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    • These Are The Pros And Cons Of New Game Plus

      5 years ago


      Today I will be giving you my opinion of a feature often used in games today, New Game Plus, how it can be done right and how it can be done wrong.

      Alright, before we get to the article itself, I have to get to some stuff out of the way first:

      • I will be presenting several arguments which are both in favor and against the way New Game Plus is used.
      • I apologize in advance for any grammar errors you may find, English is not my first language but none the less I will try to keep them at a minimum for better comprehension and for your enjoyment of corse.
      • These are only my opinions. I ask that you be respectful as I will respect any opinions you may have, let’s keep it civil people.
      • If you think I made some big mistake or that I forgot to mention something, please let me know in the comments so that I can make better blogs in the future.

      Now that that's been established, let's talk New Game Plus shall we?

      What is New Game Plus anyway?

      A tipical New Game Plus screen

      If you'd played any recent game or even some old school rpg's, you should be familiar with this mode. New Game Plus is a game mode which is traditionally unlocked after the player beats the game just once. It allows the player to start the game anew from the beggining, but let's said player keep all his stats and equipment he has obtained in his previous playtrough.

      This tipe of mode has been in gaming since as far as the original Legend of Zelda for the NES, but the term itself originated from Chrono Trigger in 1995. Other terms for the feature include Challenge Mode, EX New Game, Replay Mode, etc.

      The purpose of having New Game Plus in a game, is to increase it's longetivity as well as offering the player more fun and even just to relax since now the player is overpowered and can breeze trough certain sections of the game (though it's not always the case) and even to complete new challenges and quests that weren't present in the original playtrough.



      A perfectly valid accomplishment

      Certain games that have one more endings like Persona 4, Final Fantasy XIII-2, the previously mentioned Chrono Trigger, etc, all include New Game Plus, since it's an easier way for the player to reach said endings and gives them the chance to do things diffrently then they did in previous playtroughs.

      New Game Plus as alot of variations and twists to add to the original game. For example the Castlevania Series. In a few games of the series (Lamment of Innocence, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Eclesia, etc.) once the player completes the game on his first playtrough, he is rewarded with the possibility to play the game in the shoes of other characters, to experience the story trough their eyes or to see how certain events led to the main story to unfold.

      Other games like the Dragon Quest series, offer the player the options of visiting new dungeons and other new areas that aren't accessible in the first playtrough.

      In the Resident Evil and Metal Gear series, players are awarded with new, often powerful weapons that can only be unlocked trough New Game Plus.

      While it's a feature commonly found in RPG's, other games also implement the feature, like the Ratchet and Clank series, who reward the player with a harder playtrough that is made more challenging with new weapon upgrades to obtain to ease the journey.

      A more recent "trick" is using New Game Plus to unlock achivements, like in the Mass Effect series or in Batman: Arkham City.


      Don't you mean Clear Game?

      If you ever saw this screen, then you know it's all downhill from here folks.

      No. Clear Game is a variation of the New Game Plus feature. Clear Game gives the player the option of continuing the game after the final boss has been defeated, which allows the player to see the world after the villain has been destroyed and the world is at peace. All good and well since it allows the player to continue playing and adventuring to finish quests he or she had finished before or even awarding the player with new quests to keep the game going, such as in the Pokemon series.

      But certain games like Kingdom Hearts 2 or Sonic Unleashed make it so that once the final boss is defeat, the player is awarded with a progress report of all the accomplishment he has achived during the playtrough, but then "freeze" the game, so the player is forced to shut down the game and forced to go back to the last save spot, like the final boss was never defeated. In one word: Infuriating.

      A notable example of a Clear Game happens in Mass Effect 2 in that the characters that die in the final mission stay dead, blocking the player from doing any pending quests that involve said characters.


      New Game Plus: Done right and done wrong

      Doing it Right

      When done right, New Game Plus can be a true marvel to the player who hasn't had enough of his beloved game, but when done wrong, it can enfuriate him to shut down the game and never pick it up again.

      Let's take the Ratchet and Clank series. In it's New Game Plus feature, it offers the player a chance to start from the begining while keeping all his weapons, his bolts (currency), his skins and his cleared secret missions. But it also adds a more difficult challenge then before and to further add longevity, it allows the player to upgrade his already maxed out weapons. This adds to the game which is already fun in it's simplicity, it's accessibly for anyone to just pick up and play. The first playtrough allows the player to grow, giving him challenges for him to accomplish along the way and rewards him with expirience, so when the New Game Plus becomes unlockable and presents itself as a harder challenge, the player can now truly test his skills he has obtained and even keep on growing.

      This is how you do New Game Plus right. The Ratchet and Clank games are not very long games, by which I mean that there's no level cap or such to keep the player from advancing if he strictly interested in only moving on with the story and ignoring it's secret challenges or hidden collectibles and areas. So unlocking New Game Plus becomes somewhat easy and simple but at the same time it's not as if the player can just breeze trough everything and not be at least a bit interested in worlds he visits. So it's a somewhat large journey that can be completed fairly easy, which makes the player hunger for more, that's when New Game Plus kicks in.

      It gives the player more of the game he loves and allows him to keep all his hard earned weapons and bolts, so he feels like it was all validated and it had a point for all his work and now he get's to have fun with his super powerful weapons and just take it easy and not have to be as focused as he was during the original playtrough. It's a great way to have fun and to mellow out and makes ya feel validated when it's all said and done.

      And then there's how you do it wrong. For this i'm gonna use Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 and Tales of Vesperia as examples. For these games, the perks that ussually come from unlocking New Game Plus, have to be unlocked themselfs.

      Let's take a look at Devil Survivor 2's New Game Plus perks:

      | Reward                 | Cost |
      | Carry over 1 demon     |  20P |
      | Carry over 4 demons    |  80P | *Must unlock the previous Reward.
      | Carry over 8 demons    | 200P | *Must unlock the previous Reward.
      | Carry over all demons  | 400P | *Must unlock the previous Reward.
      | Carry over all skills  |  10P |
      | Carry over Macca       | 110P |
      | Carry over auction     |  40P |
      | Remove EXP limit       |  60P |
      | 10% off Compendium     |  40P |
      | 30% off Compendium     | 120P | *Must unlock the previous Reward.
      | 50% off Compendium     | 200P | *Must unlock the previous Reward.
      | Remove fusion LV limit |  60P |
      | New Tuesday enemy      |  30P |
      | Unlock Mitama fusion   |  30P |

      These perks would traditionally be all with the player if he started a New Game Plus, like carrying over your demons or carrying over your money (Macca). But for some reason, it requires points. Points are awarded by accomplishing certain tasks (which are never revealed untill the end of the game) like defeating a boss without losing HP or fusing a certain number of demons in one day. My biggest quarell here is that obtaining these points is always RIDICULOUSLY hard, specially if you're like me and can't just sit around the house playing the game all day when you have to go to work or run certain everyday tasks.

      And even if you do obtain a considerable number of points it's always gonna find a way to screw you over, take the list on top for example. Obtaining 20 points is hard a task enough but it get's further aggravated when the reward is just plain lousy. "Carry over 1 demon" is a bit of a really lame reward (of corse if you know what you're doing then 1 demons is enough) but what if you want more then just one demon? You only had 20 points so you can't get 4 and even then to unlock the option of getting 4 demons to carry over, you'd have to buy the previous option, meaning if you had the total of 80 points to spend on the 2nd option, 20 of them are already out the window, and you'll HAVE TO play trough the whole game again in order to get the option of buying the perk again.

      This is just a really big turn off to casual gamers like myself who like I said before, just can't find the time for something like this. One could make the argument that in a sense, it does give you the chance of playing the game again and gives you a new goal to shoot for and that i'm just being a lazy bum who wants everything handed to me. A valid point yes, but the purpose of New Game Plus is to REWARD you, not to make you toil even more.

      Let me put it this way. You work all year, you work hard and you slave away. Eventualy you are given the reward of going on vacation, but when you get to that vacation, you find out you have to toil even more, to finally be able to get the work out of the way and at last enjoy your vacation.

      I found this to also be true in Tales of Vesperia. All troughout the game you are reward with Grade at the end of the battles which when you complete the game, can be used in New Game Plus to buy perks like "Carry over your stats" or "Carry over your Gald", but the values of Grade vary according to how well or how baddly you performed in said battle. It seems fair right? Except even if you perform well in battles, your Grade is still ridiculously low, like 0.15 Grade, when perks like "Carry over your equipment" costs 600 Grade. Further frustrations are aggravated as once again, this is not casual gamer friendly, as setting the game to the Easy difficulty, makes it so you are never awarded with Grade.

      Keep in mind games like Devil Survivor 2 and Tales of Vesperia are really long games. If you want to finally takes thing easy and just play around, you'll have to beat the game once for New Game Plus, beat it a 2nd or 3rd time to finally be able to afford the perks you so dearly want and finally on the next playtrough be able to relax and just mess around with your new found powers. But the problem here is that by the time you are done playing these huge games, playing them yet again feels exhausting and not fun at all.

      Once again this can just be interpretted as me being a lazy bum. Since if players are just gonna set the game to the Easy setting, then they aren't really invested in the game that much and so thinking of playing the game on a 2nd playtrough is not an option. But what if one was to be really immersed in the game despite not having the time for it? I'm afraid it's just one of those matters where there is no straight awnser, you have to pick a side here, either you're really focused on the game or you're just playing for fun and not for keeps, there is no middle ground to be found here.

      The point i'm trying to reach here, is that New Game Plus should be a reward, like a pat on the back, you should feel like all your blood, swet and tears were for something in the end, it's a quest for validation. Doing New Game Plus like this feels like more of a chore then a reward. It also serves to further enjoy the game you came to love and to get more of that same goodness, which can be ruined if your mind is focused on something like buying perks so that you can finally take things easy (once again, the vacation analogy).

      Playing Devil's Advocate

      An all too common feeling when you have your "vacation" denied.

      New Game Plus ultimatly serves to expand a game's lenght and your enjoyment of the same. When you are presented with it, you should feel like you are being validated and with said validation, you get your money's worth. Afterall that's why we play games, to get immersed, to enjoy the ride, to learn, to feel, to relax. New Game Plus if done right, gives you all of these back, makes you feel like the ride isn't truly over and that you can kee going and learning more about this adventure and to just have fun and go all out crazy.

      When you deny your players the satisfaction of having their investment rewarded, you risk making them upset and lose interest in the game making it just sit on the shelf gathering dust.

      But does this mean that games should just hand everything to you on a silver platter without questioning anything? No that wouldn't be right either. Getting New Game Plus should be a reward, if it's just given to you like a grandma dishing out candy, then it really doesn't make you feel validated either. It's ok to make players work and to give them new goals once the old adventure as been finished, just do it in a way that won't frustrate them or allieante casual gamers who which to support your game, but can't find the time in their day to properly sit down and enjoy the ride.

      Like so many things in life, it all comes down to finding that elusive middle ground. Pleasing everyone is never possible, there's always gonna be someone somewhere who won't agree that what you did there was right. But trying to make the best you can out of the situation you are given is something we should all strive at, be it at making a good New Game Plus to reward your players and hell even yourself or at giving your all to a game you which to emmerse yourself in and then powering trough when things don't turn out to be as easy as they seemed at first,


      These of corse are only my opinions and I hope to hear what you think of them and even what your opionions on this matter are. Please let me know what is the right and the wrong way of making a New Game Plus and even share your expiriences on the matter.

      Thank you dearly for reading.

    • Five references/cameos/crossovers that I'd like to see in a game

      5 years ago


      Who doesn’t like references? We all do, and who doesn’t like lists? Granted people like top 10’s more but beggars can’t be choosers. Today I’m going to show you my picks for the references I would like to see in gaming. Certain games like Borderlands are filled to the brim with pop culture references and it is pretty hard to find a game nowadays that isn’t littered with them, but nonetheless I feel that the following references in the following games would just feel right at home if they were to be mentioned.

      Now before we start let me just state the following:

      • No cheap-shots, I.E Peter Pan in The Legend of Zelda, that’s just too easy.
      • I apologize in advance for any grammar errors you may find, English is not my first language but none the less I will try to keep them at a minimum for better comprehension and for your enjoyment.
      • These are only my opinions. I ask that you be respectful as I will respect any opinions you may have, let’s keep it civil people.
      • If you think I made some big mistake or that I forgot to mention something, please let me know in the comments so that I can make better blogs for you in the future and so I can learn to improve myself as well.

      Now without further adieu, let’s get started.

      1. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, 1964 by Stanley Kubrick

      God speed Major, god speed.

      Hailed by many to be one of the best movies ever made and the best political satire ever created, Dr Strangelove is just begging to be referenced and parodied, which it has in fact in certain games like Fallout New Vegas (The achievement Love the Bomb is a reference to the title of the movie in question). Many are the quotes and iconic scenes we could take from this movie like the picture above of Major T.J “King” Kong riding the bomb like a rodeo bull. So with a movie so iconic and quotable, there’s only one game that can handle all the whacky and zaniness.

      Borderlands 2, 2012 by Gearbox

      Borderlands is without a doubt the place for a Dr.Strangelove parody, there’s so many angles that could be tackled here from the obvious psycho riding a bomb like a rodeo, having a character like Krieg who suffers from multiple personalities perform an homage to Peter Sellers who played three roles in the movie, Handsome Jack giving a babbling call to Roland like president Muffley calling the Soviet Premier, the possibilities are endless in this world where everything goes to hell.

      2. The Roswell UFO Crash of 1947


      Turns out it was just Planet Express.

      In 1947 in the town of Roswell, New Mexico in the USA, it was reported that an airborne object had crashed near a ranch. Rampant speculation and rumors have dictated that the object was a flying saucer that came from outer space containing alien life forms. The government has since went on to claim that the object was nothing more than a high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to what was then a classified government program (much to the public’s disapproval and growing suspicion that they were being hidden something).

      But it was much too late and the damage had been done. It would go on to enter the collective conscience as an alien landing and continue to be a hot topic until the 1970’s and the phenomenon is still parodied until today (please check out Futurama’s episode 19 of the 4th season “Roswell That Ends Well”, it’s perfect). So what game takes place during 1947 and 1970 that deals with strange life forms and a discontent group of people rebelling against the government?

      Bioshock, 2007 by Irrational Games


      Wouldn’t be that hard to imagine would it? The underwater city of Rapture is home of the Adam crazed Splicers who are at their core an incoherent, whacked out, paranoid  group of people who first fled to Rapture to escape government oppression, much like the people during the Roswell incident (minus the Adam crazed part). It would be hard to imagine some part of Rapture being a underwater alien studying facility, Andrew Ryan could have bought the remains of the crash (or stolen, no one’s judging anyone here) and then brought them to Rapture, then Fontaine would steal said Aliens and try to experiment Adam on them to see how they would react. It would at least be as realistic as an underwater city full of super power addicted drug seekers would it not?

      3. Daft Punk, formed in 1987


      I prefer Discovery era Daft Punk by the by.

      French house music pioneers, one of the biggest acts of the 90’s, wielders of awesome robot masks, the only reason anyone bought DJ Hero and saw Tron: Legacy, French DJs Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo are without a doubt great material for video game references, whether from the fact they make amazing music that’s easel quotable (see Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger), their love for anime (See their movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem) or the fact they’re  alter egos are awesome robots (see an eye doctor if you can’t look at the picture straight) these rocking robots would feel right at home in our favorite pastime, question is, which game could have them?

      Deus Ex: Human Revolution, 2011 by Edios Montreal


      Kind of a curve ball I know but think about it. A sick night club in this apocalyptic world, our man Adam Jensen arrives to investigate a surge of illegal biotic implants from a crime lord and who happens to be playing in the club but Daft Punk (albeit with different names or the complete lack of names) with some amazing steam-punk style masks and outfits. Maybe at some point they get out of the turn tables and even decide to join your fight when things go wrong (as they always do) or even turn against you and you get the recipe for a memorable boss fight set to maybe an all new song specifically made for game, you know you want it people.

      4. Death Note, 2006 by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata


      Hail to the allfather of manga.

      I’m specifically talking about the manga here (I prefer reading over watching, manga over anime in this case). The tale about how a young man named Light who simply wished to rid the world of crime and evil (so that he could rule such an utopia himself mind you) using the Death Note, a notebook with the strange power to kill anyone who’s name is written upon it has since gone to become one of the best (if not the best all together) manga to have ever come out of Japan. The series often tackled moral implications such as if it’s correct to kill someone if they are evil or if playing god is as bad it seems or if men are capable of handling the powers of the gods above. So with all the deaths, morals, gods and powers, there’s only one series that can take all these themes and give it a home.

      Shin Megami Tensei, 1992 by Atlus


      Just like Death Note, Shin Megami Tensei deals with the gods and demons roam the earth and tackle the moral, social and psychological issues that such events would bring to the human race. While the SMT series has many spin offs (Devil Survivor, Persona, etc.), I’m referring to the main series simply called Shin Megami Tensei as it’s the one that usually portrays the same issues as Death Note, such as should humans receive the help from the gods? When one has the power, should they take justice into their own hands? The list is long in similarities, as such even the tiniest reference such as finding an actual copy of the Death Note as an Easter egg, have Ryuk the Shinigami (god of death) be a summonable demon or boss encounter, or even a full on crossover would be incredibly satisfactory, I mean, they already did have a cameo with Capcom by having Dante in SMT3 so come on Atlus, throw us a bone.

      5. NiGHTS: Into Dream, 1996 by SEGA


      A video game reference in a video game? PROPOSTEROUS!

      Indulge me if you will, NiGHTS: Into Dreams was one of those games that single handedly could make for a very happy childhood, but despite the tons of token appearances in other SEGA games, NiGHTS hasn’t gotten around much as of late, it’s time for a comeback, even if it’s a tiny reference to get the character more out there. The whole games was based on the amazingly colorful dreamscapes (do not pay attention to the name of the guy writing this blog trying to go for a cheap association of words) and the sky soaring adventures you could have in them, adventures being the key words here, it’s about the memories you make while flying fancy free trough the air in your journey. So what other game out there has tons of beautiful scenarios and is all about the adventure?

      Journey, 2012 by Thatgamecompany


      This to me, was a no brainer, NiGHTS and Journey would go perfectly hand in hand, the amazingly detailed game about 2 nameless characters just trying to beat the odds and stay together trough all the lands they roamed could defiantly use some cheering up from the silly purple harlequin. Think of the potential for references, whether be it just a tiny mention as a drawing or statue or even have a level based of NiGHTS where the character would actually accompany you as well while you trek through the colorful fields of green.

      And those were my 5 references/cameos/crossovers I’d like to see. If you believe I left something important to mention then go ahead and let me know. Also let me know what references/cameos/crossovers you’d like to see for yourself, I’ll look forward to reading them.

      Thank you kindly for reading.

    • My Top 12 Favorite Shin Megami Tensei Demons

      5 years ago


      Cards on the table, I’m a ubber Shin Megami Tensei nerd, to me, no other series as been able to take worldwide mythology and religion and use it to its favor more successfully by implementing it in the action and in the drama the plot brings forward in every single game and yes it uses it’s mythology better then God of War (and then some).

      Being the herald of useless knowledge that I am and being as obsessive about this series as I am, it would be only normal for me to know all over 700 demons carried in the Demonic Compendium across the over 15 games the series has spawned, so I’m going to share with you my 12 favorite demons to have ever been implemented in Le Grimmoire. Why 12? Cause I was born 12/12 (there’s no joke here people, move on).

      Couple of things before we get started:

       -I apologize in advance for any grammar errors you may find, English is not my first language but none the less I will try to keep them at a minimum for better comprehension and for your enjoyment.

      -These are only my opinions. I ask that you be respectful as I will respect any opinions you may have, let’s keep it civil people.

       -If you think I made some big mistake or that I forgot to mention something, please let me know in the comments so that I can make better blogs for you in the future and so I can learn to improve myself as well.


      12) Kikuri-Hime (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne version)



          "The goddess of life in Japanese mythology. She once mediated between Izanagi and Izanami during their confrontation in Yomi, the land of the dead."

          —Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Compendium


      I’m not sure how to pinpoint my fondness for this particular goddess but I’ll try anyhow. Kikuri-Hime was revered as the Shinto goddess of mediation and negotiation. The Kojiki (the record of ancient matters, it’s the oldest extant chronicle in Japan) she is said to have mediated a meeting between Izanagi and Izami when he went to the Yomi (underworld) to retrieve her.

      To me Kikuri-Hime is an endlessly helpful demon to have on your side, since she usually appears mid game in the games she is summonable she makes for a very reliable healer and magic user and if you’re lucky enough she’ll bring the Invigorate skill to help you regain SP, she works like a generator, she heals you and in turns keeps your SP in check so you can keep healing. She appears in my 12th spot cause despite these good qualities she’s stll a rather frail demon in terms of endurance and strength, so while she can keep you alive with magic spells, you’ll have to work twice as hard to not get your teeth kicked in due to her poor endurance.


      11) Orthrus (Devil Summoner version)


          "The two-headed dog who protected the titan Geryon`s red cattle in Greek mythology.

        Despite his prowess as a guard, Hercules killed him in one blow while performing his Twelve Labors."

          —Devil Summoner Devil Chart


      Now even before I started playing SMT, I was already a big mythology nerd, much to my surprise Cerberus did not have 3 heads in this series, he had only one, but he also had a brother, one named Orthrus. This demon made his way into my favorites pretty quickly even though his fighting style doesn’t quite match mine. Orthrus specializes in survivability, he shines in the fact he can take a hit and then deliver hits back. He is usually summonable early to mid game and brings skills like Counter and fire spells, being the helpful demon that he is in the wasteland that is that part of any game. He’d be higher on the list but due to the fact he is essential in one of my most hated quests in any game (Persona 4’s Margaret fusion request) drops him really low on the list, but still, he’s a dog with 2 heads and a dragon’s tail, what’s not to like here people?


      10) Quetzalcoatl (Shin Megami Tensei II version)


          “An Aztec deity, known as the “Feathered Serpent”. He created humans by sprinkling blood on the bones of people from a previously created world.”

          —Persona 3 Compendium


      The creator of the world and the god of the sky in Aztec mythology, Quetzacoatl is just awesome all around, when people think Aztec mythology (which let’s face it it’s all the time nowadays am I right?) they usually think about the winged serpent, he is usually depicted as the king of the Aztec gods like Zeus is the king of the Greek pantheon.

      Criminally underused, Quetzacoatl brings wind spells to the table and is excellent in all the stats, making him a perfect choice for a power house demon should you need one, he has only one weakness: Darkness moves, but due to the rarity of enemies who know such spells, you’re pretty much in the clear to mow down anyone stupid enough to face the god of the sky. He only lands the 10th spot because of his lack of appearances (at least in the games I own and play), he defiantly needs to get more out there and due to the fact that while he is the chief of the Aztec pantheon, he is usually only a level 40 demon, come on, that’s now way to treat a king man.


      9) King Frost (Persona 3 version)


          "The king of snow, ruling over an infinite number of Jack Frosts.

          He has the power to freeze the entire world, but his personality is actually very naive."

          —Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Compendium


      Let me level with you here:



      That it is. The loveable mascot for Atlus, Jack Frost is cute and stuff, but he’s not very powerful or useful, man if only there was a version of him that was actually all those things. And there is (actually there’s over 10 version of Jack Frost, including Lucifrost, a mix of Lucifer with Jack Frost but regardless), King Frost (most likely) hails from the book “The Frost Fairies” by Margaret T. Canby, a story about King Frost who rules the snow fairies in the cold north.

      King Frost is obtained early in the game with relative ease, making him the perfect replacement for that old outdated Jack Frost, he’s bigger, stronger and at least to me, more loveable (it’s that jolly belly, it reminds me of Santa). He makes a damn good trooper for your early game squad and can be useful until the mid game to distribute snow based pain. He is only this low on the list because obtaining him can be somewhat difficult since he’s usually a unique demon that requires a specific fusion to unlock.


      8) Yoshitsune (Persona 4 version)


          "A Japanese general of the Genpei War near the end of the Heian era and start of the Kamakura era. Also known as Ushiwakamaru, he is said to have learned the art of war from Mt. Kurama Tengu. On joining his half-brother Yoritomo`s army, he defeated the Taira one by one, finishing them off at the battle of Dan-no-Ura. Later, he was pursued by Yoritomo`s army and killed himself at Koromogawa."

          —Devil Survivor 2 Compendium


      Persona 4 players that used the Pringles trick know exactly why Yoshitsune is here. However that is only part of the reason he is here, Yoshitune is a god send to players like me who like to use physical skills to destroy everything as quickly as possible. After I unlocked Yoshitsune for the first time and used him to level up as quickly as possible, I was intrigued about the swordsman with the sleek design, some investigating let me to a manga from another SMT series game (Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Lone Marebito) in which its stated he spent over 700 years trying to master his sword’s power and then proceeds to fight Futsunushi (who has been training with a sword since it’s invention), the fight is nothing short of awesome (if not a bit one sided) and it cemented by appreciation of Yoshitsune as a bonafied badass.





      7) Pallas Athena (Soul Hackers version)


          "The virgin war goddess who sprung fully armored after Zeus swallowed her mother, Metis. She is the patron goddess of Athens and is associated with olive trees."

          —Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Compendium


      Pallas Athena is awesome. She’s just awesome, specially the Soul Hackers version with her sweet black and red coloring. The goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, philosophy, justice, law, mathematics, strength, arts, crafts, skill and reason is always kept as a high leveled demon to be summoned and rain down strategic pain on your enemies. I first fell for the goddess in Persona 3 as she is Aigis’s ultimate persona, but her look in that game did nothing for me, some research however revealed this beautiful design and I was set, I had to summon her. My only big complaint with her is that she is usually hard to summon or just no summonable for yourself, only other people, but when you can summon her, then it’s worth the wait. My fondness for her also comes from the fact she’s the complete opposite of Ares, she is wise, strategic, fair and she’s not a blood crazed maniac.



      6) Guan Yu (Soul Hackers version)


          "Originally Guan Yu of the Three Kingdoms period, he was deified and worshiped as a war god. Guan Yu fought alongside his blood brothers Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, helping construct the state of Shu until he died as a result of ploy by the two rival states, Wu and Wei. Several hundred years after his death, he appeared to Master Zhiyi at Yuquan Hill, from whom he learned to be a guardian and fend off evil spirits."

          —Devil Survivor 2 Compendium


      This is one of my favorites but not for the fact he’s a physical damage beast with the HP to back him up. If there’s any SMITE players in the house then this god won’t be a stranger, do those who don’t play SMITE, it’s a 3rd person MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) in which various gods from all kinds of mythological pantheons (Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, etc.) fight for supremacy. Now what does SMITE have to do with my pick? You see, my brother is an avid SMITE fan and thanks to it he became thirsty for more mythological knowledge so he would come to me and Guan Yu just happened to be one of his favorite gods.

      One day, while playing Devil Survivor 2, I noticed Guan Yu was up for fusion, so we both started to pull all our time to level up to level 70 so we could fuse this beast of a god, it really brought us together. It’s more of a sentimental pick yes but that’s what I think about when I thinking gaming, just having fun memories and memorable experiences, staying up playing devil survivor 2 while my brother played SMITE is exactly that. So for bringing my brother and me closer, Guan Yu lands the 6th spot (he would be higher but the fact that he has only showed up in 3 games and I only own 1 of them kinda sets him back).



      5) Lilith (Shin Megami Tensei version)



          "Adam`s first wife in apocryphal Biblical scripture. She became a demon after she left Eden.

          There are several theories as to the reasons for her fall, but all note her unfaithfulness."

          —Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army Devil Chart


      The mother of all that is evil, her lips are poisonous venom. Some might be wondering why I picked this version of Lilith (it’s not for the nipples), back when I first started playing the SMT series, I kept wondering why I couldn’t find a rom for the original 2 games, after some searching I found out that the only way I could play them was if I learned Japanese (mind you I did try) but luckly I was able to find a fan translation and after many GRUELING hours of fiddling around with my computer I was playing some SMT. Now I’m not a man of patience, so if this game didn’t blow me away I was not going to be a happy camper, luckily, it delivered in spades.

      Lilith in the 1st game actually plays a role in the story trying to kill the protagonist because she belives he is the reincarnation of Adam, the first man god created since she believes Adam is more suited to be with her then with Eve. A weak motive yes but this was really unexpected to me, I really hadn’t play a game where religious and mythological figures would literally pop up and interact with you and have their own agendas. Lilith is the most memorable of these cases to me and the fact she’s also an excellent mid game demon does little to stop her from being on the 5th spot.


      4) Amaterasu (Shin Megami Tensei II version)


          "The Japanese goddess of light. She is one of the leading deities of Takaamagahara, the land of the Amatsu gods.

          A deification of the sun, she also governs life. It is said she was born from the left eye of Izanagi."

          —Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Compendium


      The beautiful goddess of the sun is one of the most well known and well liked among SMT fans due to her beauty and usefulness. I had first learned of her when I was about 9 in a book my mother had purchased for me and her myth is one of my favorites until this day. The myth took place when her brother Susano-o attacked her temple in a drunken rage and killed several of her priestesses. Distressed by this, Amaterasu fled into a cave and darkness fell on the world. Ultimately the other gods lured her out of her hiding place by placing a mirror next to the cave entrance and began to cheer and yell. When Amaterasu peeked out to see what the commotion was, she was told there was a new god and was directed to look at the mirror. Having never seen her own reflection before, she was fascinated by what she saw and was lured out of the cave, returning light to the world.

      Amaterasu has been in several of the games in the series and she has always been a high leveled demon that exceeds in magic and together with her brother Susano-o they can really bring hell to anyone they face. I picked her in the same lines I picked Pallas Athena, I first saw her in Persona 4 but was completely unhappy with the way she looked there, so some searching led me to her SMT II form and much to my pleasure looked much like the one from the book I had that made me learn much of what I know now about mythology. She has since then become a staple in my teams in the games.


      3) Satan (Shin Megami Tensei II version)


          "The prince of darkness in Judeo-Christian lore, known for his role as the snake that tempted Adam and Eve at Eden. It is also said he is sent by God to test man`s piety."

          —Persona 3 FES Compendium


      No other god on this list threw me off more than Satan. Playing Persona 4 for the first time, nearing the end of the game I decided to go fuse the demons I had on hand, much to my surprise I see that I can fuse “Satan”. Just seeing that was already baffling and hilarious (part of me thought it was just a gag or something) but there it was, once I selected it I was confronted with that behemoth, it was so confusing, disturbing and yet amazing all the same time. The amount of detail, the menacing look, the nipples (unlike Lilith this is kinda about the nipples, I had no idea they could get away with that), everything just seemed to big and powerful and boy was it ever. Until this day it’s weird to just be in your room playing some SMT and cheering on Satan (at some point my sister did run in my room asking me what the hell was I screaming about) but it just hands to his…her…it’s charm. It’s needless to say that Satan was made for sheer power, strength, magic, endurance, Satan has it all, making for one of the triad of overpowered demons in the series alongside Helel and Lucifer.


      2) Nyarlathotep (Persona 2, JOKER version)


          "A god of the Cthulhu mythos. He came to Earth in ancient times from outer space and is known as the Crawling Chaos. He acts as a proxy to his masters such as Azathoth, who have no intelligence to make their desires manifest in our world. Because he can assume various forms, he is known as a faceless god. He is particularly known as the Haunter of the Dark, and he seems to have other guises on Earth as well."

          —Devil Survivor Overclocked Compendium


      The Crawling Chaos, The Mad Fog, Nyarlathotep is just the king of all that is wrong and hateful. Nyarlathotep was created by H.P. Lovecraft and is a fictional character in the Cthulhu Mythos featured as an Outer God. He actively seeks to agitate our universe into madness, woe, and discord. Nyarlathotep is described as the destructive side of Humanity's collective unconscious, and as such, the living embodiment of Mankind's collective evil; every thought, action or feeling that derives in experiencing the desire to bring harm to others or oneself in any form fuels Nyarlathotep's existence.

      Nyarlathotep is the original villain of the Persona series and the creator of the shadow selves, in Persona 2: Innocent Sin he actually wins, in the end of the game he is able to destroy the whole universe in one fell swoop and while it is somewhat fixed, he finds a loop hole and is able to once again try and destroy the world again with more devious scheming. This is the villain that refuses to be beaten and if he is defeated, then you can bet he has at least 5 more different plans to make sure he’ll come out of top in the end. At the end of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment he is sent to parts unknown after losing a bet with Philemon (the creator of Personas) but he cannot be destroyed, so here’s hoping Persona 5 will bring back the Crawling Chaos for more misery and death delivered in troll like fashion.


      Before we get to number 1, let’s see which demons could not make it in the list but still have a spot in my heart:



      -Jeanne D’Arc














      -Cu Chullain






      So now, let’s get to number 1:


      1) Beelzebub(Shin Megami Tensei II version)


          "Lord of the Flies and the prince of Hell.

          He is established as a high-ranking demon in the Bible, and his flies carry souls down to the abyss. He may be a bastardization of the Canaanite god Baal."

          —Devil Survivor 2 Compendium

      Ladies and gentlemen, the Lord of the Flies, the Prince of Lies and the rightful heir to the throne of Bel. Beelzebub lands the first spot cause he is the best of the best, incredible strength, powerful magic, interesting design, hell of a fun name to say, he has everything going for him. He was my first overpowered demon, I love this guy so much I completed a run of Persona 4 using only him as my Persona. In almost all games he shows up he plays a part challenging the player to a one on one fight where he rightfully proceeds to kick the ever loving crap out of you, but if you are strong enough to last through the beating he will join you and use his ungodly powers to destroy all who oppose him. Beelzebub is one of those few demons who get everything right, power, looks, interesting story, everything about him is downright amazing and deserves to be revered…Just don’t tell anyone you actually do.


      And those people, were my top 12 demons from the Shin Megami Tensei series. Think my picks suck? Think you can do better? Well sorry, I mean I thought I did a good job, I was just trying to write my opinions is all. But be sure to let me know who are YOUR favorite demons, maybe you’ll have the same as me, maybe not.

      Thank you kindly for reading.



    • Project Sora Closes It's Doors

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Another studio closure? Damn. Sharing these stories never gets any easier. 

      The studio created by Satoru Iwata and former HAL Laboratory employee Masahiro Sakurai (of Kirby and Super Smah Bros. fame) is officially closing its doors and shutting down all projects.

      According to its official website, the studio claims the office closed on June 30 and the website will go down on July 31. A sad reality at work here.

      The studio produced only one title during it's three-year run starting in 2009, Kid Icarus: Uprising  for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo recently announced that Sakurai would be part of the development process for the new Smash Bros. title with Namco Bandai.

      It's a really sad day for the people the studio employed and for gamers all around. I don't know about you but when gaming studios shut down, I feel a bit sad inside. It's times like these that we have to send our support to the good people who worked at Project Sora and hope that they can land on their feet after losing their jobs. Send them your love and support g1's.

    • Kinect to have better voice recognition

      6 years ago


      So if you own a Kinect, by now you should have realized that trying to make it understand anything you say is as simple as untangling a gordian knot. But one of Rare's engineers is trying to change that.

      Rare's David Quinn spoke in an interview for Gamasutra about the Kinect and the changes they hope to bring to it and to new games that are soon to come. It seems that the most interesting feature it'll bring is the fact they're working on a simpler way for Kinect to understand just what the hell you're saying.

      Right now, the Kinect is only capable of understanding a very limited vocabulary and predetermined commands like in Mass Effect 3, but Quinn is hoping that full sentences will become a possibility with this project. Quinn went on to state:

      "What I'd like to see and what we're investigating now is a more natural conversation way of talking to the Kinect, so you can say, 'Hey, caddy, give me a five iron,' or 'Hey, caddy, what should I use now?'"

      I'm pretty sure that even if you do hate the Kinect, this upgrade is probably a god send that is bound to solve a lot of headaches and rage you may have experienced trying to convince the peripheral that you wanted to go to the main menu and not the market space, not to mention the possibility of having other games implementing voice control into them.

      Kudos to Rare for actually doing something useful for something people generally dislike...But if you're anything like me you're only caring about one thing: Where is my Banjo Three Rare?!


    • Help the Lego Portal sets become a reality

      6 years ago


      A proposed project to turn scenes from Portal and Portal 2 into a series of Lego sets is starting to pick up steam but still has a way to go to get the 10,000 support votes it needs before it can become a thing.

      A team of four creative Lego artist known as Team Jigsaw submitted a series of well-built and cleverly designed entries based on the Portal games for consideration in Lego's "Cuusoo" program. If the project gets 10,000 support votes, it will enter the consideration stage for a full release in Lego's catalog, in other words, it can become available for judging and if they allow it, they can become sellable.

      The team built three sets including the "modular testing chamber" as well as "GLaDOS' Chamber" and a very clever 3D Lego Portal board game that can be redesigned to the players will to last potentially forever.

      The "modular testing chamber" set.

      So far, the project has over 6,300 support clicks of the 10,000 needed to be entered into consideration. This is a really awesome project and they could use your help g1's, so why not go and lend a helping hand?

    • League of Legends Officially Becomes The World's Most Played PC Game

      6 years ago


      If you're a LoL player or fanatic, then congratulations for helping making the strategy MMO the most played PC game in the entire world.

      It was reported by Xfire that League of Legends players have logged in approximately 1.3 BILLION hours of total playtime just in the last year. Games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft and Diablo III have also rounded up the top 5 but weren't enough to dethrone the giant.

      Former Xfire employee, David Cold stated that the accomplishment was "a testament to the fundamental shift currently sweeping through the games industry."

      For those dissapointed that Diablo III's placement was not as good as it should have been, i'd like to remind you that the game has only been around for a couple of months and yet it managed to have more players log in then games that have been around for way much longer then it has. It's also impressive if you take into account all the glitches and bugs that have been severely pissing of gamers since it's release, so that's a small victory no?

    • God Of War: Ascension will be less violent towards women

      6 years ago


      In an interview with IGN, one of the game's design managers for Sony Santa Monica, David Hewitt was asked just how far the line is with Kratos's actions.

      Hewitt stated that:

      "There are some things we’ve pulled back from. I think where this has been an issue is with violence against women — the team’s pulled back from some of that and assessed that a little more carefully. There are certain things that carry, has a different kind of resonance that we don’t want to get into. This isn’t about statement-making in that regard. It’s about fleshing out this character."

      Throughout the interview, the extreme violence that has put the series on the map was brought up often. To defend Kratos's bias towards slaughter, Hewitt stated that:

      "Where it shows itself is how the combat designers and animators have designed Kratos’ moves. He’s always leaning forward, he’s always moving forward. He’s seeking revenge and he’s after his ultimate objective and he will tear through enemies — rip them in half — as quickly as he can. But there’s not a lot of flourishes, there’s not any kind of enjoying the moment. There’s nothing about this that he’s enjoying."

      Hum... I'm not sure that saying that Kratos leans forward when he's ripping the flesh out of his opponents while he guts them alive is a good thing to know for those who harbor a hatred for violence in videogames. At least there will be less abuse towards women so... Huzzah?!

    • Diablo III players with a digital copy can now breathe easy

      6 years ago


      Players who have purchased a digital copy of Diablo III can finally take a breather. They are no longer required to wait to play the whole game.

      The two major restrictions forced upon players have been removed. Before, players were limited to play Act 1, but now they are free to play the full game and to gain rank past dreaded level 13.

      • Although not all restrictions have been removed. Others have remained such as:
      • No public game access for unverified digital purchasers
      • No auction house access (real-money or gold) for unverified digital purchasers
      • Unverified digital purchasers cannot trade items or drop items for other players to receive
      • Unverified digital purchasers are not able to chat in any public or game channels
      • Unverified digital purchasers cannot attach a custom message to friend requests, but they can send/accept friend requests, and play with their friends
      • Global Play is not available for unverified digital purchasers

      To make a long story short, you won't be able to be a massive prick to anyone...Not that anyone will complain about a lack of annoyance anyway. The verification takes a max of 72 hours but players have been cleared to play thge game to it's fullest much sooner.

      Props to Blizzard who since the launch of Diablo III have been listening to their fans and making their concerns and voices heard a priority.

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