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    • Final Fantasy VII Vs Majoras Mask 3D: Why Square-Enix needs to learn from Nintendo

      3 years ago


      Greetings my fellow G1S! Some of you are probably wondering what the hell do you mean "Final Fantasy VII" vs "Majoras Mask 3D" and why Square-Enix needs to learn from Nintendo....well alot of you may know where I'm going with this buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut some of you may not know so here is what I mean.


      Not to long ago at the Playstation Experience near the dawn of 2015,Square announced Final Fantasy VII for the PS4 in a similar vein they announced the Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster,people were excited that this moment that the FFVII HD Remake was finally happening, the Cloud and Aerith costume for Lightning Returns and Cloud as a semi playable character in that one Final Fantasy 3DS game(that I currently can't name at the top of my head!) was going to mean something right?.........RIGHT!? Instead we got trolled into getting a reveal that the Steam version(thats finicky as all hell in only one section of the game) is going to the PS4......

      Why? Why must SE troll us this fucking hard? The amounts of dislikes from this announcement was heard that day and still counting,this is far worse trolling then what Capcom Japan is doing with Mega Man(Yes just Capcom Japan,Capcom USA is Innocent since they understand us most of the time) and yeah I'm admiting that. At the very least were seeing Capcom Japans big fuck you lazer growing bigger I mean hell they lied about not continuing the Devil May Cry Reboot if sales were poor AND THEY WERE and it's getting an HD remake on current gen and even though thats the same game IT STILL COUNTS! But back at the discussing at hand, SE sure we've seen them give the big fuck you lazer over a decade for the HD remake of VII but at a small amount of time rather then Capcoms the difference was while Capcom of Japan feels like more of a Grudge with Keiji Inafune leaving the company but leaving it's impact on the fans as well semi inadverantly while the Playstation Experiance reveal was purly directed at both fans and gaming journalists alike on the FFVII HD Remaster topic. That is pure wrong.


      Now let's look at Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask 3D when a group of fans made a petition dubbed Project Moonfall which needs no introduction while Nintendo initially said no to Majoras Mask 3D, they could have all ready been at long hard work revamping it from the ground up which from the Graphics Engine MM 3D uses dare I say it's even better looking then OoT 3D did but Nintendo did far more then simply HD remake it they went further beyond then Oot 3D and here's why.

      1. The Graphics are improved even more so then Ocarina's of Time
      2. The ability to equip two masks at the bottom screen
      3. Adding Ocarina of Times Fishing Mini Game(I hope no Pieces of Hearts transfer to these)
      4. The ability to save without using the Song of Time as the main Save Featurewith the use of the Owl statues THANK THE GODDESS!
      5. The Song of Double Time greatly enhanced to warp us to a specific date to help with a particular quest chain THANK YOU NINTENDO!


      We don't know all their is to know on Majoras Mask 3D but with the stuff we do know so far you know where I'm going with this. Nintendo went all out and beyond with Majoras Mask 3D even giving fans what they want and more is something Square-Enix needs to take a page or two from Nintendo(minus its Youtube bullshit but you get the idea)


      I am Kaibaman41 I hope you all enjoyed this blog and Square-Enix if your reading PLEASE GIVE US THE FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE THE GAMING COMMUNITY DESERVES!

    • Super Star Wars is being re-released for PS4 and PS Vita Wait WHAT!?

      3 years ago


      It was recently announced that Super Star Wars is going to be ported to the PS4 and PS Vita Console no immediate price tag was given but it was announced this is going to be a Cross-Buy Game meaning if you bought it on one console, you'll get it on the other. Super Star Wars was originally released on the good ole Super Nintendo back in 1992 and back in 2009 released on the Wii's Virtual Console, it makes one wonder....how the hell did Sony and Disney ask Nintendo if they can release it on a none Nintendo Platform? Super Star Wars is being released on November 17th the same day as Star Wars Battlefront.


      To me personally although I'm excited and confused all at once I am also weary since to me this feels like a late April Fools Joke in November cuz a Nintendo Game does not easily get ported to another platform....it just raises too many questions. So g1's what are your thoughts on the news? What game will you play, Old School Nintendo on a Sony Platform or Star Wars Battle Front?

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