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    • it was a god day

      7 years ago


       omg so liek today was a prety go0d day if i do say so mysefl.  first started with sum food (bacn, bacon and some hot cheez) it was good 2 made by my budy tony (he plays lots of cooking mama). then l8er i pwned so many bishes online. it was awesum. the highlite of my day was when i took out 4 n00bs by mysefl 1v4 and dominted the whoel gme. u no that happens when ur temmeates dc and ur stukc dfending towers lone style.

      still thinking abot quiting work tho... its getting prety bad.. i amlost threw my bakc out trying to lift thsi relly hevy box of stuff... must hve weied liek 10000 pnds or somthin.. super hevy. anyway i got to leeve early but i hve to work anohter shift. super lame... oh wlel i ned 2 save up for bf3 anyway  so it works out.

      oh ya so earlier htis relly funny thnig happend. so i wsa wlking to the store to get my slushie and thsi n00b stops me and sasks me for sum munnies for teh bus.... and i was liek, 'LOL go play WoW and beg there lol... might get a better chance.' besides.. the flyiong boat things are liek free anyway so u dont need munny for taht. he gve me a look liek only a n00b wuld and i just went on with my businss parcticing my skillz and stuf.. mtn dew is liek teh best flavour evar just btw fyi. 

      so it looks liek im stikcing wiht this blog. prolly gonna be top of the servre soon too... liek, 'teh best bl0g on teh web taht dosnt get briebd to say or do whatever n00bs tell tehm too'... taht'll prolly happen soon so.. lookig frward to taht.


      later n00bs

    • no internet = super lame

      7 years ago


       soo.. leik i was hunting with my main for a good 4 hours str8 and u wont geuss what happend.. teh stoopid internet goes out. turns out mum didnt pay 4 teh sinternet and i sat there.. sufering for 2 hours.. 

      it felt liek an eternity... luckiyl i had my psp n stuff so it wansnt too bad. but after i got on i found my main had been killed... so there goes 4 hours of work down teh toilet. i evne lost my golden armor. fkcuiong hell. that shit cost 30k. think imma quit for now. paly som other game atm. dosnt matter anyway, cant rely on other ppl.

      think maybe imma move out... you kno wi heard theres liek free internets in calgary. mebbe ill just go there.. cant be too far right? ill get my own place, my own internets and my own washroom. no1 will take those htings away from me. nto even god. not even the stupid gms that think they  can moderate and abuse thier powr. thouhg.. thats another story for another blog for another day...

      l8er n00bs

    • [Update] Grand Theft Auto 5 no longer a rumor

      7 years ago


      Update:Kotakuis reporting that they have determined the location of GTA 5 via an anonymous source. Apparently the game will take place in Los Angeles or a variation of the city. Additionally, the game will star more than one playable character, which is new to GTA proper, but was concieved in the PSP spinoffs of Liberty City and Vice City. Hopefully we will receive confirmation of the rumors on the 2nd of November.

      Editor's Note: krobelux beat us to the punch on this, so we slotted them into the top page. Great work!

      Grand Theft Auto 5 was officially announced on Twitter by Rockstar Games. All we know now is what's in the title, and that there will be a trailer in a week (11/02/11). It is on the front page of Rockstar's site right now.

      What do you guys speculate it'll be about, or where it'll take place? I'm hoping for more San Andreas, but I'm highly doubting that is plausible. 

    • so liek im being griefed

      7 years ago


        so I awake one morning not wanting to work. it's a pain, so i call in sick. my mom is all like, 'jake why don't u go get a place of ur own? you make me sick just having u here!' and I'm all liek, 'leave me alone! cant u see im trying to 1v4 here?!'
      so anyway im about to get my quad and then my internet goes out. i try to get it decancelled but my mom is all gtfo and stuf. so i instead go to work and life is a pain... i need to figure out how 2 get rich qwik so i dont have to deal. maybe i can win the lottery? it shouldnt be hard to grind tickets...

      so later on after work my mom gets teh internet back and im back online pwning some more newbbs and i got an idea to start my lief on screwattack. maybe sum1 will giev me munny? i dunno... but its wroth a try. maybe ill make a video of stuf abot me and how i pwn so hard.

      anyway i need to get back to pwning bishes onlien so thanks 4 reading and have a good night

    • today i find out more ways y i pwn so much

      7 years ago


       okay so today was prety good in terms of pwning. played 5 games straight and pwned up every single n00b taht was in my way. it felt so great... then the mail n00b came and gave me a letter from teh governemnt saying something along teh lines of liek how much i pwn and taht theyre giving me munny for it. i knew the goverment knew how much i pwned and it was about tiem i got my dues.

      so anyway liek any pr0 wuld do in my situation i went to cash my free munny. stoopid n00bs at teh bank though made me wait 4ever. luckily i brought my psp so it wasnt so bad. anyway i got my munnies and went to eat some good food. i love me some smoked meat samwiches. food of teh pr0s.

      i got home shortly after and pwned up some moar n00bs. u know mebbe i need to find a new g4m3 or somethin bcuz man this gam eis just 2 easy. any1 have any sugestions? in teh mean tiem im gonna train my micro.

      l8er n00bs

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