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    • Guild Wars 2 for 60% off this weekend!

      5 years ago


      First off, Hey i'm alive, Of course i'm alive and i'm really pushing myself to make a return here. (Infact... It could of been this week if I had all the materials for my pretty blog posts... But I don't on my laptop. Which is also why this Blog Post is Naked.) I might also be returning with something new to the table to my "Reviews with only 100 Series... You'll see how that will turn out. I've got new stuff planned so don't worry. :3)


      Anyway,  Enough about me... More about this! Guild Wars 2 is 60% off right now at GetGame.com. If you are interested in Guild Wars 2 it is 100% the time to pick it up right now. GetGames is a trustworthy site and even myself i've bought several things there and my friend has bought X-COM so if you were worring about trust issues, Yes you can trust them.


      That's it for me here. If you were curious, i'm on the server Crystal Desert but that's subject to change. I don't play on it much anymore but I do want to get back into it. 


      Here's the link to GatGames: http://tinyurl.com/bfsgvqc


      EDIT: Looks like they ran out of Guild Wars 2 copies\keys or something :c  Hopefully they will restock sometime! I'd keep eyes on it!

    • Reviews with only 100: Q.U.B.E.

      6 years ago


      Q.U.B.E. Is an action puzzle game by Toxic Games. You have the ability to manipulate cubes and buttons with your hands. Different colored cubes do different things such as yellow cubes creating a staircase and blue cubes bounce you or other objects. You have to use these cubes to progress through the game much like how you use portals to advance in Portal. The game is very reminiscent of Portal, but both have completely different concepts and designs which let each game stand out. For fifteen bucks, it's a decent puzzle game but I would honestly wait on a sale.

    • Reviews with only 100: Trine

      6 years ago


      Trine, a physics based platforming game developed by Frozenbyte. You take control of the Thief, Wizard, or Knight, each with their own unique abilities. You use their abilities to affect the world around you to progress through the game and find items that boost your characters stats and get new skills. The game also features a local co-op mode for you and two friends to play to experience the very beautiful world of Trine. For a ten dollar game I would wait until it's on sale, because there isn't much replay value, but still remains being a very enjoyable game.

    • Reviews with only 100: Hoard.

      6 years ago


      Hoard is an action strategy game developed by Big Sandwich games. You take control of a greedy dragon going around and collecting gold for your treasure cove. Burn down or side with villages, fight knights, destry carts, and hostage princesses to gain more treasure. The more treasure you earn can increase your Dragon's attributes such as flame breath, carry capacity, armor, and speed. You'll need to improve yourself because you're not alone in this battle for greed as other dragons are there fighting as well. With Online play and tons of maps, the fun never ends for your ten bucks.

    • Contest Time: The Winner. (Sequence.)

      6 years ago


      Well... It's time to announced the winner of this fun little contest so... If you go back to this post I made: http://www.screwattack.com/news/contest-time-update This is the list I will draw from.

      So... 1 out of 144 and the number that Random.org pulled up is...




      So "thebigboy" you are the winner of this contest and I will be in touch with you.


      Congrats and thank you to everyone who entered. I will be doing much more of this and I may just start another little contest later Today :)

    • Reviews with only 100: Legend of Grimrock

      6 years ago


      Legend of Grimrock is an old school RPG dungeon crawler by Almost Human Games. You start by creating a party of four and pick between races and classes that affect your character overall. You explore around the dungeon on a grid style layout and find treasures and other items while fending off enemies. The combat is truly unique to this game by moving between squares to avoid attacks and then moving back to attack again. The fifteen dollars seems like a bit much, but it is very worth it for a satisfying dungeon crawler that will make you want more.

    • Contest Time! Win a Free Steam Game!

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Pssst. Check out his 100 Word Reviews (Dungeon Defenders, Legend of Grimlock, Satazius, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet) . Good Stuff. Good Stuff. 

      This is something new but I thought I would hold a contest for all of the G1s out there. What is the prize?


      Well coming to Screwattack has been exceedingly fun for me and i've enjoyed the time i've spent here so I thought maybe I would give back a little to my G1s. So as such I have a cntest to win a free copy of the first game I ever reviewed,


      Sequence is a Rhythm RPG and one of my all time favorite Indie Games I have ever played. So I wanted to share the love by giving away a free copy! You can check out my "Reviews with only 100" Review on it.

      What are the rules?

      1. You must have Steam. Sorry but this is only a Steam copy of the game so having steam is required.

      ...and that's it. As long as you have steam you're ready to go!

      To enter all you have to do is comment below and I will tally up the 1st through X number of comments. I then will use a random number generator to pick a comment and that person will recieve, Sequence.


      If all goes well I do plan to do more fo these contests, spread the word about this, tell your friends, whatever you want to do!

      Entry Deadline:  July 26th. I will do the number drawing and the winner will be announced Next Friday, July 27th.

      Good luck all!


      One last note, Sequence is a Windows only game avaliable to Steam.

    • Reviews with only 100: Runespell: Overture

      6 years ago


      Runespell: Overture, A RPG Poker game developed by Mystic Box. You take control of the changeling and battle monsters by stack or stealing cards on yours or the enemies field and make poker hands. The better your poker hands the more damage you deal. A variety of spell cards and allies are also available for play during each of the three turns. You move around the map in a Super Mario Bros. Three fashion going to towns to buy spells and start quests. The game is ten bucks but I recommend finding it cheaper during a sale probably around five.

    • Reviews with only 100: Dustforce

      6 years ago


      Dustforce is a sidescrolling adventure game by Hitbox team. Take control of your acrobatic janitor as you sweep the world from it's filth to advance through the game. Climbs up walls, slide down slopes, and many more athletic moves are at your side to dispose of the filth. It is really interesting to see how many moves your janitor could pull off and for speed challenges you could easily rip through levels if you master the janitor. If you are a fan of platforming with some insane skills, then the ten dollar price tag is pretty good for the game.

    • Reviews with only 100: Satazius.

      6 years ago


      Satazius is a 2d retro side-scrolling shooter by Astro Port. At heart, this feels like a Gradius clone in terms of the weapon selection screen. Plenty of weapons that do a variety of things are at your disposal and the farther you get in the game the more you unlock and through the levels, you pick up power-ups to upgrade weapons you bring into the level to increase their performance. With epic bosses, an arcade feel that isn't to be missed, and weapon customization, your six bucks will be something you won't regret if you have a heart for shooters.

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