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    • Unofficial Guide to Competitive Super Smash Bros Mellee

      6 years ago


      First off, I would like to make it clear that Mellee and Brawl are two completely different games.  Brawl is not just Mellee with more characters and stages.  The developers actualy made it play much slower and removed certain programing which allowed for advanced techniques in Mellee such as wavedashing, dash dancing, L-canceling, and even combos.

      Wavedashing, dash dancing, and L-canceling (short for lag canceling) are movement and speed related techniques which cause matches to become extremely fast and heavy in mindgames.  You can learn how to perform these techniques yourself here. 

      The most important thing that makes Mellee competitive is the combos.  Yes there are actualy combos in this game.  The reason for this is hitstun, the moment after recieving an attack when a character is unable to perform attacks, blocks, or dodges.  When an opponent is in hitstun, attacks can be strung together into combos.  Unfortunately in Brawl, hitstun was severely lowered which makes performing combos in that game very difficult.

    • Terrible Thursday tribute in Mineattack

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Don't forget you can join the g1s on the Mineattack Server by  either typing in our IP: Or by typing in mineattack.go-networks.net:25577 in the adress field in Minecraft! Or just visit the Mineattack Facebook page

      I wanted to build something relevant to ScrewAttack in Mineattack, so that everyone in the community would instantly recognize it. Therefore, I built Arnold ridin' the scorpion. If you don't know what Mineattack is, it's the g1 community Minecraft server. If you play Minecraft and you’re a g1 you should definitely check it out. We have a ton of pixel art from retro games and a friendly community. You’re welcome to build with us.



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