A sad time has come again, since another gaming publisher has closed down.

This time being CyberFront after their parent company, Kaga Electronics, has pulled the plug on them, as reported by NeoGaf user Julbern. They're commonly know for localizing western games for Japan. Some examples being, Telltale's The Walking Dead, Skullgirls (PSN), a few games from Valve, etc.

It's quite a shame for some publishers having a slight bit fewer options to have their games arrive to the land of the rising sun. Including the companies with upcoming games. Like Experience's Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss, whose planned release was just next month.

This is also a problem with the developers at Lab Zero. Skullgirls Encore was planned to be release as a patch for original Japanese PSN version, since it was localized by CyberFront, instead of Konami. Lab Zero's CEO Peter Bartholow (AKA: “Ravidrath”) expressed his comments in both the NeoGaf and the official Skullgirls forums threads. Accentually saying that this came as a shock and will be looking for a different publisher. The likely candidate being their PC and XBLA publisher: Marvelous AQL.

So with all that g1s... What do you think of CyberFront's closing? Are you sadden? Do you care at all? Do you think Lab Zero has the worst luck out of all gaming companies? Discuss away in the comments!