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    As the name suggests, I'm Swedish and have followed Screwattack for some time before recently becoming a g1. I would maybe consider myself a retro-gamer, as well as new to the game...

    Monkey Island, Broken Sword did the point and click right. As this statement suggests, I'm really more of a PC-player and didn't really play that much consoles. Only at, and with, my friends. Only very recently I re-discovered my passion for the old-school sidescrollers, and bought a NDSi a few days after the launch of the 3DS. I still love adventure games and Zelda - Phantom Hourglass kicks enough ass to make me believe that console games are not dead, quite yet.

    I want to contribute to the community and the site as well as I can, and I'm considering going the advantage program way. I love the new look and the new direction the site is going, even though it meant some drastic changes to the community aspect. I like it, now I can start to be a part of it, without feeling left out or behind.

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