1. SEGA announce a second Dreamcast collection for Xbox 360 and PC (Sony still won’t allow compilations to be released for the PS3) featuring Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, SEGA Rally 2 and Sonic Adventure 2

2. Nintendo announce a stylus with vibration feedback for the 3DS, the stylus serves no other purpose other than adding feedback and connects via WiFi.

3. Sony to announce that Move was a failure and discontinue it.

4. Rockstar tease GTA V with a second trailer, but no other details.

5. Microsoft shows off Halo 4, no surprises there, but they’ll also talk about how it will have Kinect compatibility.

6. EA announce how ALL of their sports games for 2013 will incorporate Kinect/Move compatibility.

7. Ubisoft to announce a sequel to Rayman Origins

8. EA announce more PC games that will require Origin to play, but the games announced won’t be very good so nobody buys them anyway.

9. Nintendo announce that Wii U tablet will have it’s own “app store”, where it can be used as a stand-alone Facebook/Twitter/Skype machine.

10. SEGA announce a new Sonic game for Wii U, which will be similar to all the “Classic Sonic” levels on Sonic Generations where it’ll be possible to play on the Wii U tablet.

11. Microsoft announce a new tablet which is similar to Windows Mobile, but has “enhanced” Xbox Live compatibility

12. Mojang announce an update to MineCraft Xbox 360 Edition, making it more similar to the PC version.

13. Capcom announce a new “Vs” fighting game.

14.  Namco shows off Tekken X Street Fighter (not Street Fighter X Tekken which is already out)

15.  Keith Apicary to be turned away at the door before he can cause any chaos.

That’s my personal predictions for this year’s E3, I have avoided anyone else’s predictions list, just so that I can’t be accused of being a copycat, and some of them are a little more light-hearted than others.

These are not to be taken as serious because I’m just a video game fan with a lot of time of my hands.