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    • Remember the true Batman

      1 year ago


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      Rest in peace you magnificent son of bitch

    • Scrooge Mcduck just bought Death Battle

      1 year ago


      "After all, adventure is the mother of industry!”

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      Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland a young Scrooge Mcduck of the Clan McDuck he made a living by shining boots encased in stone he made his pay when a ditch digger tricked the small duck by paying him with US dime instead of five pences, while most children would be discouraged by this trickery this changed Scrooge's entire look on life he decided that he would become Tougher than the toughies and Sharper than the sharpest. When he was thirteen the Mcduck family traveled to America to start a new life; but unfortunately like many immigrants at the time they were often at the end of the short stick, but no matter what happened Scrooge was never discouraged, he had several unique and adventurous jobs including but not limited to,a shoe shiner, cowboy, miner, expeditioner, his adventures lead him to the savanna, Australia and even to trading punches with the twenty sixth President of the United States and overall badass Teddy Roosevelt; but perhaps his most important adventure was when he traveled to an uninhabited land known as “White Agony Creek” where he discovered the Goose Egg Nugget which would soon help him gain his never ending wealth, however things took a violent stage after he meets the alluring Goldie, by drugging his coffee Goldie stole the priceless jewel believing she had won, but she and everyone in the saloon soon discovered why you don’t mess with Scrooge and his money. Scrooge may of gotten the nugget back but he wasn’t done teaching Goldie a lesson, he brought her along with him to do some honest work for a change in her life, here after some small adventures they began to develop and love hate relationship with for one another but they began to slowly drift apart going their separate ways despite the…. *AHEM* “Experiences they shared”, Scrooge would further seclude himself in the world of business causing Scrooge become more and more cold hearted and rapacious the years passed; but this would soon change when new adult nephew Donald Duck brought his three nephews Huey, Duey, and Luey came over for Christmas, the five went on grand adventure together and Scrooge felt something he had not felt in long, long time: joy. Scrooge now continues his adventures with his nephews along with his pilot Launchpad Mcquack, together they traveled through the Amazons, The South Pole,Space, and even other dimensions, battling against the likes of the second richest duck in the world Flintheart Glomgold, Merlock the Magician, the Witch Magica De Spell, the immortal Spaniard captain El Capitan and the ever consistent but fairly incompetent Beagle Boys.


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      If it wasn’t obvious enough Scrooge is really fucking greedy, in his youth Scrooge was prone to making rather immoral choices, such as tricking entire tribes for money, kidnapping and beating the living crap out of folks though he usually won’t go to such extreme matters in his old age he will become incredibly violent if pushed to an extremes, he treasure each cent he has as if it was a irreplaceable piece of jewelry,he’ll run into the street for a single penny, will fight tooth and nail for some lousy change and has even been known to have conditions similar to a stroke if a family member asks for a loan of ten whole dollars or more, though he can be awakened through the sweet smell of gold bearing salts, aww smells like home. Scourge believes that those who work hard deserve what they get and should treasure what they earn, in fact he still has the very first dime he ever made since 1877, in fact he treasures it so much that the coin somehow absorbed the love he had for it and became the most powerful magic item in the world. (I’m not joking)  Like many senior citizens Scrooge has become a bit cranky with age, and while nowhere near as bad as his nephew Donald, Scrooge does have a temper, and has been known to enter several berserker like states when pushed to an extreme. At Heart though Scrooge is an adventurer with several shades of kindness, while bringing children on life endangering journeys may seem “Irresponsible” and “dangerous” to some people Scrooge sees this as a natural bonding moment but he doesn’t to go treasure hunting any more as his family and friends are his true treasure.



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      Scrooge is never without his cane, while he often uses it for walking (though he obviously doesn't need it) he can use it as a weapon, though it is unknown how it can accomplish the feats it does it is possible it was created by the brilliant yet eccentric Ludwig Von Drake. It surprisingly durable being able to smash solid stone, it is even able to it ghost, but its most interesting trait is its ability to bounce like a pogo stick while bouncing Scrooge is completely immune to spikey terrain on the ground while also being able to attack, it also featured a ability to shot a laser in the episode Masked Mallard.

      Number One Dime


      The very first money Scourge has ever made, as earlier mentioned it apparently possess magical power which has lead to several villains attempt to steal it, while Scrooge has never used its magical capabilities he has used its razor sharp end as a blade to cut ropes whenever he’s in a bind.

      Anti-inertia gun and Slippery Gun

      tumblr lxwx44WKsD1qagpnjo1 1280 20160328092735860  by McGasher

      One of Scourges more unique weapons the first is a gun that weaken the opponent's physical force to the point where he can’t even feel it, the second is a gun which turns the opponent body into a slippery rocket, to the point where a slight finger tap will send them flying, the effects of both of these guns last a few hours and each gun runs on double A batteries.

      McDuck Sword

      Image result for scrooge mcduck sword

      A iron sword passed down through the Mcduck clan which Scrooge used in a battle to protect his family's castle, like Thor’s Mjolnir the sword can be summoned if he is disarmed as it is possessed by the former knight Sir Quackly; while Scourge has rarely used it has been shown to be rather confident when it comes to swordplay in the past.



      A standard S&W model 14 revolver by its appearance, meaning it should have six rounds. Nothing too special here.


      Image result for scrooge mcduck gun

      An old fashion powdered musket, Scrooge use it against mouth he only needed one shot implying that he has long term experience with it.


      Image result for scrooge mcduck pickaxe

      A simple tool used for traveling hills and mining in the Gold Rush Scrooge has occasionally used it as a weapon.


      Image result for gold rush shovel

      Like the pickaxe Scrooge used this back in the Gold Rush, while used for digging he can use it as a weapon.

      Magica's wand

      Image result for ducktales Magica's wand

      Originally belonging to Magica De Spell, Scourge stole her wand and is capable of stunning foes and deflecting oncoming attacks with its magic, though he cannot accomplish the same feats of Magic.


      Image result for Omnisolve

      A umbrella coated in "Universal Solvent" that dissolves literally anything that touches the cover easily making it Scrooges greatest defense and offense though like Link's Hylian shield, and Lion-os Gauntlet it is not armor and can’t protect all of Scrooge at once.

      Moose whistle


      A mating whistle which attracts a horde of moose seeking some action.

      Bowie Knife

      Image result for bowie knife

      A hunting knife Scourge used as a projectile to save Goldie from a bear.

      Two Colt .45 Peacemakers

      Bv-1 by McGasher

      Duel .45 Peacemakers which Scrooge uses to perform the Yella-Belly Waltz, while used for comical he can clearly use them to do some serious damage.


      Image result for Duckforce Rises

      Scourge has used several spell cards in the new video game Duck Force rises each with varying effects

      Berserk Mode

      Finalsmash by McGasher

      When Scrooge is pushed to his limit he enters a state of pure unrestrained rage, though it has had different effects throughout the years. When he first enters this stage and isn’t looking to hurt someone he shows the ability to thwart the basic laws of physics. If his family is insulted or if his life is in danger he become much stronger than before able to destroy a whole cruise ship with ease, he has occasionally simply been enveloped in a aura of burning fire, he also seems to naturally intimidate wild animals with his mere presence, if you've seen One Piece think of it as similar to conqueror's Haki.



      How strong could a scrawny old foul possibly be? Well you'd be surprised. Being part of the Mcduck, Scrooge was gifted with natural athleticism but Scrooge seems to be even stronger than the rest of his family.



      Though not especially slow Scrooge lacks major speed feats compared to the other stat trinity, though he is clearly faster and more agile than most people.


      Image result for scrooge swimming gif

      Scrooge is as tough as nails able to hold his own against the best, even actives he does to relax would clearly kill a normal person.

      • Traded blows with Teddy Roosevelt while free falling in a stone statue

      • Can take on a entire bar without tiring or being the slightly after being recently drugged

      • Has been completely crushed only to get back up without a scratch

      • Can survive in the most harsh climates including the Amazons, the Himalayas, and even space WITHOUT a spacesuit

      • Regularly swims in a large pool of gold coins despite it not being a liquid


      E7IxTCA by McGasher

      Despite having no formal training Scrooge is a gifted fighter, due to vast experiences he is prepared for nearly anything.

      • As previously mentioned he has traveled and fought in the most harsh climates including the Amazons, the Himalayas, and even space.

      • Defeated Theodore Roosevelt

      • Fought both Darkwing Duck and Negaduck

      • Traveled dimensions

      • Has preformed holds and techniques similar to Judo

      • Became the Richest duck in the world with a ever expanding net worth of five multiple jillion, nine obsquatumatillion, nine impossibly dillion, seven fantastic trillion and six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents.

      • Owns all of Duckburg


      Deposito-paperone by McGasher

      Despite no formal education Scrooge has shown to be very intellectual and cunning.

      • Easily tricked the ">Dalton brothers

      • Skilled chess player

      • Unparalleled businessman

      • Manipulative and has made immoral choices in the past


      Image result for scrooge mcduck sad

      Despite his strength and power Scrooge is not invincible and can be defeated with enough force, plus if money is involved this may lead him to acting irrational not thinking ahead.


      Image result for scrooge mcduck

      Name: Scrouge Mcduck

      Height: 1'40'' | 41 cm

      Weight: 20 lbs | 7 kg

      Country of origin: Scotland


      Regular bathes in gold

      Has a real world tax named after him

      Attack potency: At least large building level, likely city-block level, can ignore conventional durability with Omnisolv Umbrella 

      Speed: Subsonic (Able to outmaneuver gunfire)

      Durability: At least large building level

    • Death Analysis: The Blind Guardian of Hell's Kitchen Daredevil enters Death Battle.

      2 years ago




      Matt Murdock was raised by the single father/boxer Jack Murdock in the hell hole of New York (Well one of the many) called Hell's Kitchen, Matt was a shy and passive boy preferring to hit the books than anyone else, this lead him to be bullied and given the ironic name “Daredevil”, however his life would change after he got into a accident with a vat of comic book chemicals which rendered him completely blind (But in comic book world if you become handicapped you get back what you loss and then some). Matt’s father was completely devastated feeling that it was his fault for his son's accident, feeling that his son would begin to look at his father poorly (Ironic eh) he would fight for his son in the ring, after a hard match Jack was victorious and for once in Matt’s life people saw his father as Matt did (I’m going make as many blind jokes as I can)…. For about 20 minutes until the guys who paid Jack to lose his fight caught up with him and made him pay in another way. With no father and enhanced senses which would bring excruciating pain every waking moment, however he was found by a blind old warrior who went by the name Stick, Stick would make Matt see that his curse was actually a blessing in disguise. Stick would not only train Matt to control his senses but also in numerous forms of combat. After a rift formed between master and student Matt became a lawyer with his best friend Foggy Nelson, however with the Kingpin of the underworld Kingpin (Wonder how he thought of that original name) began to rise even further in power Matt decided to put on a new type of suit, he took upon the name which was once used to mock, he became the Daredevil.



      If you were to ask me what DD personality was like I’d give you two, his Phoenix Wright personality and Batman personality. As Matt Murdock he is kind and is always willing to defend those in need of a fair trial, even if the pay was lousy or if there was no pay at all, he only defends the innocent and takes no bribes always willing to play straight. However as Daredevil he becomes completely different, he will beat criminals to near death, torture, and put someone who pisses him off in a near comma. He can also be very extreme when people close to him are put in danger not even caring if he gets killed, this was seen when made a broken Bullseye play Russian Roulette with a empty pistol psychotically torturing him.



      Being trained by Stick Matt became a master of hand to hand combat, able to take down numerous armed guards by himself in seconds. His fighting style is similar to that of MMA fighter with acrobatic leaps and flips, using brutal strikes while avoiding as much damage as possible. Is able to pull a Batman and disappear. He is skilled in nerve strikes whenever it's to subdue a thug non lethally, hurt super humans, or if it's with torture. He is also a master of the environment, such as when he couldn’t take down Tombstone but used his concrete like weight against him, setting off the cockroaches in Stiltmans stilts, or tricking the Blob into a church bell knock him out.



      After his accident and training with Stick all of Daredevil's senses heightened, he can smell a sniper from two blocks away just by his gunpowder, his touch is so sensitive that cotton blankets feel like sandpaper, but his greatest sense is his hearing (You need to see it to believe it). Murdock's sense of hearing enables him to detect an acoustic pressure change of one decibel at a pressure level of seven decibels (whereas the lowest threshold for average human hearing is twenty decibels). He is able to detect when people are lying due to an increasing beat in their heart rate. His hearing is so good he can hear through sound proof walls. He may as well not be blind as he can see through his “Radar Vision” which is comparable to sonar.



      Daredevil is in peak human condition. Able to lift at least 100 lbs with one arm, kicks out a police car door, swing a mail box around as if it was a sword, move a limo with minimal effort (that could weigh at least 2 tons) and threw a baton so hard it broke a concrete pillar.



      Daredevil is a gifted acrobat being able to evade gunfire, reflect bullets,catch a Sai thrown by Bullseye, and evade Superior Spider Man.

      DURABILITY 4aGE3Vt-2QxhlfI686KfVQ3wu2Ku1Jp9isqT6WPt

      Daredevil can take as much as he can dish out. He has survived getting hit by a speeding car,takes a direct hit from Nitro's explosive power scream with a concussion and cracked ribs, he got back up to kick Nitro ass, survived multiple beatings from the Kingpin, (You know the guy who's overpowered Spiderman, Captain America, and Black Cat) he can further increase his endurance by numbing his body which remove any feelings of pain.


      Due to Stick's training Daredevil has displayed minor telepathic abilities. He can telepathically speak with people of with the same telepathic abilities as him. not very useful in a fight but hey if he wins a fight and is crippled he could get someone to pick him up.



      Image result for daredevil batons

      Daredevil wields a multi-purpose weapon that has many different modes. It has a retractable microphone, a miniature tape recorder, and a chamber for firing projectiles. The Billy Club has always been depicted with a wire cable which allows the club to be used as a grappling hook and it can also be used as a baton. Daredevil can also ricochet it multiple times taking out multiple foes.



      (That's right a blind guy just took down the Avengers, Earth's mightiest heroes indeed)

      Daredevil is one of the most respected non super powered heroes of the Marvel universe. He has caught thrown cards from Bullseye,defeated Mr. Hyde and King Cobra, took on the Avengers, took out Lady Bullseye, defeated 107 armed members of the Yakuza in under 3 minutes. And even when his enemies know his secret identity they won’t do shit due to being too scared of him.



      Daredevil's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. Due to his senses being so advanced they can actually work against him, intense enough sounds can put him in excruciating pain, this is how the Punisher was able to defeat him. It's not just his hearing that can backfire against him, due to his sense of touch being so good he is very suitable to pain even if it do that much damage. While skilled in stealth his bright red suit isn’t very good for blending in (Maybe he thought it was black but the tailor just decided to fuck with him). Also he has shown some difficulty detecting magical entities.


      Image result for daredevil baton

      +Peak human condition

      +Stealth is almost always useless against him

      +Skilled strategist

      +Master of the environment

      +Not afraid to fight dirty

      +Experience in fighting more powerful opponents

      -Opponents with a sonic scream like Sidnel, Black Canary, Super Buu, or Danny Phantom can easily take him out

      -Human limitations

      -While he can numb his body it doesn't mean he’s invincible

      -Magical beings can hide from him for a while



      Yeah it's a predictable choice but I do stand by that this is the best match up for Daredevil. While Kenshi has more lethal range it isn’t as precise or as long as Daredevils, and Daredevil has faced other blind opens before (Just look at Stick) and won, but Kenshi can also summon a demon and is capable of telekinesis but Daredevil has faced and defeated super powered opponents before. Also it would be nice to see a Death Battle where the blind charter would actually win *cough* *cough* Gaara Vs Toph *cough* *cough*.

    • Death Analysis: The Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric

      3 years ago




                        Image result for edward elric

      In the year 1899 in the small rural town Resembool, Edward Elric was born to the Philosopher of the East Van Hohenheim and Trisha Elric. Ed and his younger brother Alphosne had a fairly decent life even displaying a natrul talent for alcemy, however after his father’s sudden depture from his famliy his mother would contract a fatal illness and passed away leaving the two Elric brothers orphaned. The next few years the two brothers would spend their time resarching alchemy trying to find a way to bring their deceased mother back, they were eveutuly accepted as the only students to a skilled alchimnest named Izumi Curtis who would train them in both alchemy and martial arts. After months of Izumi’s gruling training the boys regained hope that they could resotre their mothers life they atempted the ultimate taboo among alchemy a Human Transmutation. However this resulted in a rebound and the two brothers were pulled into The Gate where he met the mysterious being called Truth, who stripped Ed of his left leg in exchange for crossing into God's domain and peeking at the Gate's vast wealth of alchemical knowledge. Edward was returned to the human dimension to find that Alphonse had not yet returned from his disappearance into the Gate, that the mother they had attempted to revive was now a burned up sack of ograns and flesh only capable of sustaining life for a few moments and that his own sojourn into the Gate had granted him the curious ability to perform transmutations merely by clapping his hands together (Well talk more about alcemy later). Desperate to at least have his brother by his side, Edward willfully performed another Human Transmutation to call him back, this time, sacrificing his right arm in exchange for Al's soul, using a suit of armor which had previously belonged to their father Ed was able to contain Al’s soul within the armor via a Blood Rune, after losing a considerable amount of blood and near death Al brought his brother back to their friend  Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako who performed emergency surgery barely saving the boy's life. For some time afterward, Edward remained in a sorrowful torpor until Lt. Colonel Roy Mustang arrived in Resembool on an inaccurate tip regarding possible State Alchemist candidates. Upon discovering the bloody remains of the brothers' failed experiment, Mustang confronted Edward at the Rockbell home and persuaded him to consider joining the State Alchemist program as a means to perhaps restore his limbs and his brother's body someday. Edward, driven by the guilt of what his ambition had done to his little brother, commissioned Pinako and Winry to craft him an automail arm and leg in order for him to follow Mustang's advice. When his automail was complete Ed set off to Central City to follow the Colonel's advice, upon arriving Edward would become a State Alchemist at the age of twelve becoming the youngest State Alchemist ever. Three years later Ed and his brother would continue their search for a way to get their bodies back mainly though a legendary artifact known as the Philosopher's Stone however their journey to get their bodies back would be delayed by a man named Father and the seven Homunculi who had a four-hundred year plan creating Nationwide Transmutation Circle sacrificing the entire country of Amestris so Father may achieve perfection. (Wait. A creture created with the DNA of a powerful warrior later turned father that wishes to achive perfction though the use of wide population of regular human or a few super powerful beings only to stoped by a group of warriors and the fathers son who has a bad temper? Why does that sound familiar?) He eventually settled down with his childhood friend and mechanic Winry and had two kids.



      Image result for edward elric berserk button

      On the surface, Edward displays an immature sort of personality. He is stubborn, ill-tempered, foul mouthed and cynical. He will sometimes only act for his own selfish need and thinks of himself very highly, which is one of the reasons he has such a SHORT temper. (Get it? It’s cause he’s small) However Ed cares deeply cares for those close to him, especially his younger brother Al even willing to sacrifice his own life so Al will be okay.



      Image result for edward elric alchemy circle

      Alchemy the ancient metaphysical science/mystical art of manipulating and altering matter by using natural energy.Alchemy operates on the principle of equivalent exchange, meaning in order to get construct something, you have to destroy something else. There's always a trade-off of some kind. For example, you can't create a sword out of thin air; the metal needs to come from somewhere. The ground, the iron in blood, a street lamp, Etc. This act is known as "Transmutation” which has three basic sequences.


      Comprehension- Understanding the inherent structure and properties of the atomic or molecular makeup of a particular material to be transmuted, including the flow and balance of potential and kinetic energy within.



      Deconstruction - Using energy to break down the physical structure of the identified material into a more malleable state so as to be easily reshaped into a new form.



      Reconstruction - Continuing the flow of energy so as to reform the material into a new shape.


      While many forms of alchemy need a Transmutation Circle after seeing the Truth Ed is capable of Transmutation with a mere clap of his hands. Ed has used a variety of alchemy either through inventing them himself or copying it from other alchemist.


                      COMBAT  ALCHEMY

      anime fullmetal alchemist edward elric


      Offense: Ed can transmute sand from the bottom of the floor to create a giant stone hand to trap foes, can use the stone from the earth to create a massive rampaging boulder, create a smokescreen,pillars to pumbleor impale,a giant fist to send a mutated Father Cornello flying,pits or cages that trap or immobilize foes, several giant hands, and seems to have a natural favor for cannons. He can alter the elements below him to create melee weapon whether it is a spear from the metals in the ground or a sword from the iron in the blood. He can also alter his prosthetic arm (and theoretically leg) to create a blade that's capable of cutting through a mech with ease. But perhaps Ed’s most deadly form of alchemy was when he copied Scar’s destruction alchemy which destroys objects on a molecular level.


      Defense: Ed can create stone wall capable of blocking bullets. His greatest defense was when he copied Greed the Avariciouscarbon shield, which is tough enough to shatter stone,shrug off bullets and rocket launchers, and catch Ed’s bladed arm.


      Speed/Mobility: Ed can create pillar that can help him travel lengths from a few feet or miles.


      Misc: Ed can make camo from leaves for himself or for a car. He has made a “Elric dummy” to distract the enemy. Can create a kickass jacket. Ed can also heal himself from fatal wounds with Medical Alchemy by exchanging his own life span.



      Image result for edward elric strength

      Despite his short stature Ed is a walking powerhouse. He can toss full grown adults around like ragdolls, is able to kick a lion Chimera 20 feet, can crush a arm cannon with his bare hands,punch through a wall and choke some poor guy out,can punch through a tree when angry, and has even overpowered Father with his bare hands. (The same guy who was powerful enough to create a miniature sun in his hands casually and take out entire armies)





      Ed can outmaneuver point blank range missiles, dodge point blank rifle fire, avoid machine gun fire,fights 2v1 with the ‘spare Bradley's, who are highly skilled bullet timers, can react to lighting bolts and after getting a upgraded automail he was considered to be faster than Scar who can keep up King Bradley who can outrun point blank explosion.


                      DURABILITY          Edward Elric VS Chimera

      Ed has tanked point blank explosions from grenades, being smashed through bullet proof walls, can take beating from Greed who can destroy stone walls with standard strikes, and can shrug off attack from Roy Mustang’s flame alchemy whose casual attacks can destroy buildings.





      Being the son of perhaps the greatest Alchemist of all time Ed was born a genius. He can make ingenious (and sometimes unorthodox) strategies in seconds, he is a master of his surroundings using any environment he comes across to his full advantage, however Ed’s true genius lies in his alchemy, he can copy other alchemy styles only by seeing it once in action he has adapted Scar's destruction alchemy, Alex Louis Armstrong's gauntlets and stone spikes as well as Greed's carbon armor hardening into his combat repertoire.






      After he lost his arm and leg due to a failed Human Transmutation he had Winry Rockbell and her grandmother create a automail arm and leg which conects to his nervous system so he can move them as if they were his original limbs. They are durable enough to take strikes from a Chimera claws (which can cut iron with ease) completely unscratched. While his automail was destroyed by Scar’s destruction alchemy he eventually had it upgraded so it wasn’t a single metal so it couldn’t be destroyed. He later had it upgraded so it can resist cold temperatures and was considerably lighter giving Ed greater speed.



      Image result for edward elric pistol

      Ed was given a standard handgun by Riza Hawkeye, a standard Amestrian handgun has approximately 12 rounds.



      Despite his young age Ed has accomplished such feats that rival the greatest heroes. He fought against Homunculus such as Greed and Envy, some of the most powerful alchemist like the Crimson Alchemist Kimblee and Scar who frequently kills State Alchemist. He received the rank equivalent to that of a major at the age of twelve. Defeated Pride the orginal Homunculus. Saved his brothers soul even after he suffered severe blood lost. Survived impalement. Can knockout mutants, giants, and Chimeras with a single strike. He had surpassed his teacher and quite possibly his own father Van Hohenheim. He also managed to defeat Father with his bare hands after Father achieved his perfect form.





      Ed’s biggest weakness is due to his temper often going into a rage whenever he is called short (However sometimes this may benefit him in a fight). Also while he seems to enjoy a fight, he never wants to take a human life sometimes leading him to hold back.



      Image result for edward elric


      +Most fighters may underestimate his power due to height

      +Superhuman physicality

      +Skilled strategist

      +Due to upgraded Automail may have a resistance to beings that manipulate metals

      +No matter where he is he has the environment advantage thanks to alchemy

      +Multiple weapons

      +Doesn't necessarily have to be more powerful than his opponent due to Scar’s alchemy which can one shot or at least fatally injure any living being


      -Short temper

      -Limited experience

      -Doesn't kill people (Will be removed due to Death Battle)


                   POTENTIAL OPPONENTS

      Ed is one of those characters who is difficult finding an opponent for. If he is paired up against someone of equal power like Spiderman it could go either way and would be a close fight but they have not enough in common. If he fought against someone who has a more similarities between them like Harry Potter it would make sense but the fight would undoubtedly go like this.



      But I think I found a few characters that would make a decent match against the Fullmetal Alchemist.



      Image result for aang or korra

      Alchemy and bending, while alchemy isn’t bound to a single element and is more powerful you must give something of equal value to achieve it, bending doesn't need an equivalent exchange but is not as diverse or powerful as alchemy. If Ed fought either of these two it would be an interesting matchup, if he fought Aang he could have trouble with air mobility, avatar state, and more experience at first but would eventually beat him due to his superior physicality, equal use of the environment, and more lethal attacks. Korra would turn out a little different due to being a more aggressive fighter than Aang and that I would put her bending abilities above (save for airbending) above Aang’s, however she lost the Avatar state and can’t get a power boost from it, Korra’s more aggressive fighting style would likely backfire due to wanting to get up close only to be speed blitzed and overpower by Ed. Not the most even matchup but it's still possible.


                   EREN JAEGER

      Image result for eren jaeger fan art


      Now on paper this may seem like a total random match considering that Eren doesn't have any control over elements and isn’t too bright. But look deeper and these two have quite a bit in common.




      In base form Ed could easily overpower Eren with hand to hand combat or alchemy, but when Eren goes Titan he clearly has the advantage right? Actually Ed would still likely win, since he has fought giants before, can create gigantic attacks through alchemy and is skilled at exploiting weaknesses. It would be interesting for Death Battle to do another David Vs Goliath fight.

    • Death Battle: Father Vs Ice King

      3 years ago


      Sy4NZDhDoQilCGqqWTn-3SV0IxvEiNDgexrPrfhPImage result for vs-ks-MSQ_rM8AjfVE5gEuzAZELMrH-P6mCqFB-dTJ

      Fire and Ice, two elements in opposite every aspect except one… POWER! And when a villain wields this they are a dangerous and feared throughout their world… or sometimes their a bumbling pathetic villain who usually gets beaten by a bunch of kids. Like Ice King the King of Cool archnemesis to Finn and Jake. And Father the ultimate figure of authority and archenemies to the Kids Next Door. I’m Major M and it’s my job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!


      Image result for knd father

      Real name: Benedict Wigglestein Uno Jr.

      Son to Grandfather, brother to “Numbuh 0”, and uncle to “Number 1”

      Head of Evil Adults Industries Inc

      Likes Rocky road flavored ice cream.

      Hates brocoli

      Benedict Wigglestein Uno Jr was the second born child of the evil tyrant known as Grandfather who had enslaved all children and ruled the world with his demonic powers. While his elder brother Monty has a adventurous and fearless spirit Ben was cowardly and always did what he was told mainly due to his owns father abuse and intimidating nature, one day Monty convinced Ben to skip their shift and possibly escape their father, however the two young boys soon came across a book in a tree house the “Book of KND” which taught children how to fight against their evil parents. Monty tried to convince Ben to side with him and overthrow Grandfather, but Ben’s own cowardice and fear of his father forced him to relent at the last moment and return to work. Under the new name of Numbu 0 Monty was successful in overthrowing Grandfather, however adults continued to suppress kids around the world and the leader of the adults, wanting to earn the respect of his Pappy he followed in his footsteps he even kidnapped a group of KND agents in the section known as Sector V and brainwashed them into becoming his “Delightful Children”, Ben was now known to the world as Father.



      -Shadow suit


      -Super strength

      -Smoke clones


      -Baking skills


      Image result for knd father angry

      Father’s most favored ability is easy his ability to command fire, he can launch fireballs, blast flamethrower and create constructs of flames such as hands, the flames surround Father in an aura and seem to be powered by his anger, and this man has a “flaming” temper. (Get it flaming? Because he controls fire and fire is ah forget it.)

      Shadow suit

      Image result for knd father gif

      Father has shown the ability to make a shadow suit while, and after, being covered with flames. However it should be noted that he does NOT need this suit to use his powers he likely uses it for intimidation.



      Father can create false smoke clones, they are used for confusing opponents and will disappear in one hit.



      Father has used telekinesis in order to control candles in a large cake ship and used them as swords. (Just go with it.)


      File:Dragon father.png[IMG]

      When pushed to a certain level of rage Father will turn his body into a large dragon, in this form his flames are strong enough to burn through the crust of the EARTH AND GO FLY INTO SPACE! (Despite their being no oxygen in space) With calculations Proto Dude created a flame pillar similar to that has at least 254 tetra tons of force, similar to the impact of the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

      With Father’s power it's no surprise that his accomplishments are very impressive. He has nearly defeated the Kids Next Door multiple time, burned through the Earth when angered, and was even able to make his own father shit his pants in fear when mad.


      -Most powerful character in KND universe.

      -Leader of Evil Adults.

      -Intimidated Grandfather.

      -Burned though the Earth.

      -Captured Sector Z and turned them into the Delightful Children.

      However despite all his power Father is far from perfect, he is weak to the cold, he hates broccoli, he’s usually clumsy, and due to him being suppressed as a child he has very low confidence and will sometimes just give up.



      -Ice or anything cold


      -Low confidence

      However Father still remains Kid’s Next Door’s most dangerous enemy.


      Original Ice King

      Real name: Simon Petrikov.

      Age: 1044

      Alias: Nice King, Mr. Garamblington, Mrs Garamblington, George Garamblington and Johnny the pizza boy.

      Species: Human turned ice Wizard.

      Founder of the Fionna and Cake fan fiction

      Ice King is the bumbling Ice Wizard who is the archenemy/friend to Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, but the story of the Ice King is a cold and tragic tale. Simon Petrikov was once young man studying to become a antiquarian, one day he purchased from an old dock worker in Northern Scandinavia. After bringing the crown home, he excitedly showed his fiancée Betty, but once he put on the crown he experienced visions, he fought with them said it wasn’t real it was the crown, when he managed to take off the crown he saw Betty looking at him in horror Betty ran in fear leaving Simon. Simon soon found himself addicted to the crown, his skin turned light blue, his nose became pointed and long, his eyes and hair turned white, he would see the visions whether or not he wore the crown, he grew a full beard, and his body temperature dwindled to an unnatural low of 30 °C. As his mind and body became further twisted by the crown, Simon thought himself "too far gone" to find an escape from its influence, though he hoped that he could one day regain his sanity enough so that Betty, his "princess," would come back and love him again. He is no longer considered a human; the power of the crown not only twisted his mind, but his body as well. However things managed to get even worst, the land was covered in a nuclear wasteland killing nearly everyone, and mutating them beyond human, Simon soon found the only other survivor a young demon girl named Marceline, they traveled together until Simon got lost in his mind, Simon was gone there was only Ice King.



      -Enhanced strength

      -Immense stamina

      -Musical talents


      -Wizard eyes

      -Bringing snow to life




      Ice King can use his cytokinesis to freeze people, create constructs of ice, launch snow from his mouth, conjure ice creatures, create icy winds, and summon ice nearby.


      File:S2e11 ice king triple nunchaku.png

      Ice King has also master Ice Ninjutsu- oh I’m sorry “Fridjitzu”, and uses his crown to enhance his already powerful ice attacks.

      • Numb-Chucks: Nunchaku consisting of solid ice.
      • Dagger of Chilled Glass: A frozen short pointed knife, made of ice.
      • Stars of Frozen Rain: Small shuriken made of aerodynamic ice shaped like snowflakes.
      • Kunai Attack: (The action of throwing kunai) which are composed of ice. The user does not create them.
      • Icicle Kick: Reflects a barrage of icicles back at the attacker by kicking them.
      • Force of Blizzard: Launches a powerful blast of snow (from the palms).
      • Flying Jump: The act of performing an acrobatic airborne leap.
      • Caltrop Hail Storm: Fires small six-point spiked projectiles at one's target.
      • Ice clones: Illusion duplicates of one's self.
      • Arrow of Ice: Summons an arrow made of ice (but it is up to the user of how it is fired).
      • Snowblind: To temporarily vanish with a spontaneous burst of snow.
      • Thin Ice: Temporarily becomes two-dimensional, which lets the user hide in a sideways stance.
      • Icy Breath: Makes the user breathe a force of ice.
      • Ice Sansetsukon: A large 3 headed nunchuck connect together.
      • Ice Kusarigama: A Scythe link with a chain.
      • Force Of Chilling Acid: Shooting acid frosting drops to the enemy to melt them.
      • Switcher Fields: Help the user creating ice spikes holes.
      • Ice Key: Opens any door with the key.
      • Ice Booster: Boost the jump of the user by a cloud of snow.
      • Snow Style: Hidden in the Ground!: Makes the user melt down to the ground to move down ,see the enemy to jumping up with spikes.
      • Ice Style: Blizzard Snowball!: Snowballs being carried by a blizzard
      • Ice Style: Mace Hand!: Creates a mace of ice connected to the hand.
      • Ice Style: Scythe Mode
      • Ice Style: Handaxe Mode
      • Ice Style: Marksmen's Mode
      • Ice Style: Launcher/Catapult/ Gold Dagger Mode
      • Ice Sword and Ice Shield
      • Snow Beard
      • Snow Blow
      • Ice Lightning
      • Releasing Snowmen
      • Freeze
      • Ice Armor
      • Ice golem castle: Castle turned fighting machine

      Snow monsters

      SNed7rD__tfZlvw5vf-acReSRLU2ZJxEKUQ1Ncj7fPo35n7r2RbBHFdxwOrnmBTppiXorvi0UUUZrpwkXHb-2EirWNe44whT-hq0FtTlrnJWrrO5aDmqCCfoFile:S5 e18 Snowmen.PNG

      Ice King can create a variety of snow or ice based creatures, the Ice-o-pede is large centipede like creature that Ice King can ride it has two lasers on each side making it good for both close and long ranged combat, the Ice Bull is a large creature that charges head on but will sometimes crash and shatter on impact, the snowmen and snow monsters are made of big surprise snow and usually fight in groups, but all of Ice King creatures will sometimes attack him if he does not give a specific order.

      Wizard eyes

      Image result for wizard eyes

      Ice King can see all thing spirit with his wizard eyes, so if someone does not exist in the physically plain Ice King can still see them however after having wizard eyes for so long there are times where he can’t tell when things are real.



      While it may appear to be like any other crazy wizard beard Ice King’s beard act far more like a extra body part, he can use it to fly at super speed similar to that of a jet.

      Whenever doing something good or bad Ice King is invariably powerful, he managed to fight off hordes of mutants, froze a giant and evenly fought against Flame Princess, also in a alternate timeline where he died freezing a bomb the crown covered the entire world in ice for 400 boring years.


      -Defeated Party God.

      -Can survive long periods of time without a heart.

      -Helped stopped the Lich.

      -Defeated Finn and Jake on occasion.

      -Nearly froze the flame kingdom.

      -Has enough power to freeze the planet.

      -Kidnapped dozens of princesses.

      Ice King is very powerful but all his power comes from his crown without it he can not use any of his magic, but the crown seems to hold itself to Ice King's head so it doesn't fall off when he is flying. Also Ice King has trouble using his powers in rooms filled with hot steam.


      -Needs crown for power

      -Heated rooms can block out his ice

      -Can only fly with beard

      -Completely insane

      However even after losing his mind Ice King still cares for his friends, deep down Simon still may be down there.

      Alright the combatants are set it's time for a Death Battle!

      In the Candy Kingdom a large fiery explosion appeared, Father was in front of Princess Bubblegum enraged.

      “I demand that you give me the secret to your Candy Kingdom cake castle for my delightful children!”

      As Father firey aura began to melt away some of Princess Bubblegum's hair she tried to reason with him.

      “I told you that the recipe I used was nearly 600 years ago I can’t-”


      As Father became more enraged a small penguin began to waddle his way towards Father.


      Father looked down at the penguin.

      “Huh? What do you want?”

      Gunter quickly jumped in the air and dealt a slap across Father’s face.

      “GET OUT OF HERE!”

      Father kicked the penguin off, as the penguin began to fly off Ice King flew down by Princess Bubblegum.

      “Hey Princess! I wrote a new song for you it about-”

      Ice King was cut off when Gunther was launched into Ice King’s stomach, Ice King lifted up his penguin.

      “Gunter? Who told you, you could fly?”



      Gunter pointed towards Father who was still yelling.

      “Nobody knocks my penguins around but me!”

      Ice King created a snowball and walked over by Father.

      “Now if you don’t give me the recipe RIGHT NOW I’m going to-”

      Father was hit in the face by a snowball, Ice King began to hover above Father.

      “Listen buster it's one thing to hit my penguins but to flirt with my girl is crossing the line!”

      Father became even more angered and got ready.



      Father created a fireball and threw it at Ice King, but Ice King quickly made a wall of ice that melted when the fireball hit but it still procted him. Father then created a flamethrower but Ice King flew above the blast.

      “HAHA You missed me!”

      Father then used his telekinesis to float in the air, he then grabbed Ice King by his beard.

      “Not my beard!”

      Father then punched Ice King downard, having him smash in the ground.

      Ice King then got up.

      “Lets see how you do against my snow minions!”

      Ice King created a horde of snowmen.

      “Attack my minions of frost!”

      The snowman ganged up against Ice King and began beating on him.

      “Ow! Ow! Ow! No not me! Him! Hit him!”

      The snowmen then directed their way towards Father.

      “You gotta be kidding me.”

      Father burned though each of the snowmen with ease.

      “Now where did that old man go?”

      Father walk by a old abounded where Ice King was thrown, when he passed a wall Ice King busted though riding his Ice-o-pede.

      “HAHAHA! Attack Ice-o-pede!

      Father a fireball ready but before he could launch it the Ice-o-pede charged Father knocking him into the ground, and began to trample him.

      “GET… OFF… OF… ME!!!!”

      Father’s aura began to grow as he quickly melted the Ice-o-pede away.

      “Let's see how you deal with all of me!”

      Father began to create his smoke clones and soon Ice King was surrounded by smoke clones.

      “Caltrop Hail Storm!”

      Ice King fired a blast of hail storms that began to get rid of all the smoke clone.

      “Wait then where is the real one?”

      “Look behind you stupid!”

      When Ice King turned around Father gave him a powerful punch that sent him flying across the entire land of Ooo until he landed back at his ice mountain.

      “Let's see how you deal with this!”

      Ice King ran inside the mountain and zapped it multiple times having the mountain move, the snow around it became arms and Ice King began marching towards Father.


      “Why won’t that blue jerk just DIE!!!!”

      Father’s body began to change, his hands formed into claws, his back began to sprout wing, and his jaw turned more and more monstrous, he then took the form of a dragon.

      Image result for knd father dragon

      The two giants collide, being bigger Ice King had more strength and started to pound against Father but Father shot a massive pillar that burned through the center of the ice giant. The Ice giant then began to fall but Ice King redirected it and the massive giant fell on top of Father. Ice King began to climb out of the giant it looked like he won, but then the mountain began to melt apart and a very enraged Father was looking towards Ice King.

      “YOU! You get back here! Wait what happening?”

      When Father tried throw a fireball the fireball turned out to be very small, Father just realized that he was covered in water, water that was very recently frozen.


      Ice King turned around and saw Father not being able to use his fire anymore.

      “Not a fan of the cold huh? Then this going to really suck for you!”

      Ice King prepared a powerful finale attack, but he had to think of a cool attack name for it first.

      “III-CCC-EEE- Uh KING!”


      Ice King fired a powerful blast that began to quickly freeze Father.

      “No I can’t-”

      Father was silenced by being completely frozen, Ice King walked over to the frozen villain.

      “Don’t worry, I’ll unfreeze you and we can be best buds!”

      An angry Gunter walked up to Ice King.

      “Oh hi there Gunter! Look what daddy did! Don’t worry though I’ll unfreeze him and- Gunter what are you doing?”

      Gunter began to tip over the frozen Father until he fell to the ground shattering. Gunter then began to do his dance.

      “Oh Gunter!”


      Father’s fire is incapable powerful but it also has multiple weakness, anything remotely cold will deal large amounts of damage to him, he was once even defeated by ice cream, ice cream usually has a temperature of -5C, the Ice King is capable of creating ice that can last on top of tall mountains, the highest mountain on land had snow with a temperature of -62 celsius. With a few powerful hits Ice King could easily put Father down for good.

      Ice King

      +More experience


      +Snow monsters provided good back up

      =Ice was able to even out Father’s powers

      -Not as physically strong


      +Fire based on rage


      - Weaker to the cold then Ice King is to heat

      -Even if he killed Ice King the crown would cover the entire world in ice for 400 years

      This hot fight sure had a cool ending.

      The winner is Ice King.


    • Death Battle: Jack Skellington Vs Freddy Krueger

      4 years ago


      Jack Skellington



      Sometimes the hero is a bold and noble handsome prince that puts others before himself, but this time were focusing on a terrifying being who enjoys scaring, steals Christmas and kills other monsters A.K.A. Jack Skellington


      First Appearance: The Nightmare before christmas.

      Age: Old as Halloween over 2000 years.

      AKA: Bone daddy, the Pumpkin king, (briefly) Santa Claus, Demon of light and Mr Unlucky.

      Height: Very tall.

      Weight: Unknown but since he is simply a skeleton he would weigh around seven pound since he doesn't have any fat or organs.

      Occupation: The pumpkin King.


      Jack Skellington is skeleton monster who is the leader of Halloween and was briefly Santa after he kidnapped him and almost ruined christmas.


      Despite his appearance Jack is actually a very kind sophisticated gentleman, however don’t let that fool you because this guy is quite powerful.


      Powers and Abilities 

      -Super Strength

      -Super Speed

      ?-Genius level intellect



      -Large Variety of Magic

      -Pyrokinesis creating fire bomb, flamethrower and can create large pillars of fire.

      -Immune to fire


      In his santa outfit can use more powerful cryokinesis including freezing enemies and summoning giant meteors of ice from the sky.



      In kingdom hearts Jack shows off his magical capabilities with some devastating effects.


      His Gravity magic or “Gravaga” crushes foes and delays their attack.kVcfsClfragsv8YdiUN_GJKEceZChl0QRGh2ZWPW


      Blazing fury blasts enemies with scorching fire. vKs6wf1NKj7BwOF7OMCKjyGt08o4S6c5bg4hWfCO


      Applause upstage foes with this dramatic, long-range sliding attack.


      Icy terror freezes enemies with a bone-chilling blizzard.oFXWXdBg6TnmT4_e1BOpVz4rtIOtKTtHKfseXt2s


      Bolts of sorrow calls lightning down to shock enemies.OdnvZ9bLv_ZGiTFO-52wrcFoDsiCBlBrt-ij9U6_


      Ghostly scream summons dark spheres to crush enemies.


      Jack can also use his own music as a weapon, the more he sings and is focused on a enemy the stronger his attacks are as seen in Oogie’s Revenge.


      Jack has fought tons of enemies over the years, from the heartless and nobodies to the bug king Oogie Boogie and his army of giant bugs and mechanical monsters, Jack uses multiple weapons with him to fight off these foes.



      -Soul Robber: A gel like whip wrapped around Jacks right wrist, can change size and length, usually takes shape of hand, lance or a mace to fight off enemies. Can strech out to be used as a grapple hook but its up to Jacks own strength to move or throw objects.

      -Pumpkin bomb: Magic pumpkin that explodes on impact.

      -Frog gun: A gun that utilizes poisonous frogs breath, fires rapidly and can be charged to do more powerful attacks.

      -Bat Boomerang: Produces a live attack of three bats that inflict damage.

      -Spice bottle/Chilli pepper: When consumed lights Jack on fire and enables him to fly in a straight line at great speeds burning everything in his path.

      -Failed gifts: Stuns and scares enemies.


      Jack’s soul robber can stretch it size and length making it an effective melee and long range weapon, it can grab onto other objects but it’s up to Jack strength to move it, so whatever Jack can move with it is his own strength.



      The Frog gun shots out rapid fire of poisonous frogs breath that hoses down foes and can be charged for a more power attack.



      Pumpkin bomb is the equivalent of a magic grenade that Jack can create.



      Despite its name the Bat boomerang doesn't function as a boomerang at all it creates live bats to attack Jack enemies three times in a row, after being upgraded it can split up into three red bats that inflict more damage


      After Jacks failed attempt at Christmas he uses the gifts to fight off enemies, the gifts can stun and scares foes.




      Fighting style

      Jack combines his dancing along with his magic and weapons for his own fighting style. It revolves around speed, maneuverability, and power for an offensive fighting style, the only real life martial art that even comes close is the fighting style of the Brazilian capoeira.


      Jack’s greatest advantage in a fight is that he is already dead, which allows him to survive attacks that could kill any mortal man, he uses this to set himself on fire in a battle or for a neat little dance.



      This combined with his powers allowed Jack to accomplish some astonishing feats.



      -Has defeated entire armies of monster, giant bugs and machines by himself.

      -Can literally scare anyone.

      -Defeated Oogie Boogie

      -Survived a 25,000 ft drop after getting shot from a military missile.

      -Has defeated multiple giants, including a giant snake, two elemental frost and fire giants, and mega Oogie who was ten stories tall.

      -Can easily fight Nobodies and heartless while having fun.




      Just because he is undead doesn't mean he isn’t without his faults. The only way he can truly die is if his bones are crushed to dust, besides that he does have trouble reading other emotions such as when he meet a distress Santa or when Sally clearly had feelings for him. However these do not apply in terms of combat in fact he has no physical weakness.



      With all that said there are few who can take on the Pumpkin King and keep their skin intact.


      Freddy Krueger 



      "One, two Freddy's coming for you. Three, four better lock your doors.  Five, six grab your crucifix. Seven, eight better stay up late. Nine ten never sleep again."


      Freddy was a sadistic child murderer in his life, and when vengeful parents found out, they burned him alive in his boiler room hideout. Unbeknownst to them, Freddy made a deal with three”Dream demon” and came back as a malevolent spirit, seeking revenge on the parents of Springwood, Ohio by killing their children in the one place where they couldn't protect them; in their dreams.


      Kruger gained multiple powers which at first he could only use while his victims was sleeping however in more recent events such as Mortal Kombat 9 and Freddy vs Jason he has shown the ability to use his powers outside of the dream world so were letting him use all of his power outside dreams.


      Powers and Abilities



      -Mind Reading

      -Can exploit/manipulate the fears of his victims


      -Can transform into a giant snake

      -Can increase his size

      -Can extend his arms

      -Shadow manipulation can use his shadow to fight for him




      -Healing factor

      -Rebirth: Can bring himself back from the dead, however he must have a female host which is considered outside help and is not allowed in a Death Battle.

      -Soul Siphoning/Absorption

      -Increases in strength the more soul he absorbs

      -Pyrokinesis his most common method of attack


      Fighting style

      Freddy does not solely rely on his powers he is skilled in close quarters combat and uses his clawed glove to take down opponents.


      Hell Spike: Freddy sticks his claws in the ground, causing enlarged claws to reappear from under ground. This has Close, Medium, and Far commands. The enhanced version is called Hell Blast. Freddy's ascending claws are bigger and deal more damage. They also automatically appear under the opponent, whether Close, Medium or Far.

      Sweet Dreams: Freddy summons a green orb that falls on the opponent and causes them to fall asleep for a short amount of time. The enhanced version is called Deep Sleep. Freddy summons a bigger orb that deals more damage to the opponent.

      Glove Toss: Freddy throws one of his gloves off his hand and into the opponent.

      The enhanced version is called Power Glove Toss. Freddy throws both of his gloves off his hands, causing more damage.

      Freddy Fingers: Freddy sends one of his gloves to crawl across the ground and hit the opponent's feet. These crawls make a distinct clicking sound. The enhanced version is called Freddy's Edge. Freddy sends both of his gloves to crawl, dealing more damage in the process.

      Dream Shift: Freddy disappears and reappears in fire. This has Away and Towards commands. The enhanced version is called Hell Shift. Freddy can teleport farther than usual, away or towards.

      X-Ray Move - What A Rush: Freddie uppercuts the opponent, then impales the opponent with his claws through the chest, breaking the ribs and puncturing the lungs. Then he swipes the opponent across the face, damaging the skull.

      Throw: Freddy grabs his opponent, lifts a finger to his mouth and whispers, "Shhh..." before turning them around and impaling them from behind with his claws.


      Freddy usually goes on the offensive using his powers to beat his foes down, he also exploits the environment and his opponents fears to his advantage. As seen in when he fought Jason.



      Freddy also has a healing factor that can repair most wounds, including limbs, checks and even a head, why this doesn't heal his burnt up skin I don’t know.Z_eol-sXlIyRXljSah9NW21mEVJ1rg90punMxTeS


      Freddy wouldn’t be one of the most famous horror movie villains without some impressive feats.



      -Defeated the Dream Warriors

      -Even when severely reduced in power, fought Jason Voorhees evenly

      -With the Necronomicon, briefly became a God

      -Became a Kombatant in Mortal Kombat 9

      -Keeps finding contrived means to bring himself back from the dead

      -When he got his head cut off he merely winked to the camera.



      Thats all folks!



      While Freddy may seem unstoppable he has been beaten before and has shown multiple weakness. He has show a weakness to magic, his while tough can be beaten down, has been beaten by brute strength alone before, and despite it being his main weapon Freddy has a fear of fire.




      However he remains as one of the most powerful horror villains ever, Freddy brings a whole new meaning to “sleeping like the dead”.


      The combates are set around the arena is set it’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!



      In the dark alleys of Elm Street a young teenager girl was running from a burnt man with a claw glove slowly following her scratching the walls with his claws, she thought she finally lost the maniac and leaned against a wall in relief, suddenly two giant claws pierced her stomach and Freddy’s head leaned next to her.


      “Thought Ya lost me bitch!”


      The girl fell down lifeless as Freddy smiled, everyone feared him and no one was half as scary as he was, but as fate would have a newspaper flew into his hand, it said that it has been one year since the terrifying skeleton terrorized the world with monstrous gifts, Freddy set the newspaper aflame as he walked into a portal.


      “So this guy thinks he can steal my show huh? Well he’s got another thing coming!”


      Meanwhile in Halloween Town Jack Skellington walked through the town until from a portal of fire popped up Freddy, Jack walked up to him in a friendly manner to greet him.


      “That was quite a trick, I don’t believe we’ve met I’m Jack. Jack Ske-


      Jack was cut off by Freddy slashing his claws at him but Jack jumped back.


      “I"ll burn your bones to ash!”


      Freddy got ready to attack with his claws spread out, Jack got into a fighting position as well with his soul robber equipped.


      “You're not from around here are you?”




      Freddy shot off one of his bladed fingers at Jack, but Jack did a quick flip back avoiding the blades, Freddy stuck his claws into the ground and spikes came from underneath Jack but Jack twirled in the air avoiding the attack.


      “Nice dancing moves punks, but lets see how you deal with this!”


      Freddy teleported next to Jack, he punched him in the face then grabbed him and whispered shh he then stabbed him and threw him away. To Freddy’s surprise Jack got up.


      “My turn.”


      Jack’s soul robber turned into a lance and he began to whip at Freddy he sliced away a chunk of Freddy’s check then his arm then left leg and then Freddy fell down. Freddy began to quickly regenerate his wounds.


      "Hmm his healing is going make this difficult..."


      Freddy turned invisible and sneaked his way to Jack he held his claw up getting ready to slice him but Jack quickly turned around with his frog gun spraying Freddy in the face causing him to back away in pain. Freddy then had his shadow fight for him, the shadow was huge and it ran towards Jack.


      Jack then put on his santa outfit and threw a gift at the shadow.


      "Merry Christmas!"


      From the present a defomed toy popped up and it managed to stun the shadow, Jack’s soul robber then turned into a giant mace and it smashed against the shadow causing it to wither and fall back. Freddy shot a green orb into the sky and once it hit Jack, he fell asleep for a short time but it was enough time for Freddy, he gave Jack a uppercut then jammed his claws through his chest then slashed Jack across the face.


      “Looks like he wasn’t all that after all.”


      “Bolts of sorrow!”


      Freddy was hit by lighting that came from Jack that sent him flying, once Freddy got up Jack created a pumpkin bomb in his hand and threw it at Freddy, it then exploded sending Freddy flying. Jack continued to throw pumpkin bombs but Freddy rapidly teleported towards Jack avoiding most of his attacks until Jack swicthed from his bombs to his magic.




      Jack crushed Freddy with a sperhe of dark magic that smashed Freddy into the ground.


      A small crater was formed where Jack hit Freddy, when Jack looked down in one of Freddy arms extended knocking Jack back. Jack backfliped to gain some distance but Freddy teleported to meet Jack.

      Freddy threw his bladed glove toward Jack as Jack threw his bat boomerang creating multiple bat at Freddy they both hit the other one at the same time sending them both falling back. When Jack got up Freddy was gone but soon Freddy teleported behind him grabbed Jack, with his free hand he summoned a furnace and threw him into it, Freddy then shut the door waving goodbye to Jack.


      “Tell em Freddy sent ya!”


      Freddy began to laugh wickedly until he heard a voice.


      “Tell them yourself!”


      The furnace exploded from Jacks fire bomb revealing Jack on fire as Freddy was terrified.


      “What? Stay back!”


      Jack bolted toward Freddy hitting him with his blazing fury, his flame thrower from his mouth, and a fiery ring explosion. Jack’s fire began to slowly go out, once it did Freddy was pissed.


      “Just die already!”


      Freddy’s body began to change into a giant snake like creature towering over Jack, he tried to swallow him but Jack jumped up and was running along his snake body, he threw two pumpkin bombs blowing chunks of his body off, Jack then used his soul robber to slam Freddy’s face in with a mace. Freddy began to slowly turn back to his regular form. Jack began to walk away from Freddy.


      “I suggest you leave this town before you suffer any more injuries.”


      Freddy tore off his shirt revealing all the souls he had collected on his chest and he began to grow in size.


      “What’s this?”


      Jack saw the massive demon in front of him that slowly opened his mouth and began to sing.



      “One two Freddy’s coming you, three four shut your door. Five and six grab your crucifix!” Welcome to my nightmare because I smell death in the air!”


      When Jack sung he dodged Freddys attacks and shot out all his magic and his music attacks.


      “It’s over it’s over, get this through your head! It’s over you're finished now, by the end you’ll be dead!”


      “Seven eight you better stay up late, eight and nine your soul will be mine, nine and ten you’ll never sleep again.”


      “What’s this? A trick? I’m not impressed you're bad and now you're tall, it makes it all the more worth while to see a giant fall!”


      “ Just go to sleep, sleep, sleep I’m telling you cause you'll just end up as dust, if I were you I’d take a hike, run and catch the bus!”










      “I’m the nightmare of elm street!”


      Jack changed and began to use his fire powers.


      “Well I’m feeling angry and there’s plenty left to do, I’ve entertained you this far but now I’ll end you!”


      “Even if you catch me you can never do me in I’m ten times your size and just as strong which means I’m going to win!”












      “I’m the only pumpkin king!”


      “This ends here.”


      “Bring it on Skelton!”


      “It’s over you're finished you’ll never get away! You defeating me? HA! That'll be the day!”


      “How foolish, how ignorant. Is that the best you got? You think your a hot shot but I think your not!” I’m ending you right here!


      “You’ll do nothing!”


      “Woah! Now it’s time for you to see what it really means to scare, cause even in a fight you know I don’t play fair, it much more fun for me at least with lives on the line, not mine of course but your’s old boy while that’ll be just fine!”










      “I’m the only pumpkin king!”


      With one last blast of magic Freddy feel and began to burn until there was nothing left of him, Jack sighed and walked home.


      “What a day.”




      While Freddy was the more aggressive fighter and his healing and teleportation gave him a slight edge he was outclassed in every other category.

      Speed: In terms of speed Freddy has the same speed as any other person, the above average athlete can run up to 15.9 miles per hour so its reasonable to say that Freddy has the same amount of speed since he can keep up with warriors from Motral Kombat, but Jack is capable of dodging lighting. A average lighting bolt is capable of moving 224,000 mph. In comparsion Jack can move over 14088.05 times faster than Freddy.


      Durablity: While Freddy is far tougher than a normal person he can still be overpowered by any normal person or undead killer like Jason, however Jack has once been shot down by a MILTARY MISSLE FALLING OVER A 25,000 FT DROP AND LANDED ON A SOLID STAUTE, all he suffered was a broken jaw, he was back up singing in no time.


      Strength: While strong, Freddy feats of strength are no where near that of Jack who is capable of pulling down brick walls, carrying large stones with ease (the stone would probally weigh 150-300 pounds judgeing by their size), destroying metal robots with ease, throwing a giants weapons that would probally weighg up to 5-13 tons consdiering the giants height to Jacks.

      It doesn't help that Freddy greatest weapons fire and fear were completely useless against Jack. Not to mention while Freddy’s fighting style is perfect for killing humans it’s had little effect against the undead Pumpkin king.


      Jack Skellington

      +Stronger and faster.

      +More durable.

      +More and better weaponry.

      +Immune to fire.

      +Magic could weaken Freddy.

      -Less aggressive and bloodthirsty.


      Freddy Kruger

      +Teleportation could keep up with Jacks speed.

      +More aggressive.

      +Healing factor could last a while.

      - Fire was useless against Jack.

      -Has lost to people less powerful than him such as Ash and the typical teenager.

      -Couldn’t scare Jack but Jack could scare him.

      -Arrogance left him open.


      Looks like Freddy won’t be getting an encore. The winner is Jack Skellington.1VI_zJx5BSawo1JLyLoHeLIrYmylqBUZ15lCEPm-


      Next time on Death Battle!


      "The green clad hero of Hyrule"


    • Death Battle: Link Vs Erza

      4 years ago






      Height: 5’7”

      Weight: 145 lbs

      Age: 17-19 (due to Triforce has the experience of over ten generations.)

      Triforce: (Bears 1/3 of the Triforce the Triforce of Courage.)

      Usually left handed.

      Trained by Impa, Gorons, Hero's shade, Orca and many other powerful warriors.


      Image result for link


      Link is the legendary multi reincarnate hero of Hyrule, he has stopped the forces of evil multiple times and is a legendary warrior.


      - Can lift and throw Dangoro, move large stone pillars, and can lift up giant weapons and cut through solid gold.

      - Matched blows with the likes of Demise and Ganondorf

      - Can knock over foes several times his size with shield bashes

      - With Golden Gauntlets, Link has nearly no limits in terms of strength being able to flip the entire world over. (Earth mass is 5.972E24 kg to move this Links GG can move more than 13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds!)


      - Exceedingly agile

      - Base sprinting speed is three times faster than Onox, making baseline running speed Mach 2816.7

      - This is tripled with the Pegasus Boots, which give him enough force to barrel through large trees and walls with inertia alone, then further doubled by the Bunny Hood, making maximum sprint speed clock in at roughly Mach 16,900.29!

      - Easily lightning-speed reflexes: can block lightning bolts for days in Skyward Sword, and has reflexes sufficient to control his movement when moving at Mach 16,900.29.

      -- This gives him Sub-relativistic reflexes


      - As a young child before being awakened as the Hero of Time, could survive getting ran over by a twenty-foot-tall boulder and get up only slightly bruised

      - Can survive lengthy, full-body submersion in lava at base: it only minorly wounds him

      - Can take multiple hits from Ganondorf/Ganon, Ghirahim, Majora, and similarly powerful threats at base, many of whom threatened to wipe all life off of the World and/or warp all of Hyrule, and sometimes even the world

      -Survived being launched into a island and building

      - Continent-level threats are just Tuesday for him

      - Can fight for days on end without fatigue

      - Can act normally through multiple injuries

      - Has only been portrayed to have be physically worn out by combat once


      - Genius intellect can master any weapon he picks up

      - Master puzzle-solver, strategist, adventurer, explorer, and analyzer

      - 10+ generations of battle experience and various occupational knowledges

      - Can find any weakness in a opponent whether it is a fighting style, a body part, or to a certain weapon.

      Despite Link's superhuman physicality, he prefers to use his large arsenal to overpower his foes. (For the sack of time I will not be giving Link every weapon, nor will I put it in the fight sequence)

      Master Sword.


      Link’s iconic weapon

      Repels evil

      3ft’ long, completely indestructible, and double-edged

      aka “The Blade of Evil’s Bane and the Sword of time”

      Can reflect magic attacks

      Can fire beams and other magic based attacks

      Can perform the iconic Spin Attack and Skyward Strike


      Links master sword is an almighty blade that was crafted by the goddess to fight evil that has been used by each incarnation of Link. It can fire beams of magic when Link is in top shape and can use the peril beam when he is on low on health.


      Link does not solely rely on his Master Sword, he has a large variety of weapons at his disposal.



      Hylian shield crafted by the thunder dragon

      Biggoron’s Sword- Massive in size and deals twice as much damage

      Four Sword- Splits Link into four duplicates and allows more damage.

      Sacred Bow- Usually the most powerful bow can fire multiple arrows.

      -Light arrows stun foes

      -Silver arrows deal more damage

      -Ice arrows freeze foes

      -Fire arrows causes burning and explosion

      -Bomb arrow exploded upon contact

      Double clawshot

      Multiple bombs


      Megaton hammer

      Healing and magic potions


      The Hylian shield was crafted by the thunder dragon and is completely indestructible has also been used to bach against enemies.oot_hylian_shield_by_blueamnesiac_d4jypro_by_redhavic-d7zb150.png


      Links Biggoron sword (sounds like a penis joke but I’m not going to make one) has much greater range than the master sword and deal twice as much damage but can’t be used with shield.



      The Megaton hammer can be used to generate powerful shockwaves and destroy heavy armor.Megaton_Hammer_Artwork.png

      His bow and arrow is usually Links go to for long range attacks his bomb arrows explode upon contact, the ice arrows freeze foes, light arrows stun powerful enemies, fire arrows cause a fiery explosion and silver arrows are used for massive damage.


      Bombs deals spread damage and go off after a short fuse and come in a variety of types.images.jpg


      The Clawshot are used for grappling foes and mobility.



      Gale boomerang cause tornadoes and always comes back.



      Finally Link has also mastered the art of magic, learning a variety of spells and magic attacks over the years.


      Magic and transformation

      Fire Spell

      - Shoots fireballs from Link's sword that penetrate physical defenses

      Thunder Spell

      - Heavily damages all on-screen enemies with lightning

      Jump Spell

      - Allows Link to jump large distances, easily reaching high rooftops

      Life Spell

      - Heals Link

      Reflect Spell

      - Boosts Link's blocking ability, allowing him to block previously unblockable attacks

      Shield Spell

      - Halves incoming damage for a short time

      Spell Spell

      - Turns weak enemies into Bits, small jelly-like monsters

      - Yes, that's actually its name

      Fire Arrow

      - Imbues arrow with fire energies, melting ice and lighting targets struck ablaze

      Ice Arrow

      - Imbues arrow with ice energies, freezing struck target

      Light Arrow

      - Instantly slays lesser creatures, stunning greater ones

      Din's Fire

      - Surrounds self in a massive, expanding dome of fire that burns nearly anything

      Farore's Wind

      - First cast places a warp point, second cast teleports to that warp point

      Nayru's Love

      - Consumes some magic to create a nigh-impenetrable barrier


      - Can become a wolf capable of jumping massive heights

      - Can see in the dark, dig, perceive and track intangible spirits, and directly destroy evil souls.

      Fairy Spell

      - Turns Link into a tiny fairy

      - Can not attack in this form, but can fly and move through tiny spaces

      Deku Mask/Deku Link

      - Turns Link into a Deku Scrub

      - Can spit acidic bubbles and skip on water, but is weaker against fire-based attacks

      Goron Mask/Goron Link

      - Turns Link into a Goron increasing his strength

      - Becomes immune to fire

      - Can roll at high speed

      Zora Mask/Zora Link

      - Turns Link into a Zora

      - Vastly superior underwater maneuverability, can breathe underwater

      - Gains elbow-blades that can also be used as boomerangs


      Giant's mask increases his size equal a giants (duh!) and allows him to fight massive foes. The four giants are so strong they can hold up the moon, so Link poses a quarter of this strength in this form. (The Moon in Majora's mask is around 450 million kilograms, so Link's strength in giant form should be 112500000 Kilograms)

      Fierce deity mask gives Link godlike powers and abilities. If Link has full magic it increase his overall power 12 times. He gains the double helix sword that fire much more powerful sword beam, he can resist powerful magic easily, and allows him to destroy godlike beings such as Majora, Fierce Deity Link is so powerful that in Hyrule Warrior he could cut the moon in half with ease. (Man that would've been a lot easier if he just did that to begin with) By using Heros Shades calcs we can determine that at full power Fierce Deity Link can one-shot s twelve Terminals or 108 state-sized landmasses and this was Link when he was only 10 years old!


      Link can combine this with his weapons for some amazing feats.


      Bearer of the Triforce of Courage and Spirit of the Hero

      Could move tombstones and stone pillars as a child with his own strength.

      Defeated Demis, Zant, Ghirahim, Majora, and Ganondorf which are Gods and Demons.

      Can lift up Gorons with ease.

      Can carry weapons four times his size with ease.

      Can find opponent's weak spot.



      -While powerful not invincible.

      -Can take time to find a weakness in a opponent.


      While Link isn’t invincible he doesn't have any exploitable weaknesses, Link is definitely one charter you don’t want to get one on the wrong end of the sword.


      Erza Scarlet

      Age: 19

      Eyes: Brown

      Hair: Scarlet

      Occupation: S-Class Mage

      Magic: Requip magic.

      Trained by Rob


      Image result for erza


      Erza grew up in Rosemary Village, one day the Rosemary Village was attacked by a Zeref-following cult, Erza managed to save a friend from capture by hiding her inside a crate, but got caught herself as a result. When she was imprisoned with the other slaves and they were forced to build the Tower of Heaven, a structure developed for the purpose of resurrecting the Dark Mage, Zeref. Erza formed a strong bond with Rob, an elderly Mage from the Fairy Tail Guild, who taught her about Magic and his guild. After Rob's death Erza rallied her fellow slaves against the captors and managed to defeat the experienced soldiers and mages despite her young age and the she alongside her fellow slaves escape and she gained the nickname Scarlet due to her red hair. Erza would later join up with the guild of her former master Fairy Tail where she becomes one of the strongest mages with her main magic to be Requip magic which allows Erza to change armor and weapons which varies the magic she can use during combat. She has been able to achieve the rank of S-Class mage and managed to defeat 100 monsters by herself, she has proven to be highly intimidating as she can be feared by even the most fearless including Natsu and Gray.



      Master Swordsmanship Specialist

      -Can wield all sorts of different weapons with master skill


      -Can cut through solid steel with her sword


      -Large pool of magic, can fight beyond her limits


      -Mostly applies to weapons she uses


      Requip magic changes her armor and power based on what armor she changes into, but has a limit to how much armor she can use.

      Erza displaying her swordplay

      Erza is one of the most powerful mages in fairy tail due to her very unique type of magic requip magic, this allows Erza to change her armors in a instance allowing her to use a variety of fighting styles, however she can only use a certain amount of armors in a fight and it depends on how much magic she has.


      Requip Magic

      -Allows her to switch her armor and gain different powers

      -Can only use a certain amount of her armor in a fight

      -More powerful armors drain more of her magic



      Heaven's Wheel Armor

      Image result for erza


      -Flight for short distances

      -Sword Equipment: Can summon up to 200 swords.


      -Blumenblatt: Uses sword magic to summon many swords which can be used as projectiles


      Black Wing Armor

      Image result for black wing armor

      -Can fly short distances

      Increased Offensive powers.

      -Powers up Erza's normal attacks for great damage


      Moon Flash: Creates disk like projectile by swinging sword


      Flame Empress Armor

      Image result for flame empress armor


      -Fire resistance: Cuts the power of flame based attacks in half

      -Can cast Fire magic while wearing this armor


      The Giant's Armor

      Image result for giant's armor

      -Increases throwing power

      -Doesn't increase striking power


      Adamantine Armor

      Image result for adamantine armor


      -Most Defensive Armor

      -Took a blast from Jose magic cannon (even though it knocked her out afterwards)


      Lightning Empress Armor

      Image result for lightning empress armor


      -Can give resistance to electric attacks

      - Can use Lightning magic while wearing this armor


      Flight Armor



      -Grants her super speed

      -No actual flight


      Armada Fairy Armor

      Image result for erza armadura fairy armor


      -Considered to be one of Erza's strongest armor

      Great Offensive capabilities


      Nakagami Armor

      Erza's Nakagami Armor


      -Requires great amounts of Magic Power to use

      -Drains her foes magic

      -Can cut through nearly anything.


      Erza is considered one of the most powerful mages in fairy tail and for good reason, she regularly beats up Natsu and Gray, defeated an evil version of herself and fought against 100 monster in a row.



      -Strongest female mage in fairy tail

      -Has a large pool of magic

      -Defeated 100 monsters in a row

      -Beaten Erza Knightwalker, Natsu, Gray, and Midnight

      -Became a S class mage one of the highest ranking mage



      -Most of her armor and attacks rely on magic

      - Not much of a strategist

      -If her magic is drained she is defenseless

      -Despite being armor very little of her armor is used for defensive purposes

      -Has needed help before to fight other powerful mages such as Hades, Jose, and Jellal

      -Stage fright

      Despite Erza’s incredible feats she does have multiple weakness, she has a limited supply of magic so once it's out she's out, she also has the weak spots as any other person, but her greatest weakness is her stage fright.



      However despite her flaws the fairy queen has proven to be one of the most powerful knights ever.


      All right the warriors are ready and the stage is set let's get ready for a Death Battle!



      It was a beautiful day in the land of Hyrule, after creating a treaty Princess Zelda and Princess Hisui started a tournament between the kingdom's greatest warriors fought but by the end only two were left Link of Hyrule and Erza of Fairy Tail. Natsu shouted from the stands.


      “You can do it Erza! Kick that green elfs butt!”


      Darunia who was munching on some rocks, looked at the young dragon slayer he was angered by him calling his surrogate brother an elf.


      “Take that fairy wicth down brother Link!”


      Link and Erza walked up to each other ready to fight.


      “So your Link?”


      Link looked at Erza.


      “You've heard of me?”


      “Heard of you? You were the legendary hero who defeated the King of evil, I’ve dreamed of this day for so long.”


      Link smiled.


      “Well I’m glad I can face an opponent like you two Erza.”



      They clashed sword against each other, Link did a backflip avoiding Erza’s sword thrust Link then readied himself for a spin attack.




      Link knocked Erza in the air with multiple hits, Erza’s body began to glow and her armor changed.


      “Morning star armor!”


      Erza then had two twin blades along with orange leather armor, Erza charged a energy blast and fired it at Link, but Link prepared another spin attack and knocked the magic blast back at Erza. Erza quickly changed her armors again.


      “Requip Adamantine armor!”


      Erza used her two shields to completely block the attack protecting herself, Link took out his bow and fired silver arrows at Erza but they bounced off her shield, Link then took out his claw shot and it carried him to Erza, Link then quickly took out his megaton hammer and began to smash it against Erza's shield, to Erza's surprise the hit from the hammer actually hurt, she jumped back avoiding any more damage.


      “Requip Lightning empress armor!”


      Erza soon changed into her lighting armor and aimed her staff at Link and shot out a blue beam of lightning towards Link, blasting him across the field, when Link got up Erza shot multiple lighting beams at Link but before it could hit him Link raised his hands in the air.


      “Nayru’s Love!”


      Link was surrounded by a blue crystal that completely protected Link from the lighting, Link took out his boomerang and threw it at Erza but Erza dodged the attack, soon the boomerang came back knocking Erza in the head.


      “Requip Heavens wheel armor!”


      Erza flew towards Link while summoning her 200 swords she pointed her sword towards Link and they flew towards him but Nayru's Love still procted him, Link saw an opening on Erza's armor, her stomach wasn’t covered at all, Link remembered when he boxed against Blaino, he ran towards Erza and prepared an powerful punch nailing her in the stomach knocking the wind out of her. However right then Nayru's loves wore off leaving him open.


      “Requip Black wing armor!”


      Erza attacked Link with one of her most powerful armor, Erza began to beat Link at a close range, when Link backflipped away Erza flew towards him, but Link took out his large ball and chain with the strength of his golden gauntlets was able to wield it even easier he slammed the ball against his hand having the ball smash against Erza knocking her into the air. Link then used his thunder spell electrocuting Ezra, when Ezra fell down Link slammed his master sword into the ground using his quake medallion to create a earthquake dealing great damage but drained his magic so Link drank his magic potion.


      “Requip flight armor!”


      Erza put on her cheetah resembling armor and moved at super speeds landing swift blows on Link, to keep up with her Link put on the bunny hood which matched Erza’s speed when Link dropped a few bombs but before they could exploded Erza changed her armor.


      “Requip Adamantite armor!”


      Erza procted herself from Links explosion, Link then put on the goron mask transforming him into a powerful goron. Erza looked at Link.


      “Is this some kind of transformation magic?”


      Goron Link smiled.


      “Nope just a spirit in a mask.”


      Goron Link used a powerful Goron punch that slammed against Erza's armor having her slide across the arena. Link then jumped in the air using his goron pound to stun Erza, Link then rolled back gaining some distance, soon Erza was in major pain she had no choice she had to use her greatest weapon.


      “Requip Nakagami armor!”


      Erza changed into perhaps her deadliest armor, she gave a powerful swipe towards Link dealing huge damage and draining his magic and forcing him to return to normal, Erza then slashed at Link cutting his green tunic, Links magic was being drained by the second so he decided it was time, Link drank one last magic potion restoring his magic fully and then took out the fierce deity mask and put it on.



      Link let out a massive scream while putting on the mask, Link's height increased and gained the Fierce Deity Sword, his dead white eyes focused on Erza, he aimed his sword at Erza and fired disks of magic while Ezra was able to defuse two of the strike the other beams hit Erza.  


      They ran towards each other slamming their blades against each other Links strength increased along with his other abilities Link pressed Erza back, Link knocked her sword away then Link gave a powerful spin attack throwing Erza across the arena, when Erza landed Fierce Deity Link charged at her and the slammed Erza against a wall. Erza's magic began to wear off and she changed back into her regular armor, seeing an opening the Fierce Deity quickly ran towards Erza and pointed his sword inches away from her armor, Erza looked at Fierce Deity Link who gave a smile, Link then fired a powerful sword beam that pierced her chest.




      Link took off the fierce deity mask and changed back to normal he slowly walked over to Erza but Natsu jumped in front of him enraged.


      “How dare you do that to Erza!”


      Link walked past Natsu with a bottle.


      “Don’t ignore me you blonde idiot!”


      As Natsu threw one of hissy fits Link slowly lifted up Erza's body.


      “Calm down kid.”


      Link opened his bottle and small glowing fairy came out and restored Erza’s life, Erza woke up shocked.


      “What just happened?”


      Link offered his hand to Erza.


      “I think I went a little overboard.”


      Erza smiled at the hero and took his hand as he helped her up but Link was also in bad shape.


      “We really did a number on each other didn’t we?”


      Link smiled.


      “Can I ask you something Link?”




      “Are you already part of a guild?”


      “No I never even heard of one. Do you think I should join one?”


      Erza smiled at Link.


      “Let me tell you about a place called Fairy Tail.”


      As they walk away multiple warriors looked at the confused.


      THE END!


      Huh. In all honesty I didn’t see that coming so I guess Link won, anyway this match was very close and Erza’s requip armor could match Links items but the tipping point was that Link could restore his health and magic while Erza couldn’t. A whole Erza’s armor may be tough it is no match for Link's Fierce deity form, the force is takes to destroy an object must be greater or equal to the object's own force, by measuring kid Links height we can determine the moon's weight since kidLink is 4”2 and the moon is 50 times taller than kid Ink the moon is 208 feet. We can determine its weight by density over volume the gravity on earth is 3,346 kg of mass per cubic meter the volume is 134000 is and since mass = density over volume we can detrimen that the strike by Fierce Deity Link must of been greater than 450 million kilograms per square inch! And I hear all the fanboys saying that Erza’s Nakagami armor drains magic so it should beat Link! No. The Nakagami armor already puts massive strain on the user's body and it also drains the user's magic, plus when people say that the armors blade can cut through anything it would be useless against any indestructible items such as the master sword or the hylian shield.



      +More experience and proper training.

      +Does not solely rely on magic.

      +Fierce deity mask outclassed all of Erza’s armors.

      +Faster and more mobile

      +Could restore health and magic even if he died.

      =Shield and Nayru's love matched Erza’s defense.

      =Bunny hood matched flight armor.

      =Equal in strength (without items).

      -Couldn't fly naturally.

      -Had less endurance in base form.



      +Base form has more endurance.

      +Black wing armor armor gave her a flight advantedge.

      =Armor made her just as fast.

      =Equal in strength.

      =Adamantine armor matched Links shield.

      -Less training and experience.

      -Some armors left her open.

      -Nakagami is a double edged blade, it could drain Links magic but it drains hers too.


      Why”ll the battle may be over the adventure is just starting for Link. The winner is Link.






      "Armageddon Creature"




      "The great and powerful Majin"


      Big thanks to ThePerpetual for letting me use his calcs!

    • Death Battle: Joker Vs Sweet Tooth

      4 years ago





      Real name: Jack Napier (However some interpretations have changed this.)

      Height: 6”5

      Weight: 192 lbs

      Eyes: Green

      Hair: Green


      “All it takes is one rotten day, to turn an ordinary man... into a monster.”


      Jack Napier was an engineer for a power planet, with very little income and a pregnant wife to take care of he quit his job to proceed his dream of his stand up comic however after he failed at that Jack became desperate, he eventually found himself working for the mob he took the name “Red Hood”. The events of that day would change Jack's life forever, after a failed heist at the old power plant Jack was running for his life from Batman, in an attempt to escape Jack made his way through the chemical storage area but he fell into one of the chemical tubes and turned him one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe the Joker.



      Immune to telepathy

      Immune to acids and toxins

      Unpredictable fighting style that rivals Batman

      Genius level intellect

      Master of weaponry


      Joker became Batman's greatest villain ever, and due to falling into a bath of chemicals his philosophy was altered, he became incredibly fast and gained near superhuman endurance. While he has no formal training he is skilled enough to fight on equal grounds with Batman.



      However Joker does not solely rely on hand to hand combat, by either stealing or building them himself, Joker has used a large variety of weapons over the years, some of his weapons were made to simply mock Batman, including razor throwing cards, a fake grappling hook and even one time a fake utility belt. He seems to carry them all at the same time and they don’t appear to weigh him down.




      Knives: Large variety of blades, from butterfly knives, to army knives to even a potato peeler.

      Handguns: Jokers favorite type of firearms, usually only fires a few rounds.

      Extending boxing glove: A self created weapon that fires a boxing glove from a expandable spring.

      Razor throwing cards: Razor sharp cards used as projectiles.

      Crowbar: A tool used to beat the second Robin to near death.

      Joy buzzer: A joy buzzer with enough power to kill humans.

      Shoe knife: A hidden blade concealed in his shoe for a sneak attack.

      Joker venom: A self created chemical weapons that causes insane laughter until death.

      Acid flower: A squirting flower filled with acid.

      Other firearms: Bazookas, shotguns, harpoon guns, to confetti blasters.


      Joker carries a large variety of knives for maiming, murder and for intimidation.Image result for joker knives


      Jokers firearms include common glocks to even homemade weapons. veKAKxPSHwQgW5dOwQe8O4u_ME2o3LZuZr8eSiUM

      (Is that a gun in your pants or are you- oh wait that is a gun, never mind.)


      Jokers crowbar is likely a 28 inch titanium, that weighs only 1.32 lbs which makes it useful for quick and brutal close range combat.

      Image result for joker crowbar


      Jokers expending boxing glove is used to stun or even knock out foes.Gumball1


      His joy buzzer can generate electricity over 10000 volts roasting a human body.Image result for joker joy buzzer


      Joker’s razor throwing cards are incredibly light and sharp and can cut through most materials.



      The shoe knife is a weapons most commonly used by KGB agents, they are used for quick sneak attacks, he used this in the dark knight to catch Batman off guard.



      The acid flower is usually worn on Jokers suit, so if anyone gets a little too close for comfort they going have a nasty surprise.

      Image result for joker acid flower


      Joker created a specialized chemical weapon known as Joker venom, it force victims to laugh uncontrollably to their deaths and die with a sick grin, the only known cures have been made by Joker and Batman himself.



      Joker’s other weaponry includes a toy harpoon gun that shoots out a joke stick but then either shoots or impales people, Joker has also used more destructive weaponry such as bazookas, bombs, grenades and exploding teeth that he somehow carries around in his cloths.



      With the Joker being known as Batman's greatest enemy there's no doubt he has the accomplishment to match that title. He has survived explosion, mauled by sharks, shot, and much more.



      -Killed a group of armed guards with a glass of water.

      -Killed the second Robin.

      -Defeated Wonder Woman along with a group of Amazon warriors.

      -Intelligence rivals Batmans.

      -Casually breaks out of Arkham Asylum.

      -Beaten Lex Luthor to bloody pulp.

      -Immune to all forms of toxins and acids.

      -Proven to have no fear. (When Scarecrow sprayed him with his fear gas it had no effect and Joker proceed to beat him with a chair.)


      While Joker is incredibly dangerous and intelligent he sometimes loses his cool when his plans don’t work out.




      -Little care for his personal safety.

      -Will often wait to see how the sitions play out, sometimes putting him in danger.

      -Crazy has its limits.


      While the Joker has little care for his own safety this makes him even more unpredictable and dangerous, there's a reason they call him the clown prince of crime.





      Real name: Needles Kane.

      Age: 30-40

      Height: 6”

      Weight: Killed the doctors before they could weigh him.

      Hair: His hair is on fire!

      Occupation: Former ice cream man, serial killer, and racer.


      Needles Kane once had a stable job as a ice cream man with a loving family, however he felt a constant emptiness inside, a dark burning feeling inside, he soon developed a twisted split personality but he was able to suppress it until one day he snapped. He carved a clown mask and slaughtered his family with insane joy, the only one he failed to kill was his own daughter. He now hunts her down with one simple goal: to end her. He went to go on multiple adventures, from racing in Calypso’s race to reuniting with his best friend. (Who is a paper bag by the way.)




      Super strength

      Surprisingly agile

      Curse of hell by preacher

      Superhuman endurance

      Fire breath

      Skilled in multiple forms of weaponry


      Sweet Tooth is strong enough to carry a large chainsaw with one arm, throw a large missile and even match the like of Kratos in physical strength.

      Image result for kratos vs sweet tooth


      Sweet Tooth’s endurance is absolutely incredible,he can survive beatings, and even been stabbed in the eye with scissors but managed to walk it off, but his greatest feat of endurance is when he was finally captured and sentenced to death. When he was put in the chair he was tough enough to survive and break out right before he killed everyone there though.




      Sweet Tooth’s powers go far beyond physical strength, before his execution he was cursed by the preacher to burden the fires of hell as long as he lived, this is why Sweet Tooth head is always on fire, make no mistake he is not immune to fire and still feels the pain but he lives because of his new cursed body. This also allows him to breath the very fires of hell itself. (That or he is always has some strong whiskey in his system and is a hell of a smoker.)  




      Gas Chainsaw



      Molotov Cocktails



      Its easy to say that this guy has some sweet weaponry! Did you see what I did there? Its cause his name and weapons and I’ll shut up now.


      His iconic weapon is his loved macthe, with his strength he can cut through tables and can easily cut a man's head off.lM9Z1LN_YHlyOcdRZcgU-GDZJ9EAqDL2GWMmAPKv


      He carries a gas chainsaw that weighs 20 lbs with a 19 inch blade, usually these are two handed tools used for cutting down large thick trees, but Sweet Tooth can wield them with ease with one hand.UBJb4LXt5_Zi5_p6cfiyfco2NsEru5paYt9W4cOt


      His shotgun is the only firearm he carries, he can quick draw it catching people off guard.WnEF9HAZCJydqUnPAjp8FVce6iJk_ZYgkAqpWu1A

      Sweet Tooth can plant land mines that has a blast radius of a few meters.6kbxOSE-3SirOXy-ELGEWkqH8kUDRIDhxg1rQ9qb


      He can make molotov cocktail that has a blast radius of a few feet creating a small fire.qksSd3F1reqtG1IdqdxHmsEv_W7y0CwllQu51Snh


      Sweet Tooth has proven to be one of playstation's greatest fighters, he has won the twisted metal race, killed everyone in a entire hospital, killed Calypso and he even rivals the likes of Kratos.



      -Killed Calypso.

      -Survived the electric chair and being stabbed in the eye.

      -Has a cult of a clown gang that believed he was a god.

      -Killed everyone in a hospital.

      -Won the Twisted Metal races.

      -Rivals Kratos.


      Like any other serial killer Sweet Tooth is not perfect, he is prone to anger and relies more on brawns then brains.



      -In constant pain due to curse.

      -Can be tricked.

      -Prone to anger.


      However one day after he won the Twisted Race he was offered a vile to cure him of his curse from Calypso, it would end his curse but at a cost if he ever went back to killing the curse would come back, knowing his priorities Sweet Tooth smashed the vile and killed Calypso. Proving what we’ve known this whole time, Sweet Tooth is freaking nuts.


      Alright  the combatants are set and the arena is ready its time for a DEATH BATTLE!



      It was a big day for The Joker, Harley had a large majority of the police force held hostage in the city hall, he had on his best suit and finest pair walking shoes. He  swung open the doors only to find his guests all dead. Harley ran to Joker with multiple scars and burn marks.


      “Harley! How dare you start the party before I got here!”


      “It wasn’t me mister J! It was-”


      Before Harley could finish, Joker socked her in the jaw.


      “I don’t want any excuses! I’ve been planing this for weeks and you ruined it!”




      Joker saw a large clown with his head on fire walk out with a ice cream cone.


      “I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”


      Harley pointed at Sweet Tooth.


      “See he was the one who did all this Mister J!”


      Right as Sweet Tooth brought the ice cream cone to his mouth, Joker took out his hand gun and blasted it out of his hand. Sweet Tooth turned to Joker.


      “I hope your willing to pay for that buddy, that was a double scooped vanilla and strawberry flavor ice cream on a waffle cone with fresh shards of glass sprinkled on top.”


      “Your the one who’s gonna pay fatso! Not only did you ruin my big  day, but you do it in a terrible cosplay costume of me!”


      Sweet Tooth got ready to fight.


      “You're gonna pay one way or another!”




      Sweet Tooth charged at Joker with surprising speed, but before he hit him Joker held out his hand.


      “What are you doing?”


      The Joker smiled.


      “Why don’t we fight as gentlemen, and start things out with sportsmanlike handshake?”


      For a brief moment Sweet Tooth stared at Joker until he gave in and shook Joker’s hand.




      Joker’s joy buzzer sent thousands of volts into Sweet Tooth, Joker thought this would of killed him but Sweet Tooth restated.


      “AHHH! You asshole!”


      Sweet Tooth lifted the Joker by his arm and threw him into a wall. Sweet Tooth quickly took out his shotgun and aimed at Joker. Joker quickly threw a few of his playing cards at Sweet Tooth a few got stuck in Sweet Tooth arm causing him to drop his gun in pain. As Sweet Tooth held his arm in pain Joker revealed his shoe blade and kicked him in the stomach. In a middle of a kick Sweet Tooth grabbed Joker by his throat and slammed him against the wall and began to nail him in the face.


      “Hey this reminds me of a joke. A horse walks into a bar and-”


      Before Joker could finish Sweet Tooth nailed him in the face again knocking a tooth out.


      “Oh. You heard that one before? Don’t worry here’s a new one.”


      Joker pressed his trick flower spaying acid in Sweet Tooth's face causing him to back off in pain.


      When Joker charged at him, Sweet Tooth breathed fire partially burning Joker but as the flames hit him Joker hit Sweet Tooth with his expanding boxing glove.


      As Sweet Tooth regained his stance he then quickly made a molotov cocktail and threw it at Joker lifting his jacket on fire but before it could kill him Joker quickly put the fire out, but right after Joker put the fire out Sweet Tooth wielded a large chainsaw with one hand and charged Joker.


      As he ran from Sweet Tooth Joker saw some molotov cocktail in Sweet Tooth other hand. Joker took out a hand gun a shot the cocktail engulfing Sweet Tooth in his own flames. Sweet Tooth began to put the fires out but as soon as he did Joker came charging at him with his crowbar, acting quickly Sweet Tooth took out his machete and blocked Joker’s crowbar. The two clashed against one another until Sweet Tooth spun around knocking the crowbar out of Joker’s hand.


      “Bleed you motherfu-”


      Before Sweet Tooth could cut off Jokers head, joker took out his harpoon handgun and shot him with the sharp end stabbing him in the chest, Joker then shot him again in the leg, then in the stomach, then in a kidney, and finally in the side of his head.


      Sweet Tooth fell down and began to bleed out. Joker kneeled down to Sweet Tooth who looked him in the eye.


      “I’m gonna die soon aren’t I?”


      Joker smiled.


      “Yeah but you know this reminds me of a joke. A doctor says to his patient “I have a bad news and a worse news”. “Oh dear, what’s the bad news?” – asks the patient. The doctor replies, “You only have 24 hours to live.” “That’s terrible,” said the patient. “How can the news possibly be worse?” The doctor replies, “I’ve been trying to contact you since yesterday.”


      As Sweet Tooth bled out he gave a small giggle.

      “Hehehe That’s actually pretty good. HAHA!"


      Joker joined his fellow insane clown.


      “I know that one always kills them! HAHA!”



      The two insane clowns filled the night with their sick laughter.




      Someone call the circus were down a clown. While Sweet Tooth was stronger and being able to survive the electric chair allowing him to survive the joy buzzer he couldn’t keep up with Joker sheer weaponry, also Joker has survived far worse than anything Sweet Tooth could dish out.




      +More skilled in hand-hand combat

      +More and better weaponry

      +Used to dealing with insane people

      +Far more intelligent

      -Physically weaker

      -No supernatural powers


      Sweet Tooth


      +Curse allowed him to take a lot of punishment

      +Survived electrocution before

      -Nowhere near as smart

      -Limited weaponry

      -Has been tricked before



      This fight was insane.


      The winner is the Joker.r6S9cwVlNjv9JVgE8djf1GUuLytj_hQ2pr46aChY


      Next time on Death Battle!


      "The return of the mercenary with a mouth"



      "The dog of Hellsing"

    • Death Analysis: The Super Elite Galactic Patrolman Jaco enters Death Battle!

      4 years ago




      In the North Galaxy during the age 739 the Galactic King sent one of his thirty eight lackeys to Earth to assassinate a newborn Saiyan who was sent to conquer Earth by the Intergalactic Tyrant Frieza, when Jaco arrived on Earth he would meet Omori, and Tights Brief. With little knowledge of Earth (or patience) Jaco would travel with Omori and Tights who would teach them the planets culture and would help him repair his ship. Years later Jaco returned to Earth to warn Bulma about Frieza’s invasion, he aided the Z-Fighters defend Earth against Frieza’s army. So far that's pretty much it, Jaco is planned to show up in Dragon Ball Super so if he gets any new powers or weapons it may not be on here.




      Jaco may be considered an extremist soldier is terms of personality, meaning he is very prideful in his work and see’s those who can not live up to his expectations as inferior. This has lead to him to have a bit of an ego striking cool poses to instead of focusing on a extreme danger. Jaco can be a bit extreme sometimes as he was willing to set off a virus to kill the entire human race on a dime (this wouldn't be the first time he killed an entire species) and was ready to kill an ordinary civilian just because they called him short. Jaco is also somewhat of a coward, well sort of, against normal people or even monsters he shows competence in a fight but he is deathly afraid of Frieza knowing that he would be no match against the evil space emperor. All that being said Jaco deeply cares for his friends and will always go out of his way to protect them.




      Despite his skinny physique Jaco is a powerhouse, he killed a monster shark (who was the size of a island) with a single punch, can jump hundreds of feet in the air,can lift up his own spaceship (which could weigh up to 10 tons), and can throw a small rock with enogh force to sink a ship.




      Jaco has survived being tossed off a cliff, a crash landing from the moon to Earth, a beating from a Frieza soldier, and can land from stories high without a scratch.




      Jaco is incredibly agile and nimble, he can swim at speeds comparable to a motor boat, can run across half a island in a second, disarm a whole group of guards before they could even react and is even capable of catching bullets.



      Jaco is very intelligent he knows every language in the Galaxy,he can easily see through lies,and considers Earth's technology as primitive. If Jaco is fighting someone of less power such as a criminal he will take an upfront approach overwhelming them with his raw strength. However if he faces an army of foes or someone who clearly outclasses him Jaco will tend to use the environment or weaponry to his advantage.





                                    GALACTIC PATROL GUNtKum_TJXJbAFXKctTG5O4IE6ZROzPXuDk9IzFuLg

      Jaco’s most frequent weapon is his galactic patrol gun, with it he can destroy massive objects, he can fire it as a single lethal beam or in a volley of blasts to take down multiple foes.Combine with Jaco’s keen eyesight no one can get away unscaved.




      Jaco’s spaceship is used for space travel. While its top speed is unknown based on other ships in the Dragonball Universe it is likely it can move at speeds comparable to light. So far the ship hasn’t displayed to feature any known weapons. While Jaco originally used sky gold to fuel his ship it can actually be fueled by any kind of metal.



      See those little buds on each side of his head? Those aren’t his ears folks those are actually receivers, think of them like a super hearing aid. With them Jaco can hear a ant burp more than 300 feet away.


                                    ROCKET BOOTS

      Image result for Jaco rocket boots

      Jaco wears a pair of rocket bootsthat allow flight and drastically increases his speed. While his older models could only be used once later models allow indefinite flight.


                                    EXTINCION BOMB      FRWuW5B11YCk9eqZyXpX8_qpuj7NRFMHtHZZZDJ-


      Jaco’s most dangerous weapon is his extinction bomb. When set off it will release a virus that will kill all humans in a planet's radius. While Jaco now only carries one designed for human he has used an extinction bomb before wiping out an entire species. (Though this did earn him a harsh scolding from his superiors) It is unknown how this would affect those who are only half human but it is very likely it would drive them to near death.





                                    HERO’S POSE


      Like a true disciple of Mr Satan Jaco will strike a pose to show off how cool he is. This also increase his overall abilities making him more dangerous.


                                    ELITE BARRAGE

      A technique capable of blinding nearby opponents.


                                    SUPER ELITE COMBO


      Jaco rushes a opent with a powerful uppercut then follows up with a kick and finishes with a powerful homing blast from his Ray Gun.


      Being a member of the super elite galatic patrol is nothing to scoff at. He is able to move massive objects with no signs of physical stress. Can take down giant monsters with a single punch. Jaco was consdiered able to kill a Sayian (even if the Sayian was just a child), he managed to aid the Z Fighters in defending the invasion of Earth, and his Partol is so well know that even Frieza recognized their establishment, (Granted Frieza didn't respect them but he still recognized them) but his greatest feat is being Toiryama's favorite chacter.



      Jaco has shown to have no exploitable weakness, however he can not produce Ki forcing him to rely on his weapons and tools in a fight. Jaco is also somewhat naive when it comes to Earth culture thinking Dr Briefs goldfish was initially a fish made out of gold and usually acting brash against people who are somewhat rude.



                      Image result for deviantart jaco and beerus




      • Great range

      • Insane strength

      • Great speed and reflexes

      • Destructive arsenal

      • Receivers counter stealth

      • Years of experience in the Galaxy

      • Expert marksmen

      • Can take a heavy beating

      • Very intelligent

      • Extinction bomb will guarantee a win against a human fighter




      • Limited durability

      • Spaceship doesn't have any weaponry

      • No natural energy attacks

      • Extinction bomb can only kill humans


                                   POTENTIAL OPPONENTS


                                    Fox Mccloud

                          Image result for Starfox


      This was one of the first option that came to mind making this blog. While Fox has the edge if they had a space battle but on land Jaco could overwhelm him with his strength but Fox’s varied arsenal could possibly hold his own.



      Image result for STarlord


      Another easy to think of opent for Jaco. While Jaco tries to be serious and super professional, Starlord is laidback and easygoing. This fight is highly probable seeing how Quill is a wanted criminal and Jaco is a Galactic Lawman, if Jaco was sent to retrieve Quill , Quill would probably make some smartass comment on Jaco’s height which would set him off. In terms of weaponry they are pretty even and since Quill is only half human Jaco’s extinction bomb may not be as effective on him so it comes down to if they decide to duke it out in that case Jaco takes it.

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