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    • VGM Styles: Which theme should be more impacting, Boss or Rival?

      5 years ago



      When you’re playing a fighter or an RPG, the main characters have two influenctial kinds of characters that you see in the general story, the Main Boss and your Rival. These are the two types of characters in gaming that you learn or hear the most about (besides the Protagonist) and play a huge part about the story. The protagonist or character’s personality itself is developed by a rival or a boss when it is seen that you want to be more powerful against them to prove your worth similar to facing Blue or Silver in Pokémon, facing each other multiple times within the story to see who is more powerful. Also, the character could be pushed by vengeance for killing someone close to them or scaring your character when we see a story similar to Carl Clover and his father Relius in the Blazblue series. We all probably know that developers have created themes for the rival or boss in order to help further solidify their importance in the game, but the question for this is whose theme should have more of an impact to the player. This doesn’t mean the theme automatically has to be badass since you have to take consideration of how the boss or the rival influences and interacts with your character. So let’s see how these character’s themes can be seen as.


      Boss Theme:

      When most of us think about a boss theme, the usually picture that comes in mind is that the song should get you pumped as you face what is the strongest foe in the game. A boss theme from the first second should make you want to scream that you’re ready to win the game no matter now long or frustrated you get, even making you want to bang you’re head for a bit. Now a boss theme most of the time ends up falling under two categories, either the theme is a fast-pace hard rock feel that helps complement the battle altogether, especially games that already have flashy speed similar to an Arc System fighter. The other style usually is more an orchestration sounds that reflects the boss character themselves, imagine a character that believes they have finally obtained ultimate power or facing a god and if the orchestration has people singing in Latin too, you know that character is automatically a badass. Let see some examples.

      Endless Despair (Final Boss: Hazama): Blazblue Continuum Shift:

      You want a perfect example of a theme that both makes the boss look omnipotent and pump you up to face them, look no further than Hazama’s theme. Those first few seconds when all you hear is strings building up and the choir starts when the strings hit their peaks alone establish the idea that you’re about to face an OP monster that will beat you to a pulp several times. As the music progresses, the tune gets more fast paced with the guitars and piano, filling you with pure determination to kick Hazama’s butt even if you have see that continue screen several times. Then there’s the awesome guitar solos that made me want to headbang while destroying Hazama (of course I know, that is nearly impossible).


      Trollzama is gonna make you see that continue screen until you go insane



      Hellfire (Final Boss: Inferno): Soul Calibur 2:

      Similar to Hazama’s theme, Hellfire accomplishes both an energetic atmosphere for facing Inferno and enforcing the power of Soul Edge as you face the will of the evil destructive sword. When you get an almost full minute intro to establish  how powerful and evil you are, that’s points in my book as shown in Inferno’s theme as you get a minute intro as the screen changes from the Ostrheinsburg Chapel to Chaos and witness Inferno arise from Soul Edge before the battle. The music once the battle starts is pure energy as the strings play pretty fast and the drums blast in the background as you face inferno, trying to deplete his health as it changes weapons, fighting through the fire that expels out of him each section until you defeat him and hear his cries of agonizing defeat before he diminishes, leaving only Soul Edge stabbed in the ground of the Chapel.


      All badass bosses need a cool scarf that waves in the wind.



      Unknown’s Theme: Tekken Tag Tournament:

      Raise of hands, who thought this theme was creepy as hell the first time they faced Unknown. Unknown’s theme sounded so contrasting compared to all the others themes in TTT that had more of a happy Disco-esk aura in them, which does an excellent job reflecting her as this mysterious figure with a black latex (?) suit and a disembodied wolf as a partner. With that mysterious atmosphere, Unknown’s theme creates some nervousness in players as they play in a dark stage where most of the light is radiating off Unknown, further depicting her is a powerful opponent as she combos you till you knock out over and over.


      Frustrating as hell and nightmare Fuel, thanks Namco



      Champion’s Theme (Final Boss: Red)/ Pokémon G/S/C:

      The Johto Champion theme from Pokémon simply sounds like a thrilling boss theme that shouts to player to get ready for the battle of their life. I don’t care if you’ve heard this millions of time while Exp farming off the Elite Four and Lance, this theme continuously tells me that the test to become Pokémon master is at arm’s reach but you must prove yourself (and by that I mean face three Dragonites that have powerful special attacks that seem too accurate). However, then there is the battle with Red and boy does this theme’s strength kick in. If you were like me and played Gen 1, the big question that kept popping in your head when playing Gen 2 was “Where’s Red?” you’ve seen everyone else including you previous rival Blue and how they changed within the three year span between R/B and G/S/C yet the person you haven’t seen is the person you were most connected to, the trainer that you first grew up as and one the Pokémon League with.  Then you go into Mt. Silver where the Pokémon increase in difficulty only to end up at the top of the Mountain where you see one person with the same sprite as you standing as if he was waiting for you. Once you converse, he states nothing then you hear Dun Dun Dun and see his sprite, the true Pokémon league Champion that you worked hours into facing you, that music feeling more powerful than ever as for go all out on Red and hope to defeat him, telling you that this battle is the true final test.


      Admit it, you screamed with high pitch joy when you saw Red.



      Rival Theme:

      Now when it comes to rival themes, there really isn’t a set style that the music radiates. The reason being that your rival can have a wider choice of personality compared to the final boss is really supposed to be all mighty. A rivalry can have numerous different sentiments including two best friends who want to test their strength or two people that hate each other due to a death in the past. Due to wide variety of emotions, the rival theme can span from a joyful spirit-lifting tune to a badass fight to the death theme to reflect the relationship and emotions of the characters. Let’s check some out.

      Existence (Assassin’s theme)/Guilty Gear XX:

      Let’s kick off the Rival themes with one that does an amazing job mirroring that antagonism that surrounds the four Assassins in the Guilty Gear series. This song constantly builds up from intro to end, beginning with a chorus singing in the distance with a tinkering notes playing is a uniform pattern as two assassins get in position to battle and warm up, and starting to truly fight as the music grows louder and robust. With the climax of the music at the end, you’re around the end of the match and pulling specials or destroys as the music pumps you to finish the fellow assassin off, usually ending in a sudden stop when you’re victorious whether you’re Millia, Venom, Slayer or Eddie.


      I don't think a therapist would want to sit through all of their issues, although Faust might.



      Tekken Rivals Theme 2/ Street Fighter x Tekken:

      I know I’m cheating a bit here since the Tekken Rival theme in SFxT is just a remix of the intro theme from Tekken Tag Tournament, but in SFxT this theme sounds too smooth to be used as a regular stage theme yet packs enough energy to be used in a battle. From the beginning when I heard that first Piano note gradually fading the the techno section start up allowed me to recognize that this battle ain’t just some ordinary random duel and once that drifting piano melody and dynamic techno blend together, the sound is just beautiful and boosts your energy as you help your character be victorious against the person they see as their equal or especially want to go down.

      If There Were Any Other Way: Soul Calibur 2/3:

      Whenever this melody plays when I play as Talim against Yun-Seong in Soul Calibur 2, the tune just feels so accurate as  the song keeps thickening the tension between the rivals. Just those strings building up as I kept battling whoever my character’s equal was created this epic cinematic yet the emotion in areas like the chorus made the atmosphere seem so different from a usual boss battle, further establishing the connection these two characters have in the story of Soul Calibur. I always sensed the worry in characters like Talim or the hatred similar to Yoshimitsu towards Voldo when listening to this song while I faced my opponent, experiencing that same amount not matter how many times I listened to it in one play through.


      I will stop you with the power of Wind



      Hoenn Rival theme: Pokémon R/S/E:

      Going through all of these more suspenseful tension building themes, let’s end this section with a Rival theme that seems more energetic in a happier point of view. So, why not Pokémon but more specifically Gen 3’s rival theme since the Hoenn region introduced us not only to two rivals at one time but both aren’t complete jerks in comparison to Blue and Silver. Different from the previous two rival themes in Pokémon, this theme creates the impression of let’s be serious about our match but enjoy it as much as possible in the same time, reflecting the relation between you and either your kind yet aspiring neighbor who you just met after moving or Wally who is a polar opposite personality wise to Blue but also strives to become a Pokémon master even though he’s constantly ill. This melody never gave me the feeling that I had to be superior, especially the beginning which made me feel as though I was hearing a marching band at a parade, just pure ecstatic fun.


      Though the theme is really fun to hear, beating Wally always seemed bitter-sweet




      Honestly it depends on the genre of game. When it comes to fighters, the Boss theme should be the most impacting since they’re the person you’ll face the most, especially ones that have boss-mod or are SNK hard. With RPG’s, the Rival theme should be the most memorable since you constantly face your rival as the story progresses, continuously comparing your strength to theirs as they try prove that their power surpasses yours as we see in every Pokémon game when you always run into your rival who gloats that their Pokémon can wipe the floor with yours. However, More story based fighters including the Blazblue series may also focus towards Rival themes as the inter-connecting stories of the cast regularly interact with each other multiple times, creating many friendships and enemies, thus needing many themes that reflect the emotion between specific  individuals like Litchi and Arakune.


      Well g1’s, which kind of theme has had a more impact in your gaming life, talk about them in the comments as your opinions and stories are as important as mine plus I bet your thoughts are different. Until next time, Ciao.

    • My Top 10 Pokemon Themes

      6 years ago


       When I first began playing Pokémon, I really didn’t care about the music themes in the games, but as I grew older, these tunes would fill me with nostalgia and help be either relaxed or get pumped up. With that here are my Top 10 Music theme from Pokémon gaming. Note: I’m not just using the Cannon series; there may be some music from spin-off games.

      10. Nimbasa City Theme (B&W)

      Even though some of the music in Pokémon games have not been that robust after Generation IV for my taste, that was not the case for Nimbasa City and this tune was a great fit for the setting. Nimbasa City is illustrated as the entertainment central for the Unova region filled with fashion as well as music and the game delivered with a tune of pure excitement that follows your character’s walking rhythm as you go to the Battle Station or to the Stadium. Whenever I pass Nimbasa, I usually stall for a couple of minutes just to listen to the music and let the song fill the room with fun.




      9. Team Plasma Grunts (B&W)

      No matter which generation people side on, most admit that the Plasma grunt music is awesome. This theme always is enjoyable to hear as a defeat each of a grunts’ Pokémon with a feeling that I’m in a battle to the death in a medieval arena, a fitting theme forTeam Plasma who is basically PETA clad in knights clothing .




      8. Pokémon Pinball Blue Field

      For those who don’t know, Pokémon has a spin-off pinball game in 1999 and that game was addicting as hell. You got a choice between a Red or Blue field (representing the versions out at the time) and I would usually choose the blue field since the music contained a smoother style and always made my head move with the melody. The background sound from the melody would allow me to picture a beach by the ocean with the bubbling sound as I try to get the Pokéball into either a Coyster or into Slowbro’s mouth and bash into a bunch of Shellder. The tranquil music also added to the impact when I would enter Catch’em all or Evolution made and brings me back to earth when I would complete either just in time to save the Pokéball from going in between the flippers.



      7. National Park (HG/SS Version)

      Whenever I entered National Park in my Silver version, I usually thought this song could be used for a slow-dance. The theme was always soothing and eased me into bliss when the song hit its upbeat. However, the eight-bit tune cased the beginning to feel depressing but at the same time made the upbeat appear way more uplifting. When I get my Soulsilver and went to national park, The piano riff in the first 20 seconds felt similar to waking up to the music of birds while the bridge always led me to memory land and picture my childhood in a slow montage. Even though the upbeat is not as impacting, the more cheerful music mixed with that same relaxed rhythm perfected the song.




      6. Vermilion City (G/S/C)

      The first time I beat the Elite Four in my Silver felt amazing. Furthermore, when I learned that I can go to the Kanto region, I was giddy since even the Anime at the time was in Johto and I just wanted to go back to Kanto to see the original eight (well seven) Gym Leaders. When you first get off the S.S Aqua in Kanto, the melody of Vermilion City just said “welcome back home” with the slower piano remix of the original theme. To me, I always hear the echo of every note similar to the echoes you make when alone in a large body of water while the slow rhythm allowed me to picture waves gently hitting the docks in a port city blended together.



      5. Trainer Battle (R/B/Y)

      If you haven’t been recognize it yet, one thing I always appreciate in music is an amazing opening that prepares you for what will happen and with the first trainer music created for Pokémon, those first ten seconds sucked players into each battle. What I found amusing with the music was that after that into rift, the melody weakens as the trainer and their Pokémon are being introduced but once the actual attacking begin, the music usually becomes more energizing almost as if it’s telling you when to start. Each passing second the tune’s momentum gets stronger with help from the instruments accompanying in the background until that peak when the piano’s pitch begins shrilling while surrounding rhythms increase their tempo.



      4. Johto Elite Four (Pokémon Stadium 2): 

      The G/S/C version of the Elite Four music always seemed intense than the Johto Gym Leaders even though both were the same song because of the thought that you’re fighting the Elite Four. However, the music developers apparently wanted to make the two have different moods and what’s not better than to remix the original intense song with an orchestra of strings, trumpets and drums. What always gets me is how the music starts with low pitch drumming followed by Strings building up with each motion and ending coming to its peak with symbols blasting with the piano for a few seconds then abruptly going back to drums.                       



      3. Champion Lance/Red Battle (G/S/C)

      What is the Champion’s theme supposed to sound like, maybe an intimidating win all battle against a master? Even though technology for video game music had improved since the first two Pokémon generations, the Champion battles have never had that same impacting music since Lance. Those first ten seconds when the intro for song  plays alone tells you that you are in deep with the 8-bit tune creating an edgy atmosphere compared to Cynthia’s which gives me the impression that I’m about to enter a rave party with its weird techno sound. Lance’s theme never loses power for me even after battling him several times to EXP farm, that same theme still intimidates me and pumps me up since that first battle with him. Another thing that impressed me about the theme is how efficiently the music can shift from quiet into a sharp piano riff, which was fantastic. If there are people who believe that 8-bit music is superior to music today, this theme would be a perfect example.




      2.. Hoenn Elite Four (R/S/E)

      For being the peak for Pokémon (excluding remakes), Generation III had the best Elite four and battle music hands down with this candy for your ears. This theme gets points alone for making Steve/ Wallace’s champion theme feel as if you were facing a youngster. The quick tempo for the music pumps me up as the mix of Strings and Trumpets keep telling you that you’re in the big leagues. One area specifically that I find interesting is the piano rift because each note echoes, telling you that it’s only you and your Pokémon against four of the five most powerful trainers in Hoenn.

      1. Lavender Town (R/B/Y) : 

      When people think about creepy themes, Lavender Town always comes to mind.The reason why I loved this theme was that there was that eerie creepiness yet blended with a passive rhythm that everyone can follow like a pendulum. Even as a young kid who didn’t really care about music at the time, this theme always caught my attention with the smooth melody bringing that “Rest Peacefully” atmosphere with the ghostly beeping slowly together at the end. This theme always sounds like a lullaby to me since I always feel relaxed whenever I hear but in the back of my mind there was worry since the sound felt like a clock ticking as your life passes by. Another thing would like to give this theme praise for is that I feel the developers wanted to tell a story with Lavender’s Town theme similar to Vermilion City in G/S/C. I believe that this theme could be a lullaby for Pokémon to rest peacefully into their final slumber peacefully and giving the Trainer the scenario of helping Marowak, who people like Mr. Fuji cared about from birth to death, be eased into the afterlife. That is also why in my opinion the developers made the remix more cheerful; as a way to represent their gratitude for caring about them even to their passing. Lavender Town’s theme isn’t just a creepy tune to scare people but a story about caring Pokémon even as they pass away from our world. Bonus points for the theme being the center of stories talking about how kids committed suicide just by listening to add to the legend of “The Noble Purple Town.”



      Looks like I got a bit carried away there with Lavender Town. But here is my list thanks for reading and if you skimmed it, at least you tried. 

    • VGM Styles: Be Carefree like the Wind… Or a Nightclub

      6 years ago



      Prior segment of VGM Styles: http://www.screwattack.com/news/vgm-styles-tinker-and-chime-effect

      Welcome to another installment of Video Game Music Styles and this week we are talking about carefree themes in fighters that always lift my spirits and at times even make me want to find a DDR mat to dance like there is no tomorrow on. To be a bit serious here, whenever I listen to a fighter OST, the I tend to listen to the carefree theme last because I want to be surprised since fighting game music has started to sound kind of the same, even orchestrated themes seem to sound a bit too similar. But carefree themes always seem to sound unique whether to create a calming rhythm that relives my stress or stand up laughing with pure joy. Carefree melodies have to radiate the same personality of their characters or stage like a comical character similar to Taokaka or the bustling party all night atmosphere similar to L.A. A carefree theme tends to express the mood of living without a worry and enjoying life to the fullest in order to accomplish your goals in life (but don’t think of putting any hash tag stuff at the end of this). Here are a few of my personal examples of carefree themes executed well and for just a reminder, these are all fighting themes.   


      “Who Is Queen” (Team Lady Fighters Theme): King of Fighters XIII


      Whenever I listen to "Who is Queen", I always feel as though this theme would fit perfectly with a montage of enjoying the big city with friends. The fast paced jazzy sound works great at getting me ecstatic when I feel sluggish and I don’t know why but I have found myself putting button combinations to the beat of the song and worry less about the actual battle at times. This theme fits Yuri, King and Mai’s  personalities of girls who want to have fun as well as their friendly rivalry bond of three girls who enjoy pulverizing the crap out of their opponents together followed by a night at the club where they argue over who is the most beautiful.  

      Nothing strengthens friendship like totaling people and some champagne.

      “Stimulation” (New York): Capcom vs. SNK 2


      Before I begin, I would like to say that Satoshi Ise did an amazing job mirroring the atmosphere of New York City in Stimulation (when Hurricane-free) with a rhythm that is exciting yet somewhat laid back. The reaction I usually have when this songs plays is that I want to stand up and dance to the music and although I’m not a rap fan, this song gets my approval because it adds more flavor to the song as well as a closer connection to the personality of the NYC. I think people who are not gamers wouldn’t think that this song came from a video game and enjoy it at a party or a pick-me-up as much as us g1s, possibly getting them into the game more easily and break the idea of people who believe that all video game music sounds similar to the Mario chip tune, which is why this piece gains even more of my respect.

      Helicopters and beer, I'm not sure that is what NYC is all about but then again I'm not a history buff.

      “Simple Life” (Bridget’s Theme): Guilty Gear XX


      If you want a rock theme that has the impression of watching an anime with your best friends, Bridget’s theme is perfect for that situation. Don’t get me wrong, “Simple Life” is great for a fighting game like Guilty Gear but the song also bring that feeling of a kid adventuring the world for the first time and enjoying each second of his newly found independence. Bridget’s story somewhat fits that description becoming a bounty hunter in order to use his freedom to prove his masculinity while being seen as a more comical character to players since his weapons are a yo-yo and a stuffed bear. The title of the song also gives that idea of Bridget not supposed as serious of a character like Ky or Sol but one that gamers want to play to get some good laughs or feel more accomplished mastering to use like a troll. That or reflecting the fact that Bridget was forcefully raised as a girl although he is a guy due to some superstition about giving birth to twins of the same gender being a curse, either way Bridget is awesome in my books.

      I think I could enjoy watching the reaction of people finding out Bridget's true gender for days.

      “Active Angel” (Platinum the Trinity’s Theme): Blazblue Continuum Shift Extended


      We can all agree that Platinum is supposed to be the comic relief character that has a serious side, I mean she has three soul trapped in one body, a kind good hearted boy, a rude mouthed annoying girl and one of the Six Heroes. In addition, Platinum can summons a missile with a cat face and makes it rains chibi style cats, so I think we get the picture. Anyways, Platinum theme would have to be as crazy and energetic as her story and boy did Daisuke Ishiwatari pull off an amazing job creating a theme just filled with head bobbing happiness. Whenever I listen to “Active Angel”, the song sounds like a mix of hard rock with a pop sound and emit more of a light hearted atmosphere compared to Ragna's theme or even Carl's. In addition to the joyful pop rock sound, Daisuke even adds that small violin solo where it gets a bit serious; giving me the idea that Platinum is more than just two children with contrasting personalities when I first faced her.

      She can kick you ass using hearts and cats, don't try to fight her.

      Well they you go, the power and energy of the carefree theme. So g1s, are there any themes that just make you feel happy or want to make you find a club to dance in. Please comment below and until next time, say uplifted and happy.

    • Pokefan Rant: Annoying Fanboys Ruining Pokemon

      6 years ago


       Though I usually hate to, I just have to rant about a specific group of Pokémon fans because they have popped up more recently since Pokémon Black & White 2 are around the corner. With each new generation of Pokémon being released, the Pokémon fanbase seems to become more divided on when the series hit its peak, especially once the graphics upgraded from 8-bit to 32-bit. However, there is one division that has stirred the most trouble throughout Pokémon blogs and Pokémemes and those fans are known as Genwunners. If you read it name through syllables, you would think that this division includes all that only liked Generation I of Pokémon but let me clarify things.


      There are many differences between a person who just likes Generation I and a Genwunner. If you thought that you were just too old to keep playing the game, I know what you mean because I had dealt through that phase for a couple of years myself. I also understand if you were never able to get a Game Boy Advanced or Nintendo DS because I myself actually had to wait until late last year to get a DS.

      And if you quit because of these two, every Pokemon fan will understand you

      Gunrunners are typically annoying to a point that Acreus’ judgment should send them to Pokéhell filled with Zubats, Bidoofs and Patraps. In order to be a Genwunner, these are some of my qualifications.

      Always talking trash about the later Pokémon Games:

      This is the only necessary qualifications on this list because no Genwunner can resist bashing the later generations of Pokémon while the other qualifications are icing on this sour cake. I’m a huge fan of Pokémon fandom sites like Pokememes since there are some pretty enjoyable pictures and discussions until some annoying brat uploads or writes hateful crap about why a specific game or Pokémon suck while glorifying Generation I as the best. Generation V takes the most attacks from Genwunners because of Pokémon like Vanillish and just keep spamming garbage about the games themselves. Genwunners always talk about how gameplay and music in Pokémon Black &White are trash and my theory like many Pokémon fans is that these people have probably never played the games since Generation V showed off some great new features like the triple/rotation battles and had one of the best stories in the whole series. Someone disagreeing is fine as long as they played the whole game and doesn’t make a huge nuisance about it but Genwunners always complain about the game even though most didn’t finish or even play the game at all and just love to hate on the new games because that’s the cool thing to do.

      They only see a Generation through their oddities:

      Originally I was going to write that Genwunners always talk about the lack of creativity but most of us agree that the creativity level has decreased but look, if any games has five generations, creativity is bound to lower. The difference is that Genwunners only see a whole generation of Pokémon as over one hundred of the generation dumbest Pokémon like all Pokémon in Generation V as 156 Vanillish or all Pokémon from Generation IV as 107 Bidoofs. Genwunners also talk about how Generation V is just taking ideas from Generation I so it’s just trying to copy the “best generation ever” but some ideas like a snake or a dog is used in many generations but tweaked. Even awesome legendries including Meloletta and Darkrai to a Genwunner are seem as crap since in their mind, no Pokémon can be cool unless they are from Generation I.

      No matter the situation, all Kanto Pokémon are superior to any other region:

      Genwunners I’ve seen always brag about how Generation l Pokémon are the most powerful and amazing Pokémon however, the rest can never be better than Kanto Pokémon. As I discussed a little earlier, the later generations tried to reuse some concepts from Generation 1 including Muk to create Garbodor as well as Arbok to create Seviper and they look awesome. However, in a Genwunner’s mind they are abominations but the original concepts are amazing. Generation V being the reboot of the franchise borrowed several ideas from the past generations in order to create their 156 Pokémon and in my opinion some look way better than the original 151 like Leavanny’s evolution line and Joltik. In addition, some of the additional evolutions for Generation I Pokémon including Scizor, Porygon-2, Electivire and especially Crobat were badass while pre-evolutions like Pichu were adorable. Say that to a Genwunner and they’ll start harassing you similar to those twelve year old playing Call of Duty and using racial slurs every five seconds as well as shoving their beliefs of Kanto being superior down your throat, you can’t win against them in their minds.


      Why I hate Genwunners:

      In my mind, Genwunners are the worst fanboys in all of gaming (yes, even worse than sonic fanboys) because they always try to further divide the Pokémon fanbase into only enjoying the first Generation meaning that only 151 out of 649 Pokémon should be recognized and rest thrown away. However, my biggest reason is that they act like elitist pricks and tell younger children like their younger siblings who want to buy the later generations that all the new Pokémon suck and only Generation I should be played like they’re some Pokémon genius. Before I say more, I’m going to remind you about a question a long while back on Sidescrollers which was

      “If you had a child who wanted a video game for his birthday that you knew was sub-par, would you get it for him, or talk him into getting a better one?”

      The answers that Craig, Chad and Jared said about the child glorifying the bad game and hating the game you considered better in a sense is true for the Pokémon community because a new division of Pokémon fanboys known as Newgenners who always rant about how the old Pokémon games suck and see the later generations as the best was formed from probably the children who were told by Genwunners the opposite and went through the same scenario the Sidescrollers crew discussed about.

      They are just as annoying as Genwunners!

      Now all I see on Pokémon sites is a rant battle between Genwunners and Newgenners while there is everyone else stuck in the middle like me and many of you just want both groups to shut up or wanting to quit because our community is just dividing more and more. Every day I see a new post about how Generation V sucks or how Generation I is terrible and all I could think about is that both sides should just agree to disagree and get on with their lives. I hate both groups and I thank many from the Pokémon community who stepped up and voiced about their annoyance of the two groups and I just had to do it myself.

      I feel so much better now after ranting about this. So g1’s, what are your opinions about Genwunners, do you have any stories about them or would you like to share your thoughts about them. Comment below and remember, no franchise fanbase should be divided and it’s okay to agree to disagree. Thank you and until next time.

    • Music's Power in a Game's Storytelling

      6 years ago


      When I first began playing video games with my Game Boy Color and PS2, I really didn’t pay much attention towards the music of the game since I would only care about the actual gameplay instead of the setting. However, some video game scores have left an imprint in my mind because the theme would either tell you a story about the ambience of the area and allowed me to have a closer bond with the characters. The genre of games in which I feel music tells the best stories were in RPG’s since these games are supposed to be narratives to begin with and many just have great music. Whether through different stages or the same town but in different games, music is essential in creating the perfect atmosphere for the player as well as a tool to figure out the situation in a territory.

      How should music help tell the story?

      Music helps by creating an emphasis towards the setting of a village or dungeon and causes the player to either question the surroundings or strengthen the atmosphere for the setting besides a clear sky or dead trees. Video game themes can also help foreshadow or allow the player to predict what who happen or if in an RPG, who they will fight with an example being a lullaby to end a ghost suffering.

      Lavender Town's theme to me is a creepy lullaby , perfect for a graveyard town. 

      With that, I want to talk about a chapter in a game that has been close to my heart since I was young because it does a great job of using music to help tell the story of the region and always made me interested with its past.

      Shipwreck/Dark Cloud

      Queens/Shipwreck has always been my favorite chapter in Dark Cloud because the choice of music for this chapter is so impactful and just made want to know about its history . I’m going to focus on the music related to the dungeon and not Queens because the three songs use blended beautifully and can tell a story without the help of visuals. The three songs are “A Sinking Ship” (Shipwreck), “Broken Promise” (Music Box) and “Ice Queen” (Church of Memories). WARNING: this will spoil the chapter if you never played the game.

      Shipwreck/“A Sinking Ship”


      Before finding the dungeon, a merchant named Rando says that a ship once belonging to the queen of Queens 100 years ago was sunken intentionally after she drowned as a sign of respect. However, now the ship is used as a warehouse in which merchants store their goods but has recently been filled with monsters. When I first entered shipwreck, all you hear is just the bass with a short scale which alone brings about an atmosphere of loneliness similar to the beginning of Metroid because of the lack of sound. Once the piano starts playing more, the song is just depressing and once again, I still got that impression of loneliness but the reason now being that I heard every note linger in the air like echoes. Another part of the song that adds even more to that effect is the background noise, which is just the sound of waves outside the ship but to be loud enough that you hear waves throughout each layer heightens that impression of being alone. After the first few layers, the music made me wonder why this music creates such a depressing mood compared to Divine Beast Cave and Wise Owl Forest, which were more upbeat as well as caused me to wonder what would cause the queen to drown knowing that this ship once belonged to her. Once I gained more of the buildings and people of Queens, the story of the queen was further explained and once I heard the story, the song felt more perfect for the scenario. The story goes that the queen known as La Saia fell in love with a commoner and would secretly meet him every night. One night, the couple decided that they wanted to marry but the commoner ends up leaving the queen at the altar and she waited for him. La Saia was so distraught about her lover abandoning her that she decided to commit suicide and threw herself into the ocean.

      Not to mention that the music makes these seem less intimidating.

      Tools used in the Music: "A Sinking Ship" is a perfect example of music creating the perfect atmosphere by causing cause the player to wonder about the background story of Queens as well as allowing  the player predict that the boss of Shipwreck is connected to La Saia’s story by using the atmosphere of the dungeon and the story told by the merchants. The emphasis of that loneliness also enables me to become more connected with La Saia herself since the song just kept making me think about how was just abandonment on what’s supposed to be one of the happiest moments in anyone’s life, especially a person she trusted dearly.

      Music Box/“Broken Promise”


      Before I say much, please listen to the broken promises, I can wait… okay, now listen to it again but keep in mind La Saia’s story, the tune feels different, doesn’t it. “Broken Promises” played a couple of times before finding the actual box in the layer before the dungeon boss in shipwreck and the song at first created the impression of an innocent little story time theme with the mechanics used in a music box creating the sound, but once I knew the true story about La Saia and open the box, the innocence from before was broken mixed with chilling feeling because I knew something is going to happen. Before opening the box in shipwreck, you need the key, which ends up being in Rando’s house. When you pick the key up as well as open the music box, this tune would play as I read about how there was a note in the Music box for La Saia as well as that the opening of the box meant that they overcame their societal differences but couldn’t marry since not all would bless their love. All this time, this tune became more depressing by the minute since you’re reading the letter that supposed to mean that La Saia and her lover were able to be together front of all of Queens but her lover knew that this scenario could never happen. When I read the last line and enter the Church of memory, there a woman alone at the altar as music just kept playing as she turned around and said that she was waiting for me a long time at the bottom of the ocean. After that, the music just goes silent as she turns into this evil woman with her dressed in a dark blue/purple dress, pale blue skin and an evil grin that caused me to jump of my seat at first. The last words you read saying Ice Queen La Saia.

      The change from loving queen to demonic spirit was scary to watch

      Tools used in the Music: Broken Promise to me used irony to inforce the story because its  sound creates an  innocent lovers atmosphere by itself but in the game is used while you read about the heartbreak of a queen and her true love only because the differences between their social statuses, transforming the song into a saddening tale of loss. However, an interesting aspect of the music sounded  similar to a what you would hear in a music box since to me, the atmosphere that music from oh let’s say an old jewelry box created can be easily manipulated with the perfect situation like nursery rhymes. Allow me to elaborate, when you hear music from an old music box or a nursery rhyme in a movie about a mother/daughter story, the music feel warmhearted and happy as you watch the bond between parent and child grow stronger. However, if you hear that same tune in a horror game, the song sounds creepy because you know that some cheap scare is about to pop up. Both sound innocent by themselves but can adapt to the atmosphere and bring you into that game or movie.

      Church of Memories/“Ice Queen”


      Once La Saia changes into her Ice Queen form, while the screen is jusk black while loading, the first thing  I heard was a huge bang from symbols followed by strings building up and a chill shot down my spine, especially when the bass started playing. What is great about this is that the chilling feeling goes perfect with the idea that La Saia’s heart is filled with cold bitterness since he lover abandoned to the point that her spirit survived 100 years as she waited for her love to come back. When the song builds up, and La Saia started attacking with her freezing spell (perfect symbolism for her cold-heart), I felt like that the music just ordering that after one hundred years of bitterness and loneliness, now is the time to end her suffering by defeating her.

      Then you start hating her because she always freezes you and crushes  you.

      Tools used in the Music: Those first few seconds when the strings are building up created a dark ambience symbolize the dark bitterness that consumed her spirit after she drowned in the ocean but also made me feel bad about fighting her since she was controlled by her vengeance. However, the buildup announces to the player that they must help her no matter the cost and pumps the player up knowing that defeating her will help in saving her soul from further torment.

      That’s my video game music story but I would like to know from my fellow g1’s about what games have music that allowed them to feel closer to their game's story and felt more connected to the setting. Comment below and remember that music can be a powerful tool in gaming.

    • Pokemon Gaming and Life Lessons.

      6 years ago


       After playing every Generation of Pokémon so far, I know that many of us are wondering what these games have taught us after spending over 100 hours in at least one of the games (don’t lie). This has especially made me wonder about my life as a Pokémon trainer since I hear my fellow students talk about how the series are for little children and media talking the usual trash about how gaming destroys people’s minds (I still want to see the proof for that). After some reminiscing and thought, here are some of the ideas and philosophies Pokémon has taught me and many of us in either gaming or in reality.

         Pixels have emotions too

      Happiness: usually at the cost of at least 15 vitamins at 9800 each.

      Have you heard anyone tell you “Why do you care about ____________ so much. I mean it’s not like they know you exist or they have emotions since they’re just pictures.” Pokémon proves that wrong with the happiness meter introduced in Pokémon Yellow with Pikachu and every Pokémon since Gen II. I would actually buy vitamins for my Pokémon and choose my items wisely knowing that their happiness would increase and to show their thanks, some Pokémon reward us by evolving once their happiness meters goes above 220. Another gift for cherishing your Pokémon was the attack Return which increases power the more you increase their happiness, meaning that even if your favorite Pokémon may not seem powerful yet you love them, return will show their gratitude with some power that can wipe out monsters. Also, there are those Creepypasta stories about Pokémon that you abandon haunting you and I don’t want my Meganium, Clover, and Haunter, Phantom, haunting me until I go insane.

      These two gems can be yours if you just raise your eevees with love.

      Non-Damaging moves could be the most dangerous

      I predict that their next attacks with connect and destroy their opponents.

      What do Mind Reader, Rain Dance, Foresight, and Sunny Day have in common, they are all non-damaging attacks that could spell the end for your enemy. Some non-damaging attacks allow Pokémon to attack consecutively as well as with more power or speed while others may weaken or even prevent your opponent from attacking thus are important tools in battle. Here are a few examples; Mind Reader causes the next move to never miss, which means that you can hit the Pokémon with a One-Hit KO attack like Sheer Cold knowing that unless the Pokémon has either sturdy, uses Protect or is a higher level than your Pokémon, that move will connect. Rain Dance causes Thunder and Hurricane to never miss; two powerful moves that usually have an accuracy of seventy become unavoidable just because you decided that you wanted it to rain. Foresight allows you to use Normal and fighting type attacks on Ghost Pokémon like Morty’s dumb Gengar that always uses his Hypnosis/Dream Eater Combo, need I say more. Finally, Sunny Day tells Solarbeam to screw the build-up turn and attack right away as well as lowering the power of water type attacks, which was why Jasmine taught Steelix Sunny Day. All of this could happen if you keep that one slot for a non-damaging attack and have patients.


      Diversity is awesome

      Diversity FTW brought to you be the Eeveelutions.

      Diversity has been great in the real world since different races and ethnicities develop different cultures and several blends throughout the centuries have improved our world whether by technology or philosophies. Pokémon also expresses the need for diversity through Pokémon Types. Trainers are at their best when their Party is composed of Pokémon of several types and attacks sets. Due to weaknesses and immunities between specific types, a Pokémon with attacks from only one attribute or a Party of just one type will have Problems with at least one Pokémon out of the 649. Let’s use Psychic types as an example, A Pokémon that only knows Psychic attacks with fend well against Poison and fighting types but will do poorly against Bug types as well as unable to lay a hand when against Dark types due to their immunity. A Duel type Pokémon is also great to have not only because they will have larger move set availability but can have more defenses against different types (although there may be a price). Two perfect Pokémon for this theory are Sableye and Spirtbomb because both Pokémon do not have any weaknesses due to their attributes being Ghost/Dark as well as being immune to three types of attacks (Psychic, Normal and Fighting).

      Come at us Bro. 

      Look at the stats before teaching an attack

      What do all of these complicated numbers mean?

      Being an RPG, Pokémon requires strategy when facing opponents and researching your Pokémon’s strengths are crucial to being victorious. Tell me, what is a main difference between the Eeveelutions other than their types, if you don’t then you could face problems in your battle against one. Other than the obvious of whether a Pokémon is more offensive than defensive, Trainers have to know that each have a sub-category of physical and special. Within the Eeveelution Leafeon and Espeon are perfect offensive Pokémon but there may be some problems if you don’t check their stats and figure out that Leafeon is more powerful with physical attacks compared to Espeon who is more powerful with special attacks. If you’re stuck on whether your Leafeon should learn Energy Ball or Seed Bomb, you would have known if you studied Leafeon that Seed Bomb would be better even though both have 80 attack power since Leafeon has a higher physical attack stat. If you wonder why Pokémon like Dragonite and Metagross are called Pseudo-legendary Pokémon, one of the reasons is that their base stats totals are 600, similar to many legendries including Latias and Cresselia.

      Your forgeting Giga Impact for the Pokemon with higher physical power idiot.

      Our friends are jerks/trolls...

      On the News Desk this week, one kid was attacked by his best friend because he restarted a Pokemon Game without his permission.  He deserved it.

      If you have never had a trolling friend or sibling experiences, either you never play any Pokémon game before Gen IV, have no friends or abuse the GTS system. Remember the days when you had to trade with friends with a cable link? Yea, remember when your friend told you that if you cut the link during a trade that the Pokémon would come out into the real world, boy did temptation always try to get you but luckily I had an older brother that knew better and saved me from many of those scenarios. Unfortunately, I did listen to one of my friends when he said to press a special code, which ended up being the reset code in Pokémon Ruby. I also remember a friend of mine once telling me that his younger brother actually reset his Gold version because he didn’t have any Pokémon in his Party that Ash had, he was so angry that what I always recall from that conversation was that he was making a fist so hard that it was actually shaking. Before I wrap this up, I would like to say is to be cautious is when you are trading with your friends. I have hear stories about being given legendries that were HM slaves, glitch Pokémon that corrupted their data or high leveled Pokémon that only know status moves. So keep abusing the GTS because your friends will only try to screw you.

      Whoever would do this deserves to be arrested and sent to a mental asylum.

      Some lessons brought to you be Pokemon. Thanks for reading and remember: always check stats, keep your party diverse and whoever makes Mew a HM slave is out of their minds.

    • VGM Styles: The Tinker and Chime Effect

      6 years ago



      Welcome to my new blog series known as Video Game Music Styles (VGM Styles for short) where I’m going to talk about musical tools that developers use to strengthen the impact a song has on the setting.  When it comes to music and video games, Developers can create some amazing songs and bring out the mood of the game whether with a Mario chip tune or an elaborate orchestra for a Final Fantasy game. However, a couple types of tunes that have always intrigued me have been music box and bell chime music. When you hear music from one of those antique jewelry boxes or echoic chimes, the tone from the player’s perspective can be pretty diverse and chance as the situation of the game does. Both tunes create an ambience that is able to be manipulated so easily yet can maintain the same tone when required, emphasizing the importance these tools are for controlling the emotions of the player not to mention the game. Personally, I always think about a beautiful snow day when I hear bell chimes but if I heard that in horror game, I would probably have something pretty different in mind. With that, I actually want to give a couple of examples of melodies using a tinker and chime sound well in strengthening the setting of their games and possibly screwing with the player’s reactions.

      "Precious Hewie": Demento/Haunting Ground:


      When I heard "Precious Hewie" when Hewie, the Shepard, protected Fiona against Debilitas for the first time, the song sounded so calming and just made me feel more relieved that there is another creature by my side against the evils of the mansion. The song just felt so light-hearted and my fears seemed to just melt away. That same feeling combined with a feeling of accomplishment once I completed the game for the first time and got the “Fortes Fortuna Juvat” ending as I saw Debilitas, who scared the living hell out of me when he was the first stalker, just bow his head down followed by Fiona’s anxiety calming down. However, once I started playing on hard mode and heard Precious Hewie; the mood of the song was that of pure guilt and heartbreak. Why do you ask, well once you play hard mode, the song usually commences when Hewie is killed. I know that people always talk about the idea that Survival-horror games are about getting you scared to even go into a dark room in real life, but that feeling of hopelessness I always got when Hewie died screwed with my head and Precious Hewie just compounded the guilt since the song would bring the thought that your only companion in this hell, who was completely innocent and fought to keep you alive, is dead because you weren’t careful. Being a pet person the fear of them dying always popped up when Precious Hewie played, yet to this day I always listen to it when doing school work because of its soothing rhythm, two contrasting emotions caused by one song.

      I wonder if I would of been as sad if he died as a Stuffed animal compared to a living dog?

      Inside Ruin of the Alphs: Pokémon Heartgold/Soulsilver 


      If Lavender Town or Old Chateau is supposedly the Creepiest Pokémon themes then this theme is in that group too. When I first played Pokémon Silver, the music played in the ruins once I solved the Kabuto puzzle was creepy as hell. However, when I played Soulsilver and entered the ruins through falling in the puzzle trap, the monotonic tinker sound was creepier. The echoes just always bring out a mysterious aura, especially the first time as I would read the quote “There is a strange presence”. Even though I’ve played both versions several times, the music always seems to make me think in the back of my head that there could be something different in the ruins next time as well as makes me wonder about the back story about the ruins, was it supposed to be a temple?

      "Music Box": Silent Hill 2

      Personally, I think that the rhythm of the music box tune could be used in one of those old timely Masquerade Parties where everyone has those masks that only cover their eyes if you replace the instrument. But in Silent Hill 2 as I was trying to complete Music box puzzle in the Hotel, the tune just sends a jolt down my spine because that is the universal Horror genre sign that I’m going to jump out of my seat with fright a bit later.


      In addition, Silent Hill 2 strengthens the impact of the tune by allowing the music to play when the puzzle is not completed and instead of just staying silent; the box plays this off-key noise that at first startled me but still is pretty hear to listen through today. Not to mention the use of Disney Princesses will forever haunt me whenever I want any of their movies.

      I'll leave it to James for this Caption.

      "Music Box Intro": Super Mario World 2-Yoshi’s Island



      Although Yoshi’s Island’s intro theme may seem to sound like a generic tune to help children go to sleep, that song was perfect for this game since well, you have to watch Baby Mario while getting Yoshi throughout the levels. This song helped soothe me out of gamer rage whenever I had to hear Baby Mario’s ear-shattering cries that almost caused me to throw my SNES out of the window of my apartment at one point and now I usually use it whenever I’m stressed out. In addition to the calming sound, the Music box sound gives the song more personality instead of using a generic piano because the song makes me think back to my childhood and allows me to enjoy it. I think most of us remember just cranking the sound of a Jack-in-a-box or listening the music playing on our parent’s music box with the ballerina twirling around as I spun the key in the back dozens of time without a care in the world. This song just creates that carefree atmosphere that makes me think “why should I care if people care me a baby if I play this,” the game is awesome but it has to be considered childish just because it has a toddler and some lullaby music, not my problem.

      Baby Mario's cries: One factor in the destruction of SNES' around the world.


      There are some of my experiences, are there any song with the Tinker and Chime effect that you want to talk about, comment below g1s and until next time, Ciao!

    • After Dark Trio in TM's

      6 years ago


      Watching all the After Dark shows as well as the strategies, actions and emotions of Sam, Jared and Chad kept making me think of TM's whether about power, status and effects. So here are the TM's I think best describe each of the main Mario Party Trio. I tried not to be biased but if anyone disagrees, it’s fine. When saying TM’s, I’m using the TM list from every generation, not just the fifth Generation TM list, so this might also be a lesson in the history of TM’s as well.

      Chad: Team Yoshi:

      Team Yoshi although slow in the beginning star-wise always jumps right back up whether through hoarding large amounts of coins and obtain genie lamps or using Boo. Chad has been pretty solid in the mini games solo wise (especially Skateboard Scamper) and tag teams but at times ends up  having some issues in the 3 vs. 1 mini games. When rolling the dice, Chad usually ends up rolling low numbers which have both helped and hindered him but when he rolls a high number, it’s exciting no matter who’s team you’re on. Chad has also done decent in duels finishing in second and first several times as well as getting the pity coins many times. Chance time has been a double edge blade for Chad, getting many coins as well as a few stars while also having those few moments be the major factor in losing, reflecting the amount of “bad luck” he has in the game similar to how many times he gets to a star but ends up not having enough coins. Chad himself has been lively in the stream, smiling and laughing but at times can whine and complain (if you don’t believe me then watch Mario Party 5). Chad can power through Sam’s and Jared’s thrash talk and can turn their insults back to them when he boosts up from 4th to 1st in every Mario Party. With that here are his TM’s.

      1. Rollout/ TM 4 in Generation II: Like Rollout, Chad starts weak but as time progresses, his always jumps from dead last to first. He has some misses and slows down but when he gets on a roll, be takes more and more control of the board.
      2. Metronome/ TM35 in Generation I: Luck has been a huge factor for Chad since according to him, she is always against him. Like trainers who use Metronome, Chad’s outcome depends on his luck whether through warp blocks, which have trapped him in hell or whatever happens to him during Chance times. Although he has used that excuse too many times, I’ll give him points for the chance times and when Bryan choose random and chain chomp ended up stealing Chad’s star.
      3. Flamethrower/ TM 35 since Generation I: Once Chad is on fire, he shows plenty of strength by winning several Mini-Games in a row and obtaining several stars (with the help of his magic lamp on several occasions) quickly taking control of the board and keeping control of 1st. Unlike Overheat, Chad’s power doesn’t drop quickly and stays in first for long periods of time.

      Jared: Team Mario:

      Team Mario usually starts up with a bang whether with coins or with stars (He has gotten the first star in the past two Mario Parties). By the first fifteen turns, he usually has over fifty coins and one or two stars. However, he doesn’t have as much of that fire past half the game, never being around the star and has been trapped in hell in Mario Party 1 & 4. In Mini-Games, he has also been solid, winning several games in a row many times and has been the savior for his partners in 3 vs. 1 Mini-Games. In the Board, Jared has rolled decently; usually rolling over 5 but also has landed on many red spaces and bowser spaces, losing many of his coins in Bowser Revolution yet stands his ground in many of Bowser’s Mini-Games. Jared also has protected himself many times by buying anti-Boo sprays and uses him items wisely. Jared is a pretty good trash talker but sometimes his cockiness has backfired like in Tipsy Towers in Mario Party. Although Jared’s recode says that his has always lost, he has been close and strong in every game. Here are his TM’s. Oh and before I forget, Jared can’t count.

      1. Overheat/ TM 50 since Generation III: Jared starts extremely strong like Jared the first time used but as time progresses, the power weakens. Luckily, Jared would not be that trainer who uses Overheat several times in a battle since he still shows some strength in the end.
      2. Safeguard/ TM 20 since Generation III: Jared is wise when trying to protecting his ranking, whether by buying anti-Boo spray since most of the star count comes from who steals whose stars or using traps or items including Warp blocks to mess with others.
      3. Frustration/ TM 21 since Generation II: Whenever Jared is frustrated by the game or by someone sabotaging him like Sam with the Lucky Charm, he seems to do better in order to prove a point or get his revenge as he releases his anger.

      Sam: Team Luigi/Team Swag:

      Sam overall is mixed, he can be strong either in the beginning or later on but can adapt in any situation and end up in first place at any time. Sam had done steadily well in the Mini-Games but doesn’t have as many hot streaks as Chad or Jared but messing with the other players by starting the game before they could finish reading the instructions. He has not done well as the solo person in the 3 vs. 1 game but has done well in Mario Party One when it required to spin the pad and unlike the others, doesn’t complain about the pain. On the Board, Sam has rolled several 10s and waits patiently for that 10 as well as annoying the hell out of the rest of the gang, a smart move. Sam’s Swagger has enabled him to be in the winning end of several Chance times and had screwed over Chad Jared and the 4th player several times when he chooses in those few moments. Sam destroys the dreams of the other players towards the end like when he stole Chad’s star after switching the time to night in Mario Party 2 as well as making Jared lose all of his coins with the Lucky Charm in Mario Party 3. Sam himself talks the most trash out of the main trio and is able to irritate the others into messing up or laughing uncontrollably. He almost never complains and shows his thanks for his fans. Here are his TM’s

      1. Dream Eater/ TM 42 in Generation II, TM 85 since Generation IV: Other than the idea that Sam had shattered many dreams of winning Mario Party, Sam got me thinking about how Morty would wait until he only had one Pokémon to use his Gengar and destroy my whole team with just a Hypnosis and Dream Eater combo several times. Sam is basically like Morty, beating people in the final ten turns whether when he used Boo on Chad or switched all the red spaces to Chance Time spaces in Mario Party 4 and equalized everyone’s chances to win.
      2. Calm Mind/ TM 4 since Generation III: Compared to Chad and Jared, Sam has been the least frustrated and has complained the least and like the move itself, this collectiveness has probably helped Sam whether through his patience when rolling the dice or when he wants to screw someone over with Boo or Chance Time and waits for the ending for the time to strike.

      Finally, we can never forget his Trademark TM

      3. Swagger/ TM 34 in Generation II, TM 87 since Generation IV: Sam just has this cool aura that radiates around him, aiding him tow victory and destroying those he deems weak. He has the power to jump to first no matter where he is and knows when to strike. Other than that, I just can’t explain Sam’s awesomeness.

    • Top 10 Fighting Game Themes

      6 years ago


       Fighting games have been one of my favorite genres of Video Games because of the action and crazy combos many characters  perform. Another big reason is because many fighting games have amazing music which when I tell people, they look at me weird since they probably never really listened to the theme behind all of the combat or actually cared to listen to some. Before the list begins, here were some of my guidelines.

      1. The song had to have beeen played during a battle so character selection, title and loading music are not in this list

      2. If it’s a remix, then the song had to originate in a fighting game so the Pokémon theme in SSB would not be on the list

      3. Both stage themes and themes of individual characters are allowed

      Well, let the countdown begin!

      10. Clock Tower (Marvel vs. Capcom 2)

      I know that one of the elements that people didn’t like about MvC2 was the jazz music, but to me the music because it reminds you that this game is supposed to be fun, not some intense battle to the death. I chose Clock Tower because it’s more upbeat with the saxophone into than the others yet still has that calming feeling in Jazz music. The mini-solos in the song with piano, which had awesome rifts and the guitar, are always amazing and whoever bashes this music in the game are wrong in my mind.

      Well, it's all fun until you face Iceman. 

      9. “Writhe in Pain”/ Millia’s Theme (Guilty Gear XX)

      Millia’s theme has always felt in my opinion that it could have been in a Castlevania game, especially in the beginning with the organ. What grabbed my attention in this song was the drum that just pounded in the intro because that told me that this music is about to destroy you but then just goes back to the organ. The first time I heard it, I was a bit puzzled, but was taken by surprise when the song just suddenly transitioned into this pure heavy-metal sound. The switches between the guitars and the organ throughout the song as well the melody created when the instruments collaborated was fantastic.

      8. “Yo Check This Out”/ Combo’s Theme (Killer Instinct)

      Rare had a lot of great music in the games including the KI series like Combo’s theme in the original game, which just radiates swagger and was pretty catchy when I faced him. The hip-hop style creates an upbeat impression that always made it fun facing Combo but the loud bass while adding to the music’s great sound, always made me know that Combo was cool yet a little shady. Also, who else in fighting had a theme in which there were Michael Jackson woos, I thought so.

      7. Deadpool Stage Theme (Mortal Kombat II)

      Besides the main theme song, not many songs from the MK series really stood out from me except the Deadpool theme. The omnipresent bass would always send shivers down my spine while the piano and the drums just gave me that evil ocean atmosphere that you would feel watching a horror movie where the sharks or crocodiles are killing people. I think Ed Boon wanted that impression since the loser is basically melted to bone in the acid pool.

      At least Liu Kang's happy that he can't listen to the music anymore. Just look at that smile.

      6. “Moonlit Wilderness” (Tekken 5)

      This theme just made what many gamers call the best arena in fighting games awesome. The techno percussion alone pumps anyone up when their fighting their destined encounter (like the Church in Soul Calibur 2) and choir just adds to the fact that this battle is pretty damn important. Another element that this song adds is isolation, just the choir and especially the few piano notes in the middle of the song tell you that it is just you and your opponent in this large field in a no holds bar battle.

      5. Hi Senko’s Theme (Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

      This was an excellent remix of her original Darkstalkers theme. The strings throughout the whole song feels like a folk song that just depicts a pure happiness while the guitar and the drums gave the song its fighter flavor. The song flowed smoothly through my ears while getting me energized who I start fighting as Hisenko.

      4. “Unbreakable Stained Glass” (KOF Maximum Impact)

      Maximum was the first KOF game I played and whenever my brother allowed me to choose the stage to fight him in, I always chose Ancient Ruins because of this song. I loved the mix of the choir chanting that you would hear in an opera with fast beat drums and an organ that had an awesome organ melody. This song created an ambiance that felt like a mix between an RPG game and a fighter, which could have been perfect for a fighting game with a branching storyline. Yet people say that video game music can’t be beautiful.

      3. “Unblessed Soul”/ Ivy’s Theme (Soul Calibur I)

      I feel as though Ivy’s theme sums up many of the fighters’ stories in Soul Calibur. The music created an exploration atmosphere similar to how these fighters are exploring through Europe and Asia in order to find Soul Edge whether to use it for power or to destroy the evil sword while encountering several different opponents. If you read my past blogs, I’m picky when it comes to the introduction of the song and this song executes the hook perfectly with the organ combined with the drums and strings that stop linger for a few seconds. However, the song still keeps those few drops of darkness that amplify her evil laugh, a great fit for the daughter of an evil pirate.

      2. “Catus Carnival”/ Taokaka’s theme (Blazblue)

      Taokaka has always been my favorite in the Blazblue series and one reason is that her music is awesome. Out of all the amazing music from the Blazblue series, Taokaka’s theme always stood out to me. This song fits her carefree fun lifestyle perfectly and is always in my playlist whenever I need a cheer me up. The fast pace tempo rock style mixed with the flute and Piano fits the idea that Toakaka is supposed to be the comic relief character that see’s fighting as a way to play, hell she has the what I think is the funniest name for a distortion move called “I’mma beat the crap outta You”.

      If you nickname someone Boobie Lady, you're probably a fun character.


      And the number one fighting game song is...






      1. “No Turning Back” (Soul Calibur II)

      This theme is absolute fighting bliss for me. Even in the beginning, the song just explodes with energy with the drums and just adds on with the tambourine and the strings. Once the song hits the crescendo, you are just sucked into the beautiful library scenery and pump you up while you facing usually Raphael or Ivy but also to suddenly be able to transition in the soft calming music from a harp were genius. Also, just the blend of European style music from the tambourine and the castanets (the clam percussions used in flamenco music) playing off each other as if the instruments themselves are battling to a choir singing in the background was just amazing.

      I would like to dance Ivy, but to the music, not your sword!

      Those are my favorite fighting game songs, what are your favorites? Comment below about the music that gets your blood pumping for a special, fatality or astral finish. Till next time and remember, fighting game music is awesome!

    • Top Ten Reasons why the Pokemon Regions are the most horrible areas in gaming

      6 years ago


      There are many regions in gaming that are extremely dangerous or completely horrifying. Whether through war, zombies or Michael Bay explosions, people always think that the manly dark games are usually the most dangerous and terrible to live in. Well, I’m bursting that bubble and showing you that the regions in gaming that are vibrant in colors and filled with adorable creatures are actually the most dangerous in ALL of gaming. As you saw in the title, I’m talking about the Pokemon regions which with all of its flaws and instability, which I cannot believe haven't gone into financial collapse or driven into chaos. Before I start the count down, I decided to be minimal about the references towards the anime and especially the Manga’s since that is a crazy train all by itself and focus more towards the cannon games.

      If I allowed more Adventures, then Lorelei and her Pokemon would have their own slot.

      Now in the words of Vivian Meridian, “LET’S GET BUSY!”

      10. You are forced to journey a whole region at age 10:

      I don't think Running Shoes are going to help you much buddy.

      Once you turn ten, apparently you are mature enough to go to some random researcher’s lab to pick a weird creature and trek through out a whole region by yourself. Besides the idea that you have to go through deserts and atop volcanoes, these areas are filled with gamblers, mad scientists and criminal organizations that will destroy your purity.

      9. Pokemon can eat your dreams or give you nightmares:

      Just let the victim panic, make the taste more spicy.

      Ghost as well as Psychic Pokemon regain health by eating your dreams and could even show the dream to everyone their dream mist, how dare they show my private sleeping thoughts to their trainers. While that is happening, you are being severely injured as you live is being sucked out of you and that Pokemon just grins while he’s enjoys you dream about being a Pokemon master like it’s chocolate. On the flip side, some can give you nightmares that to a point can make you faint.

      8. High Illiteracy Rate:

      And you wonder why we have to go to school.

      Going back with number ten, you leave your home with at most an elementary level education which means that if you want to read the research from Silph Co. or Pokemon Mansion; you probably won’t be able to read a full sentence of their journals. With many of the trainers you face being young children; teenagers and dropouts, there are bound to be reading issues in these regions. I’m surprised that you can read the trainers tips in the beginning of the game let alone the descriptions of the towns but I guess Dexter does that for you.

      7. Many Pokémon Gyms can kill you:

      Each region has at least one gym and it is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. First there is Lt. Surge’s electric fence in Kanto which unless you were Ash and grew some tolerance to electricity, is going to end pretty bad if you try to touch it. Next in Johto there is Clair’s Lava filled arena that forces you to create makeshift bridges with boulders in order to actually reach her, so good luck with that. Next and the most dangerous out of all of the gyms in my opinion is Flannery’s gym in Hoenn with the geyser navigation because not only do you get shot up with burning hot steam, but one miscalculation and her Gym will have some beautiful brain spatter decorations on the ceiling. Following that is Crasher Wake’s gym that changes water level and would drown you since you rely on Pokemon for water transportation and finally Skyla’s Cannons that at one point actually shoots you into a wall in Unova, it just makes your face look beautiful with all those bruises and that broken jaw.

      Aw, how romantic.

      6. There are no police stations & little police force:

      No wonder why Team Rocket took control of the Radio Tower so easily.

      The only Police officers seen are the two in Johto and Detective Looker in Sinnoh/Unova. In addition, B/W shows that the Gym Leaders act like deputized officers who probably have little background in criminology, which means that they could contaminate evidence and allow the criminals go free, which allows the cycle of crime to continue. Yes I know that the earlier Pokemon games had graphical limits but even Castelia City in B/W shows minimal trace of a police department which is scary for me since what if my Pokemon get stolen like Bianca (Bel), do I have to rely on a skinny jean wearing artist and a naive beginner who has only won two badges to stop a criminal organization all the time?

      5. Anyone can control the world if they have a Master Ball:

      Imagine if you had a Master Ball, ten times out of ten the first thing that comes to mind is that you want to catch the strongest Pokemon alive with that Master Ball. You see criminal Organizations control Pokemon that can manipulate the weather, time and space in order to accomplish their plans for world domination, but their tactics are not perfect. You on the other hand have a piece of technology that seals your target’s fate if you encounter them since the Master Ball automatically catches the Pokemon if sealed in it. So you can even catch Arceus, who is considered to be the God of the Pokemon World just because of one ball and we all know what power does to a person.


      4. False Sense of Immortality until you visit a Graveyard far away:

      What is this Death you speak of. 

      Let’s put this to perspective, you as ten year old watch Pokemon get electrocuted, burnt, slashed and crushed with rocks but never see them die, only faint at which point still be able to used them for cutting down bushes and using flash in caves. What doesn't stop you to believe that you too can’t die after watching almost automatic fatalities only cause Pokemon to be knocked out for a few minutes? You only learn about death with one quick swoop once you visit a graveyard town or tower; you’re not eased into it at all with the “they're in a long slumber” like strategies. And that people, shatters your innocence like one hammer swing into glass. Johto is the worst culprit of this because there is NO graveyard, the closest thing to death you get is the story about the Legendary Dogs in Burnt Tower but that to a 10 year old tells them that if there are close to dying, then Ho-Oh will save them. As if you narcissist, why should he care about you since you even barley know about it.  

      Pokemon Tower, proudly shattering the innocence of children since 1996

      3. You will probably have no father:

      Every protagonist in the game had no father except of Hoenn just because he was the Petalburg City. So the decision to kick you out and force you to travel for ages all falls on the mother who really wants you out so she can bang the professor since hell, she hasn't’t been with a man in a while. Now, in most societies, it is usually the father that teaches their children how to survive in the wilderness and gives tips on how to use the land towards their advantage but since daddy is not in the picture, good chances are that the children did not get some camping 101 lessons unless their mother took time out of her schedule to fill dad’s position, which still them wouldn't be much since she has to work in order to provide for the family and keep the property in order.

      At least he still has something to charish his memories.

      2. 98.6% of all Pokémon species can release poison: 

      Doesn't look so adorable now, does it?

      This is going to be a bit of a pill to swallow, so stay with me here. Out of the 649 Pokemon species, only 18 cannot learn Toxic, Within these eighteen, Weddle, Kakuna, Wurmple, Silcoon and Cascoon can learn poison string (the pupa stage ones prior to evolution). Smeargle can learn a poison attack through sketch and Ditto can transform into a Pokemon that knows poison attacks. Burmy and Unown can learn Hidden Power which can be a poison attack if the EV’s and IV’s are right. Out of those eighteen only nine cannot learn a poison move whatsoever: Caterpie, Metapod, Wobbuffet, Wynaut, Beldum, Kricketot, Combee, and Tynamo. So even that cute little Jigglypuff and Cleffa are able to poison you if had the chance and in fact use toxic on you, which strengthen as time progresses. Word of warning, don’t act mean towards our Pokemon or else expect to go to the hospital a lot suffering from poison and covered in Purple goo.

      1. If you’re defeated, you always black-out like some drunken idiot

      I lost aga.. *Thud*

      Every time you lose to someone, you escape to the Pokemon center without even remembering what the hell you did on the way there. Imagine what regretful things you could have done and then realizing that you’re 500 Pokemon Dollars short. But to blackout every time you lose must mean that you have some terrible emotional reaction to loss that causes you brain or cardiac system to trigger it or someone slipped some sort of knockout drug in one of the drinks you got from the vending machine while you weren't looking. And since all the playable trainers suffer from this, I theorize that a large amount of the community suffers from this. Why do you think the NPC trainers just stand there when they lose while talking to ones in towns still move around?

      I always knew that girl was evil. Maybe she isn't even a little girl but a ninja.

      Well, I hope these dangers help you re-think about wanting to live in the Pokemon world . I’m also sorry for if I chipped away at anybody’s childhood but I’m wondering, are there any fears or dangers that you’ve seen in the Pokemon world, comment below to help show the Pokemon regions’ true form. Until then, Thanks.

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