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    • Spider-Man for PS4 Developer's Diary

      11 months ago


      Developers from Insomniac Games talked about the development and creation of a completely new story with the more experienced Peter Parker for the new ekshena Spider-Man, which is released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in 2018. To the acrobatic abilities, improvisation, the release of cobwebs from the hands and lasagna on the walls, many new elements have been added that have never appeared in the games about Spider-Man. Parkour, interaction with the environment, new fighting techniques and cinematic moments - such a Spider-Man you have not yet seen.

      More at https://free-psn-codes.org/

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      11 months ago


      Web practitioner. Subtly charming bacon advocate. Freelance writer. Lifelong organizer. Travel geek. Unable to type with boxing gloves on.

      I like octopi, lizards, romance movies, and volcanoes.

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