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    • SGC Number Cruches: Why the Kickstarter shouldn't fail.

      6 years ago


      Being atleast somewhat good at math, I starte to think about this. I mean, come on: This is going to be the coolest thing ever if we can get it up. And while the Kickstarter gives us a reasonable goal of 1000 awesome gamers giving $100  each, lets take a look at other options.

      The live Twitch TV feed has over 5000 followers, but at most, only 3000 ever see the live feed if we are lucky. Mario Part After Dark is one of the few that consitantly breaks this goal. So lets play it safe with 2000 for the first equation. Everyone already can guess, that it equals $50 each. That is even more reasonable and affordable by most G1's, save those that blew all their money on the Steam sale. Thankfully, I managed to keep myself away from Steam long enough to have plenty of cash left over.

      But lets take it a bit farther and say we want to have  the free registarion. That is $300,000. Let's also say that the 2000 awesome people who never seem to miss any of Screwattacks streams are also there in the equation. That puts us at almost 150 each. Which is a little more than expected, but still a fairly reasonable amount for those  of us that have work. I make around $1300 a month, working around 35 hours a week at $10.50. Honestly, that amount shouldn't be two hard to get in two paychecks for most, but I know life can be complicated, so no worries there.

      Now, lets try something more complex. Let's say that Kickstarter allows Paypal, and that allows people like me who use it to get almost everything can finally donate, and that adds in about....say, 250 G1's. Now, Paypal can be a huge variable, mainly due to it's a bility to store cash, and take cash directly from your bank account. So as much as it makes it difficult for the simple math, we are labeling it X in the equation. So, let's say now we have 2250 some odd people. They each pay $50, save the ones who have Paypal. From this, we get (2000*50)+(250*X)=100,000+X.Not only do we still make the goal, but we have a chance to make over the amount.

      And if we really wanted to, lets say we want to go for the $1,000,000. Now, with the 2000 G1's of awesome, that would make it exactly $500 a piece. Guys, we could have Screwattack make their first world tour. Honestly, does that not make it worth it?

      Now I know, this shit is only some basic math and not even any real options. But it does show that we could in fact make many of the goals fairly reasonable. And honestly, I think we  can do it. Besides, when I manage to get this bloody tattoo (sorry guys and gals, still need to set the apointment), I'd love to be able to show everyone else. So come on, scrape up all the cash in your couch, in between your matresses, and in your coats. Check your pants and shirts. Look everywhere to find every penny you can...unless you live in Canada, because you know they will be worthless soon. But we can do it. And honestly, why shouldn't we?

    • I have finally gotten around to it.

      6 years ago


       Okay, so way back on the 24 hour marathon, which was badass for those that have missed it somehow or don't remember, I made the promise that at $5000 raised, I would get the Screwattack logo tattooed onto my arm...or back. Either way, I finally managed to get to my local tattoo parlor, and was given a price point. Hell, the guy even said he would donate some to the charities that Screwattack donated all the monies too (this is also the place that held my towns fundraisers for the  earthquake in Japan last year. $10 piercings that went on all day. Dude is awesome). The header is what I hopefully will have on me before the end of next month, but I hope that all that we can see the few remaining promises kept. I'm actually wanting to see the Sonic 2 title screen soon. Sounds sick. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pictures up soon of it.

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