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    • Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion announced!

      3 years ago


      EA unveiled their first Star Wars announcement of many at this year's E3, starting with an expansion to the well established Star Wars: The Old Republic series with an expansion called 'Knights of the Fallen Empire'.

      The expansion will be hitting this Fall.

      Here's the short teaser we were presented with at the EA press conference.



    • EA brings us the new Madden 16 coming this Summer with new features!

      3 years ago


      EA alongside Senior Producer Seann Graddy and guest ESPN Sportscenter Anchor and Host of Fantasy Football Robert Flores shed light on the new Madden 16 coming this Summer with new features.

      The new Madden 16 comes revamped with new and improved team mechanics such as a much more improved and refined 'Passing Game' mechanic.

      A hew Fantasy Football-inspired mode debuts with the upcoming title encompassing an unsurmountable amount of features for all the Fantasy Football fans out there looking to expand their Football experience with the new Madden 16!

      Expect Madden 16 to hit stores this August.

    • Ubisoft sheds more light on 'The Division,' announces release date

      3 years ago


      Ubisoft opens up The Division with more info on its PvP areas, detailing the Dark Zones.

      The 'Dark Zones' are Zones designed for both PvP & PvE, where you get together with others to salvage items that you collect throughout the Zone that in order to keep, you'll need to proceed to the nearest extraction point where you'll get to permanentally keep all the loot collected.

      Whether you trust the players you team up with is another factor, as seen from the small excerpt of gameplay they showcased at the conference where a player is seen betraying his entire team thus collecting all of the loot for himself...that is where the 'division' lies! (no pun intended)

      'Friend or Foe?' is the name of the game...

      The Division will be playable at this year's E3 at the Ubisoft booth.

      Expect 'Tom Clancy's The Division' in stores on March 8, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

    • SFV teases 2 new characters to the roster & announces Public Beta!

      3 years ago


      Sony bullet hell'ing the heck out of their conference with lots of info for many games in the pipeline.

      SFV makes an appearance to further tease us by further expanding the roster right before our very eyes with a short and sweet teaser trailer.

      SFV adds 2 new characters to the roster.

      • Series drill kicking british commando veteran - Cammy White
      • Alpha series long forgotten punk - Birdie


      It didn't just end there! They also had the audacity to further announce, what was already mentioned back during the title's unveilment, a date for the Public Beta which is now officially been given a set date.

      Public Beta hits July 21, 2015.

    • Shenmue III a kickstarter game coming to the Sony platform

      3 years ago


      The train gets crazier and crazier at this year's E3 during Sony's conference.

      Shenmue III makes an appearance and is set to show up on the Sony platform, as well as PC.

      Launching a crowdfunding for the game through Kickstarter according to the tweet by @Playstation down below:

      Hi @yu_suzuki_jp! It's time to #SaveShenmue. Support the Kickstarter at http://t.co/E1Gkzokivs

      — PlayStation (@PlayStation) June 16, 2015

      It will be using the Unreal 4 engine and their goal to make this project happen is $2,000,000 which there's no doubt in my mind it will be met as there's 31 days left of the Kickstarter and over $200,000 has already been pledged.

      Look forward to more updates on the continuation of the Shenmue legacy through their kickstarter page.

    • Sci-Fi Horror Game 'Soma' makes an appearance at E3 with a release date

      3 years ago


      The PC gaming conference show continues to not pull any punches with the amalgamation of information being thrown at us, one of them happens to be yet another trailer from the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

      SOMA - E3 2015 Trailer

      The game will be hitting the PS4 & PC on September 22nd, 2015.

    • Creazn Studio is kickstarting their indie game: I-NFECTED bringing classic survival horror!

      5 years ago


      I-NFECTED is an indie classic survival horror game that takes a few pages of games like the original Resident Evil series before their big jump onto a completely different direction with RE4.

      Creazn Studio's aim is to bring back the classic survival horror genre back to its very roots!

      The game would feature:

      • Randomly generated experience
      • The ability to fluidly maneuver around while engaging in combat
      • Use stealth to avoid confrontation
      • Ability to play in 2 different perspective (Fixed/Third person)
      • Environment puzzles
      • Post game unlock system
      • Multiplayer Co-op (1-4 players!)

      You can play with up to 3 other people, split up if you must!

      We wanted to stay true to the classic survival horror inventory, however this is in real time and can be toggled on or off.

      Their Kickstarter page is currently in the $1,000s and their goal is set at '$35,000' with only 16 days to go. It's also available for voting on 'Steam Greenlight'!

      I did my part and backed the project, because I loved the pre-RE4 games and I wouldn't mind seeing a game that shares the same essence & atmosphere that Survival Horror games used to have back in the day. As well as, unfortunately, I did not get the chance at experiencing the joys of Resident Evil Outbreak 'Online', so this might be my second chance on having a similar taste.

      If anyone wants to back it up and know more about the development of the game, you can click right 'here'! The link will also be in the 'Source' of this blog/article post.

      Feel free to comment on the matter in the comments section below.  Also, feel free to share your experience with the old pre-RE4 games and, more specifically, the RE: Outbreak games!


    • Sony exec says PS3 USB peripherals likely to work with PS4

      5 years ago


      Eventhubs released an article about GiantBomb's interview/podcast with the development head at Sony's Worldwide Studios America Scott Rohde. One of the biggest highlights (for fighting game purists &/or enthusiasts like me) was the "likely" possibility of the Playstation 4 being able to support old PS3 USB peripherals.

      When asked if Playstation 3 USB peripherals such as fight sticks would work with the Playstation 4, Rohde stated it is "likely" that any PS3 peripheral will work with PS4.

      Rohde was also asked if devices like mice and keyboards would work with Playstation 4. Rohde wasn't certain, but he stated it is "somewhat likely" that such devices will work.

      So there you have it from the mouth of the senior vice president of product development! I, for one, am excited! No need for me to upgrade my custom Darkstalkers Fightstick!

      If you would like to listen to the entire interview, look no further than here!

      No need to buy a new PCB if that's the case! :D

      What do you guys think? Please express your thoughts on the comments below!

    • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD coming to PS3 and X360 this October!

      5 years ago


      Formerly a 3DS exclusive! 'Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate' is a side-story that bridges the gap between the original entry 'Lords of Shadow' & the next & final entry 'Lords of Shadow 2'. It tells the origin story of 'Trevor Belmont & Simon Belmont' and their eternal struggle with the new Prince of Darkness that rose up at the end of the first 'Lords of Shadow'!

      Konami pleasantly announces that 'Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate' will be coming to the PS3 & X360 this fall as a re-mastered HD version of the original game and will be slated for an October 29th release! No mentioning of a Wii U and/or PC version were made...

      "I just had an extreme makeover!" - Ricardo Irving (Resident Evil 5)

      Aside from the obvious superficial eye-candy, the HD port will be including extras such as 'Online Leaderboards', 'Boss Rush Mode' & an exclusive demo of 'Lords of Shadow 2'! Konami also confirmed that they will also be releasing a 'Lords of Shadow Collection' on October 29th, which will include the original 'Lords of Shadow', the Reverie and Resurrection DLCs (Lords of Shadow DLCs) AND Mirror of Fate HD. Price has not been given, as of yet!

      Here's the quote from David Cox himself....

      "We are delighted to be able to bring Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD to an all-new audience... The game acts as the perfect accompaniment to the forthcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and will deliver a stunning slice of action and exploration, while unpeeling more layers regarding the lineage and true destiny of the Belmont family."

      He also mentioned on his twitter (@CastlevaniaLOS) handle...


      So there you have it folks! What do you think of the sudden announcement and the sudden '3DS games being ported to HD consoles' trend? Are you excited to play more 'Lords of Shadow', whether you already own it on 3DS or not? Feel free to express your thoughts down at the comments below!


    • Thoughts on the 3DS XL & why it's not the place for a redesign to actually happen.

      6 years ago


      Thoughts on the 3DS XL & why it's not the place for a redesign to actually happen.

      For whoever is asking as to why there's no second circle pad.

      Nintendo said 'No 3DS redesigns' and they seem to be keeping their word for it....If they did, it will further neglect the people who decided to buy the handheld on launch day for $250.

      I bet they're overjoyed at the fact that they're giving the BIG middle-finger to the people who decided to wait it out.

      Moving on...

      The 'XL' branding is a trend they've been following since the DSi, and don't seem to want to deviate by adding more than the size. It's for consumers that want a bigger screen & with bigger hands than the regular consumer.

      I, for one, am happy for the ones who had issues with past handhelds and got blessed by the DSi XL, They too will finally experience the greatness of the 3DS at last.

      There's also a whole other issue as to why Nintendo SHOULD NOT mess with a redesign.

      I don't think Nintendo wants to separate, or rather 'alienate', the community by giving the XL version more advantages, and even then, people (original small 3DS lovers) will still complain that there should be a small version with all the new features the XL version has, like the Second Circle pad issue.

      In my opinion, The XL is not the place where they should do a redesign...and even then, I don't think the 2nd Circle Pad is really needed...it's just an optional control scheme. I've played the games that support the attachment and I can play ,as well, without it.

      It's my opinion, as they say '...to each his/her own'

      'nuff said.

      P.S. I wonder how Ocarina of Time 3D will fare in the bigger screen?  *drools with the thought*

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