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    Hey I'm Matt. I'm a student at University of California Merced majoring in Business. In my spare time I enjoy getting together with my friends and playing video games. I'm mostly a nintendo guy and I still have my N64 which I play frequently. I actualy didn't play allot of games untill the N64 era but i've used the Wii's virtual console to experience the old classics.

    A game i'm actualy really good at is Super Smash Brothers Mellee. Mellee is actualy a deep competitive fighter if you know what you are doing. I use Ganon as my main.

    I also like to read. I just finished reading all twelve books in the late Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series and am now reading George Martin's "A Song of Fire and Ice".

    I'm also on Mineattack as g1loyf.

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