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      6 years ago


      Thanks to REVULSIVE, you mad genius!

      And Jared ofc for being awesome.

    • [Update] Is this the star of Assassin’s Creed III?

      6 years ago


      Update: Gameinformer has confirmed this is AssCreed III, I have posted their cover art at the bottom of the post.

      Update 2: Ubisoft has gone ahead and released the cover art which is now in the gallery below. Tomahawk to the face!

      Kotaku reports that a Best Buy worker just emailed them two images snapped from their employee news section. One shows that Ubisoft will be unveiling Assassin's Creed III on March 5, and that there'll be pre-order bonuses to be had. Whatever.

      The other is a shot of what they say is the game's promotional art. Featuring what may well be Assassin's Creed III's star.

      This is of course completely unconfirmed and should be considered as a rumor for now. Though it seems to coincide with the rumor that the game will be set during the American Revolution. Here is that picture.


    • The Rape Master - Teaser Trailer

      7 years ago



      Based on SideScrollers "The Rape Master"


      Originally posted June 15th 2011
      Sorry Jared :/


      In Japan, he is Rapezilla
      In England, he is Jack The Raper
      In America, he is the Duke of Rape
      Throughout history
      Throughout different countries
      He has many names
      But always, has only one purpose


      Thanks for the g1 spotlight (At the old =D


      Music by DragonstarDT

    • Official "Zelda" timeline released by Nintendo

      7 years ago


      In the new Zelda art book only released in Japan, the Zelda timeline could possibly have been revealed. Giving that this book is officially from Nintendo, it makes sense to say that this is, in fact, the official Zelda timeline.

      It seems, that the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the linchpin in the whole timeline. After Ocarina of Time, the story branches off in to three parallel universes based on three different endings/branches in the games story.

      Kotaku: "Note that the "split" is due to Ocarina's time differences and assumptions based on the different ways that story could have ended and branched off from his two ages: the Link to the Past split is Link failing, the Majora's split is Link defeating Ganon and branching off from his boyhood and the Wind Waker split is Link defeating Ganon and branching from his older years."


       The main timeline goes:

      1. Skyward Sword

      2. Minnish Cap

      3. Four Swords

      4. Ocarina of Time


      Split 1: Link defeats Ganon – childhood branch

      1. Majora’s Mask

      2. Twilight Princess

      3. Four Swords Adventures


      Split 2: Link defeats Ganon – adult branch

      1. The Wind Waker

      2. Phantom Hourglass

      3. Spirit Tracks


      Split 3: Link fails in Ocarina Of Time

      1. A Link to the Past

      2. Oracles of Seasons and Ages

      3. Link’s Awakening

      4. The Legend of Zelda

      5. Zelda II


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