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    • Game Announcements for Eurogamer Expo 2012

      6 years ago


      With 3 months to go, the game announcements for this year's Eurogamer Expo have begun to start trickling out. The expo is to be held at London's Earls Court and gives us lucky Brits and any lucky international travelers the chance to play the most anticipated games of the near future.

      It began last week with Ubisoft confirming that the following titles will be playable:

      • Assassins Creed 3
      • Far Cry 3
      • Just Dance 4
      • Rocksmith

      Now that last one may confuse people in the US seeing as they have had that particular title for just under a year now. Well us lucky people over in Europe have not had the game/learning tool released here yet, which is currently set for an October release.

      Capcom has also confirmed they will be showing:

      • Resident Evil 6
      • DmC
      • Lost Planet 3

      But just this morning Square Enix have confirmed that they will be showing Hitman: Absolution and............Tomb Raider.

      I am rather excited about this as I haven't made a decision about Tomb Raider yet as I prefer to base my opinions on playing the game myself rather than watching some other person playing it. So to have Tomb Raider playable at the Expo makes me rather excited. I intend to write up my whole Eurogamer Expo experience as a blog when I get to go on the 27th September, so keep an eye out for that.

      All in all, quite a good list of games so far, here's to hoping that they announce a playable version of Bioshock Infinite. I can only dream.

      Thanks to VG247 for the Eurogamer Expo updates.

    • Is the Dead Space short teasing Dead Space 3?

      6 years ago


      The short tells the story of John Carver, an EarthGov Sergeant assigned to the planet Uxor. He witnesses an attack on the Marker site he is guarding which changes his life forever. According to the video's You Tube description "This is just the start of John Carver's saga in the Dead Space Universe."

      Now this could just be a tease for a new Graphic Novel, a new movie or even a interactive Novel style game like Dead Space Ignition.

      But the fact that some rumours recently say your co-op partner is a man with a gnarly scar on his face, an engineering RIG of his own, and glowing red eyes peering from his helmet.. That looks awfully like Mr. Carver to me. Apparently there is also a countdown on the main website which ends on the day of EA's E3 press conference, the problem with checking this out for myself is that the countdown is in Unitology Symbols.

      All this does seem to point to a Dead Space 3 reveal at E3 which is what everybody was expecting. You were, weren't you?

    • 25 minutes of Beyond: Two Souls? Oh go on then.

      6 years ago


      Courtesy of French Gaming Website Gamekyo there is 25 minutes of Quantic Dreams new PS3 game Beyond: Two Souls.

      Just incase you didn't know Ellen Page is the star!!!

    • The GamesMaster sadly passes away

      6 years ago


      Yesterday British Astronomer and Broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore sadly passed away at the age of 89. Sir Patrick was known for presenting the long running BBC television show the Sky At Night, which started in April 1957 and continued to this day with the most recent episode being broadcast last Monday. Making him the longest running host of the same television show ever.

      But anybody growing up in the UK during the 90's will remember Sir Patrick as The Games Master. GamesMaster was a television show hosted by Dominic Diamond and Dexter Fletcher (for one ill-fated series) that ran on Channel 4 between 1992 and 1998. Followed by a long running print magazine, which continues to be published today by Future Publishing.

      The show was built around game challenges which were issued by Sir Patrick, the first ever challenge was to collect 50 Coins in 2 minutes on World 1-1 in Super Mario Brothers 3. Successful competitors would walk away with the GamesMaster Golden Joystick. Dispensed throughout the show were reviews, news, general banter and The Consultation Zone. Where fellow gamers, who were stuck on a particular game, could ask the GamesMaster for help. Sir Patrick, in disembodied head mode, would enlighten gamers with tips, cheats and hints to aid the gamer in their quest. 

      GamesMaster was a show I grew up watching which meant Sir Patrick was a part of my childhood. He will always be known as a world famous Astronomer but to me he will always be the GamesMaster.

      Here is the first episode of the second series of GamesMaster in two parts.

      Part 1

      Part 2

      RIP Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore 1923 - 2012.

    • Video Game Music and Me - Perfect Dark

      6 years ago


      Video game music, whether it is the 8 bit tunes of days gone by to the full on orchestral scores of nowadays, it has the power to create emotion. From the joyful happiness of playing World 1-1 in Super Mario Brothers to the sheer wonderment of walking out on to Hyrule Field for the first time in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, video game music will always have the power to instil emotion in even the harden video game player.

      Now, as you can guess, this is a blog about video game music. It is about my own personal experiences with my favourite pieces and how they impacted my enjoyment of playing video games. I am not the best writer known to man but after thinking about it earlier I thought 'What the Hell' and decided to jot it down for all to read. I had the idea for this whilst walking in to town. I had just witnessed the Olympic Torch coming down my street and decided to go and get some breakfast, I was listening to my IPod on the way when suddenly some video game music popped up on my play list. My mind instantly floated off and plucked out from the recesses of my mind some memories, memories of me playing that game and the emotions that I felt when that music started during a play through.

      Now the game in question is Perfect Dark, the music in question is from the second half of the Air Base: Espionage level. Before I get in to the specifics allow me to refresh your memory about Perfect Dark and in what context the music appears, just incase you have forgotten.

      Perfect Dark was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo (ahh the good old days) in the year 2000. It is considered a 'spiritual successor' to Goldeneye 007. Rare/Nintendo had lost the James Bond licence to EA and thus allowed Rare to create a brand new franchise from scratch but build upon the firm footing that Goldeneye had established. The game follows protagonist Joanna Dark, a special agent working for the Carrington Institute, as she attempts to investigate and stop a conspiracy by rival corporation dataDyne.

      5 missions in and Joanna is tasked with sneaking aboard Air Force One to protect the president from a dataDyne conspiracy to have him replaced by a dataDyne grown clone. The level starts off with you having to obtain a disguise so you can sneak in to the base, switch off the security monitors and sneak on to Air Force One. Throughout the first part of this mission the music is slow, steady and compliments the idea that you have to sneak in to the Air Base without drawing any attention to yourself.
      But that all changes when you subvert the security system, guards are alerted and all of a sudden you have to fight your way to Air Force One instead of sneaking on to it. How does the game tell you about this sudden change in game playing dynamic? Well of course there are a few text warnings on the screen to alert you and the fact everyone has started shooting at you is a good indication but in my opinion the best indication that all hell is about to break loose is the change in music. The underlying theme in the music may stay the same as the levels opening music but the tone, feel and tempo are vastly changed. Instead of slow and steady the music becomes action orientated with an all round panic feel.

      The new level music compliments the now frantic shooting and desperate fight to stay alive down to a tee. As soon as I had heard this piece of music for the first time it instantly became one of my favourite pieces, but I was not to know the powers that this piece of digitised sound could have on me, that is until my friends and I played the multiplayer.

      I was ok at the multiplayer in Perfect Dark, I won some and lost some, but one time we were playing a good old 4 vs 4 match and the Air Base: Espionage X music came on. I managed to knock up about 15 kills in the short 2 minute span that the music played. We thought nothing of it, just a stroke of luck but then it kept on happening. Whenever that music played during multiplayer I kept racking up kills without dying, without fail if that music played I would suddenly become a machine at playing Perfect Dark.

      We all made a jokes about how the music made me invincible at Perfect Dark, it got to the point that my friends didn't want that music in the play list, which of course I overruled. They would also moan/yelp when the music started playing and instead of trying to kill each other they would instead run away from me.
      That is the most intriguing thing for me about all of this, how my friends reacted. Now I am sure that the Air Base X music didn't make me amazing at Perfect Dark for 2 minutes and I know that the first few times it occurred that it was all a fluke, but it stayed with us. In our young minds that music made us think I was invincible at Perfect Dark, it made my friends run away from me in multiplayer thus allowing the illusion to continue.

      One piece of music and a couple of fluke multiplayer matches equals different emotions in each player, which has a direct result on the game playing experience for everyone. In essence it created a bubble around one piece of music that should never have existed, no other music in Perfect Dark had this effect.

      That ends my first blog on my favourite pieces of video game music and what effect they have on me emotionally. Hopefully if people like my ramblings I will do more, this is just to test the water. I just wanted to write about this music as it gave me and my friends much enjoyment 12 odd years ago and they are days I will never forget.

      I would be interested to know if anybody else has had any experiences like this, hopefully it gets a good conversation going.

      Cheers for reading everyone and for your listening pleasure here is the music that inspired this blog.

    • Olympic Closing Ceremony celebrates Del Boy Batman

      6 years ago


      So after two weeks of nonstop sport we come to the Olympic closing ceremony, a symphony of British Music presented in a way only us Brits could have imagined, I am indeed talking about the bus that transformed in to an inflatable octopus that housed DJ FatBoySlim (Norman Cook) pretend Dj-ing .

      But there is one item that may have confused lot's and lots of you from around the world. The site of a Reliant Regal exploding,, accompanied by the ever great "Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" quote from the Italian Job, then out of the wreckage an overweight Batman and tall lanky Robin emerge and run off.

      Here is some bad recorded footage of said event.

      Now I can understand how this could confuse people, as it really is a reference that us Brits would fully understand unless the source material travelled to your respective country, which I'm sure it has because it is widely known as one of the best comedies of all time. But just incase you have not had the pleasure of seeing the comedy in question allow me to explain.

      The reference is to a specific scene in a Christmas episode of Only Fools and Horses called Heroes and Villains where Delboy and Rodney break down on the way to a fancy dress party. Here my friends is that reference and the first time I ever saw this I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. Enjoy.....

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