It seems so often  that everyone is always talking about how legendary OoT is... Well this boys and girls is something I can't stand. There can't seem to be a new Zelda title that comes out that isn't compared to OoT. Why?  I fail to see why it's such a flawless masterpiece and while I do give a game credit for Innovation, it can only take it so far. So without further ado here are 3 problems people have overlooked with The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time.

The Story

Now I  honestly don't believe that the Zelda series has too many fantastic narritives and I feel that  OoT is one of the weaker ones. 

First of all, the Character, by god is the main cast here bland. Link, the protagonist is one of the biggest offenders. Link shows no emotions what so ever, he's just a lifeless doll throughout the game (with the exception of the occasional act of suprise). This  was improved in Wind Waker and all the games after it, where link did seem like a real character. Aside from the total lack of emotion, Link shows no true desire or determination to save hyrule, it's just something he's gotta do. Next Zelda, not much to say here, she just isn't very intresting  although she is somewhat likable as a kid. Now the sidekick, Navi, now I honestly don't hate Navi as her dialouge only came up occasionally and was usually breif, however she had no reason to be in this game, No personality and no involvement in the story, a flying talking manual. Finally Ganondorf, Ganondorf is really weak in this game as he is basicall just a "Ha Ha Ha I'm Gonna Take Over the World" type of villian.

So yeah the cast is dull but there's another issue. The story is incredibly slow. This is a problem that plagues the series but it's really bad here. The story of OoT only Progresses at 3 points The Beggining (from the start 'til you meet Zelda) The Middle (when you`ve collected all 3 spiritual stones) and the End (obvious). most of the time is spent simply Link on his quest to collect enough of one type of special item.

The Filler

So you made it through that giant block paragraph, great here`s another.

This is a smaller issue but`s still valid. There is a ton of filler in OoT. Too keep it simple it feels that whenever you`re not in a dungeon, you`re just going from point A to Point B with minimul effort. Now to be fair there a  few decent overworld section here but again it`s mainly just running around. Like after you beat the Forest  Temple  what`d do. Go to the temple of time to talk to sheik, go up death mountain, talk to Goron Link, quickly go through Death mountain crater, talk to sheik enter the Fire Temple... how exciting. This I feel was improved upon in the later later games. Yep, it`s really only in the dungeons and mini dungeons that anything truely intresting in happens.

 Another issue is while the side quest aren`t terrible they are kinda generic, I mean you`ve got a decent trade quest. but the other two are just sorta boring  collect èm all quests.

Nothing New

No we all know that OoT was the first 3D Zelda game, which was innovative for the series, but at the same time, OoT didn`t do anything to change the structure of formula of the series.  I think the problem is that too many fans only compare the 3D zelda games to other 3D zelda games and 2D to other 2D. OoT didn`t do anything except bring the zelda world into 3D, with the same enemies, weapons, and formula. There`s an overworld, in the overworld there are dungeons, you get to dungeons through the same type of progression, the dungeon is basically a labrinth filled with enemies and puzzles, you progress through the dungeon by using keys ect.. Basically what i`m saying  is that I don`t think it offered very many new things to the series. And that`s about it...

In Conclusion

Now I don`t hate or even dislike OoT, I just think that it`s far from perfect and that I really think that people need to analys it more and not simply go ith the popular opinion.  And for god sake stop comparing every single Zelda game to it. So if you managed to sit through my first and probably worst blog, feel free to rip into me for it.