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    • The GBA Virtual Console lineup on Wii U is revealed in a sizzle trailer

      4 years ago


      Today, Nintendo announced the release lineup for the Game Boy Advance games for the Wii U on the Virtual Consoles that will be released in the United States and Europe, for the next eight months. Here are the games that Wii U owners will be able to purchase in the next coming months.

      On April 3, you will be able to purchase Advance Wars, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Metroid Fusion for $7.99/€6.99. On April 10, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Wario Ware, Inc Microgame$ will come at $6.99/€6.99. Later in the month, you will be able to purchase F-Zero Maximum Velocity and Golden Sun on April 17, for $6.99/€6.99 and $7.99/€6.99, with Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island rounding things up on April 24, for $7.99/€6.99.

      As you may notice, prices in the United States range from the $6.99 and $7.99 while the prices in Europe remain the same at €6.99. So what do you guys think? Are you going to buy these games for the Wii U's Virtual Console? Have you played these games before or are going to be playing them for the first time? If so, have fun with them playing with them on the big screen!

    • Phoenix Wright makes his case the on the 3DS in HD fashion

      4 years ago


      Capcom recently announced that Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD will be making its way onto the 3DS eshop this upcoming winter. The games will include, of course, the first three games to Phoenix Wright's epic court cased battles, Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations with redrawn visuals and 3D support. The trilogy will go for $30 as a digital download only on the Nintendo eshop.

      Phoenix Wright originally released as an Gameboy Advance exclusive for Japan back in 2001 and was ported and released worldwide for the Nintendo DS system in 2005. The sequel of the trilogy, Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies, was released in 2013 on the 3DS eshop.

      Players take control of the defense attorney, Phoenix Wright as they progress through a visual novel adventure and taking on a series of fictional court cases in a Japanese styled legal system. Wright will face many witnesses and battle against the toughest prosecutors in this epic enhanced trilogy.

    • Tales of Xillia 2 will be making its way west

      5 years ago


      Namco Bandai has revealed that Tales of Xillia 2 will be heading to Europe and North America. The studio made the announcement earlier today during the Japan Expo in France. The sequel will be released in both regions exclusively for the PS3 sometime in 2014.

      The first game (also a PS3 exclusive) is set to be released outside of Japan this August.

      There is not much else to say, but this is a glorious day for JRPG and Tales fans. I did not expect Namco Bandai to announce a release date even before the first game's release. How excited are you for this news!?

      Here's the Japanese language trailer if you're interested.

    • Nintendo brings Wii Mini to the States later this month

      5 years ago


      The Wii Mini was originally released for Canada after Nintendo had just released the Wii U last fall. The console then made its way into the UK side a few months later in March. To make up for the Wii U's poor sales, even with its price cut, Nintendo hopes to make some sort of profit by selling the console state side. Since Nintendo has discontinued the original Wii system, the Wii Mini is the last stretch in the Wii's life span. US consumers will be getting console itself, Wii Remote Plus, a Wii Nunchuk, as well as a copy of Mario Kart Wii.

      As many know, the Wii Mini is a major downgrade from the original system. It has no internet connectivity and can only play Wii optical discs. Nintendo hopes to make one last attempt to get consumers to buy the system. However, in August, Nintendo announced that their latest handheld to the Nintendo 3DS family, Nintendo 2DS, is priced at $129.99. With its just recent release (along with Pokemon X & Y), Nintendo targeted the handheld towards children and or the consumers who are strictly on a budget, but want a gaming system. With the success of the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo hopes to continue their sales with the 2DS as well. The difference between the Wii Mini and Nintendo 2DS is only $30. Would you rather go with a dead system or one that follows the same path as the 3DS. 

      Bear in mind that later this month we will be getting into the next generation consoles, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. With Nintendo bringing the Wii Mini coming to the states, do people really think consumers will really pay attention to Nintendo's console? Who knows. But Nintendo will hopefully get some buyers to make up for their loss this holiday season.

    • [Rumor] Is The Last of Us getting delayed?

      5 years ago


      Just recently on Best Buy's website, they have changed the date for the release of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us from May 7th to June 18th. Though this is just a rumor as of now. GameStop and Amazon's websites still list the release date for the third-person action game for May.

      No word has been confirmed from Sony yet.

      It is quite unusual for retailers to switch the release dates for games that are just a few short months of coming out. Though this is probably a complete lie since Naughty Dog has never delayed a game since the announcement of its original release date. What would your reaction be if this was delayed? It's only a month delay, but still. 

    • Classic White PS3 Comes to North America

      5 years ago


      Ever since Japan has had the godlike looking white Playstation 3 us Americans have wanted that system to come to the states. But that never happened... until now! 

      If you are going to get your very first time Playstation 3, then this one might be a pick-up for you. And if you already own one, then you might not care or something. Starting on January 27th, both United States and Canadian consumers will be able to pick up the system. It includes a 500GB hard drive and a year of Playstation Plus for a retail price of $299.99. The style of the system is the brand new released Playstation slim. So if you were expecting the 2nd generation PS3 then sorry!

    • PS All-Stars Battle Royale gets first batch of DLC dated

      5 years ago


      Before the holidays we got some information about some future DLC to be added onto PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. Gamers knew that the first batch of DLC was going to include Kat from PS Vita's Gravity Rush, Emmett from Starhawk, and a stage from the Wipeout (no not the TV show) series. But we never knew when the DLC was going to be out. 

      The release date will be on February 12th in America and the following day in the UK. They will be free for the first 2 weeks! I will say this again. FIRST 2 WEEKS! So even if your holding back on buying the game, download it anyway. It's better than buying it, right? So mark your calendars g1's and get some free stuff! Another thing to add is that Sony's new stage "Fearless" will be a combination of Heavenly Sword and Wipeout stages. Though this will be up for purchase rather than free. Very disappointing!

      A little preview if you've never seen these characters before

      Are there any other characters you g1's want to see? I'm pretty sure that there a bunch of characters and stages out there that you would all love to see in the game.

    • PSN is giving back in PlayStation's March deals

      5 years ago


      Playstation 3 and PSN users listen up! Get ready to fill your hard drive because Sony has just announced a program that is going to span out through now till the end of March. It is useful to those who spend a ton of cash on games and or entertainment on the Playstation Network store.

      Every purchase that is $50 on the Playstation Network will earn you back $10. If you decide to spend more up till $100, you will get back $20. And the list goes on as you spend more. Each is a interval of $50.

      The best part is that there is no limit on how many games, movies, or TV shows you can buy. After the deal has ended, you will be getting your money back in April though no exact date on when it will happen. It seems like a great deal getting a 20% discount for every $50 you spend. But take note! It has to be every $50 dollar interval! If your spending $99, you will only get $10 back so be sure to buy a little something extra.

      I believe this is a great for all of you Playstation Network buyers out there. This also helps if you want to pick up a digital copy of a current retail game. How many of you g1s will be taking advantage of this deal? Do you like to purchase your retail games digitally?

    • Tales of Xillia gets a release date for North America

      5 years ago


      About a month ago, GameStop's website dated that Tales of Xilla's release would be sometime in July. However, Namco Bandai just confirmed that the release date was a month off from GameStop's site.

      The PS3's exclusive JRPG will be released stateside on August 6th as reported by Gematsu. Namco Bandai has no word yet on a European release date.

      On the bad side, Gematsu has pointed to a Kotaku article that seems to center around the PS Vita's Tales games. It was about seeing an English release for Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Heart R. Both games are remakes from their Nintendo DS counterparts. For a while, western fans have been speculating if there will ever be a release (or localized).We got an answer from Tale producer Hideo Baba but in a very short statement. "Vita is selling really badly here":

      "Unfortunately, at this present time we don't have any plans to release any of the Vita titles [in the west]. One of the main reasons is, unfortunately the Playstation Vita is doing relatively poor in North America, so it's one of those things that if the numbers increased considerably, then it's something we could consider."
      So with all said, are you Tales and JRPG fans excited to play the next installment of the Tales series? Does this encourage you to go out and pre-order the game? Actually... pay the full price now so that Namco Bandai could possibly consider localizing its sequel! Also, let me know what you think of the Vita titles not being localized in the comments.
    • Kingdom Hearts HD Remix is getting a pre-order bonus

      5 years ago


       As you all know, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix (which includes Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and HD cut scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2) is coming to exclusively to the Playstation 3 and will be released on September 10th in North America and September 13th in Europe. Square has just released today that there will be a limited edition art book included if you pre-order the game. The collection itself will cost $39.99.

      Square’s Mathrew Kishimoto states:

      “The book has everything you could want says, from early sketches, to character renders, to final pieces of artwork that never made its way to North America (from famed Director Nomura Tetsuya).”
      Does this encourage you to go out and pre-order the game? If so do it now because there is a LIMITED AMOUNT of copies. I for one will pre-order right away. Kingdom Hearts has always had a place in my heart and now we get something that we have been waiting years for. Hopefully this will bring a profit into Square’s wallet. Now, MAKE KINGDOM HEARTS 3 ALREADY!


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