two episodes are both filler (very likely), this show is just as disappointing as I remember it. I guess I'm just going to try and see the positive in this episode.

      So, the positive side of the Bleach filler. As always, the soundtrack is a lot of fun. It never really fits the mood, but it is fun to listen to.

      There's also at least one scene with Rangiku, so you guys that like anime cleavage are in luck.

      That's honestly all I can think of. Even for Bleach filler, this one was sad and boring. None of the original human cast, the more interesting soul reapers barely got any screen time, and the fight scene was pathetic. I don't look forward to sitting through this show again next week.

      Show #2: Deadman Wonderland - Right out of the gate, the music in this show hit me more than it did last week. It sounds great and always fits the mood. Plus, that theme song!

      The actual plot of the episode is really fun, though far-fetched. People are dying on the insane obstacle course and we're meant to believe that the spectators think it's fake? Hilarious. The end of the episode was predictable, but carried out in a really creative way. Still a really freakin' fun show to watch. My one complaint is the censorship. Curse words get bleeped like on Jerry Springer, and it really ruins the joke/dialogue when it happens.

      Show #3: Casshern Sins - Holy shit this show is depressing. Casshern as a character gives off a very "Vash the Stampede" vibe in this episode. Not in the sense that he's a likable nonviolent person, more in the sense that destruction follows him wherever he goes. I really didn't feel that this episode was connected to the last one in any way. The adorable girl from last week is gone, replaced by an obnoxiously in love robot couple and their badass dog.

      That thing will kill you.

      The plot of this episode was more structured than the last one, even if we are just sort of dropped into it. The artwork and action scenes both remain amazing, I'm just hoping we get fed a little information next week.

      Show #4: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Carries on right where it left off last week. This is refreshing. The state is searching for scar, Ed and Al are searching for some little girl and her mini panda bear that everyone insists is a cat.

      If that's a cat, so am I.

      This series is interesting. Ed and Al are devoid of that awkward tension that I remember they had toward each other in the first series. They treat one another more like brothers and less like victims here, and I like it.

      The ridiculously obvious bad guy was a bit cheesy though. I wasn't sure if I should be rooting for scar until the guy in the white suit started talking to him. He is over the top crazy. There was also a crazy scene with Winry and a drag queen. I really have to catch up with this show, I am so damn confused. Still the episode kept me entertained, so there's that.

      Show #5: Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG - I'm a little biased for this show. I LOVE IT. I mean, I know the words to the theme song. This is one of those shows that just doesn't get old. /gush

      This episode follows Bato in search of a terrorist. He happens upon an interesting little girl in a wheelchair who seems to be able to see him while camouflaged, though she never says anything to him when she does see him. The girl proves to be more involved than we thought, and stuff gets exciting. It's a great episode, and I heartily recommed you watch it.

      Show #6: Cowboy Bebop - Same as above. Love this show to death. Even more than Ghost in the Shell. I've got TANK! (Cowboy Bebop's opening theme) as my ringtone.

      My desktop background.

      I'm not getting all gushy again, I promise. This is the "Old guys" episode (Real title: Black Dog Serenade). A prison transport ship gets taken over by the prisoners inside. Jet Black and his old partner from the ISSP head out to try and stop them. Some past wounds are opened up, bits of Jet's backstory are revealed, and there's some genuinely awesome action that for once doesn't involve Spike or Faye. This episode is a must-see if you like Bebop.


      "So Johnny!" I hear you adoring readers asking out loud to your computer screens, "After a week of thought, how do you feel about this interesting chunk of programming?"

      Well, my well worded friends, I must say that I'm still quite impressed. The spirit of Tom from my childhood is alive and well in this block. It has earned my support and viewership, as it has yours (I hope.)

      Now from what I've heard, the ratings for the first airing last week weren't anything impressive. This makes me sad. If more people don't start tuning in soon, the powers that be may deem it unworthy of the admirable effort they have put forth. Let's not let that happen. So, if anything I've said has made you curious, if any of these shows look interesting in the slightest, or if you just have fond memories of running into your house, dropping your backpack and parking directly in front of the T.V. to see Goku, Heero, Sailor Moon, or whoever else kick some major bad guy ass, I implore you to tune in to the Cartoon Network on Saturday night and tell your friends to do the same.

      AAAAAAAAAAAND that's all I've got to say about Toonami folks! Check in sometime next week for something completely different!

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