Hi guys and welcome to my first review i am new at this so just give some pointers ok cool.

With that out of the way let start the Game review. :mrgreen:

Now as you can see today game i am review is Chrono trigger. Now i know anyone who everyone has talk about this game, I'm not going give a history or how the games was make who the artist is there many reviews that can tell u that information.NO want i'm going to tell you how come know play and fell in love with this game ok good. 8-) 

The first time i saw it was in the games window at the local mall. I looked at the box art saying it was neat and would love to play that game, at the time it was selling at just $25.00 dollars man price bar rise on that thing and to think Oh well good luck buyers on Ebay. I didn't had the money at the time i was 6 but at never stop me before so i beg my mom and did some odd jobs and finally i had the money to buy the thing it was to late. For you see i had brothers who own a super nintendo (it was mine but mom let them have it saying when am older i get one of my own:evil:) they sold it and bought a playstation boy was i mad but i got over it kinda :( . that last i seen of it because i had move on about my gaming life an forgot the gem in the window.

Untill 4 year ago a buddy of mine told you can play super nintendo on my computer and he give a copy of an EMULATOR Sweet. I know but want are going to do if you live the USA good for you you can still get it some how legally and play it with real super nintendo. but if live play outside the US good luck find a copy of the Snes version. :roll: but moving on i got the disk form a friend and on the was the EMU and a couple game an guess what was there yup chrono trigger the file taunting me to play i fire up the EmU and load the game and started to play . 

Man did i play it ,i play hell out of it even skip school just to have more time to grind level to beat lavos now the first time beat it i got and ending with frog on top of magus castle and i though that was the end of it roll credits. How wrong i was how wrong i watch a youtube video stating multiple i mean MULTIPLE!!! ENDINGS and got a low one on the list too, It Blew my mine on wanted to play and see the best ending strange i never saw good end to any game why start now. it because i love the game and every thing about the world the character and the story love it to death.

Now on the topic of story and character, i love some RPG but never like final fantasy games i know what it did for the RPG but just don't like and no one can change my view on that some about the world of FF (character,story) i just don't find pleasing but there one FF games like it tactics but that for a other blog. Now characters in chrono trigger fun, full of express and lovelyablity. now let me explain each character is well flush out to a T and there sidequest make then even more loved and cool. a time travel story was never this fun nor exciting. but it time to wrap this up never play it and into RPG PLAY IT NOW there one for nintendo DS (i kinda pick that one up) and play it through don't be like me an wait at least 6 year to play and have a great experience. if you see buy and have fun. 

Well Thanks for view in my first blog i hope its  good leave your comment good and bad so i can improve on it and help me to write some more of these...