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    • Are Animes becoming too generic?

      6 years ago


      If you've read my blog. You know I am writing a book that has an anime-like story. The thing here is that I used a lot of generic anime storylines in the book and now I am starting to wonder if that will lessen the book. Has Japanese cartoons becoming to repeatitive to a point of being redudant? What do you think? Please comment below.


      Also note: the picture above was made by an artist who was doing a concept art work for my book. You are not allowed to download it without the artist's explicit permission, thanks.

    • Zelda Skyward Sheikah Stone gets Wise Ass with You

      7 years ago


      I was inside the Lava mountain area when I came across this room that you only can acesss later on in the game. As I was listening to the dialogue from this Sheikah Stone I had gotten distracted and decided to click the repeat option when it asked if you wanted to hear him speak again. I was suprised to see this bonus comment at the end of the dialogue.


    • A Perfect Take on the Girl Gamer Problem

      7 years ago


                     I found this on Youtube and I have to agree with everything said in the clip. The sexualaztion and horrid slant that's been shown by the industry towards men has always alienated girls from games.




                       The clip goes on to show, though, how certain groups of woman have capitallized on the pro-male market and have used their own good looks to try and get into several other industries , using the current industry as their own tool. Which, in my opinion and the author of the clip, made it worst for legitimate girl gamers to be taken seriously.


                      In my own experiences, the girl gamers I ever came across were rare and either they were ultra casual players who either played because of their boyfreinds or because they were part of the "skaterboy" group and were into anything that was challenging. or just a nerd girl who unfotunately never looked anyhwere near the girls that claim to be the nerds of today.


                       But my question is what's your opinion on the girl gamer situation? Leave a comment down below. Also please point out what sex you are. I'm curious who are the girl and guy gamers on here.

    • A non-Japanese writing an Anime

      7 years ago


      I am in the process of writing an anime cartoon series. I'm not going to give too much detail about it but my freinds tell me it will never be excepted because it's being made by a non-Japanese person.  So my question is this: Do you think a anime writen by a non-Japanese person can ever be excepted by an anime audience, especially in Japan?

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